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Volume 7
Number 41
October 8, 2002

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"A UFO like a ball of light frightened last Saturday night (September 28, 2002) a Dutch couple, Pieter Vosters and Judith van Heerwaarden, who live in Bladel (eastern part of Noord-Brabant province, not too far from Eindhoven--P.H.) in the southeast of the Netherlands."

"The couple told the police the strange ball pursued them during a period of three quarters of an hour (45 minutes) while they were driving their car on the road from Valkenswaard to Bladel."

"'I am a very hard-headed man in these things,' said real estate agent Pieter Vosters, 40, 'And I know people will think we are mad. But what we saw was real. The light followed us all the time. It reacted immediately to our movements. And I really didn't drink too much.'"

"According to Vosters, the white ball radiated a bright light and flew at a high altitude. 'First I thought it was a kind of laser show for a discotechque. We even started to make jokes about it. But when it kept on following us, I thought to myself: Something is wrong here.'"

"'We stopped the car on the side of the road. The light stopped as well and stayed above us while it was turning around in circles (spinning--J.T.). This happened about six times more. When we stopped, the thing stopped as well.'"

"'When we turned left in the direction of Bladel, the light did the same. It was a very bright light. I told my wife (Judith) to step on the gas. But it kept on pursuing us at a very high speed. The speed was so high, the object now looked like a streak of light. By this time, we were convinced it couldn't be a laser. My wife became frightened. I was afraid to go home.'"

"Vosters said the UFO disappeared when his wife stopped their BMW not far from their house."

"The Dutch investigations group, UFO Werkgroep-Nederland (UWN), has started an extensive investigation of the strange light phenomena that was reported last weekend by a couple who live in Bladel, Noord-Brabant," Netherlands.

"On Saturday night (September 28, 2002), in Utrecht, 40-year-old Linda Schajik was also followed by" the UFO.

"Late Saturday night, at about 12:30 a.m. (actually, that would have been early Sunday morning, September 29, 2002--J.T.) Linda had to walk home because she missed the last bus."

"'I saw a flat, luminous white spot slantingly above me,' Linda reported, 'It had a gray luminous tail, and the tail went up and down like a windscreen (windshield in the USA--J.T.) wiper. I was not surprised when I saw it. But the light kept on following me. When I turned to the right, the light did the same. And when I stopped, the light stayed above me, while it was turning around in small circles (spinning). I was not afraid. On the contrary, I found it fascinating. I stopped a few times, sometimes as long as 15 minutes. The light stayed above me, gently hovering like some kind of guardian angel who would escort me safely to my house.'"

"'I thought: What do you want from me? As I took two steps to the left, it also made a fast movement. Can you imagine this? After an hour, I walked up my street. It was spinning for a short while above my little apartment. A man on the balcony asked me what I was looking at. When I told him about the light, he immediately closed the door. Perhaps he thought I was mad.'"

On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 10:30 p.m., Edmond Kruk reported, "I was alone in my garden" in Hoorn, a town in Noord-Holland province. "That night the sky was very bright here. I saw something that could be a UFO. At this time, I was just smoking a cigarette in my garden when I saw a strange, red flying thing passing by at an unusually fast speed. It only lasted for ten seconds, and then it was gone. The thing was flying faster than a normal jet plane and was also much bigger. It also was higher in the sky, flew very stable, and, in a very strange way, it looked like 'slow motion' because it was that big.'"

Describing the UFO, Edmond added, "I thought it looked like a 'game pad' (Gameboy in the USA--J.T.) with five points of red light on either side. The UFO came from the east, passed Hoorn, and then went to the west, towards Alkmaar.'"

"'Some 20 seconds after that, a white flying ball went the same way at the UFO, as if it was following the red UFO.'" (See the Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf for September 30, 2002, "UFO frightened Dutch couple;" and for October 1, 2002, "More sightings of the mysterious UFO." The Kruk story was an Email Form Report. Many thanks to Peter Hoeke of UFO Werkgroep-Nederland for the newspaper articles.)

(Editor's Comment: Taking the three stories together, it sounds as if the small white UFO was a probe sent out by the red UFO. The probe may have been monitoring Pieter Vosters and Linda Schajik for some unknown purpose. It's interesting to note that both Vosters and Schajik are 40 years old. Were the UFOs up to something in the Netherlands back in 1962?)


"Of all the officers in all the armed forces of the world, perhaps none has a more unusual job than" Cmdr. Julio Chamorro of the Fuerza Aerea Peruana (FAP, or Peruvian Air Force--J.T.) "to investigate--and perhaps prove--the existence of UFOs."

"As head of the Office to Investigate Aerial Phenomena, Chamorro directs a seven-member team in charge of studying what he calls 'anomalies that could cause problems with aviation.'"

"Ostensibly, the Office investigates planes that veer off course and hang gliders that steer too close to military bases, but that's not the crux of their work. Of the hundreds of calls received each month by the Office, Chamorro says at least half are to report UFO sightings. And Chamorro says many are credible."

"'There are several mysteries that we believe are highly important and which merit our full attention,' Chamorro said, 'If we can arrive at definitive conclusions, our work will be highly beneficial to Peru and all of humanity. Just think about the technological advances if we can definitively prove the existence of (alien) spacecraft.'"

"Chamorro estimates that 60 percent of Peru's population has seen an unexplainable event in the sky. Most of the calls he receives can be explained, but he says about a dozen each month are credible sightings with no easy explanations."

"There is, for example, the video taken in Chulucanas," in the department (state) of Piura, 470 kilometers (282 miles) north of Lima, Peru's capital. "Taken at the end of 2001, Chamorro says it shows a huge ship sitting in the sky for nearly two hours. 'The ship makes no noise and did not move. You can see the shape, which includes even windows,' Chamorro said."

"Chulucanas has a long history of UFO sightings, he added."

"Chamorro's office was officially organized two years ago, but the Peruvian government's interest in UFOs goes back" much earlier "and there is archaeological evidence that ancient cultures were also hooked on other-worldly phenomena."

"Miles-long geometric designs in the desert of Nazca, south of Lima, or a winged god in the north are evidence for Chamorro that past cultures" in Peru "not only mastered science and math but had an inkling that space might hold more than the sun and moon."

"In Chilca," 78 kilometers (46 miles) "south of Lima, on the Pacific coast, Mayor Ruma Nueda is hoping to capitalize on the town's fame as one of the hottest spots for UFO sightings."

"'There's big money in sightings,' Rueda said, 'We can become the next Roswell. Looking to the (UFO) seekers may be Chilca's best bet for dealing with the very worldly problems of economic decay and poverty.'"

"Like many people in Chilca, Rueda says he has seen unidentified objects in the skies above his town. In February 1998, Rueda says, he was chatting with his brother one night right outside his house when a large, boomerang-shaped object appeared over a ridge that juts into the sea just beyond Chilca. He says the UFO moved slowly and made no noise."

"Six similarly-shaped smaller objects were nearby. 'The mother ship and the six other vehicles hovered for a few minutes and then headed out to sea,' Rueda said, 'I had always heard about UFOs, but this was my first sighting. For me, it was undeniable proof that there was life outside our planet.'"

"Chilca also has its own tiny piece of UFO history. In the town's one-room museum, Rueda keeps a miniscule swath of Incan textile wrapped in brown paper for safekeeping."

(Editor's Note: Actually, the "coast cultures" of Peru, famous for their textiles, predated the Incas by one to two thousand years.)

"The textile depicts an oddly-shaped, non-human figure with antennas. Rueda says the figure is similar to the extraterrestrial supposedly found in Roswell (New Mexico) in (July) 1947 and forms the core of UFO attractions that have put Roswell on the map."

"'This proves we are not the first people to sight UFOs here. The ancient Peruvians who inhabited Chilca also had sightings and possibly contact,' he said."

"Chamorro says (UFO) sightings form part of Peru's culture, and even the government has gotten into the act on and off during the years." (See the Miami Herald for September 28, 2002, "Peruvians reach discovery and profit in UFOs."
Many thanks to Thomas Buyea and Rev. Billy Dee for forwarding this newspaper article.)


"The incident took place in Derry Township in Westmoreland County," located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to ufologist and researcher Stan Gordon, "It took some time to reach the location, which was remote and was made up of many acres of dense woods."

"The event took place on or about Wednesday, September 11, 2002," Stan reported, "at around 6 p.m. The young man appeared to be a very serious individual and revealed the details of what had occurred. The sighting took place just as the sun was going down. He was riding his bicycle on the family property" near Derry (population 2,991) when he heard crashing sounds originating from a wooded area. There were sounds as if something was hitting a log and branches breaking."

"He stopped to listen when his attention was drawn towards a field and a tree line 300 feet (90 meters) away, where he saw 'a big brown human-looking thing but very tall.'"

"The creature was moving along the area, and there were some clearings where the creature could be observed at times. The witness described the creature as generally man-like, but 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall and covered with dark brown hair. The creature was broad-shouldered, had very long arms, and the head was not perfectly round but somewhat cone-shaped. The creature, which took very long steps, was occasionally swinging its arms as it moved, and was slightly bent forward as it walked."

"'It leaned over when it walked,' the witness said."

"The boy hurried to tell his father what he had seen. They both went back to the location, but nothing more was observed" on this occasion.

"Then, on Friday, September 27, 2002, at about 2 p.m., the wife of the caller (i.e. the man who reported the sighting to Stan Gordon--J.T.) was driving up a road near the (same) wooded area where the first sighting had taken place. She heard a sound like limbs of trees breaking, coming from the left, and she stopped."

"There are a lot of deer in those woods, and she was concerned that some deer were about to run across the road and would hit her vehicle. She was talking to her husband on her cell phone at the time."

"Suddenly, about 133 feet (40.3 meters) away, she was startled to see a creature emerge from a clearing in the woods. She said that what she saw was tall and man-like, and was estimated at about 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. It was covered all over with long brown hair, which looked to be about 12 inches (40 centimeters) in length. The creature's arms hung to the knees, and long hair was hanging down from the arms. The creature had 'big shoulders.'"

"The (female) witness watched as the creature moved from the tree line and crossed the field for a distance of at least 100 feet (30 meters). The creature was slightly hunched as it moved, took big steps and quickly covered a lot of distance. The creature did not swing its arms as it moved across the field."

"At the end of the field was a barbed-wire fence. What amazed the witness was that the creature never slowed down or hesitated as it approached the fence. It crossed the fence without breaking stride. The witness watched as the creature moved its leg over the fence. 'It just walked over the fence.'"

During his on-site investigation, Stan Gordon "measured the height of the barbed-wire fence where the creature had crossed." The top strand of wire was "44 inches (110 centimeters) off the ground. The creature never headed towards the (witness's) vehicle. The woman was describing to her husband via the cell phone what she was seeing. She said that suddenly she became scared and felt the need to 'leave quickly.'"

Stan adds, "I had made many trips to this general area in 1973, when a major outbreak of Bigfoot sightings was occurring. Not far away is the Chestnut Ridge. Historically, numerous alleged Bigfoot sightings have occurred at locations near the ridge, which extends from Preston County, West Virginia through Westmoreland, Indiana and Fayette counties here in Pennsylvania." (Many thanks to Stan Gordon of Pennsylvania UFO/Fortean Hotline for these reports.)


On Tuesday, October 1, 2002, at 3:42 p.m., Keith L. Partain was "at the intersection of Twenty-First and Garnett in Tulsa, Oklahoma" when "I witnessed an object in the south rising toward the zenith. It was spherical in shape and silvery in color. I saw no wings or jet contrail. My best estimate of height (altitude--J.T.) was several hundred feet, and its speed perhaps just below supersonic."

"It was visible only for about five to ten seconds; then it vanished just a few degrees south of the zenith. Its apparent diameter from my vantage point on the ground was that of the planet Venus at its peak brightness. However, Venus is not in the south, and this was in broad daylight. The weather was clear, with just a few large cumulous clouds. No storms present." (Email Report)


On Saturday, August 31, 2002, at 10:50 p.m., J.W. reported, "At a family get-together" in Niles, Ohio (population 20,932) "we sat around a campfire, reminiscing, joking, etc. During a lull in the conversation, I leaned back in my chair to stare at the stars."

All at once, J.W. "observed five 'Stealth-like' objects crossing the sky directly above. The objects were all of similar size. They appeared vee-shaped, large aircraft size, and in a 'single file' formation. They were spread perhaps two lengths behind each other. They had a luminous energy (aura--J.T.) to them, yet emitted no white or colored light of any kind, not any kind of sound."

"After the five had disappeared from view, two more like (similar) objects followed, passing overhead in the same direction, to the north (towards Lake Erie--J.T.)"

J.W. described the UFOs as "blackish-gray, vee-shaped, like a flying wing. Estimated altitude of 20,000 feet (6,000 meters), flying one to two times as fast as a commercial jet seen at the same altitude."

Niles, Ohio is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of Youngstown. (Email Form Report)


According to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike, this sighting took place near Houston, British Columbia, Canada. "On Thursday, October 3, 2002, the witness was on the telephone with her daughter. She was looking out her kitchen window, which faces the Telkwa mountain range. She noticed a strange, pale, yellow-coloured object traveling slowly below the horizon ( ridge in the USA--J.T.) of the mountains. She said it (the UFO) was 'completely round.' The sky was clear except for some low cloud/fog in some areas."

"The witness told her daughter to hold on, dropped the telephone and ran outside onto their patio deck to get a better look at it. At this time, the object rose up against the skyline but still continued along its (flight) path, which was in a southwesterly direction heading towards the Morice River Road."

"She said there were no wings or propellers which would indicate the object being a normal aircraft."

Houston, B.C. (population 3,934) is on Provincial Highway 16 and is about 500 miles (800 kilometers) north of Vancouver. (Many thanks to Brian Vike for this report.)


"Scientists exploring the interior of the Great Pyramid in Egypt sent a robot into the northern shaft during" late September "discovering another 'blocking stone.'"

"The 'door' appears to be identical to the other one in the shaft that was already known. The doors are equidistant (65 meters or 208 feet) from the Queen's Chamber. It is the third such block discovered within the shaft of the pyramid."

"The announcement of the discovery was made Monday," September 23, 2002, "by Farouk Hosni, Egypt's Minister of Culture, and Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary-General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities."

"A specially-developed combination (tracked vehicle) of robotics, cameras and lighting technology, developed by iRobot of Boston," Massachusetts, USA "yielded the new information."

"Until the discovery, no one knew that the northern shaft extended to the north as far as the southern shaft goes to the south. Prior explorations of the northern shaft have failed because, unlike the southern shaft, the northern shaft has a number of (these doors or) blocks and sharp corners."

"Dr. Hawass suggested that the layout of the northern shaft may have been designed to avoid intersecting with the pyramid's Grand Gallery." (See National Geographic News for September 23, 2002, "Third 'Door' found in the Great Pyramid." Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for this article.)

(Editor's Comment: There may also be branch shafts further along the northern shaft. In addition, Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt may have been right when he said there were additional undiscovered chambers in the pyramid. The "sharp corners" in the shaft could have been designed to avoid such chambers. Clearly there is more to the Great Pyramid than meets the eye.)


"Residents of several villages in the region of Irkutsk" in Russia, witnessed with a mixture of awe and fear the fall of an enormous luminous object in southern Siberia. (Russian) scientists identified the object as a meteor."

"Several witnesses to the skyfall immediately reached for the telephone and contacted the Institute of Solar Physics of the Western Siberia Department of the Russian Academy of Science. The Emergency Situations Ministry (Russia's answer to the USA's Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA--J.T.) was notified due to the commotion that the object's fall caused among the region's population."

"According to residents of the villages of Bodaibo, Balajniniski, Mama and Kropotkin, the alleged meteorite left a long trail in the sky before crashing violently in the taiga (Siberian forest--S.C.)."

"Witnesses more than 100 to 150 kilometers (60 to 90 miles) away from the point of impact noted that when the object crashed, it caused a large tremor similar to that of an earthquake, amid a deafening noise."

"They also remarked that following the impact, sporadic flashes of light were seen in the forested hills."

"Guelii Zherebtsov of the Institute of Solar Physics noted that the celestial body must have been a very large meteorite. He added that preparations are being made to visit the impact site, located between the villages of Balajniniski and Kiajta." (See Spain's EFE News Agency report for October 3, 2002, "Large meteor strikes western Siberia." Many thanks to Scott Corrales and Gloria Coluchi for sending along the EFE report.)



Robert Fischer (France) writes, "In the report about 'Seagulls attack joggers in southern France,' I would tell you that the name of the city is Sote and not Sate. The town is also the one where the graves of Georges Brassens, a French singer, and Paul Valery, a French novelist, are located. Keep on informing me!"

From the UFO Files...


One of the biggest European UFO flaps of all time took place nearly half a century ago in France. Sunday, October 3, 1954, was the high water mark of this outbreak of UFO sightings.

"There were more than 30 good sightings that day. Almost all of them occurred between 7:20 and 9:30 p.m., and they were grouped largely in two relatively small areas on the map."

"The first sighting was reported at Chereng, a country village between Lille and Tournai," on France's border with Belgium, "some six miles (10 kilometers) east of Lille. The weather was clear, the sky cloudless."

"Suddenly, at 7:20 p.m., strollers a little to the west of the village saw in the sky a kind of luminous shape, traveling at a low altitude and at full speed. When it reached the height of the footbridge spanning the little Marque River, the object stopped, emitted what seemed to be sparks, and descended."

"The witnesses broke into a run and headed for the bridge. But, at their approach, the object immediately gained altitude and disappeared just as it had arrived. The whole scene had lasted scarcely more than ten seconds, in total silence."

"At 8 o'clock, Mlle. Anne-Marie Perrut, daughter of a policeman at Marcoing, 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of Chereng, was looking out of her window when her attention was drawn to a strange spectacle. Several hundred yards (meters) from the police station, above the Gouillet woods, a luminous object hung motionless in the air. It was circular and orange-red in color. A little below this immobile object, and as though suspended from it, she saw a small spot of light with a kind of see-saw movement."

"Mlle. Perrut watched for a moment, distrusting her own eyes; then she called her father, who at first refused to be disturbed. After several minutes, as the object was still there, Anne-Marie begged so insistently that her father finally consented to come. Then it was the policeman's turn to ask himself if he were seeing things, for there was the object, just as his daughter had been telling him. M. Perrut routed out his colleages, policemen Faucambergue, Delande and Bleuzot and their families; soon there were twenty witnesses."

"After a moment, while the strange visitor continued to remain motionless above the Gouillet woods, the policemen sought other witnesses. They stopped bicyclists who passed the police station. All could see the same spectacle. The luminous ball did not take off; but it was seen from time to time to rise or descend somewhat, apparently in a vertical line."

"Shortly after 8:30 p.m., the object underwent a sudden transformation; the spot of light suspended below it disappeared, while the ball itself assumed a shape like that of a cigar, or a disk viewed edgewise. According to the police, it was then possible to estimate its altitude at 1,800 to 2,000 feet (540 to 600 meters). Almost immediately after its metamorphosis, the object moved away horizontally in the shape of a crescent, as if the disk had bent over; it then returned to the same spot, remained there for a few moments, and finally took off at great speed in the direction of Villiers-Plouich, about three and a half miles (6 kilometers) to the south of Marcoing; there, as it disappeared, it threw out a beam of light so intense as to illuminate the sky several seconds after the object itself had disappeared. The time was 8:45 p.m."

"The next sighting began several minutes later, at a point 33 miles (55 kilometers) southwest of Marcoing."

"Several minutes after 8:45 p.m., while the Marcoing witnesses saw the object disappear toward the southwest, an automobile driven by Mme. Nelly Mansart of No. 8 Rue de la Marliere, Amiens (in the department of Somme--J.T.), was leaving Herissart. With Mme. Mansart were two other Amiens residents, M. and Mme. Delarouzee."

"As the car was about to turn left into the Amiens road, the three motorists suddenly saw, at low altitude, a luminous ball in the sky, its color a brilliant orange. On closer observation, its shape seemed to be 'like a mushroom hat.'"

(Editor's Note: "Mushroom hats" were considered haute couture by the women of the middle 1950s. These wide-brimmed hats looked like mushrooms without their stems. Yes, kids, your great-grandmothers actually wore these things back then.)

"The upper part of the 'mushroom' appeared to vibrate as it changed color from violet to greenish, while short 'cables' of some kind hung from the bottom surface. The witnesses estimated the object's dimensions at 20 or 25 feet (6 or 8 meters), its distance at 150 yards (135 meters)."

"Mme. Mansart made the turn at the crossroad. She then perceived that the object, now almost at ground level, had turned and was following her car, always at the same distance. The three motorists grew frightened. Mme. Mansart speeded up, the sooner to reach Rubempre, a village about a mile (1.6 kilometers) away, in the hopes that the mysterious visitor would be intimidated by the houses and go away. In fact, it slanted off and disappeared."

"But hardly were the travelers clear of the village than they again saw behind them, still almost level with the ground and no distance away, the tenacious 'mushroom.' It had detoured the village and now regained the road."

"The next village was Pierregot, a mile or so distant. The three motorists began to wonder what this importunate follower wanted of them, and how it would end. At the outskirts of Pierregot, the same maneuver; it slanted off and disappeared."

"Mme Mansart continues, 'As we left Pierregot, seeing that the object had rejoined us once again, I stopped the car. The 'saucer' continued on for three or four hundred yards, and then it stopped, too, going around in circles, almost on the ground. I waited a moment, then started the car again. It (the UFO) again took up its position and the pursuit.'"

"'It was only when we entered Rainneville, six miles (10 kilometers) from Amiens, that we saw the 'saucer' leave us, and this time for good. It turned off toward the west, picked up speed, and disappeared with dizzying rapidity in that direction.'"

"This astounding adventure all occurred in four or five miles (6 or 8 kilometers) of driving, and in less than six minutes. It was 9:05 p.m." (See the book Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery by Aime Michel, S.G. Phillips Inc., New York, N.Y., 1958, pages 112 to 117.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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