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Volume 7
Number 29
July 16, 2002

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Despite the statement by Argentinian health agencies that the recent cattle mutilations were due to "natural causes," the wave of mutilations continued unabated last week, with new cases in the western provinces of Argentina.

"Camilo Lisiardo habitually tours his local fields in order to observe the state of his cattle. On (Friday) June 28 (2002), he noticed a dead calf in a rather remote section of the field," located in Colonia Tres Arboles, 10 kilometers (6 miles) southeast of Rufino, in Santa Fe province.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2002, three investigators--Juan Jose Mecchi, Norberto Mollo and Leonardo Mollo--from Investigadores del Fenomeno OVNI de Rufino (IFOR) "went with Lisiardo to the spot. On site they found the carcass of a small calf lying on its left side with the head pointed toward the southeast. They immediately became aware of a clean cut (incision) running from its nose to the throat. The lower maxillary (jawbone) and a portion of the upper maxillary were completely clean (devoid of flesh), as though the animal had been dead for several months."

"It was also noticed that the right eye was missing and the orbital cavity was completely empty. Its belly, around the navel, featured a circle 4 centimeters (1.75 inches) in diameter. Its hindquarters showed signs on predation, but Lisiardo, who had seen the animal a day earlier (July 1) had detected a well-delineated circle in the anal region with the extraction of said organ."

"IFOR returned to the site on Wednesday (July 3, 2002) with veterinarian Hernando Brandino, who made a full evaluation of the animal, stating that the hindquarters of the animal had been predated by carrion eaters. While he did not altogether dismiss predator action, he leaned towards evidence that the incision could be due to the action of a sharp instrument."

"Just when the mystery of the cattle mutilations appears to have been dispelled by a scientific explanation, a five-month-old bovine was found dead in San Francisco del Monte de Oro, showing the same incisions as the others which are a source of intrigue throughout the country (Argentina)."

"The discovery was made on Friday night (July 5, 2002) at a ranch known as El Quebrachito, 8 kilometers (5 miles) west of San Francisco del Monte de Oro. According to Ruben Diaz, a journalist at Television San Francisco (TSF), the person who saw the animal first is a man known as 'El Negro' Vasquez. The animal in the field belonged to Alberto Martin, a respected businessman in the community."

"According to Diaz, the bovine is missing several internal organs and its flesh had a strange look. 'It's as though a machine had gone into its mouth and sucked out everything inside.'"

"The external examination showed that the bovine was missing its ears, tongue, intestines and one eye. Its anus appears to have been extracted, and the entire area presents a wound similar to one made by burns."

"'Part of the tail has similar lesions,'" Diaz said.

"People who know the area are startled by the fact that dogs did not bark out a warning, nor made any sound whatsoever. They are further certain that this event was discovered shortly after it took place. According to Diaz, on Friday afternoon, the owner's children were cutting down a tree not far from where the dead cow was found. In an interview on Diaz's TV show, Sr. Martin stated that he had never before seen anything similar."

The first mutilations in Tucuman province were reported last week.

"Tucuman couldn't be left out. Eight cows and seven goats were found mutilated in recent days at the pasture field owned by INTA (Spanish acronym for National Institute of Livestock Technology--J.T.) at Santa Rosa de Leales. In all cases, the soft tissues were missing, such as eyes, tongue, gums and genitalia. Neighbors were surprised to see that the animals were bloodless."

"For two months now, cases involving mutilated animals have kept Argentinians in suspense. From extraterrestrial beings to the legendary Chupacabras, theories regarding the authors of these attacks are numerous."

Last week "SENASA (Spanish acronym for National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service--J.T.) issued a report stating that the attacks had been acrried out by a predator known as the red-muzzled mouse ( Oxymcterus--J.T.) which had undergone a mutation and become carnivorous."

In Buenos Aires province, "The subject of cattle mutilations appeared to have come to an end following certain professional explanations, but a new case has become known in our district."

"This occurred in the El Taray field owned by Felipe Sallenave, located on the road to Vado near Public School No. 19 in the town of Don Cipriano," near Chascomus, "where the foreman, Fernando Ulloa, witnessed to his amazement that a pregnant cow that was in perfect health the day before, showing no signs or symptoms of any malady, was found dead the next morning with signs of mutilation."

"The specimen was a halfbreed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. It was missing its ears, part of the jaw, tongue, one of its eyes and the nipples on its udders, all of which had been shorn off. Part of the rectum was also missing."

"It was also learned that the incisions observed were similar to others seen in similar events that occurred in similar provinces. The pasture field's owner does not consider it possible for the often-mentioned rodents (red-muzzled mice) to have been involved in the act, confirming that he made no police report on the event since he didn't consider it proper. He further explained that access to the field was rather complicated given the poor condition of the roads."

In a strange twist, Argentina reported its first dog mutilation last week. The event took place in Catamarca, a province west of Santiago del Estero.

"A large mixed-breed dog was found dead yesterday morning (Tuesday, July 9, 2002) by its owner in their dwelling's enclosed backyard. The animal was missing its tongue, trachea, aorta, part of its extremities and much of its skin, which appears to have been sheared off by a sharp object rather than torn."

"There was no sign of any blood in the area." (Seen the Argentinian newspapers El Diario de la Republica for July 9, 2002, "Another mutilated cow in San Francisco;" La Gaceta of Tucuman for July 10, 2002, "Goats and cows mutilated at the Leales INTA;" El Fuerte of Chascomus for July 11, 2002, "In the Don Cipriano area, another mutilated cow discovered;" and El Ancasti of Catamarca for July 10, 2002, "Mutilated dog found in Catamarca." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi, Alicia Rossi, Juan Jose Mecchi, Norberto Mollo and Leonardo Mollo para todos los articulos de diario.) (Editor's Note: The dog mutilation in Catamarca is nearly identical to the Mataperro case in Calama, Chile, that took place over a year ago. See UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 5 for February 1, 2001, "New weird creature sighted in Calama," page 1.)


Although overshadowed by the ongoing wave of animal mutilations, Argentina's current UFO flap racked up even more sightings last week. This has now become one of the longest and biggest UFO flaps in Argentinian history.

"A new unknown and luminous object appeared over the Comarca" region of southern Argentina, "but this time the strange object, which changed colors, was seen last night (Friday, July 5, 2002) by several local residents--some 25 people--occupying the 268 homes that make up the village of Carmen de Patagones."

"Faced with the strange light, the villagers alerted each other and slowly emerged from their homes and were stunned by the clarity with which the UFO could be seen."

"The luminous object's appearance occurred shortly after 9 p.m. and it remained until 9:30 p.m., at which time it receded from view until it vanished in the horizon. According to the locals who saw it, the object approached and receded 'like some sort of zoom lens' and changed colors as it did so."

"Other locals followed the luminous object with their eyes, while still others used binoculars. One villager phoned a relative in the city of Viedma, who confirmed that the object was visible from said city."

"According to the information given by several of the locals, the object had considerable luminosity, changed color and moved in a zigzag pattern, although it stopped at times to move in a swinging motion."

"The object was allegedly filmed by the daughter of a local merchant who followed it to the rotunda (roundabout in UK; rotary in the USA--J.T.) near the Basilio Villarino Bridge. It was seen one last time heading towards Guardia Mitre before losing itself in the horizon."

"One of the witnesses was Anibal Benitez, owner of a business on the Calle Mexico (street), who stated that 'the light was very potent and changed color every so often to red, blue and bright white,' adding that, 'We were able to see how an airliner in the distance appeared to pass over the object, which vanished into the horizon after following a zigzag pattern.'"

Benitez "didn't hesitate and followed the object as it moved. 'I hopped into my pickup truck with my family and we followed it to the road that leads to Guardia Mitre, where the object gradually became lost in the horizon after remaining for a few minutes.'"

"Isabel, another villager, stated that 'the object was very luminous, and we could see it for around 25 minutes. The object appeared to come closer and then recede. Many people in the neighborhood saw it."

Also last week, a UFO was sighted in Santa Rosa de Leales the same night the livestock were mutilated at the INTA farm. "Maria del Carmen Reyes claimed having seen a bright light, which was followed by the discovery of the dead animals. The mystery continues..." (See the Argentinian newspapers Noticias de Comarca Viedma for July 6, 2002, "UFO reported over Patagones," and La Gaceta of Tucuman for July 10, 2002, "Goats and cows mutilated at the Leales INTA." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Gloria Coluchi y Alicia Rossi para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's National Institute of Livestock Technology (Spanish acronym INTA) issued a statement last week, affirming its belief that the cattle mutilations were caused by red-muzzled mice. But the agency's conclusions were immediately challenged by scientists and veterinarians in La Pampa province.

INTA stated, "The bovine deaths and depredations reported in several provinces of the country are due to natural causes proper to this time of year," i.e. winter in the southern hemisphere.

"Histopathological studies and necropsies performed by INTA technicians show that the tissues" from mutilated cows "present no alternative aside from those which 'are produced by the passing of time' and that the causes of death are attributable to 'common diseases of this time of year.'"

"The report is based an analyses performed 'as of June 20' in 'different locations of Buenos Aires (province) districts of (Coronel) Dorrego, Tres Arroyos, Tandil, Necochea and Olavarria' at the request of 'veterinarians in private practice.' During these visits, 10 animals presenting similar characteristics were observed, with necropsies being performed on four of them and samples taken from all of the animals."

"The histopathological studies performed at the INTA Balcarce laboratories showed that the animals' tissues 'described as cauterized presented no alternatives beyond those produced by the passing of time, post-mortem changes which are common to any tissue several days after death.'"

The report also stated that "'necropsies performed on animals that had been dead for only several hours revealed that the cause of death could be attributable to diseases common at this time of year, such as pneumonia, hypomagnesemia, etc.'"

"The incisions observed presented 'serrated edges' which could be explained as 'the action of common predators.'"

However, La Pampa's "provincial government dismissed yesterday (Wednesday, July 8, 2002) the official report prepared by the National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service (Spanish acronym SENASA) regarding the causes of the deaths and mutilations of dozens of bovines, since the 'red-muzzled mouse,' the alleged perpetrator of dozens of bovine deaths and mutilations, is not found in La Pampa."

"This was made clear by the Minister of Production, Nestor Alcala, who pointed out that rodents of this species 'are unknown to me, nor do I believe they form part of the Pampan fauna.'"

"Gustavo Siegenthaler, director of the National Museum of History of La Pampa, noted that 'this species has not been found in the surveys we have conducted.'"

From 1986 to 1992, Siegenthaler said, his multidisciplinary team "placed between 70 and 120 traps each night and never found this species (Oxymcterus), and it does not appear in the bibliography, either."

According to the book Mammals of Argentina, published by the Miguel Lillo Institute, the red-muzzled mouse lives in northeastern Buenos Aires province, between the Parana and Uruguay rivers.

"'It could not have spread to other areas because it would have been detected,'" Siegenthaler said.

(Editor's Comment: So not only did Oxymcterus spontaneously mutate from a herbivore to a carnivore, the little devil suddenly changed its habitat from the semi-tropical wetlands of the Rio Parana to the dry prairie of La Pampa province!)

"Dr. Alberto Pariani, professor of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Universidad Nacional de la Pampa (National University of La Pampa) at Pico, after reading the SENASA report, commented, 'There are always field mice, but, for example, in the (mutilation) cases that were found in the field, there were no traces of rodent fecal matter.'" (See the Argentinian newspapers Diario Rio Negro for July 6, 2002, "INTA backs SENASA's findings" and Diario de La Pampa for July 9, 2002, "Authorities state that the red-muzzled mouse does not exist in La Pampa." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Alicia Rossi para esos articulos de diario.)

(Editor's Comment: So far the government of Argentina is reacting the same way India did during the Hanuman flap back in April 2001. First they ignore the paranormal event for as long as possible. Then, when the event becomes too big to ignore, they sieze upon a plausible "scientific" explanation--ANY explanation--and that becomes the official explanation, and the government sticks to it, no matter what. India's explanation for the 2001 Hanuman incidents--"mass hysteria."
Argentina's explanation for the 2002 mutilations--"red-muzzled mice." Let's see if this behavior pattern repeats itself during next year's big flap...wherever it occurs.)


On Saturday, July 6, 2002, at 10:45 p.m., N.W. and a friend were driving "between Shepton Mallet and Bath, Avon, Somerset, UK" when "eastward, to the right of us, the sky pulsated in a large area, with bright lights going from extreme brightness to fade, on a regular pattern. Lasting over a minute. Then, when it stopped, the sky itself remained scorched-like."

"We rushed to our hotel and told our colleagues about the incident."

"There was no abnormal weather. It was a balmy summer evening, and we had previously been to Wells for a meal and walked casually through the streets."

"It was too large an area to be an aircraft, and too large even to be man-made, likewise even to be weather or a natural creation. No actual machine (UFO) was seen, but our experience will never be forgotten. It was as if the area was being touched by a great visitation. Both my partner and I are professional people, and we hesitated in reporting the incident. Were we the only ones to see it?" (Email Form Report)


"A metallic sphere found on a farm situated in the Pantanal" region of Brazil's southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul "is causing a furor."

News agencies in Brazil described the sphere as "measuring 60 centimeters in diameter and 1.9 meters in circumference. The object weighs approximately 30 kilograms."

The discovery triggered wild rumors in Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, as people took to calling the sphere "E.T.'s egg."

The Fuerza Aerea Brasileira (FAB, i.e. Brazilian Air Force) has taken custody of the sphere, and it is now in a restricted area at the FAB air base on the outskirts of Campo Grande.

"'It is still to be inspected,'" a FAB spokesman said, "'The most probable hypothesis is that it is a piece of a satellite.'" (See the newspaper Journal do Brasil of Rio de Janeiro for July 14, 2002, "Fallen from the sky," page A6. Muito obrigado a Victor Scott por eso caso.)

(Editor's Note: Back in February, there was a UFO flap in the Pantanal. Five cattle were killed and mutilated in Rochedo, 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Campo Grande. For details, see UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 9 for February 26, 2002, "Small alien sighted in Brazil's Pantanal region," page 2.)


On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, witness S. Rao was walking down the street in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the largest cities in the USA's Midwest, when he spotted "a strange object approaching from the west."

"It was an object moving at a great speed," Rao reported, "The significant thing is that it was making circular motions over and over, as if it was doing a reconnaisance of the area. It was oval, color bluish, with a tail and a vane projecting from the two tops of the larger axis. It had only one window-like structure at the front, and" there were "lights on the back of the oval object. Could be about 30 feet (9 meters) long and 15 feet (4.5 meters) wide." (Email Form Report)


UFOs were sighted last week in Canada's provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

"This past Saturday night, July 6 (2002), my wife and I experienced an intriguing phenomenon up at our cottage on Go Home Lake in Muskoka, Ontario. After dinner, at about 9:30 p.m., we decided to take a little cruise in our boat. It was a beautiful evening, just before dusk. We had our running lights on and proceeded in a northerly direction very slowly."

"About ten minutes into our cruise," the witness reported, "I noticed a very bright light off the port (left) side of our boat in a westerly direction, about 35 degrees off (above) the horizon. I asked my wife if she thought it was a star, but then I noticed it was moving. It was moving and in the same direction as us at proportionate speed."

"We, of course, didn't know what this could be, but as an exercise, I sped up the boat to about 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour) and, sure enough, the lighted object did the same thing, just enough to stay with us. My wife and I were amazed that it reacted. Was it a fluke? We slowed right down to about a stop, and it did the same. I sped up and turned 180 degrees and watched as it turned the same way and in the same direction."

"I came to a stop and turned the lights out. It sat in the sky in one spot. I couldn't leave the light off too long because another boat was coming along and passed us going south about 200 feet (60 meters) off my starboard (right) side. I thought the lighted observer might then pick up the other boat, but it stayed still."

"My wife was feeling a little bit spooked, so we decided to head back to the cottage. During the five-mile (8-kilometer) trip, our friend (the UFO) stayed with us. We tied up our boat, and the object drifted slowly out of sight over the trees. We went to bed thinking this was quite an experience."

(Editor's Comment: The sudden arrival of the southbound powerboat may have prevented a contact. For the sake of this couple's peace of mind, I hope they never read a book entitled The Allagash Abductions.)

On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, the witness was at home that evening in Edmonton, Alberta when he and his wife spotted a UFO. He reported, "I had just joined my wife on the deck and was showing her how to find the North Star (Polaris). For a few minutes, we sat on the steps, looking our own ways, when right through my line of sight went two spherical shapes, rotating around each other, moving through the sky from north to south."

"My first impression, due to the G-8 Summit (meeting then in session in the Canadian Rockies--J.T.) is that it was some kind of spotlight. But as I tried to point it out to my wife, I realized that not only was it a very clear night but that the two objects moved in a straight line and very fast as they turned around each other. My guess is that they were 5,000 to 10,000 feet (1,500 to 3,000 meters) high, or about as high as an airliner would fly" over Edmonton. (Many thanks to Sue Darroch of Para-Researchers of Ontario for the Muskoka story. The Edmonton story was an Email Form Report.)


Jerusalem had another paranormal incident at the Old City's Wailing Wall. The incident occurred on the Sabbath last week, approximately two weeks after the first mysterious Fortean flow of water first appeared.

On Saturday, July 6, 2002, a remote TV camera picked up images of "orbs seen on the corner to the right of the Wailing Wall. They seemed to have facial features almost like a ghost," reported investigator Charlotte LeFevre, "I believe these are not sunspots because the first and the last frames (of the video) are 20 minutes apart, and the lights are the same. Notice the difference in shadows which also would have affected the location of a sunspot."

The orbs were described as "sharp and distinct. Note also that the light pole nearby is not even on as it is already morning. The orbs were next to the women's (prayer) area in front of the Wall."

Both Charlotte LeFevre and Philip Lipson of the Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group have a video clip of the phenomenon available at this website: http://www.aish.com/w/

On Saturday, June 29, 2002, a trickle of water appeared on the Wailing Wall about 4 meters (13 feet) above ground level. (See UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 28 for July 9, 2002, "Strange phenomenon appears in Jerusalem," page 7.)

Some paranormal researchers theorize that these manifestations may be a portent relating to Tisha B'Av (Hebrew for The Ninth of Av), also known as July 17, which is the date of significant and often disastrous events in Jewish history. (See Filer's Files #28 for 2002. Many thanks to George A. Filer for allowing UFO Roundup to quote from his original news story.)

(Editor's Comment: Strictly speaking, this one sounds more like a ghost manifestation than a UFO. First the Wall begins spewing water. Then the faces of long-dead patriarchs appear. Will some tragedy happen in Jerusalem? We'll find out tomorrow--July 17--the Ninth of Av. And, as always, I wonder about these so-called "portents." Are they the legitimate article? Or is this just the Paranormal Scare of the Month?)


On Thursday, July 4, 2002, a giant crop circle appeared at Normanton Down, Wiltshire, UK, not far from the ruins at Stonehenge. The formation appeared in a field of wheat. "The enormous figure, which resembled a rose blossom with six spiralling petals, measured 700 feet (212 meters) in diameter. It is the largest crop circle reported so far this year in UK."

On Friday, July 5, 2002, "several crop circles appeared in a wheat field near Grand River on Prince Edward Island," in Canada's northeastern maritime provinces. "The circles were up to 6 meters (20 feet) in diameter."

However, Paul Anderson of Canadian Crop Circles Research Network reports that the Grand Island formation appears to have been caused by the weather. He stated, "An eyewitness describes 'funnels' creating the circles on Friday, July 5, 2002, during a thunderstorm."

Other formations, described as "flattened circles," were found in nearby New Brunswick the same day. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of CCCRN for these news stories.)


"People in the tiny fishing village of Rorvik, Norway are calling tow-headed brothers Orjan and Robert Mikalsen The Lords of the Ring."

"The boys were fishing among the rocks near the village when they pulled in a cod, a common fish in the cold waters of the North Sea."

"'Suddenly I saw something in the fish's mouth,' recalls 11-year-old Orjan."

"I opened the mouth and saw a gold ring. It looked like a wedding ring."

"Says Robert, 10: 'It was strange to see a ring in the mouth of a cod we'd just pulled out of the sea. At first I thought the fish must be enchanted.'"

"The boys took the ring back to their parents--and began a chain of strange coincidences."

"Their mother looked at the plain gold band and exclaimed, 'I recognize that ring! Your cousin Helga lost it in the ocean 14 years ago.'"

"Helga confirmed that the ring was an engagement band she was given by her then-boyfriend back in 1988 and that they had indeed lost it in the sea."

"'Maybe it was because they lost the ring, but they never did get married,' the boys' mother says."

"Since they found the ring in the cod's mouth, the brothers fish every day, hoping to find more treasures."

"'Maybe next time we'll find a diamond,' Orjan says."

"'Or a gold coin,' says Robert."

Rorvik is on Vikna Island, just off the coat of Norway, located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Trondheim.

Curiously, Rorvik is also the site of a mysterious incident involving "the underground world."

In the Tenth Century A.D., Sunniva, a princess of Ireland and her followers, fled their native land and settled in Norway, not far from Rorvik. Shortly after their arrival, there was a rash of cattle disappearances, and the Norwegians, believing the Irish to be cattle thieves, raised a small army to drive them out. The Irish fled into caves on the island, and Sunniva used a magic ring, a talisman from her homeland, to cause an earthquake. The quake triggered landslides which sealed off the caves and prevented the locals from entering "the underground world." (See the tabloid Sun for July 16, 2002, "Two brothers are Lords of the Ring," page 33.)

(Editor's Note: Tales of rings and sorcerers go way, way back. In 1935, French archaeologist Andre Parrot excavated the palace of King Zimri-Lim at Tell al-Hariri in Iraq. Among the items he discovered was a cuneiform letter from Ibal-pi-Il to King Hammurabi from around 1,730 B.C. The letter describes a sorcerer named Ilu-nasir, who lived in the city of Zuruban, built two towers there, and performed thirty "great feats of magic" with his gold ring. Zuruban and the wizard's two towers are long gone--the text says the city was "on the banks of the Purattu" (Euphrates River) in what is now Iraq's Al-Anbar province. If the ring the Mikalsen boys found was Ilu-nasir's Ring of Zuruban, how did it get to Norway!?)

From the UFO Files...


Right now a UFO flap is going on in the north central region of Sri Lanka, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The most commonly seen UFO these days is a self-luminous blue sphere.

However, this isn't the first time the blue spheroid UFO has appeared over the island. This UFO put in a rather dramatic appearance nearly three years ago.

An eyewitness, Sunethra R., reminisced: "The 12th of September 1999 was the last day of our Sri Lanka visit, as we had to take the flight back to New Zealand" the following day. "That evening, I went to one of my university friends' place in Wijerama, on Sri Jayawardanapura Road."

"While we were talking inside, my two-and-a-half-year-old son was playing outside. He informed us loudly: 'Mum, colourful planes are in the sky now!'"

"We all went outside to see it."

"We saw three balls (spheres) at the same time, reacting to each other. There were three big round balls in three colours--red, blue and bright yellow--and (they were) moving in the faraway sky, having some sort of reaction with each other. It seems they had a sort of fight by knocking into each other."

Sunethra, her son, her friend and her friend's brother "watched for more than 45 minutes."

"Somehow two balls--the red and the bright yellow--were struck so strongly that there was now a fire in the sky, throwing down many lighted particles everywhere."

"When it finished, the other (blue) ball wandered there for some time and then vanished into the deep dark sky. We watched this scene for about one hour. It was a clear and wonderful sight as the night was so clear."

"My friend's brother called the neighbours to tell them what was happening. At least 25 people saw the scene as there were many (local) people at home during this evening."

"It was a wonderful experience, and it's still on my mind, as if it happened today...even if I couldn't believe my eyes at the time!" (Email Form Report. For more on the current UFO flap in Sri Lanka, see UFO Roundup, volume 7, number 28 for July 9, 2002, "V-shaped UFO seen every night in Sri Lanka," page 1.)

And we'll be back next week with more UFO, paranormal and Fortean news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you in seven days.

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