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Volume 9
Number 12
March 24, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Astronomers Monday," March 15, 2004, "revealed the discovery of a frozen world, the most distant celestial body ever found in the solar system."

"Named Sedna after an Inuit (Eskimo) sea goddess who is said to live at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, it is the latest in a series of super-sized icy bodies detected in recent years."

"In its elongated orbit, Sedna is now 8 billion miles (12 billion kilometers) from the sun, compared with Earth's 93 million miles (148 million kilometers). It is smaller than our solar system's smallest planet; with a diameter of about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers), Sedna is about two-thirds the size of Pluto."

"'Once you know these objects are out there, you change how you see the solar system,' says astronomer Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, who headed the discovery team."

"Found on November 14 (2003) with a 48-inch (120- centimeter) telescope, Sedna is the first sighting of a member of the Oort Cloud of comets, which circles the solar system perhaps 200 billion to 2 trillion miles (320 billion to 3.2 trillion kilometers) from the sun, Brown says."

"Sedna isn't a planet, Brown says, because it's too small. (Only half the size of Luna, Earth's moon--J.T.) But it is still remarkable."

"A year on Sedna lasts 10,500 (Earth) years as it travels in an elongated orbit that takes it as far as 84 billion miles (134 billion kilometers) from the sun and drops its temperature" to 440 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale.

"As Sedna nears its closest approach to the sun, it is summer there; the temperatures are at" 420 degrees below zero.

"Sedna is very red, 'quite shiny, quite a surprise,' Brown says. He says Sedna might have a small moon (Yuggoth?--J.T.) circling in a 40-day orbit."

(Editor's Note: From that far out in space, the sun would appear to a resident of Sedna the way Sirius looks to us-- like a very bright star in an eternally dark night sky.)

"'It's an exciting discovery in what is really a tantalizing part of the solar system,' says planetary astronomer Will Grundy of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, where scientists discovered Pluto in 1930. Grundy, who wasn't a member of the Sedna discovery team, doubts that Sedna is part of the mysterious Oort Cloud--the solar system's freezer for comets flung into deep space--because its orbit doesn't carry it far enough away from the sun."

"What scientists can call a planet is a bit uncertain. The International Astronomical Union has agreed only to an upper limit on the size of a planet, says astronomer Mordecai-Mark MacLow of the American Museum of Natural History. That leaves a lower size limit open to interpretation."

"'We have a continuum of orbiting objects now, from Jupiter to the smallest asteroid you can name, and we'll likely have to develop new terminology for them,' MacLow says."

"When the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago, the gravity of a then-nearby star might have pulled Sedna away, Brown says."

"Other astronomers call that idea speculative." (See USA Today for March 16, 2004, "Far-away planetoid joins neighborhood," page 9D.)

(Editor's Comment: Well, I guess now we know where H.P. Lovecraft's body went after the aliens stole it from Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island back in 1997.)


Two new paranormal events related to the "Fayette Factor" were reported in the USA last week.

The "Fayette Factor" is a mysterious phenomenon consisting of an unusually high incidence of strange or paranormal events associated with sites named after Marie- Joseph du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette, one of the USA's "Founding Fathers" and a prominent Freemason.

First, a stone-throwing poltergeist was reported in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 25 miles (40 kilometers) south-southeast of Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania "state police are looking for the people who threw rocks at vehicles along a Fayette County road."

"The Ash family was driving home Saturday night (March 13, 2004) along Kreinbrook Hill Road in Bullskin Township when its sport utility vehicle (SUV) was hit."

"A rock about the size of a baseball dented the roof, the family said."

"Marian Ash said, 'We thought maybe it was a rock coming from the wheel well. We were very fortunate that nobody was hurt.'"

"State police said another car was hit by another rock about 10 minutes after the first one hit the SUV."

"Police continue to investigate."

(Editor's Note: For a story about another recent stone- throwing poltergeist, see UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 9 for March 3, 2004, "El Pombero causes havoc in northern Argentina," page 1.)

The second strange incident occurred on the campus of Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa (population 1,300), located about 160 miles (256 kilometers) northeast of Des Moines.

"The green goddess that reigned over Upper Iowa University survived a tornado in 1968 that overpowered northeastern Iowa. But 40 to 50 mile-per-hour gusts over the weekend apparently wrestled the statue to the ground near Alexander-Dickman Hall."

"The incident occurred Saturday evening (March 6, 2004) or early Sunday morning (March 7, 2004), but no one has reported actually seeing what happened. University students are on spring break, so few are on campus."

"The 9-foot (2.7-meter) tall, 250-pound goddess sustained damage on her hand, and her face collapsed. Cliff Ozman, assistant public relations director, said the university will repair the statue, though just how that will be done is still being investigated. The statue is made of copper, which requires lower temperatures to mold than other metals."

"Formally named Peace, the familiar green goddess is actually one of six statues that adorned the former Black Hawk County courthouse. The other five are Knowledge, Justice, Science, Agriculture and Industry."

"Artist Robert DeGlass created the figures. They were placed atop the former courthouse in 1907. In 1963, the building was razed, but the statues--known locally as the Green Goddesses--were spared."

"Peace was leased to Upper Iowa University for one dollar. The statue was placed on the dome of Alexander- Dickman Hall in 1964." The other statues are located "at the edge of the River Plaza Building in Waterloo, Iowa," except for Industry, which was "apparently destroyed decades ago." (See the WPIX of Pittsburgh news broadcast of March 17, 2004, "Rocks apparently thrown at vehicle along Fayette Road;" and the Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa Courier for March 9, 2004, "Green Goddess takes dive in Fayette." Many thanks to Loren Coleman for these news stories.)


"On Thursday, February 25, 2004, Mrs. Elba Rivera and her husband, as well as several other people, spotted from the parking lot at the Santa Maria Shopping Center, located in Rio Piedras (metropolitan San Juan--J.M.)," Puerto Rico, "a large sized shiny silver isoceles- triangle-shaped UFO. The triangle seemed to materialize in the sky and, even though it appeared to be miles away, they described its size as some three inches (7.5 centimeters) at arm's length. This indicates it must have been large in size. It seemed to be suspended over the region of the city of Bayamon."

"The triangle remained motionless in the sky for about a minute until a dark cloud from the east covered it. When the cloud moved away, the triangle disappeared from sight."

"On Thursday, March 4, 2004," Mrs. Rivera, "as well as several other people, observed another UFO, this time it was a shiny, large, silvery, cylinder-shaped object. She described its size as 'was almost 6 feet long,' again seen from a distance of several miles away. The object flew from west to east and disappeared from sight in a matter of seconds. In this occasion, the UFO was sighted by residents of College Park and Altamesa, in Rio Piedras, P.R. On both occasions, the sightings occurred around 5 to 6 p.m." (Muchas gracias a Jorge Martin, director de la revista Enigmas, para estas noticias.)


On Thursday, March 18, 2004, 9:45 p.m., Rob P. was sitting on his patio in Danville, Kentucky (population 15,477) when he saw a strange object in the sky approaching from the south.

"A boomerang-shaped object caught my eye as I was outside on my back patio smoking a cigarette," Rob reported, "It was faint and hard to see. I could not tell if it was low enough to be picking up ambient lighting from the city streets here where I live, or if it was emitting a faint glow of its own."

"Well, it's hard to describe how it appeared...it looked like a made (manufactured) object, not an animal flying. It took a very straight path in the sky and traversed the whole sky in around 15 seconds. No sound. So, if it was some kind of craft or plane, and it had conventional earthly engines we are used to, it was way too high for me to hear, meaning that it was indeed flying at some crazy speed close to 2,000 miles per hour (3,200 kilometers per hour). Weird!"

"I have never seen anything like this before. The fastness (speed--J.T.) of the object made it even eerier. I am dumbfounded. The object traveled in what looked like a perfect northerly heading. Forty-five seconds after this, as I scanned the sky wanting to catch sight of this object again, a second object came into view."

"It came from the direction (north) that this object was headed towards. At first I really thought it was a shooting star. I noticed the coincidence of it happening right after me seeing the first object."

"The second object seemed to move at the same speed as the first, which was really fast. The way it faded into view really lended to my thinking that it was a shooting star coming into the atmosphere. The object looked like" the first one "for about two seconds. But then, as it got overhead of me, it turned red in color and changed course with what looked like a 90-degree turn towards the east. It then continued east for about one second and then faded quickly from view."

"I have never, ever seen a meteor make a turn before. I have seen them come into the atmosphere and slow down, turn colors, explode leaving trails of sparkles, but never, ever change course, especially a 90-degree turn."

Rob said the UFO was "larger than a normal aircraft, about six times as large as a passenger aircraft (jetliner) flying at 35,000 feet (10,500 meters)." (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, February 19, 2004, at 9:40 p.m., Alison Devereaux was outdoors at Kings Norton, near Birmingham, in the West Midlands of UK when she saw a UFO approach from the east.

"Sitting outside, I noticed a coloured shape slightly larger than a star," Alison reported. "Small ball of light. It looked like a star at first, moving across the sky at a consistent pace. No tail of light. Then it started to jump and move slightly while moving in the same direction--south. It seemed to move quite fast, and then increased its speed again, as though it were coming through the atmosphere. No trace of burning up. Colour and shape were consistent the whole time." (Email Form Report)


On Saturday, March 20, 2004, at 1:30 a.m., E.P. was outdoors in Grose Vale, New South Wales, Australia, not far from Sydney, when she saw a slightly luminous object approaching from the Blue Mountains to the west.

"Sitting outside, I noticed a coloured shape slightly larger than a star," she reported, "Very bright and milky yellow in colour. It moved with irregular movements, back and forth horizontally and vertically, sometimes looking like it was rotating. Don't know what it was. Yellow with just a hint of orange, sometimes white." (Email Form Report)


"An animal which could be the panther filmed in the mountains of Cantal" in central France "last January 24 (2004) was seen on Tuesday," March 16, 2004, "at the end of the afternoon in the massif of Sancy, near the ski resort of Le Mont-Dore in Puy de Dome."

"Fifteen policemen of La Bourboule and three agents of the National Office of Hunting and Wild Fauna have been searching the area since Wednesday morning," March 17, 2004, "Lt. Emmanuel Garrigue told Agence France Presse (AFP)."

"A helicopter of the Egletons police in Correze flew through the zone on Wednesday morning," but the search was unsuccessful.

"A farmer, Jean-Francois Ondet, going out to their farm near La Croix-St. Robert Pass, at the end of the afternoon, saw an animal in a field, which could be the feline filmed in Cantal three weeks ago."

(Editor's Note: For more on the phantom panther of Cantal, see UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 10 for March 10, 2004, "Phantom panther appears in France," page 5.)

"One picture was taken, but, according to an agent of the National Office of Hunting and Wild Fauna, 'the picture was taken from too far away to guarantee that it is indeed a feline.'"

"A dead eviscerated roe deer and the partially-eaten legs of a lamb were found Wednesday morning," March 17, 2004, "in a place called Les Chaumets, near the ski resort of Le Mont-Dore."

"Skin samples, as well as hairs belonging to the predator, were sent to a laboratory for analysis, said Capt. Raymond Dubreuil," the police chief at La Bourboule.

"Jean-Francois Dubourg, mayor of Le Mont-Dore, on Wednesday morning advised" several agencies in town to warn their employees "to avoid walking in the woods." (See the French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur for March 17, 2004, "The black panther of Cantal might have been seen in Puy de Dome." Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour cette article de journal.)


"Police have not dismissed reports that a puma (cougar or mountain lion in the USA--J.T.) may be roaming South Wales farms."

"Witnesses say they have spotted the big cat around Ogmore Vale, and police are keeping an 'open mind.'"

"Farmer Eric Averill found a ewe with both of its ears severed."

"Detective Inspector Alan Thomas said, 'We are not ruling out any sort of animal attack at this stage, but we have not had any reports of sightings.'" (See The Western Mail of Cardiff, Wales, UK for March 5, 2004, "'Puma' spotted." Many thanks to UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, Robert Fischer, for this newspaper article.)


"In Derry (Northern Ireland) this week, a discovery was made in the greater Shantallow area of two large circular markings in a field along the west bank of the river Foyle."

"Crop marks or 'rings' that appear in a field are usually associated with programmes such as The X-Files or extraterrestrial investigation that typically occurs in heartland America."

"However, the find seems to be of archaeological importance rather than an extraterrestrial-related discovery."

"During a recent field survey, local archaeologists Ian Leitch and Thomas Gallagher identified a site near Ballynagalliagh with unique markings."

"The largest of these crop marks measures 70 metres (231 feet) in diameter, and the site lies in an internal hollow, which holds water in wet weather."

"Because of this and the fact that there are no visible remains above ground level, Ian Leitch suggested that the site may have had an archaeological importance."

"'The crop marks may be the result of natural drainage around the highlands, and it's possible that they encountered an in-filled ditch around some form of enclosure, which may have occupied the hill,' Ian said."

Padraich O'Hearne, UFO Roundup correspondent in Ireland, said he thinks the Ballynagalliagh site may indeed by some heretofore-unknown prehistoric civilization.

"Mr. Leitch's suggested enclosure might be of truly fabulous age," Padraich said, "It may date back to that remote period when Ireland was a part of the European mainland. Indeed, this site might be an outpost of Atlantis here in Ireland." (See the Irish Times for March 12, 2004, "Crop rings in Derry field." Many thanks to Robert Fischer and Padraich O'Hearne for this newspaper article.)


On Thursday, March 11, 2004, the same day that ten terrorist bombs destroyed commuter trains in Spain, the New World Order opened a multinational military training exercise in Greece.

"Canada is participating in a major multinational security exercise against potential terrorist threats to the Summer Olympics."

Operation Shield of Hercules is scheduled to conclude on March 25, 2004 and "involves U.S. troops and coincided with the swearing-in of Greece's new conservative government."

"The exercise is the most comprehensive test of efforts to safeguard the Games from possible threats ranging from hijacking to 'dirty bomb' (radioactive) attacks. Greece is receiving training assistance and advice from a seven-member advisory group of nations, including the United States, Britain and Israel."

"NATO allies, including neighbouring Turkey, are expected to be on heightened alert during the Games," which will take place in August 2004. Measures planned in Athens include the deployment of more than 50,000 police and soldiers, plus 1,400 security agents, and aerial surveillance by helicopters, a blimp and an AWACS aircraft. A no-fly zone will be enforced around Olympic venues and other sites."

"Protests against the (surveillance) cameras and tight security have already taken place in Athens and in the northern city of Thessaloniki." (See The Globe and Mail of Toronto for March 11, 2004, "Canada joins Olympic security exercise." Many thanks to Jim Danvers for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: Fifty thousand troops in Athens!? That's the biggest military deployment since the run-up to Y2K five years ago. To our Greek readers, keep an eye out for black helicopters this summer...and send your sightings reports to UFO Roundup.)


Although raking in millions, Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ is well on its way to becoming the most controversial film in USA history.

"A senior British lawmaker said the message of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is 'seriously, damagingly anti-Semitic.'"

"Gibson's dramatization of Christ's final hours opens in Britain on March 26."

"'What you are in for is sadism, gratuitous violence, ugliness, wallowing in blood, and, it has to be said, crude anti-Semitism. That is what this movie is about,' said Gerald Kaufman, a member of Britain's governing Labour Party and chairman of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport committee."

"'I am not accusing him (Gibson) of being a deliberate and overt anti-Semite, but there is no doubt that the message of the film is seriously, damagingly anti-Semitic,' he told commercial television station ITC in London Sunday," March 14, 2004.

In the USA, the Messiah Truth Project, a Jewish group, asked Attorney General John Ashcroft to arrest Mel Gibson and others involved in the making of the film and charge them under federal hate-crime laws.

"Claiming Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ has resulted in 'hate crimes' against Jews, a non-profit organization is seeking online signatures for a petition asking Attorney General John Ashcroft to 'evaluate possible actions' against the filmmaker."

"According to a statement from the Messiah Truth Project, a non-profit group that says its purpose is 'to combat the destructive missionary techniques of evangelical Christian denominations and the Messianic movements,'" and claims that "'The Passion's purposeful rewriting of the Christian Gospel mythos has itself become an anti-Semitic diatribe.'"

"The organization claims the movie has caused crimes against Jews, synagogues and Jewish cemeteries 'throughout the U.S.'"

"In making its case, the Messiah Truth Project cites Adolf Hitler's description of a 1934 performance of the Oberammergau Passion play in Bavaria ( Bayern im Deutsch-- J.T.) as 'a convincing portrayal of the menace of Jewry.'"

"The group says the use of extensive graphic violence against Jesus in the film, at the urging of the Jewish crowd, displays a 'clear prejudicial bent' against the Jewish faith."

The group was quoted as saying: "'Gibson's The Passion violates state and federal hate-crime statutes for the purposeful incitement of anti-Semitic violence. We implore U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to evaluate actions against the perpetrators involved and those responsible for the movie itself."

WorldNet Daily reported, "In its statement, the Messiah Truth Project failed to cite specific incidents of violence attributed to a perpetrator who had viewed the film."

The controversy took yet another bizarre twist when it was revealed that a Los Angeles "hate crime" cited by the Messiah Truth Project last week had turned out to be a hoax.

"A Los Angeles-area college professor who claimed that her car had been defaced with racist, anti-Semitic and sexist epithets while she lectured on racism is suspected of staging a hoax, police said."

"Her claims prompted students and civil rights activists to rally behind her. Kerri Dunn, a professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College, could face state or federal charges of filing a false police report, authorities said."

"Through her lawyer, Dunn, 39, denied wrongdoing."

"The vandalism drew attention after 500 students, joined by civil rights activists, rallied in her name. But police said two witnesses say they saw Dunn damaging and defacing her own car." (See the Duluth, Minn. News- Tribune for March 16, 2004, "Passionate foe of 'The Passion,'" page 2A; WorldNet Daily for March 16, 2004, "Gibson film violates 'hate crime' statutes;" and USA Today for March 19, 2004, "Police suspect hate crime was a hoax," page 3A.)

(Editor's Comment: If this is what's happening in the USA, what's going to happen when this film premieres in the Middle East!? Can you imagine 300,000 Ghazis going to the cinema in Quetta, Pakistan and seeing Jesus--the man they revere as a Last-Days prophet of Allah, second only to the Prophet Mohammed himself--getting beat up by Jewish Temple guards? It'll be the Mother of All Jihads. By the time those Ghazis are finished, there won't be a Jew left alive in Karachi.)


"Clutching a half-eaten bag of popcorn, Mauricio Alvarado drifted into the lobby of the CineMex Real movie theater" in Mexico City "looking like a man who'd just had a religious experience. In fact, he had."

"Alvarado had just sat through a Thursday night," March 18, 2004, screening of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ or La Pasion de Cristo, to use its Spanish language title. The movie was very powerful and had affected him deeply, the 30-year-old business administrator said, blinking through red-rimmed eyes and gesturing repeatedly at his heart."

"'He was very convincing,' Alvarado said of actor Jim Caviezel who stars in the movie as the embattled, suffering Messiah."

"As Gibson's hotly debated New Testament epic was about to open in theaters across Mexico on Friday," March 19, 2004, there were numerous signs that its phenomenal stateside success might be replicated south of the border."

"Jose Juan Hernandez, managing director of 20th Century Fox--Mexico, said 560 prints of the movie were being released in Mexico this week, meaning La Pasion would be showing on nearly 1,000 screens. Initially, he said, the distributor had planned to release only 300 prints."

"But that number rose to 500 and finally to 560 after the movie's huge U.S. box-office showing. That's a very large number for a serious dramatic film in Mexico. By comparison, Hernandez said, Finding Nemo and Spider-Man opened in Mexico with about 600 prints."

"Guillermo Ortiz, a spokesman for the Mexican Conference of (Roman) Catholic Bishops, said in a prepared statement that The Passion of the Christ would make for great family viewing in the days leading up to Holy Week and Easter Sunday."

"In Mexico, the movie's skids have been greased with several weeks of mostly favorable advance coverage. The controversy in the United States over allegations of anti- Semitic content doesn't appear to be dampening its prospects in Mexico."

"That's largely because Jews represent less than one percent of Mexico's population, some religious experts said this week."

"Even so, some Jewish leaders who have seen the movie found its representation of Jews to be objectionable."

"'It's excessively violent, and, in my opinion, it's anti-Semitic,' said Daniel Fainstein, director-general of the Universidad Hebraica in Mexico City. Fainstein said he also thought the movie misrepresented the true character of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who is depicted in the film as being troubled by Christ's execution."

"'He was a cruel man,' Fainstein said."

"But neither the movie's representation of Jews, Romans or anyone else, nor its graphic depiction of Jesus's brutal flaying and agonizing crucifixion seems likely to turn off significant numbers of potential Mexican viewers."

"In this overwhelmingly Catholic country, La Pasion is receiving the kind of attention Hollywood studio heads dream of. Newspapers have run pictures of nuns attending advance screenings of the movie. The media have reported that some have been move to tears by the spectacle of the Christian Messiah being tortured, spat on and put to death." (See the Los Angeles Times for March 21, 2004, "Mexicans embrace Gibson's 'Passion.' Muchas gracias a Dolores Echevarria para esto articulo de diario.)

(Editor's Comment: At least in Mexico they won't need the subtitles for the Roman characters. I went to see The Passion last week, and, to my delight, I found that my kindergarten Spanish, Italian and Portuguese enabled me to follow the Latin conversations of Pontius Pilate, his wife Claudia and the Roman soldiers without too many glances at the subtitles. If ever I travel back through time to the Roman Empire, at least I'll be able to order lunch. What I'm going to do for money, though, is another story.)


With Allied troops closing in on the al-Qaeda hideout in Pakistan's South Waziristan Tribal Agency, some people are wondering where the Al-Qaeda terrorist group will strike next.

About 7,000 Pakistani troops, led by Brigadier Mahmood Shah, have surrounded a 20-square-mile area just west of Wana. Within the enclosure are an estimated 500 Al-Qaeda soldiers and Yargul Khel tribesmen. Heavy fighting was reported in the villages of Kaloosha and Shin-Warsak.

"Brigadier Shah said two Chechens were killed trying to break through a military cordon Sunday," March 21, 2004. The Pakistani Army "has arrested more than 100 suspects but has refused to list its casualties."

According to a report received by UFO Roundup, also that Sunday, Al-Qaeda second-in-command Dr. Ayman al- Zawahiri, an Uzbeki named Tahir Yuldash and a few other Chechens escaped the encirclement. They reportedly escaped through a tunnel under a house owned by two men in Kaloosha. This newly-dug tunnel intersected with the existing prehistoric tunnels that honeycomb the region, and Dr. Zawahiri's group fled into the mountains via the old Uighur tunnel.

(Editor's Note: Similar ancient or "Atlantean" tunnels are said to exist in South America, where they are known as las socabones.)

Reader Abu Kharani thinks a terrorist strike may come on Monday, April 19, 2004, adding that Dr. Zawahiri might be using Sufi numerology to pick their targets.

"April 19 will be a double anniversary," he noted, "It will be 9 years after the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, USA. It will also be 11 years after the Waco incident. You see how this year April 19 can be rendered as 9/11."

"Also, because of time zones, the afternoon of April 19 in USA will be sunrise on April 20 in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). For Muslims, this is an important date, for on April 20 (in 622 A.D.) the Prophet Mohammed--peace be upon him--fled from Mecca and went to Yathrib (now Medina-- J.T.). Al-Hajira, the anniversary of the Prophet's flight, is the start of the new year for Muslims."

(Editor's Note: April 20, 2004 will also be the 115th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth and the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School.)

"Also, the Murrah Building had nine stories. The Waco complex (Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidians' church and center--J.T.) had two stories. In numerology, two can be rendered as one plus one, or 11. So again we have the symbol of 9/11."

UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor still thinks Dr. Zawahiri may be deliberately gunning for Masonic sites in the USA. This is because Dr. Zawahiri was born in Cairo and was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and is reportedly well-versed in the ancient Egyptian mysteries.

"The Statue of Liberty in New York City remains an obvious target because her sculptor, Auguste Bertholdi, was a prominent French Freemason," Trainor said, "I tried to come up with a list of sites here in the USA which might be meaningless to the man on the street but of importance to an initiate of Dr. Zawahiri's stature."

Charleston, South Carolina is the birthplace of Freemasonry in the United States. At 46 Broad Street in Charleston is a tablet marking the site where Solomon's Lodge No. 1, the first order of Ancient Freemasons, was chartered in 1735.

The tavern that stood at this site was razed long ago, but the room in which Solomon's Lodge was founded was faithfully reproduced and reconstructed in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, seven blocks away at the corner of Smith and Wentworth Streets in Charleston.

"There's also a 'Fayette Factor' link to Charleston's Broad Street," Trainor added, "On June 15, 1777, the French ship Victoire landed at Georgetown, S.C. with the Marquis de Lafayette and Baron de Kalb aboard. Lafayette emerged from the ship's dinghy on Broad Street in Charleston, within sight of the lodge's tavern. Interestingly, Lafayette, himself a Freemason, was feted there on June 21, 1777--which, of course, is the summer solstice."

Washington D.C. has Masonic sites too numerous to mention. But there are three important sites that could become Al-Qaeda targets.

The Scottish Rite Temple at the corner of Sixteenth and S Streets N.W. is the administrative headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Thirty-third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The original Supreme Council was in Charleston,S.C., but in 1801, the USA was divided into two "jurisdictions," with the Northern Supreme Council in Boston, Mass. and its southern counterpart in Washington, D.C.

The cornerstone of the Temple was laid on October 18, 1911, and the building was dedicated four years later on October 18, 1915. The design was borrowed from the Tomb of Mausolus, erected at Halicarnassus (Turkey) by Queen Artemisia. At each side of the upper flight of steps is a colossal sphinx, "symbolic of Divine Wisdom and Power."

At 801 Thirteenth Street N.W. in Washington, D.C. is the city's temple of Free and Accepted Masons, where local lodges hold their regular meetings.

Finally, in Georgetown, D.C., Masonic Lodge No. 5 is located at 1056 Jefferson Street. Built in 1810, this was the lodge that officiated at the laying of the cornerstone of the Capitol in September 1793. Right across the street is the home Thomas Jefferson lived in when he served as Secretary of State under the USA's first president, George Washington. (See the books South Carolina: A Guide to the Palmetto State, Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y., 1942, page 204; and Washington: City and Capital, Federal Writers' Project, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1937, pages 548 to 555m 722 and 723. Also the Chicago Tribune for March 22, 2004, "Pakistan battle ebbs; elders to meet militants," section 1, page 3; and USA Today for March 22, 2004, "Pakistan: Zawahiri hunt just a 'guess,'" page 1A.)



UFO researcher Jim Hickman writes, "Concerning your article about the New World Order (NWO) in Anniston, Alabama, I can confirm that there is a large Homeland Security training school there. One of my HAZMAT team members has just come back (to Oklahoma) from a week of training there on WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction--J.T.). I understand that it's part of an old military base in Anniston." (For the original article, see UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 11 for March 17, 2004, "NWO introduces armor into the USA's cities," page 8. Also, please be sure to visit Jim's Web site at http://www.thehickmanreport.com)

From the UFO Files...


Schindler's List is now out on DVD. One of the most chilling scenes in the film is when Schindler's Jews are lined up at Auschwitz, and along comes the dark-haired Dr. Joseph Mengele, coaxing the elderly out of formation for some unspecified "treatment."

Dr. Mengele, who drowned while swimming at a public beach in Santos, S.P., Brazil in 1979, is remembered today as "the Angel of Death." But the title wasn't originally his--it belonged to his off-and-on girl friend, an Aufseherin of the Allegemeine-SS. She was known as "the Angel of Death," "the Blond Beast," "the Queen of Auschwitz" and "the Angel of Hell."

Her real name was Irma Griese. Born in 1921, she was 11 years old when Adolf Hitler became the German chancellor in January 1933. The Nazi revolution completely transformed her life. About the time the Nuremberg Laws were passed in 1935, Irma joined the Bund der Deutsches Maedchen (Translated: League of German Girls--J.T.), a Nazi version of the USA's Girl Scouts or UK's Girl Guides.

However, while participating in the Risorgimento of the German Volk, Irma had a dream. She wanted to be a movie star. When she wasn't involved in BDM duties, Irma sought out small parts in plays put on by the Deutsches Studentenbund.

When World War II broke out in September 1939, Irma immediately joined the Nazionalsozialistche Deutsches Arbeiterspartei (NSDAP or Nazi Party--J.T.) and tried to enlist in the SS.

Why the SS? Well, as Walter Schellenberg explained, "the SS 'was already considered an elite organization. The black-clad uniform of der Fuhrer's special guard was dashing and elegant.' In the SS one found 'the better class of people' and membership of it brought considerable prestige and social advantages."

In Irma's case, she hoped that her SS rank would bring her into contact with the Party leadership, in particular Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda and the undisputed master of the German cinema.

The Auschwitz camp originally opened in 1940 as a slave-labor camp for the newly-built I.G. Farben artificial rubber factory. By the end of 1941, it held 18,000 prisoners. It came under the jurisdiction of the Allegemeine-SS (Sort of an All-Purpose SS--J.T.), and Irma was assigned as a guard in the female barracks.

In March 1942, Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler visited the camp and ordered a five-fold expansion of the facility, including a whole new camp, twice the size of the original, at Birkenau, a village 5 kilometers (3 miles) away.

In 1943, "Irma, then 22, a blue-eyed and bosomy blonde" became known as "the Auschwitz Angel of Death. As cruel as she was lovely, she carried a whip and gun and used both on the inmates of women's camp she supervised."

"She often accompanied Mengele on inspection tours of the women's quarters and helped him make gas chamber selections there." Whenever Mengele's infamous roving "eye lingered on a young and pretty prisoner, Irma was certain to choose this girl for a trip to the 'bathhouses.'"

"Irma had many other lovers, including SS officers and prisoners of both genders." Irma seemed determined to explore the sexual avant-garde long before she got to Cinecitta or Hollywood. "She frequently enjoyed homosexual relations with prisoners and then sent them to their deaths."

Several Auschwitz memoirs make mention of Rachelle, "a brunette blovoca (block leader--J.T.)" who was "one of her favorites" and who "survived for a long time before Irma tired of her."

It was a lesbian lovers' quarrel with a lethal outcome. When the shouting match ended, Irma sent Rachelle back to barracks and then added her name to the next day's "selection" list.

"On another occasion," Irma "picked for her lover a tall, swarthy prisoner from Soviet Georgia. The muscular Georgian had been assigned to a male work detail in the women's camp. Calling him into her office, Irma made it clear what she wanted. But he turned her down."

"Enraged, Irma summoned his girl friend, a pretty Polish teenager, and made him watch while she stripped and lashed the terrified youngster. Then she had the Georgian shot and the girl sent to the Auschwitz brothel, from which she eventually graduated to the laboratory of Doctor Death."

Through it all, Irma never once abandoned her dream of becoming a film actress. "When not engaged in sex and sadism, Irma spent most of her time grooming herself and practicing seductive gestures before the full-length mirror in her room."

Midway through 1943, Marshal Petain's government in

France began rounding up Jews in surprise raids, holding them at the Drancy camp and then shipping them on to Auschwitz. The French police had conducted such late- evening raids before, but now they were no longer distinguishing between Jews born in France and Jewish refugees who were in France because of the war. Anyone wearing the yellow star with its logo Juif was fair game for the transports.

Hundreds of women, who'd been arrested at the Opera in Paris, were forced to shed their fine clothing and expensive shoes before the long march to the "showers." Watching the pile of discarded clothes climb toward the ceiling, Irma acted as if Santa Claus had come early that year. She helped herself to anything that took her fancy.

"She favored black lace lingerie, exotic French perfumes and form-fitting uniforms. Her closets were crammed with exclusive creations from the fashion salons of Paris, Vienna and Berlin. She had her own dress designer, a Madame Grete who had run a fashion house in Vienna, and as many seamstresses and personal maids as she desired. And she kept them all busy night and day. If their work failed to please, they were promptly transferred to the gas chambers."

During this period, Himmler had a girl of the Antarktisches Seidlungensfrauen (Translated: Antarctic Settlement Women or ASF) dispatched to Auschwitz. Irma took a fancy to the sky-blue jacket and skirt because "it matched her eyes. She carried her silver-handled whip in one of her gleaming black boots." She simply transferred her Allegemeine-SS runes and insignia to the ASF garb and made it her personal uniform.

In 1944, the inevitable happened, and "the bisexual blonde became pregnant."
Irma nearly panicked. She could see her film career going down the tubes. The SS would send her off to one of Himmler's Lebensborn farms to have the baby. She'd never get the opportunity to meet Dr. Goebbels and charm him into casting her in a movie.

So the following day, Irma walked into the Auschwitz women's medical clinic and cornered Prisoner Number 25404- -Dr. Gisela Perl. "I have watched you operate, and I have perfect confidence in you as a doctor," she whispered to the terrified physician. "I want you to examine me. I think I may be pregnant. I'll be back again at this time tomorrow. Make certain no one else is here."

Dr. Perl knew who Irma Griese was. Who in Auschwitz didn't? She also thought Irma was quite insane. Often, while performing a mastectomy, she had looked up from the operating table to see Irma watching with morbid interest.

The next day, Dr. Perl had the area all prepared. She instructed Irma to undress and put her feet in the stirrups. But as she turned back to her patient, Dr. Perl shuddered. Irma held a Walther pistol aimed at the physician's heart.

"One word...one shout...any noise at all, and I will kill you," Irma said, her voice a whisper. "It would be a mercy. You know what they'll do to you if they find you touching me."

Dr. Perl needed no such reminder. If they were to be caught in such a compromising position, Irma would be sent to a straflager (punishment camp for SS personnel--J.T.), and she would be joining the long line to the gas chambers.

Dr. Perl performed an examination. Bad news for Irma--the rabbit died. Irma clenched her teeth but somehow managed to avoid one of her trademark tantrums. She told the doctor: "Get on with it."

For Dr. Perl, this was the most horrifying experience of her life. She tried to ignore everything around her-- the ever-present danger of discovery, the running footsteps outside, Irma's pistol pointed at her--and concentrate on the procedure.
Her skilled hands seemed to move with a life of their own.

Slightly dazed by the anesthetic, Irma prattled on about her future plans. "I'm going into films after the war. First I'll sign a contract with UFA (German film company--J.T.). Maybe after that I'll go to Rome. I suppose I'll have to learn English before I go to Hollywood." And then, even more dreamily, "What shall I wear to the Oscars? What should I say to Bette Davis?"

(Editor's Note: Like Field Marshal Hermann Goering, Irma didn't seem to comprehend that the Allies planned to destroy the NSDAP root and branch after the war.)

After the abortion was over, still in a semi-doze, Irma remarked, "You're a good doctor. The Reich needs good doctors."

Then she got up, dressed quickly and left the clinic without another word.

Dr. Perl sank to her knees, uttering a strangled gasp. Indeed, she was a bit surprised to find her sanity still intact after that nerve-wracking experience.

While the Battle of the Bulge raged in the Ardennes in December 1944, Himmler sent his Sonderkommandos into Auschwitz to rescue Mengele, Irma and the rest of the guards and to destroy every single building, especially the crematoria. Irma returned with her unit to Germany and remained there until the war ended.

Following VE Day, May 8, 1945, Allied occupation forces in Germany were under orders to arrest all members of the SS. Irma was caught in the dragnet, just like Himmler himself. But while the Reichsfuhrer-SS committed suicide, Irma wound up in Nuremberg, standing trial before the International Military Tribunal.

Too many prisoners had keen memories of the blond "Angel of Death" and her whip and her distinctive sky-blue uniform. Irma had made herself too memorable. Their testimony was damning, and Irma was sentenced to death.

"Irma often boasted that she would become a movie star after the war. But the only postwar drama in which she starred was her execution."

And so, in 1946, Irma, now 25, stunningly attired in the red jacket of a condemned Nuremberg prisoner, was dragged kicking and screaming to the gallows. Seeing the U.S. Army Signal Corps camera crew setting up, Irma covered the seat of her skirt with both hands and hollered, "No! Not from that angle! That's my bad side!"

She kept up her babbling tirade even as the executioners put the noose around her neck and pulled the black hood over her head. "Why are you doing this to me!? I didn't start the war! I'm an actress!"

The trap swung open with a sudden dreadful finality.

And that was the end of Irma Griese, wannabe actress, Dr. Mengele's occasional girl friend, and the woman who personally oversaw the "processing" of 45,000 female prisoners at Auschwitz. Forgotten today, Irma left but one item in her filmography...Fox Movietone newsreel - 1946. (See the books Hitler's Heirs by Paul Meskil, Pyramid Books, New York, N.Y., 1961, pages 32 through 34; Holocaust: A History by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, N.Y., 2002, pages 305, 306, 307, 358 through 361; Hitler's Shadow War by Donald M. McKale, Cooper Square Press, New York, N.Y., 2002, pages 296, 297, 298, 336 and 337; and Himmler's Crusade by Christopher Hale, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, N.J., 2003, page 58.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you in seven days.

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