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Volume 6
Number 15
April 12, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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A woman rancher saw a glowing red UFO land in a paddock close to Beenliegh and Redland Bay Road near Logan, Queensland, Australia the night of Wednesday, March 28, 2001.

According to the Logan, Qlnd. weekly newspaper, "Dogs barked, birds squawked and horses bolted when a mysterious bright object streaked across Logan's night sky, shining red light over a rural property at Cornubia last week."

"Seeing the silent red UFO has frightened and mystified property owner Tashma Hosking Who said she heard it hit the ground minutes later after it disappeared over a hill."

""But her search of the area the next day found nothing."

"Mrs. Hosking said she had just walked inside her house after tending a sick pony in the yard at 11:30 p.m. ob Wednesday, March 28, 2001." when the object appeared like a fireball."

"'I was scared and first thought it would hit the house,' she said, 'It did not make a sound and the paddock lit up in red light. Then I heard a bang when it went over the hills. Whatever it was, it did go down.'"

"Mrs. Hosking said the red object had an unidentifiable shape."

"Curious about what she saw that night, on the Beenliegh-Redland Bay Road area " she searched the area the next morning but found no trace of the mysterious red object.

"Mrs. Hosking is hoping someone else saw the light and can offer a logical explanation."

"A nearby Hillside resident, Sue Webb, said she had watched two mysterious pink-red glowing lights from the balcony of her house that night. She said the objects remained there for several minutes in the sky and then came down but could offer no explanation as to what they were." (See the Logan, Qlnd. weekly newspaper for April 4, 2001, "It's Out There," page 1. Many thanks to Diane Harrison of the Australian UFO Research Network for forwarding the newspaper article.)


Connecticut, one of the USA's six New England states, became the site of a UFO flap at the end of March 2001.

On Wednesday, March 21, 2001, at 4 p.m., a woman and her young son "saw a large bullet-shaped object" pass over a roadside mini-mall in Hamden, Connecticut.

"As I left a small store in a small shopping plaza," the witness reported, "I returned to my car, and my eight-year-old son, who was in the car, pointed upwards to me. I entered my car and discussed what we viewed. Then we both got out of the car to witness a thick stream of pinkish smoke rise vertically on the horizon."

"We saw a large, bullet-shaped object very shiny and silver with one circular ring around the middle start to move vertically. We saw it reach a certain altitude, then we saw it start to fly horizontally to the left, toward us. There were no flashing lights or sound to be heard. We then got in the car and followed it but after we went one-tenth of a mile," the pair lost sight of the UFO.

Two hours later, at 6 p.m., another Hamden woman reported, "While I was on a long-distance phone call, my son heard a very loud propeller sound., seeming to be above our house."

"He ran to the bay window" where "he said he saw a large missile-shaped object. The object was hovering just above the treeline. He was quite certain that the object was shaped like an oblong thing, with two lights shining in an alternating fashion, one blue, the other red."

"He further described the object itself as being green and black, 'kind of like an Army' vehicle."

On Thursday, March 22, 2--1, at 4:30 a.m., a couple living on a residential street in Hartford, the state capital of Connecticut, "were awakened by a light that lit up the entire house. This lasted for a minute, then suddenly they heard a whooshing sound, and it was all over." (Many thanks to Rev. Billy Dee and Peter B. Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center for these reports.)

(Editor's Note: The Hartford event is almost identical to the Joshua Elderkin UFO case in Windham, Conn., which took place way back in May 1758. For details, see the magazine UFO Updates for Spring 1983. "Colonial Close Encounters," by Joseph Trainor. The "Nutmeg State" has a long, long history of UFO incidents.)


"Luis Herrera observed a strange phenomenon flying over the skies of Arica," a city in northern Chile at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, 2001. "The event, which was caught on film, at Chichorro Beach."

"Herrera was enjoying his vacation and was touring Arica when his son drew his attention to the presence of an unidentified object."

"'My son remarked that there was a ray of light in the sky that moved slowly towards the southeast. The object's colors varied from silver to red. At first I thought it was a balloon but the object's characteristics led me to follow other considerations.'"

"He added that the alleged UFO was seen at sunset and vanished into the horizon as it became dark."

"He added that he viewed his videotape frame-by-frame that same evening and noticed that its (flight) characteristics were strangely elliptical."

"'I hadn't reported the sighting out of fear that it wouldn't be believed,' he said."

On the city of Calama, a UFO was seen by five witnesses on the south side of town, over the barrio Limon Verde (neighborhood).

"The sighting occurred between 1:40 and 2:15 p.m."

""Eyewitnesses Frederico L. and his father Jaime L. were on their way back home when an intensely luminous object drew their attention. It was so bright that it hurt their eyes and kept them from seeing any further details," such as the shape of the fuselage or any protuberances. "Frederico claims that this was not the first time he had seen a bright light hovering over that location."

"Two other witnesses, Patricio V. and Jaime M., who were standing in the Parque El Loa in Calama's south side, saw 'an oval, cream-colored object with an intense yellow-hued band around the central section. They watched the object from a distance of 300 meters (660 feet) as it made repeated triangular movements.", with the object shooting upward very high after each movement." (See the newspaper La Estrella de Arica for Wednesday, March 28, 2001, "Tocapilla cameraman films UFO over Arica." Also April 4, 2001 report by ufologist Jaime Ferrer of the Centro Ovniologico de Calama. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi, para esas informaciones.)


A very large dark UFO with two red lights hovered over the Deseret Ranch, just east of the city of Orlando, Florida, on Thursday night, March 28, 2001.

According to the eyewitness, "I observed two slow-flying red lights that appeared to be hundreds of yards away, just above the tree line. The two red lights were moving from east to west and were moving very slowly."

"The lights moved in a very exacting detail, as if they were connected to each other., which would have made it one extremely big object if we could have seen the superstructure."

"The object made no sound as it passed. This was observed at the Deseret Ranch, just east of the Orlando International Airport."

The ranch is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons, and will become the site of a new Mormon temple for Orlando. (Many thanks to Rev. Billy Dee and Peter B. Davenport of the national UFO Reporting Center for this report.)

(Editor's Comment: Once again, we have a UFO event associated with a Mormon site. Two communities prominent in the early life of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith Jr.--his birthplace, Sharon, Vermont, and the town in which he had his first angel encounters, Palmyra, New York--are both hotspots of UFO activity.)


NASA's robot spacecraft Odyssey lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Saturday, April 7, 2001.

"The spacecraft rocketed away on a 286 million mile (457 million kilometer) journey to the red planet where it will search for signs of water."

"NASA hopes that it will be a mission of redemption after a pair of humiliating failures in 1999."

"The mission's cost is $287 million."

Odyssey "will study minerals in Martian rocks and measure chemical elements in a search for water. NASA says water could point to life on Mars."

The two previous Mars missions, the Mars Climate Observer and the Mars Polar Lander, vanished during their final approach to the red planet. NASA believes "the Mars Climate Observer cracked up in pieces because engineers mixed up English and metric measurement units The Mars Polar Lander crash-landed on Mars two months later." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for April 8, 2001, "Mars probe on its way," page 17A and USA Today for April 9, 2001, "NASA Odyssey races toward Mars," page 3A.)


Canada's first crop circle of the year 2001 has appeared in a meadow in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

The formation, which consists of two large circles with matted-down stalks, was found on Sunday, March 25, 2001 on a rural property near Dawson's Creek. The circles were described as "very large" and were found in a field of wild rye grass.

The case is being investigated by the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of CCCRN for this report.)


For the past week, dead birds have been falling out of the sky or been found in fields and along roadsides in parishes (counties) south of Baton Rouge, the state capital of Louisiana.

"Hundreds of dead birds have been found" in the Baton Rouge vicinity, including cowbirds, sparrows, grackles and blackbirds. The cause of the bird deaths is not known, but sample tissues are being studied at the laboratories at Louisiana State University (LSU).

The birds appear to have died from blood poisoning. Analysis reportedly found traces of an unusual bacteria in the air sacs, blood vessels and other internal organs of the birds examined. (See the Baton Rouge, La. Advocate for April 10, 2001, ""Surge in dead birds confounds and confuses bird specialists.")

(Editor's Comment: This one sounds a lot like the case in Bridgehampton, N.Y. a month ago. Younger readers, if you see dead birds falling from the sky or a lot of dead birds on the ground, don't let your little brothers and sisters touch the birds. Tell your parents immediately. If your parents aren't home, pick up the phone, call 911 and tell the dispatcher what happened. They will investigate the scene.)


Ufologists in Turkey have launched a two-year research project, under the auspices of TUVPO, :to examine, classify and publish UFO reports received from around different cities and regions in Turkey."

Reports submitted to Project Pulsar will be compiled and printed on a periodic basis. The reports will appear in Turkish at their website. However, some reports will be translated into English for dissemination to foreign researchers.

According to ufologist Erol Erkmen, "The project will last for two years and UFO reports will be sent out periodically to the institutes supporting our project, and at the end of the period, all of the results will be published in tables on our web page and in a book."

UFO Roundup readers can access TUVPO's Project Pulsar website at http://www.tuvpo.com/proje/ (Many thanks to Erol Erkmen for this news release.)



John C. writes, "In the March 29 set of stories, (See UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 13 for March 29, 2001, Predictions, old and new, hold surprises.") and the gentleman's dream about the waves crashing down on a gray-colored convention center...McCormick Place in Chicago rings true, as does the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City, Michigan. That 'spit' of land could be a peninsula, and if so, Traverse City would fit the bill better."

(Editor's Comment: I visited Petoskey and Ludington on that stretch of Lake Michigan shore back in June 1982. But I've never been to Traverse City. As soon as I get some time out of work, I'm going to go there and see this resort for myself.)

From the UFO Files...


April 8 marks an important date in conspiracy history--the arrival of Citoyen (Citizen) Genet in Charleston, South Carolina.

Genet was born on January 8, 1763 at Versailles in France, the son of Marie Anne Louise Cardon de Genet and Edme Jacques Genet, a high-ranking bureaucrat in the French Foreign Office who specialized in Anglo-American relations. The Genets were friends of Benjamin Franklin, active in Freemasonry and moved in philosophy circles.

Edmond had a gift for languages, easily mastering Spanish, English, German and Russian. After graduating from the university, he took over his father's job at the Foreign Office and soon came to the attention of the former prime minister, the Comte (Count) de Vergennes

Like Dr. Franklin, the UK's Sir Francis Dashwood and Lord Dalrymple, Vergennes seems to have been part of an informal "International Party" that was talking about a "New Europe" at a time when Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt was still teaching college courses and Anacharsis Clootz was still wandering around the Middle East. (For more on Clootz, the self-styled "Secretary-General and Orator of the Human Race," see UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 16 for April 29, 2000, "Unforgettable Anacharsis Clootz," page 6.)

Through Vergennes, Genet was introduced to Charles Francois LeBrun and Philippe, Duc (Duke) d'Orleans, younger brother of King Louis XVI, and became a regular at the Lodge of the Nine Sisters, a favorite hangout of the Illuminati. In 1786, Weishaupt suggested to LeBrun that the order send Genet to Russia, to help foment revolution there.

So Genet became charge d'affaires at the French embassy in St. Petersburg. Here he worked with the Sicilian Illuminatus Joseph Balsamo, also known as the magician Cagliostro, in recruiting Russian nobles into the Illuminati.

Genet was a big success in Russia. He spoke the language so well that people thought he was from Voronezh. Among the Illuminati he worked with in Russia were Nicholas Novikov, editor of the newspaper The Wasp, and Prince Pavel Dolgorukii, who, by the way, was the maternal grandfather of Theosophy founder Elena Petrovna von Hahn Blavatsky.

By 1790, there were 165 Masonic lodges in Russia, all reporting to the Grand Lodges of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Many of the lodges had been "Illuminized" by Genet and Novikov.

Alarmed by the violent turn the French Revolution took in August 1792, and by the arrest of the royal family, Tsaritsa Ekaterina (also known as Catherine the Great) asked her trusted advisor, Count Platon Subtov, to investigate the "Martinists," as the Illuminati were called in Russia. As a result, Genet was arrested and sent home to Paris.

Weishaupt and his inner circle decided to try their luck elsewhere. Brissot, another friend of Genet's and LeBrun's from the Foreign Office, was on the verge of becoming France's prime minister. He arranged for the Convention to send Genet to the USA as the new French ambassador.

Publicly, Genet's diplomatic mission was to persuade President George Washington to honor the Treaty of 1778 and enter the new European War on the French side. But Genet had a hidden agenda, as well, to carry out a bizarre scheme hatched by Weishaupt and "Secretary-General" Clootz.

Governor Moultrie and the people of Charleston welcomed Genet on April 8, 1793 with a great "civic feast" and much fanfare. Women baked cakes in the shape of royal coats-of-arms and the partygoers had fun slicing them up and gobbling down the pastry. Genet was even more popular in the new territories of Kentucky and Tennessee.

But President Washington wasn't so thrilled with the new ambassador. Washington had originally approved of the French Revolution. But the arrest of the king, to whom he had written on several occasions, troubled him, and the arrest and exile of his old comrade-in-arms, the Marquis de Lafayette, angered him, as did the massacre of Lafayette's mother's family, the de Noailles.

No sooner had Genet arrived in Philadelphia (then capital of the USA--J.T.) than trouble began. Genet organized a Democratic Society of Philadelphia, an organization designed to agitate for "a new republic," and to elect candidates more favorable to France. The society eventually gave its name to the political faction around Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, which became the Democratic-Republican Party, and in the next century, the Democratic Party.

Jefferson defended the French Revolution and its ideals. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were pro-British and looked on les Brissotins like Genet as "murderers, criminals and mad dogs." Hamilton complained, "He (Jefferson) has a womanish attachment to France."

Genet grew bolder. Soon he was acting like he was the president, not George Washington, recruiting troops in Kentucky, outfitting privateers and writing columns in the Gazette of the United States, calling for an armed invasion of Alta Louisiana.

(Editor's Note: At the end of the War of the American Revolution in 1783, the Louisiana Territory, which had been owned by UK for 20 years, was equally divided. Everything east of the Mississippi River went to the USA; everything west of the river went to Spain, becoming La Colonia de Alta Louisiana with its capital at San Luis de Ylinois, i.e. modern St. Louis.)

The city of New Orleans was the key to the fantastic plan of Weishaupt and Clootz to turn North America into a "federated continent." In short, they were going to do to Tunkashila (Lakotiya for North America). Here was Genet's secret mission, as given to him by the Illuminati.

Step One: Raise an army, capture St. Louis, then sweep down the Mississippi and take New Orleans. Here Genet would proclaim the birth of a new nation, the "American Union."

Step Two: Gather more troops, land at Vera Cruz, retrace the steps of Cortes and capture Mexico City. The Viceroyalty of Nueva Espana (New Spain, or modern Mexico--J.T.), adding it to the American Union.

Step Three: Back to New Orleans with three Mexican armies. One lands at Mobile Bay and marches into Georgia. Another strikes from Kentucky east into Maryland and Virginia. The third goes up the Ohio River and takes Pittsburgh, then marches on Philadelphia.

Step Four: A short campaign to mop up New York, the Carolinas and the New England states.

Step Five: The invasion of Canada, with the Illuminati armies marching on Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, and York (modern Toronto--J.T.)

Voila, Edmond Genet is absolute ruler of the "federated continent" of North America, beholden to the Illuminati for his new throne.

(Editor's Comment: As wacky as it sounds, this plan was much less grandiose than Clootz's bizarre doctrine of "universal war" and a "Sherman's March" across Europe.)

Although France was broke at the time, Genet had tons of money to spend on his proposed fleet of privateers. The funds were coming from Jacob and Daniel Frey, two Jewish financiers from Austria-Hungary, who were bankrolling Clootz, as well. But the source of the money is still a mystery.

Genet received visits from fellow European Illuminati, such as Julien DePestre and Harman Blennerhasset. With those three in the same room together in Chester, Pennsylvania, a Parisian visitor might have thought he was at Nicholas de Bonneville's Cercle Social (Social Circle), another Illuminati hangout.

But the tide of American popular opinion was gradually turning against Genet. The Roman Catholics of Pennsylvania and Maryland were incensed by the atrocities carried out in France by Illuminati commissars, such as Joseph Carriere in Nantes and Joseph LeBon in Arras. Priests and nuns murdered by the score; churches and shrines desecrated. But Genet wasn't worried. The USA was a Protestant country; Catholics were only a small minority and of no consequence.

What Genet didn't count on was vociferous opposition from the "black brigades"--the fiery preachers from Puritan New England and Baptist Dixie. Soon the envoy was under attack from every pulpit, his name linked with such infamous people as Voltaire, Rousseau and Adam Weishaupt.

"I have nothing against your religion," Genet responded.

But in private he was singing a different tune to his aides, vowing to "drench their Geneva gowns in blood."

Genet was losing support among the Jefferson party, too. Future president James Monroe complained, "He (Genet) is trying to laugh us into war."

Americans were tuning him out., Genet told subordinates, "There is a marked lack of republican fervor in this country."

(Editor's Note: Here Genet is using republican in the Clooyzian sense, i.e. a partisan of Clootz's "Universal Republic," or one-world government. Genet's "republican fervor" would be called internationalism or globalism today.)

In early July 1793, Jefferson met privately with Genet. In a letter to his good friend and future president, James Madison, the Secretary of State wrote, "I told him (Genet) that his enticing (American) officers and soldiers from Kentucky go against Spain was really putting a halter )noose_ around their necks for they assuredly would be hung if they commenced hostilities against a nation at peace with the United States."

But Jefferson left unmentioned what Genet said to him. The envoy continued with his invasion plans, certain that Jefferson would not oppose him. Why?

My theory--Genet knew Jefferson wanted to be USA president and was blackmailing him. Jefferson had served as the USA's ambassador to France a few years earlier. Jefferson at that time was a widower in his 40s, the father of two teenaged girls, and as ambassador he had all these beautiful women throwing themselves at him. He had mistresses in Paris, and a few of them still had live husbands from whom they were separated. Such behavior would not raise an eyebrow in Paris, but it would be a different story in Eighteenth Century America. A scandal could wreck his shot at the White House. And the Illuminati, with their legions of informers, knew all about his "indiscretions."

For five days, Jefferson mulled it over, then he went to George Washington and told him that Genet was planning to send out his first privateer, the Little Sarah, which Genet had renamed La Petite Democrate.

On July 12, 1793, President Washington called a Cabinet meeting to discuss the problem. Hamilton, Jefferson and Secretary of War Henry Knox were there. The problem was a thorny. If the Little Sarah attacked a British ship, it could start a shooting war with the Royal Navy. But if the USA siezed the ship, Genet would call on the French Navy squadron, 20 warships in all, to attack Philadelphia.

(Editor's Note: This was a very real concern. The USA's only navy at that time consisted of ten revenue cutters, about one-quarter the size of Denmark's navy.)

Knox had two words of advice: "Sink her!" Hamilton assured the president that his revenue cutters could overtake and capture the Little Sarah if she put to sea. But it was Jefferson who came up with the ideal solution.

Knock the pedestal out from under Genet's feet, the Virginian suggested. Inform the French Convention that the USA rejects Genet's credentials and request another ambassador. This would instantly transform Genet into a private citizen and not an ambassador protected by diplomatic immunity. If he sent out the Little Sarah, he could be arrested for piracy.

When asked what they were going to do about Gebnet's private army in Kentucky, Washington said it was nothing the marines couldn't handle and they would deal with that problem when the time came.

The time never came. Fate intervened in a surprising way. A ship from France arrived in Philadelphia with a new French ambassador aboard. The envoy presented Genet with a letter from the new prime minister, Maximilien Robespierre, inviting him home for "a consultation."

The same ship brought letters from his Illuminati superiors. Nothing but bad news. Brissot defeated in the Convention, Robespierre on the ascendant. Clootz and the Frey brothers under suspicion. LeBrun and Joseph Fouche in hiding.

So Robespierre wants "a consultation," does he? Genet was no fool. He knew how that conversation would go. A two-minute chat with "The Incorruptible," followed by a tumbril ride to the Place de la Guillotine.

So Genet mailed in his resignation and fled to New York state, seeking sanctuary from his friend, Gov. George Clinton (no relation to our former president--J.T.) President Washington returned the arrest warrant to the new French ambassador and allowed Genet to take "early retirement."

Genet bought a farm and married Cornelia Clinton, the governor's daughter, and settled down near Albany, N.Y. After his young wife died, he married another heiress, Martha Brandon Osgood.

(Editor's Comment: Knowing the Illuminati penchant for poisons, it might be interesting to do a forensic analysis of Cornelia's remains. I have a feeling this Illuminatus murdered his wife to obtain her money.)

In 1816, his fellow Illuminatus, Jacques Billaid-Varenne, was released from prison in French Guiana and came to New York City. Genet rushed down the Hudson River to meet with him.

"I want to talk to you," Genet said, "I've been stuck in this country for over twenty years. What the hell happened over there in Paris?"

"Well, in a nutshell, Marat and Robespierre turned on us," Billaud-Varenne replied, "Between them, those two idiots wrecked our New World Order."

Edmond Genet, the man selected by Weishaupt to become the dictator of a "federated" North America, lived out the rest of his life in upstate New York, dying on his far, in Schodak, N.Y. on July 15, 1834.

He was the grumpy old guy who never said much. But if you ever wanted to drive him into a screaming rage, all you had to do was utter the magic word...Jefferson!

So ended the Illuminati's first attempt to subvert and destroy the USA.

But the idea of the "American Union" was too attractive to the Illuminati for them to dump it. They would try again.

One thing about Weishaupt and crew--they did learn from their mistakes. If the American people would not follow a "foreigner." then they would have to find a charming and charismatic American to serve as their front man.

Ten years later, they found him. His name was Aaron Burr. (See the books George Washington: First in Peace by John Alexander Carroll and Mary Wells Ashworth, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1957, pages 39, 40, 60 through 85, 129 through 138 and 150 through 160; Thomas Jefferson by William Sterne Randall, Henry Holt Co., New York, N.Y. 1993, pages 314 through 316; Jefferson: Champion of the Free Mind by Phillips Russell, Dodd, Mead and Co, New York, N.Y., 1956, pages 200 through 209 and 259; Fourth President: A Life of James Madison by Irving Brant, Bobbs-Merrill Co., New York, N.Y., 1970, pages 272, 273, 280, 290 and 296; James Monroe by W.P. Cresson, University of North Carolina Press, Durham, N.C., page 119; and Genet: The Outline of his Mission to America by Frederick A. Shimke, 1939.)

(Editor's Comment: And that, boys and girls, is why the Illuminati hate Thomas Jefferson's ass with a vengeance. And also why the USA's third president always gets badmouthed on TV and in the movies. Still, he put his political future on the line to ensure the survival of the USA, and that makes him a hero in my book.)

That's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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