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Update on
Joseph Trainor

November 8th, 2001

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I am pleased to be able to give a progress report on Joseph Trainor, editor of UFO Roundup.

As most subscribers and readers of UFO Roundup will know, Joe has been offline due to cataracts in both eyes.

Joe reported that he had his first eye operation at the Miller-Dwan Unit of St. Mary's Duluth Clinic around the middle of August and since then he has been wearing dark Solar Shield glasses and taking continual eyedrop medication. He was on Ciloxan and Prednisolene the first week and after that he was taking Prednisolene in ever-decreasing doses.

He stated that he was still myopic but the vision in his "blind" right eye is much improved with the new lens, so much so that he was appalled at the vision in what he thought was his "good" left eye--everything was a total blur!

In his latest message Joe said that on Monday, October 29, 2001, he was at Miller-Dwan Hospital in Duluth, having his second cataract operation, this one on his left eye. It went pretty well. He has had two post-op exams and has to go back for a third on December 11th. After that, he will get new glasses and hopefully his vision will be pretty much restored. He finished taking the Ciloxan on Monday and now has to take the Prednisolene in increasingly small doses until the beginning of December.

Let's hope all goes well for Joe, not just with his eyes but also in the new job he has just started.

John Hayes


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