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Volume 7
Number 28
July 9, 2002

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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On Friday, June 28, 2002, at 1:30 p.m., Eleazar H. Allen and his fellow workers at the Dole Philippines plantation in Polomolok, on the southern island of Mindanao, spied a bright gleam in the southern sky. Looking closer, Eleazar reported, "We saw it was coming from the south. It was about the size of an (A320) Airbus without wings. It was approaching at high speed in our direction for at least five seconds, and then it was abruptly backing away at a speed ten times faster until it was gone from sight."

He added that the UFO "was silvery with metal strips along the back, like a wingless jumbo jet. It was approaching at about 150 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour) and departing at ten times that speed (1,500 miles per hour or 2,500 kilometers per hour--J.T.)."

Polomolok is on the west side of the island, just south of Cotabato. The large island of Mindanao is the southernmost in the Philippines. (Email Form Report)


"Sri Lankan scientists says UFOs reported by villagers" in the north central region of the island nation in southern Asia "are being confirmed by a team of observers."

"Hundreds of people in north central Sri Lanka have reported seeing a blue-white light several times over the past few weeks." (For the initial report on the UFO flap in Sri Lanka, see UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 25, "Disc-shaped UFO sighted nightly over Sri Lanka," page 5.)

"A mysterious blue ball was first seen over the historical ruins of Dimbulagala, which date (back) to the First Century A.D."

"Now a team which travelled to the area has seen the UFO on three days, reports Professor Chandara Jayaratne, an astrophysicist at the University of Colombo."

"They say the V-shaped beam of light seemingly travels at high speed between locations and makes a buzzing noise similar to a bee."

"Professor Chandara told the Daily News: 'These sightings have been confirmed by a group of keen observers.'"

Sri Lankan writer Sanjeeva Bandara also "testified to the accuracy of the accounts provided by the witnesses."

"An unnamed member of the observing party said: 'More than 100 villagers have seen the UFO. In general, we cannot consider these stories as being fabricated. The light beam is unlike any other we have seen before...(The UFO) rotated, suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few seconds later from a place 300 to 400 meters (1,000 to 1,330 feet) away from the place where it was initially seen.'"

"'We camped near the Parakrama Samudhrya (mountain). Dense jungle stretched out to the far end, and the light beam came from the jungle. Therefore, we could not go out to investigate. Out of our preliminary investigations, it turned out to be an object capable of emitting a V-shaped beam of intense illumination.'"

"'The villagers, including an Advanced Level student, told us the flying object is capable of moving at a very high velocity and, when it is travelling at a lower height (altitude), it makes a sound similar to a sound made by a bee. And it could change its direction to avoid colliding with trees. For three consecutive days, we observed the same UFO.'" (See the Sri Lankan newspaper, Daily News, of Colombo, the national capital, for July 4, 2002, "Observers confirm UFO reports." Many thanks to John Hayes and Daniel Munoz for the newspaper article.)


Argentina's wave of cattle mutilations continued last week with more cases reported to the authorities in nine provinces. In addition, for the first time, cases were reported in Cordoba and Corrientes provinces.

"The carcass of an Aberdeen Angus cow missing parts of the body was found last weekend (June 29 and 30, 2002) in a field located 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the town of Embajador Martini, (in the) province of La Pampa."

"The professionals who analyzed the cow verified that it was missing part of its tongue and mammary glands and that its left maxillary (jawbone) had been sectioned off."

"A mysterious situation also occurred to the north of the Pampan town of Rancul at the Los Caldenes ranch, where a cow had died of natural causes in the afternoon only to be found with incisions on its jaw and missing its tongue the next day."

"The province of Entre Rios has also been the epicenter of three events. In a field located 2 kilometers from Route 11, a rancher found a 170-kilogram heifer and a 500-kilogram milk cow some 800 meters (2,640 feet) from each other, both presenting the notorious incision marks."

Last week, veterinarian Horacio Volpe "was summoned by the owner of a rural property located 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Carhue," in Buenos Aires province, "where an 8 or 9-month old calf showing the trademark incisions recorded in the area had been found."

"While Volpe preferred not to field a theory, he pointed out that an employee of the property told him that his brother, who was cultivating (a farm field) during the night 'saw some intense red lights, as though from a laser, moving very quickly across the countryside.'"

Another "discovery was made Saturday (June 22, 2002) at the farm Don Angel in the vicinity of Hortensia by foreman Carlos A. Llantada, who made the report to the authorities."

"According to the claim and the police report, as well as the report of the veterinarian who acted as the expert, the animal found was an 18-month-old female weighing 280 kilograms, presenting a right lateral incision on both maxillaries, the extraction of its tongue and the right ocular sphere (eye). The expert was unable to determine the cause of death."

"This allows the case to be placed with similar mysteries of Bahia Blanca, Pehuaje and other parts of (Buenos Aires) province, which has caused consternation at the national level, leading some to think it could be 'the handiwork of aliens,' of 'vernacular mythological creatures' like the Chupacabras, or unknown scientific experiments and even the deeds of a sect involving sacrifices and pagan rites. There is talk of perfect incisions, the absence of tracks surrounding the mutilated animals and everything imaginable, even associations to a mystery that appears on (the TV show) The X-Files in the United States."

Finally, "the cattle mutilation phenomenon has reached Corrientes (province). The town of Bella Vista was shaken by the news that a mutilated cow had been found in a field, showing marks similar to those found on mutilated animals elsewhere in the country--in other words, the animal was missing 'organs and muscular mass.'"

"Lisandro Buzzo, owner of Las Azahares ranch, located in the Juan Diaz section, made the corresponding report to the Sheriff's Office Thursday (June 27, 2002), prompting officials to visit the location immediately with personnel from SENASA and the National Institute for Livestock Technology (Spanish acronym: INTA) to investigate the event."

"According to the report issued by the Provincial Police, the personnel reporting to the site attested to the absence of 'both ocular spheres (eyes), an orifice in the cow with total absence of the genital apparatus and rectum, total absence of the large and small intestines, absence of both kidneys, lack of muscular mass in the hindquarters up to the elevation of the tibia (without tearing the hide--S.C.) and a ribcage orifice that does not quite reach the thoracic cavity. The official report added that no traces of blood or any other sign that violence took place were found on the site. Researchers estimated that the event took place between Wednesday night (June 26) and early morning Thursday (June 27, 2002)."

"Researchers at the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (UNRC) reiterated yesterday (Tuesday, July 2, 2002) that the calf found mutilated yesterday in Berrotaran presented 'clean incisions' in its hide, thus discarding 'the possibility of' any attack by predators."

"Meanwhile, another mutilated bovine, missing eyes and genitalia--characteristics similar to the finds in other provinces--was dicovered late yesterday (Tuesday, July 2, 2002) in the town of San Pedro, department of Santa Rosa, 150 kilometers (90 miles) from the provincial seat," Cordoba. The National Health and Agroalimentary Service (Spanish acronym: SENASA) confirmed that 'a commission is working in the area to determine the discovery of a mutilated cow." (See the Argentinian newspapers La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 27, 2002; Diario El Oeste for June 26, 2002, "Mutilated bovine found at Hortensia," Vox Populi of Misiones for June 30, 2002, "First case involving a mutilated cow in Corrientes," and La Voz del Interior of Cordoba for July 3, 2002, "SENASA explanation found unconvincing in Rio Cuarto." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Alicia Rossi y Proyecto Catent para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina reported its third horse mutilation last week. But people in the area believe that sorcery, not aliens, rogue surgeons or the CIA, is responsible for the gruesome slaying.

"'This is a matter of Mandinga. No animal can die that way. It didn't scream. Something weird is going on,' said Maria Eusebia, referring to the stange case involving a mutilated horse missing an eye, its tongue and its anus."

"It was found by residents of La Chiquita, located 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of Presidencia Roque Suarez, located on National Route 16."

"Stories received yesterday (Saturday, June 29, 2002) regarding the event made evident the consternation felt by local residents, who point out that these events are 'the work of practicioners of red magic.'"

"On the night of the alleged mutilation, 'the dogs slept like bears and didn't bark, despite the fact that they slept right next to the horse,' added Maria Eusebia."

"Daniel Acuna, who happened to pass this location on his way to work in the early morning hours, claims having seen red lights over some trees on many occasions, 'like an evil light, which I was told are those who practice red magic.'"

"The event...occurred one month ago, but the case was made known only on Friday (June 28, 2002), after the horse had been found. 'They took out the eye completely, but there was no bleeding. They also took out its tongue and anus, but there was no blood on the ground, nothing at all,' said Emilia Lopez, another resident of the ranch on which Agustina Torres, the horse's owner, lives."

Sra. Torres "'in order not to suffer, since she misses (the horse) so much, went off to Quitilipi,' said locals."

"Where the mutilation took place, located some 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Saenz Pena, almost on the tracks of the Belgrano Railroad, there are several neighboring ranch dwellings in which the horse--named Dominga by the local children--'was like a pet.'"

"'He was tame, good, young and had just grown out of colthood,' said Adriana, a young girl saddened by the horse's fate."

"One of the owner's children, Diego Torres, is still amazed: 'It's not normal. We buried him because here in the countryside we hear nothing about the Chupacabras which the TV talks about. But the incisions are perfect. There was no blood. And, if the perpetrators were human, the horse should have whinnied a little because it's not going to let its tongue be cut out. It's also weird because the dogs didn't bark, either." (See the Argentinian newspaper Norte for June 30, 2002, "Residents of La Chiquita blame animal mutilations on 'red magic.'" Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Pablo Omastott para eso articulo de diario.)


"A family from Smith," in Argentina's southern Buenos Aires province, "with whom we spoke on the telephone and (who) made a request for anonymity, saw a UFO twice over the town."

"According to the testimony of a resident of the community, she was on her way home from running errands around 7:30 p.m. when she saw lights in the sky traveling from northeast to west, issuing bright flashes which cast their light downward. When she reached home, she called her husband and her son Guillermo, who was also arriving at the same time, so they could witness the phenomenon."

"But," according to the witness, "this was not the only time that the strange phenomenon was sighted. At 10 p.m., they saw three lights with the same characteristics, aiming multicolored rays down towards the ground, moving in the opposite direction from the earlier (7:30 p.m.) sighting."

"There is even an unverified version of the same phenomenon having been seen in Moctezuma and Bellocq," two other towns of the province. (See the Argentinian newspaper Diario El Oeste for June 26, 2002, "UFOs seen over Smith." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para eso articulo de diario.)


Argentina's "National Health and Agroalimentary Service (Spanish acronym: SENASA) made known today (Wednesday, July 3, 2002) the report contracted with the Universidad Nacional del Centro (UNICEN) in Tandil, which concludes that the studies performed on dead and mutilated animals have established that the deaths are the result of natural causes and the injuries were provoked by predators, among them a rodent of the genus Oxymcterus, known as the hocicudo rojizo (red-muzzle mouse--J.T.) whose population has recently increased and whose nutritional habits have changed."

"The report points out that the deaths of 20 animals tested, taken from livestock facilities in the Buenos Aires (province) districts of Olavarra, Tandil, Tres Arroyos, Coronel Pringles, Coronel Dorrego and Balcarce are 'due to natural causes and can be attributed to metabolic or infectious diseases which occur frequently at this time of year,' according to UNICEN's chancellor Dr. Nestor Auza."

(Editor's Note: Early July is the middle of winter in Argentina and the other countries of the southern hemisphere.)

"The report points out that 'it was ascertained through direct observation, and under a stereoscopic magnifying glass, that the lesions on the animals' hides and organs were produced by predators' such as rodents and foxes.'"

"Field observations confirmed 'the presence of rodents around the carcasses, inside the carcasses and at the moment the animal tissue was ingested.' Some of these rodents were trapped and subjected to laboratory testing, where they showed 'a particular voraciousness for the organs provided' in the experiment."

However, not all of the veterinarians in Argentina are buying SENASA's explanation.

"'It's hard for me to believe in such an attack by rodents on dead cows,' said Jaime Polop. The UNRC (Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto) specialist reports that red-muzzled rodents (mice) ingest barely 10 to 12 grams of nourishment (at a single feeding--J.T.) and that in order to consume the mutilated cow tissue, 'it would be necessary to have hundreds of rodents acting in concert.'"

"'The Oxymcterus is habitually found in very low numbers among regional rodent populations, which is why it is hard to imagine a massive attack on diseased cows. This mouse species is often found near water courses (rivers and creeks--J.T.), and I understand that this is not the case where the Berrotan animal was found,' Polop said." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi y Alicia Rossi para la afirmacion de SENASA.)

(Editor's Comment: So apparently Oxymcterus underwent a sudden spontaneous mutagenic change enabling the species to conceptualize a straight line, chew along a straight line even though they have the wrong dentition to do so, and consume up to 700 times its customary diet of meat at a single feeding. Somehow it seems easier to believe in space aliens.)


"A meteor may have caused the flash that alarmed an Israeli pilot flying over the Ukraine, Ukrainian officials said Saturday (July 6, 2002), insisting it was not a missile."

"An El Al pilot reported seeing a missile fired from the ground" while flying "over central Ukraine during a Tel Aviv-to-Moscow flight on Thursday night (July 4, 2002). Israeli officials said the missile exploded a few miles from the plane."

"Pilots of two other planes flying over the Dnipropetrovsk region reported seeing a big blue fireball that resembled a missile explosion at the same time, the ITAR-Tass and Interfax news agencies cited Ukrainian aviation officials as saying Saturday."

"The incident was a sensitive issue in the Ukraine because in October (2001) an errant missile fired from a Ukrainian military base shot down a Russian plane, killing all 78 people aboard, most of them immigrants to Israel."

"Israeli officials were especially concerned about the incident because it came the same day an Egyptian immigrant shot and killed two people at the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport" in southern California, USA. (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for July 7, 2002, "Ukraine blames flash on meteor," page 6A. Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for the original news story.)


Two Hasidic Jews were arrested Tuesday (July 2, 2002) when they attempted to scale the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem's Old City in order to have a closer look at a strange phenomenon on the millenia-old structure.

"Jews are flocking to the Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem to view a phenomenon that is interpreted as a sign of the coming of the Messiah. A wet spot measuring 40 by 10 centimeters (15 by 4 inches) appeared on the face of the Wall. It has led religious Jews to proclaim that it is a portent of the Messiah's imminent arrival."

The phenomenon began on Saturday, June 29, 2002--the Sabbath--when, shortly after sunrise, Hasidic Jews praying at the Wall noticed water seeping from the smooth face of the stone 4 meters (13 feet) above the ground.

The seepage has continued without interruption ever since.

However, not everyone believes that the flow is "miraculous."

"An archaeologist of the Authority for Antiquities of Israel says there may be an ancient water pipe within the Temple Mount which has ruptured, and that this is the cause of the damp spot."

(Editor's Comment: If that were the case, the seepage would be at ground level, not several feet above ground where the man-made wall touches empty air.)

But Hasidic Jews who have witnessed the seepage claim "the Wall is weeping" and cite an ancient prophecy, which proclaims, "When you see water coming through the stone, know that such is a sign that the coming of the Messiah is nigh."

The phenomenon's appearance just days before Tisha B'Av (the Ninth of Av on the Hebrew calendar, corresponding to July 17--J.T.) is considered significant. This is because the Ninth of Av is the date of tumultuous events in Jewish history.

July 17 was the day Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, captured Jerusalem and destroyed the First Temple in the Seventh Century B.C.

July 17, 70 A.D. was the day the Roman general Titus and the Tenth Legion sacked and destroyed the Second Temple, of which the Wailing Wall is the only piece left standing.

July 17, 1941 is the day the Nazis began mass executions at Oswieicim, Poland in the concentration camp they called Auschwitz. (See the Jerusalem Post for July 3, 2002 and July 5, 2002. Many thanks to Rick Wiles and Ayesha al-Khatabi for these news reports.)

(Editor's Note: This type of phenomenon is called a flow in Forteana. Sometimes they are associated with religious sites, such as the flow that appeared in the church at Ars in southern France, after St. Jean Vianney, the Cure d'Ars (Parish Priest of Ars--J.T.) was laid to rest. Another sprung from the ground in October 1921 at Cova da Iria, near Fatima, Portugal, four years after Lucia Abbobora dos Santos, Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto last saw the Virgin Mary. Then there was the mysterious flow from an acacia tree in La Feria, 11 miles (18 kilometers) west of Harlingen, Texas in 1972, which has absolutely nothing to do with religion.
The current phenomenon in Jerusalem marks the first time a Fortean flow has taken place at a long-established religious site.)


On Tuesday, July 2, 2002, at 10:30 p.m., the eyewitness reported, "I caught a brief glimpse of three bright yellow-orange lights in a perfectly triangular formation--fairly close together--streaking from north to south across the sky" over Madison (population 208,054), the state capital of Wisconsin.

"It took, in my estimation, less than two seconds for these lights to move across the entire length of the sky. My first thought is that it was a shooting star. I dismissed this idea because there were those three lights moving in a perfect triangular formation."

"It continued to cross the sky. About ten minutes later, I saw the exact same formation of triangular lights streak across the sky at what seemed like the same speed, moving in essentially the same direction." (Many thanks to John Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for this report.)


Question: What has six rotors, is colored camoflauged grey with stripes, and flies at treetop level in Rehoboth, Massachusetts (population 7,600)?

Answer: The newest breed of "black helicopters" which were active in the USA just before and after the Fourth of July national holiday.

On Thursday, June 20, 2002, a couple living in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota reported, "My husband, neighbor and I were out in the backyard last weekend in the late afternoon when we suddenly became aware of the sound of an approaching helicopter. We don't live too far from a hospital with a helicopter landing pad, so we assumed that was what it was. But the sound grew louder and louder with two low-flying, totally-black helicopters that flew right overhead, heading towards downtown Minneapolis. I had always though the black helicopters were a myth...until now."

On Friday, June 28, 2002, Gwendolyn D. spotted "black helicopters at night, flying without navigation lights, going from north to south at low altitude over the Genesee River" in Gates, N.Y. (population 29,275)," about 5 miles (8 kilometers) west of Rochester.

"One or two had spotlights aimed at the ground," Gwen added.

Beginning on Tuesday, June 25, 2002, UFO Roundup correspondent Mary Lou Jones-Drown began hearing "very loud helicopter noise" in Rehoboth, Mass. From interviewing witnesses, she learned that mysterious helicopters, black and otherwise, "equipped with spotlights" were seen flying over the Palmer River School on the north side of Route 44, just west of Rehoboth Village.

"I heard helicopter noise in the early morning. Looked up but did not see any helicopters."

A farm owner in South Rehoboth told Mary Lou that "two black helicopters with spotlights were flying in formation above the trees. The choppers came from the southeast, from Mount Hope Bay in Swansea (Mass.)."

Another witness told Mary Lou about sighting a strange helicopter on Friday and Saturday, July 5 and 6, 2002, described as "it was like grey camoflauge or a striped helicopter type." (Email reports, plus many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for the Rehoboth sightings.)

(Editor's Comment: While black helicopter patrols near major cities like Minneapolis and Rochester, N.Y. around the holiday are understandable, I can't figure out what they're doing in rural Rehoboth. The town was a boyhood hangout of H.P. Lovecraft a century ago (1902) and has the reputation of being the ghost-and-poltergeist capital of the Comedy Commonwealth. See UFO Roundup, volume 4, number 27 for October 28, 1999, "1994: Rehoboth's Haunted Cemetery," page 8. What is there in Rehoboth to draw repeated nighttime visitations from the black helicopters?)

From the UFO Files...


It was September of 1920, and the cotton harvest was in full swing on the farms around Bethel, North Carolina, a small town on Highway 13 about 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Raleigh.

For Nicora B. and her family, day laborers in the cotton fields, the harvest was the businest time of the year. From sunrise until sunset, 14-year-old Nicora and her family walked methodically down the rows, plucking the white bolls from the cotton plants and stuffing them in their trailing tote sacks.

But the 1920 harvest was one Nicora would never forget. Before her death in 1991, she shared details of the strange event with her grandson, Gil Rodriguez.

Early one afternoon, Nicora, her mother Annie B. and other relatives were picking "high cotton" off the taller plants when they "saw something large flying over the farm."

"'It looked like two pie pans placed together, lip to lip,'" Nicora recalled.

The silvery UFO "zigzagged across the sky and," in Nicora's words, "'came to rest in the field' in front of them."

"Two little bald white men got out and pointed short sticks at them." She reminisced, "'They were the size of little boys but their faces seemed older.'"

"One of the little bald men began digging and poking in the dirt with something like a shovel and put some dirt into a bag. He then took a small plant and placed it in the bag also."

"Both little men then backed up one after the other and entered the pie-pan-shaped thing, still pointing the sticks at them as they walked backwards."

"Presently the UFO 'took off and zigzagged back in the direction it came.'"

Nicora told her grandson that "'We all thought it had something to do with the government.'"

(Editor's Note: Not likely, Nicora. On October 2, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a catastrophic stroke that rendered him completely paralyzed on his left side. By September 1920, Wilson was still a complete invalid, and the USA was being run by a strange--and unelected--triumvirate consisting of First Lady Edith Galt Wilson, the president's chief of staff Joseph P. Tumulty and the president's personal physician, Dr. Cary Grayson. For details about this strange period in American history, see Mrs. Levine's great new book, Edith and Woodrow.)

Gil Rodriguez added, "She (Nicora) mentioned that they (the UFO occupants) looked the size of 8 to 10-year-old children, and the UFO was bigger than an automobile. They talked about it for a little while and then went back to work. She said they had to get back to work to make their day's wages." (See Filer's Files #9 for 2002. Many thanks to Gil Rodriguez for the additional information via email interview.)

The movie Men In Black II is now in theaters, and it was well worth the wait.
Your editor won't give any plot secrets away. Suffice to say it involves an old case from 1978, plus secrets from K's past and the trouble that ensues when Zed's ex-wife Serleena comes to Earth. Best of all...Frank sings!!! Wait till you hear his version of Who Let the Dogs Out? That pug can hold a note longer than the Chase Bank. Don't miss this one, readers.

And we'll be back next week with more UFO, paranormal and Fortean news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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