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Volume 7
Number 26
June 25, 2002

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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The wave of cattle mutilations which began in Argentina's Buenos Aires province just over a month ago spread to even more provinces last week, with well over 100 cases now being reported.

"Two new animal mutilation cases shook the communities of Rivera and Coronel Pringles."

Coronel Pringles is located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) northeast of the city of Bahia Blanca in southern Buenos Aires province.

In Rivera, at a field "belonging to the Adolfo Alsina district, residents had still not overcome their surprise and uncertainty caused by the appearance of a cow found mutilated at a farm, when word was received that a horse had suffered similar injuries." (See the following story for more on the horse mutilations--J.T.)

"'The animal (cow) was missing an eye, like the one that turned up in Salliquelo" six weeks ago, "'and I was startled by the cut that removed both its teeth and jaw, which was a perfect cut,' added the cattle's owner."

Veterinarian Jorge Robles "dismissed the possibility that a wild animal could make these incisions."

"'The bird or animal that attacks a carcass isn't after the eye, the ear or the mammary glands. They are carnivorous and feed on flesh. In this case, 80 percent of what's missing is hide. This is what fills me with doubts,'" Robles said.

"The veterinarian confirmed that the place where the animal was found was far removed from trails or roads. 'The people who discovered the first cases noted that all of the carcasses had their heads towards the east and their tails towards the west. Since it isn't easy to find the cardinal points in a field, I took a compass with me when I went to see this cow again. To my surprise, the head was pointing due east and the tail due west. What happened cannot be fit within the framework of medical science,' he added."

"Four dead animals were found in the town of Coronel Pringles, two in Rivera, one in Coronel Dorrego and another in Abramo, in La Pampa province" last week.

"In Pringles, after the death of a 220-kilogram steer became known, veterinarian Juan Murdrovcic described the gruesome findings:"

"'I was informed of four dead cows in a pasture near the Las Praderas farm, property of Eduardo Fernandino, located on the border with Laprada. To reach their location, it was necessary to employ a tractor, since it is a marshy, boggy region. The last 300 meters (1,000 feet) had to be traversed on foot.'"

"'There is a hill after the marshland. There, within a 150-meter (500-foot) radius, we found the four dead cows. While there was little natural light, I was startled by the fact that their eyes were fully outside of their (ocular) cavities. (The carcasses) were in an odd pattern, on their legs, unlike others that are (usually found) lying on their sides.'"

"'When the cowhand lifted the cow's legs, there was a perfect circle where the organ (an udder) was located. Missing from the area were skin, glandular tissue, and there was no sign of a knife mark or an incision or any blood. An almost perfect piece of (surgical) work, geometrically well-executed,' commented the veterinarian."

"Two more cattle mutilations were added to the four reported earlier near Rivera, according to Jorge Robles's statements to (the Argentinian newspaper) La Nueva Provincia. The case involves a middle-aged cow and a two-to-three-month-old calf which had died days earlier but which had been found with various incisions."

"Robles stated that the calf had died over 15 days ago (June 4, 2002--J.T.) and the cow a week ago (Wednesday, June 12, 2002--J.T.). The farmer and his sons, due to the strange animal deaths reported and the psychosis (terror) prevalent among the population, verified the animals' condition and found that various organs were missing."

"Robles said that the field was located southeast of Rivera, some 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) from the town and was the property of Manuel Candanedo."

"A dead and mutilated cow was (also) found in the Pampan community of Abramo. The animal was a pregnant black cow, eight years old--was missing an eye, its tongue, its reproductive apparatus, udders and jaw. The case was reported by Agustin Alvarez to the Bernasconi Sheriff's Office on Monday (June 17, 2002), although the event is believed to have occurred between Friday night (June 14) and Saturday (June 15, 2002)."

"As the Bernasconi Sheriff's Office reported, the incisions were 'cauterized' and the cow gives off no odor and is soft, as though recently deceased. The location where the animal was found, near a mill, has yielded no clues whatsoever."

"Dead cows, mutilated and without a trace of blood, have created a strange wave of uncertainty among scientists, fear among the general population and conjectures about extraterrestrial activity."

"The foreman of" a corporate farm "near the town of Adela, some 600 kilometers (360 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires," the national capital, "found 11 dead cows and bulls whose tongues, eyes, mammary glands and genitalia had been removed. The find, which was added to the 9 dead and mutilated animals in nearby communities, spread fear among the rural population of the region, which is one of the richest cattle production areas" in Argentina.

"The bovine corpses were scattered in a radius of 300 meters (1,000 feet), arranged in a circle, which they (observers) could see from above. The incisions were made with an electronic scalpel--an instrument which cauterizes as it cuts. No trace of bleeding was found."

In Santa Fe province, northwest of Buenos Aires, "A mutilated cow was found in the Santa Fe community of Moises Ville, 170 kilometers (102 miles) from the provincial seat. The incisions are similar to those reported in cases in Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and La Pampa provinces."

"The animal, a crossbreed known as Red Overo, was found missing an ear and eye, a tongue, genitalia and the muscular mass of its jawbone, according to spokespersons for the Renata Kulemeyer farm in whose pasture field the mutilation occurred. As in earlier cases, the cuts were performed with surgical accuracy, without any traces of blood on the animal's hide nor any tracks in the vicinity."

"Reports were received from the first case involving a dead cow with strange incisions in the town of Nicolas Levalle in southern Buenos Aires province." Local cattlemen claim that "the cow was 'somewhat dizzy.' 'It stood still and stopped walking. While we didn't stop to look, as we led the rest of the herd to the watering hole, there's no doubt something happened,' said Enrique Kampmeier, the field's owner, whose farm is located 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Bahia Blanca in the Villarino district. 'The cow broke away from the herd and, when it was found an hour later, it was missing several organs.'"

"Oscar Bellido, the municipal delegate of Goyena, 140 kilometers (84 miles) north of Bahia Blanca, confirmed the discovery of a cow in a pasture field belonging to the Murguia family. The animal was missing such organs as the tongue and part of its throat. Its extremities were hard."

"In Chaco, a dead cow presenting signs of anal and ocular mutilation was found in a field close to General San Martin, some 120 kilometers (72 miles) north of the capital. The story was confirmed by the chief of Region 5 Chaco Police Raul Maldonado, who witnessed the phenomenon alongside a veterianarian on the farm."

"According to Maldonado, the farm's foreman found the animal on Sunday (June 16, 2002) but waited for the arrival of the farm's owner, Alfredo Pegoraro, to inform the authorities."

"Both men went to see the cow and were able to see that, in spite of the days elapsed since its death, the natural decay process had not occurred."

"In Bolivar, a livestock producer reported that one of his animals had been mutilated and 'different parts of its anatomy are missing...the bovine is missing both ears, the tongue, a piece of hide from its flank and flesh from its jawbone." (See the following Argentinian newspapers: La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 16, 2002, "Cattle mutilations reach 50 throughout the region" and for June 19, 2002, "The subject ceases to be trivial;" Diario Rio Negro for June 20, 2002, "Mystery death toll rises to 84" and for June 22, 2002, "SENASA unable to find explanation for mutilations;" La Capital of Santa Fe for June 21, 2002, "Dead cow found in Moises Ville;" and El Tribuno of Salta for June 20, 2002, "Fear of cattle mutilations grows." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Mercedes Cases, Alicia Rossi y Proyecto Catent para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's mutilation scare took a sinister new twist last week as the first reports of horses being mutilated began to trickle in.

"The mutilation in Rivera is the first one to involve a horse."

"'The horse died of old age some 20 days ago (May 26, 2002), right near the barn. For this reason I decided to rope it by the legs and drag it to a secluded area. I went by many times in recent days but never past the carcass, and when I saw what had happened, I was startled,' related the horse's owner, who declined to identify himself."

"He added that the horse was missing its tongue, despite the fact that its jaw was clenched shut. 'It's weird, because when an animal dies, it stiffens so much that it's hard to open its mouth.'"

"The cattleman also stated that the horse was missing its anus and genitalia, as well as skin from the inner section of the genital organ. 'Also its tail, which had been clipped perfectly down to the hair but with the abdominal wall showing,' he added."

"The rural location where the mutilated horse was discovered was west of Rivera, some 12 kilometers (8 miles) away from the town."

"The horse was inspected by veterinarian Jorge Robles, who also analyzed the dead cows in Areno. 'The incisions are the same,'" the veterinarian said, "'The horse is missing its tongue, an eye, an ear and its genitalia."

Dead and mutilated horses were found near Rio Colorado on Wednesday, June 19, 2002.

"With regard to the horse found near Rio Colorado, it was reported that it was missing an ear, its left eye, its tongue, digestive tract and anus. The discovery took place on the farm of Delfor Segura, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Rio Colorado heading towards Conesa."

"The animal, a black riding horse, was 600 meters (2,000 feet) away from the farmhouse and, as in earlier cases, did not give off any odor and did not attract predators. Also strange is that the spot where the discovery took place is hard to reach and 5 kilometers (3 miles) off the road. No tracks or traces were found in the vicinity."

"The Catriel case was rather similar. Veterinarians and ranchers are still stupefied, since they cannot find an explanation for this event. The animal lacked testicles, foreskin, anus and part of the hide on its belly, which was cut in a similar pattern."

"Veterinarian Jose Torres, who was on site and examined the horse, stated that 'what drew my attention were the testicular incisions, since there wasn't a drop of blood to be found, and veins the size of a pencil run through this part of the body.' He also estimated that 'the incisions were made with a very sharp knife or scalpel by a surgeon having considerable knowledge and skill. Contrary to other cases, these incisions were not cauterized.'" (See the Argentinian newspapers La Nueva Provincia for June 16, 2002, "New mutilations in Rivera and Pringles," and Diario Rio Negro for June 20, 2002, "Two horses found mutilated yesterday in Catriel and Rio Colorado." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's wave of animal mutilations has been accompanied by a sudden sharp upsurge in the number of UFO sightings. Mystery objects and lights have been seen at mutilation sites such as Catriel and General San Martin.

"A group of police officers claimed to have witnessed an unidentified flying object in the community of 25 de Mayo," in Argentina's La Pampa province, "and are looking into the possibility that the episode may have something to do with the dozens of mutilated animals found in the provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires."

On Thursday, June 20, 2002, "an unidentified flying object was seen over the tourist complex known as Las Lenas by dozens of natives, tourists and operators of the Mendoza resort. The object was a short distance away, as multiple eyewitness reports corroborated."

"Visual contact with the strange object occurred 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) over Cerro Los Fosiles (hill), a natural graveyard of extinct marine creatures which form part of the exclusive Las Lenas resort."

(Editor's Comment: Sounds like geologists' heaven!)

"'Several people claim having seen a strange luminous effect. This is the overall remark circulating in Las Lenas,' explained one of the tourist complex workers, requesting anonymity. 'The phenomenon occurred near part of the hill known as La Antenna to the locals, since the internal radio communications for the complex are located there.'"

"'It's a luminous phenomenon, not an object. It's a light that runs down the sides (of the Cerro Los Fosiles--J.T.),' explained another worker at the Mendoza resort."

"One of the witnesses of the curious incident was a machinery operator, who in the early hours of the evening was using one of the snow rollers that press the ski trail for skiers. The man was carrying out his duties near the base of the chair lift of the El Vulcano Trail when he noticed to his amazement an 'intense multicolored light' moving about 600 meters (2,000 feet) away, causing vehicular (engine) trouble aboard the snow roller."

(Editor's Note: Right now it's the middle of winter in Argentina and other countries of the southern hemisphere, so there is plenty of snow in the Andes.)

"Frightened and amazed, the machinist got down from his vehicle and ran towards the Las Lenas lodge, where he informed his superiors of the phenomenon, which he did not hesitate to qualify as a UFO."

"Over the next several hours, the ski resort" received several reports "from motorists driving along adjacent roads" of the phenomenon at Cerro Los Fosiles.

"'Last Monday (June 17, 2002), in the vicinity of La Himalaya, going towards Azopardo, resident Ricardo Rodriguez saw a flying saucer over a nearby hill, bearing a strong white light and with a red bottom. His brother was able to see something similar in another field on Tuesday night (June 18, 2002): he was driving and he saw the UFO in a different direction, but in the same region,' added (Oscar) Bellido, (municipal delegate for Goyena)."

"A UFO was seen Wednesday night (June 19, 2002) in the vicinity of Puente Dique over the Rio Colorado (river) in Catriel, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the province of Neuquen. The alleged UFO was seen by truckers and people working at the Provincial Traffic Control (checkpoint--J.T.) on the La Pampa/Rio Negro highway."

"Most witnesses concur that the UFO was seen around 9 p.m. and was over the area of Penas Blancas, giving off a powerful red light that increased and diminished in intensity."

"Jorge Hernandez, an operator in Puente Dique, stated that 'the light was suspended (hovered) for more or less 20 minutes and was lost from sight....the light became very strong and then appeared to dim. It moved in bursts and then remained immobile...it couldn't be a plane or helicopter because of the way it remained still. I wasn't the only witness--many other folks around here have seen it. Some say the lights are related to the dead animals,' he concluded."

"In General San Martin and other localities in the province of La Pampa, several residents reported having seen 'strange lights' in recent days. Sheriff Gustavo Martinez," of the Bernasconi Sheriff's Office, "says he ascertained the existence of a strange light in the sky after having been alerted by neighbors. 'It changed color and size consistently, sometimes reddish and then blue. It was significantly larger than a star, more like the size of a tennis ball,' stressed the police official." (See the Argentinian newspapers El Diario de Parana for June 21, 2002, "UFO seen over tourist complex" and Diario Rio Negro for June 22, 2002, "Strange lights reported in La Pampa." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)


A prize bull was discovered mutilated in a field in St. Paul, Alberta province, Canada (population 4,861) last week. St. Paul is about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east-northeast of Edmonton.

According to researcher Fernand Pelzil, he visited the scene and discovered "what I call an authentic mutilation, as well as one of the most interesting cases in all six years I've been investigating."

"The bull was lying in a small clump of willow trees facing west. The tongue was removed, as well as the left eye and left ear." Genitalia were also removed.

"On the stomach was a very neat laser incision, oval in shape, measuring 14 inches by 9 inches (35 by 22 centimeters--J.T.). The skin was never found, and the flesh had not been touched. The rectum had also been removed with the same precision."

"What is very interesting about this mutilation is that the blood test result indicated that the blood was composed of pure hemoglobin. Only three such cases have been confirmed in North America--two were in the United States. The scientist told me that in order to change the blood to hemoglobin, one needs very sophisticated equipment, and to do this in a field is like doing brain surgery in the kitchen using kitchen utensils." (Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for this report.)


On Sunday, June 2, 2002, at 9:45 a.m., Rifet Bahtijaragic spotted a UFO over West Vancouver in Canada's British Columbia province.

"The UFO came up from the south--Vancouver Island," Rifet reported, "It was a sunny day with no clouds. There was one at first in the shape of a ball, colored like a cloud, about two kilometers (1.2 miles) away from me around 600 to 700 meters (2,000 to 2,330 feet) over the (Pacific) ocean. It flew horizontally at the speed of a small jet."

"Approximately 30 seconds later, four same-shaped (spherical) objects approached from the same direction (south) in the shape of a rhombus with one trailing behind. The first UFO disappeared while I was watching the other four. They flew still at the speed of a jet until they reached the sky over Bowen Island (stationed there are big TV antennas--R.B.). They then changed their flight from horizontal to vertical, increased speed and suddenly came to a stop, hovering at 15,000 to 20,000 meters (50,000 to 66,000 feet). They looked like four stars in the sky in the shape of a rhombus. They stayed there for about five minutes and suddenly disappeared." (Email Form Report)


On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, Emilie P. and a woman companion were driving from Leongatha to Mirboo North in Australia's state of Victoria when they encountered a UFO.

"My friend and I were travelling to our work," Emilie reported, "That Wednesday we sighted something in the sky, but I put it off as a jet. It appeared long and silver-looking. I didn't give it much thought."

One week later, however, on Wednesday, June 19, 2002, the silver object returned. "The following week, the same day, and even the same time, we saw the same thing. I took some interest in it. It seemed to be getting closer. As it got closer, it appeared to be at a 45-degree angle and of a silver colour."

"While my friend continued driving, I was watching this object. It was getting closer and moving around. It was weird. It was like it was moving around without me noticing until I tried to look for it again. The next thing, it came down to our (car's) right-hand side and appeared to be hovering above some farmland. I can't say exactly how far it was from us. I would say approximately 200 meters (660 feet). The next thing, it was gone. Then I looked up and it was in front of us again. It seemed to get closer and (then) further away from us, and was moving around" before it vanished over the horizon.

Leongatha, Vic. is located about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Melbourne. (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, June 20, 2002, at precisely 10 a.m., four silvery-white saucers appeared in the sky above Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, a small Asian nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

Hundreds of people in Baku "saw the strange flying objects hovering over the city. They first appeared at 10 in the morning. The objects" took up position "over the underground station and were seen by street vendors, one of whom telephoned" the local newspaper Al-Azerbaijani. "But by the time our correspondents arrived at the station, the objects were gone."

One street vendor who was interviewed told the reporters: "'It was a silver white object looking indeed like a saucer. At first there was one of them. Then there were four. The UFOs remained in the sky for five hours. They stayed motionless in the air."

Around 3 p.m., the saucers "began to move slowly away," heading east over the Caspian Sea. (See the newspaper Al-Azerbaijani for June 21, 2002. Also the American Freedom News shortwave 8 p.m. radio broadcast for June 21, 2002. Many thanks to Rick Wiles for this news story.)


"A woman from Hove in West Sussex, UK claimed to be able to see strange circles of light on her garden fence."

"Lisa Stewart says she can see lights of perfect circles which have a pronounced X at their centre."

"The 36-year-old first saw the beams six years ago and took some photographs but thought little about them."

"The Evening News reports Lisa's children have also seen the lights."

"Similar light shapes have also been seen in Norway, Germany, Slovenia, Canada and the USA."

(Editor's Note: To say nothing of Chile and Brazil. Here in the USA, "light circles" on bedroom walls have preceded appearances by aliens. This has caused speculation that the lights might be some kind of alien transporter, and that the "dazzle field" abductees claim to have passed through is a kind of space warp, allowing direct access to the saucer.)

"The paper says they have also been spotted on the walls of the Jarvis Hotel in Guildford, Surrey, UK."

(Editor's Comment: So the next time the pub hostess says, "Time, gentlemen, please!" try not to exit through the light circle.)

"Lisa said, 'I think they are a strange phenomenon, on a par with crop circles. I know other people have seen them, but I think you have to be receptive to them. Maybe I've seen them because I've been looking for them.'" (See Ananova for June 19, 2002. Many thanks to Loren Coleman for this news story.)


"Archaeologists say they have found the world's oldest intact sarcophagus near the pyramids at Giza" in Egypt "and believe it could contain a mummy dating back 4,500 years."

"The limestone sarcophagus was unearthed about a mile southeast of the Sphinx on the Giza plateau, Dr. Zahi Hawass, chairman of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said Saturday," June 15, 2002.

"According to Dr. Hawass, the tomb belonged to an overseer of workers who built the pyramids. The sarcophagus still had its lid glued to it, which 'proves that no one opened it since (about) 4,600 years ago,' said Dr. Hawass, who led the excavation."

The mummy's sarcophagus "will be opened in September (2002). More than 120 workers' tombs have been discovered around the pyramids, but none with a sealed sarcophagus." (See USA Today for June 19, 2002, "Sealed sarcophagus unearthed in Egypt," page 7D.)

From the UFO Files...


In June 1908, residents of the Exmouth Gulf region of Western Australia, about 620 kilometers (372 miles) north of Perth, were puzzled by a series of mysterious "loud explosions," which reminded a handful of the phenomenon of the phantom "Barisal guns" in India.

In Nature for June 4, 1908, J. Burton Cleland reported, "Under the title of 'Barisal Guns of Western Australia,' you published a note from me describing a peculiar, loud detonation heard by my companions and myself while on the Strelley River, in the north-west of Australia."

In the same periodical, editor W.E. Cooke reported, "I have just received the following note from Mr. H.L. Richardson, Hillspring Station, 100 miles (160 kilometers) northeast of Carnavon (W.A.) on our west coast--'A peculiar incident happened here last evening (June 26, 1908) about an hour after sunset. In a southeasterly direction from here three reports (explosions--J.T.) took place high up in the air, and then a rushing noise like steam escaping, lasting for a few seconds, and gradually dying away. Mr. Loeffler, one of the owners of the (Hillspring) station, was standing outside with me at the time. It was a beautifully clear evening, and there was nothing visible at all in that direction. The reports sounded like explosions of some combustible to which there was no resistance."

The source of the "detonations" was never found. (See Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena, compiled by William R. Corliss, the Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, Maryland, USA, 1977, pages 378 and 379. Also Nature 78:390 for 1908, "Barisal Guns in Western Australia" and 81:127 for 1909, "Barisal Guns in Australia."

Well, that's it for this week. Even as your editor writes these words, animal mutilation reports continue to pour in from Argentina. It's now the biggest wave of mutilations since the USA in 1975. We'll have complete coverage of this so-far-suppressed news event next week in "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you all in seven days!

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