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Volume 6
Number 18
May 3, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Three aliens, humanoid in appearance and two meters (6 feet, 6 inches tall) appeared to a group of five people in the roadside park of Las Pinas, overlooking the city of Angol, Chile, in March 2001.

The aliens, "two meters tall and with red lights on their hands, were seen March 16 by five people from Concepcion, at the Las Pinas scenic overlook," located one kilometer (0.6 miles) southeast of Angol, "a place which has become a favorite for extraterrestrial visitors."

"Witnesses to the latest sighting of three strange entities were seen by five residents of the town on Concepcion, who had come to Angol to see the sights."

"'They saw three beings standing nearly two meters tall hiding behind some vegetation. The beings appeared to talk amongst themselves, turned around and disappeared," said Ernesto Escobar, head of the field research team"

"Escobar said that the witnesses made drawings of what they had seen and that samples were taken of soil upon which the figures had allegedly been standing."

"'I cannot tell you what they were. I don't know if they were ghosts or extraterrestrials, but we're investigating and making videos,' he added."

"These events have been a source of fear and expectation in the community, causing Angol residents to remain on the lookout."

"In fact, they acknowledge that it is a well-known fact that strange events have transpired at the scenic lookout and that people were increasingly visiting the spot in the hopes of seeing something weird."

"'I've never seen anything, but everyone's going there to check it out and they are watching to see if the entities will appear. It's said that half-human creatures were seen, and that's the reason for the investigation,' said resident Luis Novoa."

"Julia Espinoza, who also lives in the region, stated, that she is aware of people who have seen strange phenomena at Las Pinas."

"'Everything happens at a gate with two decorative metal wheels and that's where the entities appear. Before this, the place was quite tranquil, but now everyone's talking about it. Even I went to the lookout after the apparitions occurred.'" (See the Chilean newspaper Diario Austral de Temuco for April 22, 2001, "Shock in Angol over UFO sightings." Muchas graciasa Scott Corrales, autor de los libros, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Rodrigo Cuadra para eso articulo de diario.)


On Sunday, April 22, 2001, "at 4:15 p.m., three objects of unknown origin were seen flying over Bogota," the capital of the South American nation of Colombia.

The overflight of the three UFOs "was witnessed by more than 3,000 People," said William Chavez, spokesman for the Contacto OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO--J.T.), a Colombian research group.

"The object was in the vicinity of Cerro El Cable (hill) and Monserrate, where they remained motionless (in the sky) for four minutes."

"Radio Difusora Nacional (RDF) and Tudelar phoned Contacto OVNI a research organization to discuss the sighting live," Chavez reported. "And because in recent weeks this type of phenomena has become increasingly common over Bogota."

Chavez stated that, in March 2001, "a mothership was captured on video over the barrio Santa Isabel (neighborhood) When the video arrived (at Contacto OVNI, it was easy to see that the object was a large tubular object at an altitude of 3,000 meters (9,900 feet)." he reported.

"Cerro El Cable has been the site of many UFO sightings," he added, "On (Sunday) April 15, 2001, Pablo Berrio filmed a disc-shaped object in the vicinity of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, and we are investigating this sighting." (Muchas gracias a William Chavez of Contacto OVNI, y tambien Louise A. Lowry para esa informacion.)


The ongoing Chupacabra drama in Calama, a city in northern Chile, took an ominous new twist last week with an appearance by the Men In Black (MIB).

"A resident who saw the alleged Chupacabra was visited and intimidated by odd-looking characters not once but twice, according to Centro UFO de Calama researcher Jaime Ferrer, who conducted field researches of the phenomenon from" March 25 through March 28, 2001.

"The witness and his wife were warned not to speak to Ferrer, whose footsteps are being closely followed by these enigmatic individuals."

"The threatened residents are friends of a third witness to the continuing manifestations and who served as an important source of information.'" to Ferrer.

"Ferrer himself had the following to say: 'On Wednesday night (March 28, 2001) I returned to continue my interview, but my witness behaved oddly and steadfastly refused to talk to me. I didn't know what was going on. I managed to convince him after awhile, and he explained the reason for his attitude."

"The resident, a humble farmer, told him that at 8 o'clock that morning, 'his friend turned up in a truck along with his wife, children, worldly possessions, and the following story.'"

"'Listen, compradito, (Spanish for little friend--J.T.) last night (Tuesday, March 27, 2001) at 11:30 p.m., the three men from the last time turned up at my house . They told us a bunch of stuff. My wife heard it all, and we are in a heap of trouble. Something very bad is going on, and we have to be careful. They mentioned the name of one Jaime Ferrer, the guy who researches and makes plaster casts of things and they said it (Jaime's investigation--J.T.) will lead nowhere. They said you are giving him information about them. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm leaving and I can't stay any longer.'"

"Ferrer said that he had 'in fact discovered and copied several (Chupacabra) prints the previous day.'"

"That evening, myself and others who were with me clearly heard the long, braying sound of the Chupacabra--no other animal can contain such a sound for over 40 seconds."

"Far from being intimidated by the MIBs, Ferrer said he will continue to pursue his research." (See the Chilean newspaper La Estrella del Loa for April 26, 2001, "Chupacabra researcher in the crosshairs of the Men In Black." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Jaime Ferrer para eso articulo de diario.)


"The mystery of the UFO sightings over the Peaks and Dales" of Derbyshire, UK "shows no signs of abating after the 23rd reported sighting in the last 8 months."

"Since September (2000), locals have spoken of strange lights, flying saucers and huge triangular craft in the skies. One was even caught on video."

"Now, a 34-year-old Wirksworth man, who asked not to be named, says he saw a giant disc-shaped craft over Idridgebay around a month ago." "The stallholder was driving to market in Derby at 3 a.m. when he saw the UFO hovering over the road."

"And he was the first person to have seen a UFO who has admitted to being afraid of what he saw."

"'It did frighten me because I couldn't explain what it was,' he remarked, 'I've never seen anything like this before and logic couldn't explain it.'"

"'It was shocking. I've never been a believer in UFOs and sightings, but I believe in them now.'"

"The man said the craft was hovering above woods and seemed to rotate. It had blue, red and white lights."

"Last Wednesday (April 18, 2001) there was a sighting of three silver discs over Youlgrave," Derbyshire, UK. (See the newspaper Matlock Mercury for April 25, 2001, "23rd UFO over the Dales." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for this newspaper article.)


"The mystery in the skies above Kerry deepened this week with reports of yet another strange occurrence."

The sighting was in the Scartaglin area of Kerry.

"On this occasion, the man who witnessed something very peculiar admitted to (the Irish newspaper) The Kerryman that he was utterly terrified. by his eerie experience and was glad to be surrounded by the familiar lights of his home village."

"It all started in the early hours of a Friday morning two weeks ago , after the incident at The Spa reported in last week's edition of The Kerryman the man, who stressed that he not be named, had been a Pioneer for over 25 years, was walking towards a friend's house."

""I had been at home with my wife and children, but after everyone went to bed, I decided that I would call over and visit a friend of mine who lives in the village,' the witness, who did not want to give his name, explained."

"'Anyway, I was heading towards his house when suddenly I saw something that I can only describe as a a huge ball of light , perhaps about a mile away in the distance, somewhere in the direction of Ballydesmond.'"

"'I would have guessed that it was no more than 40 or 50 feet (12 or 15 meters) off the ground."

"'The way I would describe it is that the edges looked as if they were sizzling. They weren't smooth or constant.'"

The first thing that entered the witness's mind "was that he had seen a helicopter until he realized that it was far too large and entirely the wrong shape."

"Also, on what was an extremely still, clear night, there was not a sound to be heard from the object, whatever it was."

"'All of a sudden, it dimmed down quite slowly but what was even weirder was that , as it moved off, there were blue, green and yellow lights at its rear, rotating and flashing in sequence. I watched it until it disappeared from view and then went to my sister's house and told her what I'd just seen.'"

"'To be honest, I don't know what it was. I'm a pretty logical guy and I don't really believe in UFOs, but the fact is that it wasn't a plane or anything like that. It was something strange and like nothing I'd ever seen before. I certainly can't begin to describe what it was.'"

According to The Kerryman, "a taxi driver and his two passengers also reported seeing something unusual in the sky that night" near Scartaglin. (See the Irish newspaper The Kerryman for April 25, 2001. Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for this newspaper article.)


On Friday, April 20, 2001, at 11 p.m., "eyewitnesses saw a strange object of immense size from their home in Jesi, in the province of Ancora," in Italy. "The object was of a definite shape and moved slowly towards the sea. It appeared to pass near Falconara. The object proceeded slowly and was observed with binoculars. The object was of circular form and presented multicolored lights around the rim." (Grazie a Alfredo Lissoni e Vladimiro Biboletti di Centro Ufologico Nazionale D'Italia per questo rapporto.)


A Chinese couple sighted a hovering UFO in the Southeast Asian country of Brunei last week.

"A husband and wife claim to have seen an unusual flying object in Gadong," in the Rabu district at around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 26, 2001.

"They were on their way home from a dinner in Jerudong."

"Philip Chua, 33, a businessman, claimed that he had earlier seen a UFO around the grounds at Jalan Tungku Link. He was shocked by the bright object in the skies."

"Coincidentally, he had a camera with him. However, the object vanished as if it knew that someone was taking a picture of it."

"'At first I was disappointed that I didn't have a chance to take a picture. Later, I was asking myself if it really was a UFO or just a light from a lamp.'"

"His wife, Sylvia Goh Meiling, 28, corroborated her husband's story."

"Upon passing a bridge near Emperor's Court, she claimed that they saw the object appear again over Rimba, Gadong."

"Chua immediately stopped the car and took pictures of it. Then it vanished. The husband and wife kept on waiting for ten minutes" But they were "left disappointed" when the UFO did not return.

"The next day (Friday, May 27, 2001) Chua took the film to his friend's shop in Tutong. Strangely, while his friend was developing the film, the shop's power was cut off for one hour."

"However, Chua felt relief when the object's image appeared in the photos."

Brunei "authorities confirmed that radar had not detected any objects in the nation's airspace other than planes," i.e. commercial air traffic flying assigned routes. (See Media Permata for April 28, 2001. Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for forwarding this report.)


On Tuesday, April 24, 2001, Cliff C. was outside his home in Oswego, Illinois when he "saw an object appear from the east and dart away suddenly to the north. The orb of light was hovering over a church when it stopped. It was white, but it had a kind of red aura around it. I'd say it was going 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour)." (Email Form Report)


On Wednesday, April 25, 2001, the male witness was outdoors in Sebastian, Florida when he saw the UFO approaching from the northeast.

"It was a big cylinder-shaped object with something like a sphere on the front," he reported, "If I were to guess, that is where they control the ship from. I know that what I saw was something really odd and not a UFO but it looked like one to me, for sure."

"It was a silvery black cylinder with a sphere on the front. It was way up there, maybe 30,000 feet (9,900 meters) and it moved slow at the beginning but then began to move extremely quick" before departing to the southwest. (Email Form Report)


Archaeologists unleashed a bombshell last week, announcing the discovery of a giant pyramid in Peru--in an ancient city dating back to 2627 B.C.

"That discovery, based on research by Chicago-area scientists and reported Friday in the research journal Science, indicates that complex societies emerged in the Americas earlier than previously thought."

"'This isn't something just a little earlier than the other known early urban cultures in this hemisphere--it's a lot earlier,' said Field Museum anthropologist Jonathan Hass, who has been excavating the site with his wife, Northern Illinois University anthropologist Winifred Creamer, and a Peruvian colleague since 1999. 'Something of this size doesn't occur anywhere else for another 1,000 years.'"

"'This may actually be the birthplace of civilization in the Americas,' Creamer said."

"The site, in a remote desert area along the Rio Supe (river) was first discovered and recorded by archaeologists in 1905 but lay ignored and unexamined for decades. It is near Caral, a farming village which to this day has no electricity or running water."

"The most startling artifacts at Caral, one of the 18 large sites in the area, are the huge stepped pyramid structures."

(Editor's Note: Similar to the ziqqurats found in Iraq and the Mayan pyramids of Mexico and Guatemala.)

"The largest, dubbed "Piramide Mayor" measures 500 feet (150 meters) on two sides and 450 feet (120 meters) on the other two sides. It rises 60 feet (18 meters) with a flat top that city builders covered with rooms, chambers, stairways, halls, altars and hearths for ceremonial activities."

"The largest pyramid and five others are arrand a vast circular plaza 1,800 feet (540 meters) in diameter."

"The pyramids were built by filling woven reed sacks with river pebbles and piling them up, said Hass., then increasing the piles in trimmed, flat-faced rock."

"After adding a coat of plaster, the builders painted the pyramid in earth tones 'Rosy pink. light beige, light gray, blue-gray and yellow,' said Hass, 'These things would have been magnificent in their glory.'"

"Researchers used radiocarbon dating of fibers from the sacks to establish that the pyramid construction took place as early as 2627 B.C."

(See the Chicago Tribune for April 27, 2001, "Pyramids in Peru as old as in Egypt," page 3.)

(Editor's Comment: Score one for you, Colonel James Churchward. "Pyramids as old as Egypt" have been found in Peru, exactly where you predicted in your book, The Children of Mu, written 70 years ago.)



New Zealand ufologist Norman Weiss writes, "Just a comment on the spontaneous combustion story. On April 7, 1938, the Volkswagen was top secret and none knew of it except Hitler and the engineers working on the project. They weren't commercially available until the late 1940s."

"So it would have been impossible for young William Ten Bruik to have been driving one when he spontaneously combusted."

(Editor's Comment: Good point, Norm. Vincent H. Gaddis got this account from a Sunday newspaper feature story. It could be that the New Jersey newspaper guessed--wrongly--that Ten Bruik had been driving a Volkswagen. Maybe one of our Netherlands readers can help us out on this one.)

From the UFO Files...


The Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend, which reminds me of a strange little story my grandmother once told me.

It was November 1989, and the news had just broken about the UFO landing at Voronezh in Russia. I mentioned it when I visited my 90-year-old grandmother in Taunton, Massachusetts. She asked me if I really believed in Flying saucers, so I told her about my sighting in Seekonk, Mass. and mentioned a few other Fortean phenomena. When I finished, she was quiet for a moment and said, "You know, something strange like that happened to me once."

My grandmother was born Ruth Sutcliffe in Fall River, Mass. in 1899. Yes, that's the same Fall River where Lizzie Borden took an axe and became the defendant in "the Trial of the Century." The Nineteenth Century, that is.

(Editor's Note Here's an odd fact. In addition to being acquitted of their respective murder charges, O.J. Simpson and Lizzie Borden have something else in common. They both have their father's first name for a middle name. That's Orenthal James Simpson and Lizzie Andrew Borden.)

Anyway, in 1922, Ruth married Joseph O'Hearne and moved to Taunton, where they had four daughters. They owned and operated a combination cafe and bar on Church Street.

Now, May of 1934 was the pits of the Great Depression. My grandparents had managed to limp through the winter, but now they were in trouble The building's furnace had gone down in March, and they needed to replace it, as well as pay liquor license fees and other bills, before the cold weather set in again.

Then my grandad heard that a man in Nashua, New Hampshire had a furnace to sell. My grandparents decided to drive up north for the day to see if the old farmer was willing to do business.

The night before their trip, with the family financial woes weighing heavily on her mind, my grandmother fell asleep. And she had a strange, vivid, realistic dream.

She dreamed she was walking slowly between a pair of white stables on a sunny spring day. Just then, a groom led a thoroughbred racehorse into her field of view. He left the horse alone for a moment. The horse was a handsome roan thoroughbred about sixteen hands high with two white stockings.

He was wearing a royal blue blanket with a gold border. In the lower right corner of the blanket was a bright gold number 9.

The horse looked her way, and my grandmother woke up.

What an odd little dream, she thought.

The following day was a warm sunny New England day as they drove up to Nashua. But the trip was in vain. The farmer had already sold the furnace. They started home. But instead of turning south towards Lowell, Mass., my grandfather headed east.

"Joe!" she said, "Where are you going?"

My grandfather shrugged. "It's a nice day. I thought we'd drive over to Rockingham. You know, have a hot dog, see a race, so the trip ain't a complete waste."

A half-hour later, they arrived at the racetrack in Rockingham, N.H., just in time for lunch. Heading for the refreshment stand, my grandmother experienced a weird feeling of deja vu. And then she recognized those white stables--the same stables she had seen in her dream.

Before she could comment to my grandfather, a groom led a thoroughbred roan right in front of them--a roan with two white stockings wearing a royal blue blanket with a gold border. It was the exact same horse--but with one difference. There was no gold number 9 on the blanket.

Just as in her dream the previous night, the groom walked away for a moment, and the horse looked right at her. My grandmother stopped, and when the groom returned, she asked, "Excuse me, is this horse running today?"

"Yes, he is, ma'am."

"What's his name?"

"Troubadour," the groom replied.

Naturally, my grandfather wanted to know why she was so interested in this horse. So she told him about her dream. Grandad was a complete skeptic who chalked it up to coincidence. He scoffed at my grandmother's assertion that Troubadour would win his race.

Listening nearby was this Fellow we'll call Harry. Gram described Harry as "a typical racetrack tout," wearing "a porkpie hat, a loud sports jacket and tie, and white socks." He also "had little slips of paper sticking out of his pockets."

Harry came over and joined the discussion. Then he reached into his sports jacket and took out his well-marked copy of The Daily Racing Form. And--whattaya know--Troubadour was the ninth horse in the ninth race.

Well, that was enough of a portent for Harry. He made a beeline to the cashier's window.

Grandad, however, proved harder to convince. For one thing, Troubadour had never won a race before. The odds were a hundred-to-one against him winning today.

"Ruth, you can't be serious. We're down to our last five dollars. You want me to bet it on a dream!?"

"Troubadour is going to win. I just know it."

"We need this money. We don't have enough gas to make it home. We're going to run out somewhere around Stoughton (Mass.) and then we'll have to walk the rest of the way."

"Oh, Joe, just go in there and place that bet...before it's too late."

So, with my grandmother looking over his shoulder, he went in and placed the bet. He mumbled, "Put it on Troubadour--to win."

The cashier looked surprised. "Are you sure you want to make this bet, fella?"

Grandad almost backed out at the last second. My grandmother gave him a look, and he said, "Yeah, go ahead."

As they reached the stands, the trumpet sounded for the ninth race. The horses, with their jockeys aboard, entered the gate. Tense minutes passed. And the electric bell clanged.

Troubadour was off to a slow start, trailing the pack to the first turn. You could see why he wasn't considered competition for Man O'War, War Admiral or Seabiscuit. At the half, he was running on the outside of the pack, well behind the favorites, Moonglow and Sexton Ferry.

My grandfather let out a groan. "I knew it! This is a sucker's bet if ever I saw one."

But then something strange began to happen. Troubador suddenly caught fire, galloping ahead of the pack. Coming around the clubhouse turn, he had caught up with Sexton Ferry and was only two lengths behind Moonglow. And on into the stretch. One length behind Moonglow. A half-length. And now it's Troubadour and Moonglow racing for the finish line Troubador and Moonglow, neck and neck. And the winner is...Troubadour, by half a neck.

"Impossible!" my skeptic grandfather said, covering his eyes. "I don't believe it!"

"We won!" my grandmother shouted, hugging him.

So they collected their winnings. It didn't make them independently wealthy, bit it enabled them to buy a brand-new furnace for the cafe and to settle their debts and to pay the mortgage for the rest of 1934. There was even enough left over to buy new school clothes in September for their four girls, including my mother, age seven.

Then they saw Harry come out, hugging a big black leather valise. He had a ile-wide grin and danced into the parking lot.

"Depression!?" he yelled, then let out a burst of insanely joyous laughter. "What Depression!?"

And why was Harry so jubilant? Well, you see, my grandparents bet five dollars on Troubadour to win.

Harry bet fifty.

Seeing my grandmother, he ambled over, fished in a side pocket and handed her his card. "Lady, if you get any more of them dreams, give me a call."

I'd like to think that, after this experience, Harry gave up gambling and became a missionary in Cambodia. But I suspect that he journeyed instead unto Hialeah--by way of Belmont and Pimlico.

"I believe it was the only win of Troubadour's career," my grandmother said.

And the only clairvoyant experience she had in her long life.

So what did happen at the Rockingham racetrack back in May of 1934?

Did my grandmother have a "wild talent" for precognition, which manifested itself once and only once, during her family's moment of dire need?

Or did the thoroughbred hear the voice of Anikin Skywalker in his head, saying, "Use the Force, Troubadour."

Or, as I sometimes suspect, does the Almighty have a strange sense of humor?

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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