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Volume 6
Number 20
May 17, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Some say the assaults are by a monkey; others claim that a masked man is responsible But whatever it is, it has spread panic in Ghaziabad" in India.

"The unknown creature has scratched many people and left the authorities perplexed. There are cries of 'Kill him, kill him!' in many localities after dark because that is when the mysterious creature it seems to strike and at least a dozen victims have received deep scratches in these 'attacks'" Ghaziabad police commissioner "R.K. Chaturvedi said."

"And on Sunday (May 6, 2001) residents of Kala Bhatta stoned cars, claiming they had seen a 'masked man' driving by. A woman is alleged to have fainted at the sight."

(Editor's Comment: Since this "manimal" doesn't have a name yet, let me suggest one. How about Hanuman, the monkey deity in the Hindu epic Ramayana?)

In early April, the creature was confined to Vijay Nasir," a town near Ghaziabad, "where it started 'biting' people" who were sleeping outdoors on the street and in alleyways. "It was then rumored to be a 'rogue monkey.'"

"The victims said it was a man with a monkey's face, which soon became a 'masked man.'"

"On Monday, April 30 (2001), in the Kala Bhatta area, people fired (guns) in the air to scare it away. It was seen in Nasirpur, 3 kilometers (2 miles) away, during a power outage. He had scratched the hand of a shopkeeper."

"The night of (Tuesday) May 1 (2001), the creature was sighted in Anand Vihar. Hundreds of people with lahtis (a long hardwood baton--J.T.) and sticks searched in vain for hours."

"In the Bulandshahr Road industrial area" of Ghaziabad, "three workers were awakened and attacked. The masked man had allegedly threatened to 'kill them.'"

"His language and accent were Bhojpuri, they claimed."

"According to local official Inderjit Verma, nobody has seen the creature. 'It's all rumors,' he said, 'And none of the victims has developed rabies, which is a natural consequence of a monkey bite or scratch.'" (See the Times of India for May 8, 2001, " masked man or monkey, it's a menace." Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for forwarding this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Note: In the Ramayana, Hanuman was the son of a nymph and Vayu, the wind god. He assisted Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, in his quest to recover his wife Sita from the demon-god Ravanna. Hanuman also commanded a legion of flying monkeys which were said to have dug a big canal between India and the original island of Sri Lanka, located where the Andaman Islands are today.)


Two UFO sightings were reported in Oregon last week, while Dr. Steven Greer and the members of the Disclosure Project were making their presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

On Saturday, May 5, 2001, in Ashland, Oregon, K.C. reports, "I walked outside a friend's house at 8:30 p.m. and turned to look up into the clear sky. Immediately I saw a bright flash where I was looking, and it moved along, and then it disappeared. Four objects came from all different directions. These others moved across the sky in really straight trajectories to one point in the sky that appeared within my immediate limited view of the area. The disappeared after a minute or so."

On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, at at 7:30 p.m., K.C. was sitting in the living room of his home in Phoenix, Oregon, watching a news broadcast of the Disclosure Project proceedings in Washington, D.C. when "I looked out the window in a northwesterly direction and saw a large UFO moving rather slowly within the limited field of view. "

He described the UFO as "a white light, sort of like a little sun, very high, 10 miles (16 kilometers) up," and departed the area at "several hundred miles per hour." (Email Form Report)

(Editor's Comment: K.C.'s wasn't the only UFO in Oregon that night. Read on.)


On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, at 10:20 p.m., nearly three hours after K.C.'s sighting in Oregon, John and Kim Novak and their three-year-old son, ranch owner James Gilliland and one other adult witness ""had just finished listening to the Art Bell radio show" at the Sattva Institute (formerly the Self-Awareness Earth Institute--J.T.) in Trout Lake, Washington "and went outside and saw a large, very slow-moving triangular object flying roughly right overhead."

According to John Novak, "It was first spotted underneath the Big Dipper (Ursa Major--J.T.) and was headed in a southwest direction at a very slow rate of speed."

The city of Portland, Oregon is approximately 40 miles (64 kilometers) southwest of Trout Lake, Wash.

Novak said the UFO "disappeared at above the trees going towards the horizon. There was absolutely no sound."

"I extended my hand out at several times to gauge the size of it and I was able to and I could just about cover it with my fist (held at arm's length--J.T.) ," Novak said, "The entire length of time it was in my view was approximately four to five minutes."

"Either this was three independent lights, each about the size of an average star in the sky, traveling in an absolutely perfect triangular pattern, or it was one very large triangular-shaped object."

"Another note of interest in this sighting is that Kim and I had our three-year-old son out skywatching with us for the first time. We asked him to show us where the spaceships were. He pointed right to the area where the triangle was first spotted" less than five minutes later. (any thanks to John Novak for this report.)

(Editor's Note: That's two UFOs heading for Portland that night--K.C.'s and the institute's. What's the big attraction in Portland?)


On Thursday, April 19, 2001, at 9:45 a.m., Elliott Daigleish went for a stroll on Sunrise Beach in Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia. Looking out over the Pacific Ocean, he blinked in surprise "as a UFO appeared in front of me and then just vanished."

"The object was 3 or 4 kilometers (2 or 3 miles) long. It had a crescent shape with a light (aura) along the bottom and the top of it. Little objects flew away from and back to the UFO. for about 20 minutes. I believe it was a mothership, a huge white UFO that made absolutely no sound. (Email Form Report)


"All Tuesday night (May 8, 2001), a family in La Granja had to stand guard to keep their house from being totally engulfed by flames, which inexplicably appear at any place and time in a spontaneous combustion case" which has already affected other homes in this city in Chile.

"At midday yesterday (Wednesday, May 9, 2001) a great gout of fire spread through a bedroom which is used as a storeroom at 8353 Pasaje 9 Ori Oriente in the center of the town of San Gregorio. The situation caused hysteria among the house's five adult occupants. and the one child, , since the fiery incidents of the previous night had left them at their wits' end."

"Homeowner Jose Caceres could not go to his regular job at the La Granja Municipal Library."

"On Tuesday night (May 8, 2001) a curtain caught fire in the kitchen. When it was extinguished, another spurt of flame erupted from a laundry hamper. Then something appeared in the bedroom around my bed and also on the carpet,'" Caceres said, as Carabineros (Chilean national police--J.T.) investigated the scene.

"He added that this was the first time such a thing had occurred since last year (2000) when two spontaneous combustion fires had to be fought in that house."

"Sara Molina, the spouse of one of his (Caceres's) nephews, who also lives in the house, said that a TV set and some curtains had also caught fire and were consumed."

"The strangest thing is that a figure was seen by her and another member of the clan."

"'Moments before, we saw the shadow of a figure wearing a coat, which later disappeared,' stated the woman, with a broken voice."

"The family has been living at this location for forty years but is unsure whether they will remain there. Discarding the possibility of short circuits, or a pyromaniac in the family, the chance that there are occult forces at work here are acquiring greater credence every day."

"'I think that a ritual (of exorcism) must be performed,' said Yasmilla Mena, a neighbor who has witnessed the events."

"Nolberto Moya, a fire inspector for San Ramon, stated that the corresponding experts' reports will be processed. However, given his experience, he does not rule out the possibility that a paranormal event might be at play."

No sooner had the firefighters left on Wednesday, May 9, 2001, than new fires broke out in the house, causing the occupants to remain vigilant." (See the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta for May 10, 2001, "Ghost causes fires at La Granja house." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar para eso articulo de diari)


"A man claims he was haunted by a Hawaiian volcano goddess after taking rocks from the volcano."

"During a vacation trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the big island of Hawaii, Timothy Murray scooped up (black volcanic) sand with a (soda) pop bottle."

"After returning to his Florida home, his pet died, he split up with his fiancee and FBI agents arrested him. He said he sent the sand back and things are improving."

"He said, 'My life literally fell apart. One minute you're working, and you're law-abiding, and you've got money in the bank. The next, you are sitting in a federal penitentiary in Miami. I couldn't believe what was happening to me.'"

"Even the FBI agents said they never arrest people for what he did. 'They told me, 'You really must have pissed someone off.' After some research, I figured out what it was.'"

"He believes Pele the (Hawaiian) volcano goddess apparently punishes people who take anything belonging to her."

Murray sent the sand back to Hawaii, with a note reading, "Please take this sand and put it back anywhere on your island. I have had very bad luck since it came into my life and I am very sorry I took it. Please forgive me and I pray that once I send it back where it came from, my bad luck will go away."

"Park Ranger Terry Reveira said, 'As Hawaiians, we have been raised to believe that when you are in nature, you ask permission to take anything. That's true for rocks, too. I've seen people take rocks from the park, and I know the rocks don't want to go. On the way back to the car, the people always drop the rocks on their feet.'"

"'These are unexplainable things,' Murray said, 'You can say what you please about Pele, but let me tell you, when these things are happening, you are willing to be on your knees, in front of anyone or anything. You feel like, 'Get that stuff away from me!' Since I sent the sand back, I've started getting a better life.'" (See the Los Angeles Times for for May 8, 2001. Many thanks to Steve Wilson for this newspaper article.(Editor's Comment: The big mystery here is how Murray's name got into the central FBI computer system. Perhaps Pele cast a spell on the FBI. This may also explain how the Bureau was able to misplace 3,135 documents related to the Oklahoma City bombing case.)


One of the strangest poltergeist cases of recent years is now taking place in southern Spain.

A blue-and-yellow wooden lion, located in a soon-to-be-opened children's park in Tomares, near Sevilla, which children use as a rocking-horse, continues to rock long after the youthful rider has dismounted.

The "haunted" lion stands in a playground of the Plaza Diamantino in Tomares. It is said to begin rocking at nightfall and to keep rocking for 50 minutes to an hour at any one time.

Some residents theorize that the lion is reacting to "the slipstream of cars passing on a motorway nearby" or "vibration from very heavy trucks."

Others claim that "the lion is being ridden by the souls of Spanish Republicans," Marxist and anarchist supporters of Spain's leftwing government, "who were shot by the fascist forces," the Nationalists under General Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War (1936 to 1939.)

"Parents complained that their children are sneaking into the play area at night to ride the lion."

"A spokesman for the Tomares municipal government denied reports that arrangements had been made to exorcise the lion." (See Ananova for May 9, 2001. Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for this report.)


"The Kentucky thoroughbred (horse) breeding crisis, caused by broodmares either aborting their foals or delivering them stillborn, could produce sky-high prices at major yearling auctions and shrink fields at racetracks across the nation a few years down the road."

"Scientists and veterinarians believe mycotoxins that produce fungus in pastures" in northern Kentucky "are responsible for the ravaging of the food crops at the world's foremost breeding grounds in the bluegrass region of Kentucky."

"'It looks to be either a fungus or a clover that's producing the mycotoxins,' Connie Ingle said from Meadowdale Farm in Vourbon County 'We had drought conditions followed by a hard winter. Then it got very hot, and after that we had a couple of frosts that apparently drove the toxicity into the leaves.'"

"The crisis is mainly confined to the Kentucky drought area a handful of cases reported in neighboring Ohio. Neither the Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Foundation nor the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine has received reports of cases in Illinois."

"Nonetheless, the crisis is affecting the Illinois breeding program because many of the state's breeders, such as Ingle, send their mares to stallions in Kentucky and then bring them back to foal in compliance with Illinois registered requirements."

"'About 96 percent of the mares on our farms go to Kentucky to be bred,' said Joe Carper, manager of Arlington Park." (See the Chicago Tribune for May 12, 2001, "Bluegrass turns deadly for racehorse breeders," page 1.e)

From the UFO Files...


Twenty years ago, Jose Escobar was in Germany. Returning home to Mexico in June 1981, he decided to visit his family, who lived in the eastern state of Tamulipas.

One evening, Jose decided to visit his grandfather. He asked his cousin Abel, who owned a Ford pickup truck, to give him a ride out there.

His grandfather's farm was near a small lake or man-made reservoir a few kilometers from Los Lopez, which is 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the small city of Miguel Aleman in Tamulipas. With another cousin, Pablo, they made the trip out to their grandfather's farm.

The evening passed more quickly than anyone suspected. It was 1:30 a.m. when they said goodbye to the old man, climbed into the truck and headed down the dirt road back to Los Lopez.

"There were just the three of us," Jose reported. "It was 2 a.m. One of my cousins was asleep in the front seat. My cousin Abel and myself were talking about old times."

The Ford went rumbling down the road between cornfields. Jose and Abel were looking out the windshield, facing northwest, when an unearthly blue light enveloped the pickup truck.

"From out of nowhere these three bright bluish lights appeared right in front of us. I would say they were 25 meters away There were three bluish lights close to white. They were about three meters (10 feet) above the field."

With an elbow, Abel nudged his sleeping cousin. "Wake up! You're missing it!"

Jose reported, "We looked at each other, asking, 'D you see this!?' Then there was a white flash, which kind of faded away. But not much."

From that point on, Jose remembers nothing.

Oh, he knows he got home all right. He just doesn't remember the drive home. Or saying goodbye to Abel and Pablo. Or undressing for bed. He has no memory of what happened to him after the light flash.

The next day, Jose sought out his cousins, and "we talked about the incident and how we couldn't remember anything else after that moment."

Twenty years later, the question still haunts Jose Escobar. "Could I have experienced 'missing time'?" (Email Form Report)

That's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup. See you then.

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