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Volume 9
Number 22
June 2, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Michel, 'a resident of Auxois, at Sombernon, is nothing of a visionary. Nevertheless, he beheld a strange occurrence in the sky. Michel is 50 and has nothing to do with Agent Mulder (lead character on The X-Files--J.T.). But for the past few days he has been asking questions. What did he see and film in the skies of the Cote d'Or Sunday morning," May 9, 2004?

"'I do not know what it is,' said the head of household. 'Balls of a yellow-green color, which gathered after a few minutes into a V formation. I had never seen that before. It is nothing to be understood.'"

"Hallucination? Michel has pictures to support his statements, and he is nothing like the classic smoker of marijuana. He also does not look like a data-processing or video-falsifying genius, either."

"'It was just after 11 p.m. last Sunday evening (May 9, 2004). I listened to a noise outside. I turned my head towards the window and looked at the stars. There was one that seemed odd. It was very brilliant. My son brought the binoculars. We saw a yellow-green ball which was not a star. In the camcorder, we enlarged the picture,' he said, proud of the film."

"The 20-minute videotape shows 'a strange ballet in the sky. A round and brilliant shape, which seems to turn on itself (rotate on its own axis--J.T.), and which makes very fast but jerky movements. Inside the sphere is a shape which looks like a drawing of a tennis ball.'"

"'I cannot invent such a thing,' Michel said, 'Do you really believe I'd take up such bullshit at my age!?'"

"Suddenly (onscreen), two other spheres arrive. The other ones revolve around the first. In a flash, all of the spheres come together in a V shape, with the largest ball at the front of the formation. Quickly the generated shape, visible from Michel's window, vanished as if by magic."

"'And then, nothing is visible,' Michel said." (See Agence France Presse for May 15, 2004, "Strange sighting in the skies of Auxois." Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer et Jean-Philippe Guillot pour cette article de journal.)


On Saturday, May 22, 2004, at 3 p.m., Bill and Margo Wells and their two grandchildren were having a picnic on the shore of the Walverden Reservoir near Nelson, Lancashire, UK when they spotted something unusual in the sky approaching from the west.

"There were four people seeing this," Bill reported, "Two adults and two children. We were having a picnic on the bank of Walverden Reservoir when our eldest grandchild said, 'Look at that stick in the sky!'"

"And this is just what it looked like--a black line in the sky, like a stick. It was stationary, not moving except to turn slightly or go slower. The 'stick' was a diagonal line going from left to right. It was about one inch (2.5 centimeters) long in the sky. We continued to watch it for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then it turned to the east, or went shorter and vanished."

The object's "height was deceptive because it was a lot bigger than a plane would be at the same distance." (Email Form Report)


On Sunday, May 16, 2004, Rufus Thomas was outdoors in his hometown of Bangor, Pennsylvania (population 5,319) when he looked up and "saw a strange object approaching from the west. It was gray or white. At first I thought it could've been a plane, but I think it was a UFO. It looked like a saucer. It was cool. I don't know the height (altitude) and speed, but it was traveling high and fast. It took off to the east (into New Jersey--J.T.), and I lost sight of it after several minutes."

Bangor, Pa. is on Route 512 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Bethlehem and Allentown. (Email Form Report)


On Sunday, May 23, 2004, a new crop circle formation was discovered, the third in Poland this year. The formation "is located on the outskirts of the village of Zlotowo, which is 23 kilometers (14 miles) north of Zabno, where the last (second) crop-circle formation appeared."

"The Zlotowo formation consists of three perfect circles connecting with pathways. The formation is now being investigated by Polish cerealogist Stanislaw Barski and Adam Piekut."

Zlotowo is located 200 kilometers (120 miles) northwest of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. (Many thanks to Polish ufologist Robert K. Lesniakiewicz for this report.)


"A large, black, panther-like cat has again been seen wandering around the Ketley area of Telford," Shropshire, UK.

"Police have received reports of several sightings of the large black cat over the last two weeks."

"And the latest sighting of the animal was Thursday," May 20, 2004, "again in the Ketley area."

"Constable Dave Hancocks, of Telford police, said the people who spotted the black cat said it appeared to be the size of a dog."

"'But there is nothing to suggest that the animal is dangerous in any way,' he said."

In Norfolk, "a lady was walking her two Labrador (retriever) dogs in a lane near her home on Thursday, May 20, 2004, when she saw a black cat, which she thought was a panther, laying in the entrance to a field about 30 yards (27 meters) away."

"The cat was looking lazily left and right. 'Small head with pricked-up ears. It got up and walked behind the hedge into a field,' she said, 'It was about the length of an Alsatian dog, but with a longer body--about 3 feet (0.9 meters). It had a long tail about 2 feet (0.6 meters) long, which curled up and over.'"

"One of her dogs was alert. The other did not seem to have noticed. She lives about 12 to 15 miles (23 to 25 kilometers) north of Norwich, about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the (motorway) A140, Norwich to Cromer road." (See the Shropshire Star for May 22, 2004, "Big cat spotted strolling on road." Many thanks to Robert Fischer, UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, for these reports.)


"The Catholic Church is to investigate claims of religious icons bleeding and weeping rose oil in a small Brisbane church."

Roman Catholic "Archbishop John Batherby said he had appointed judicial vicar Dr. Adrian Farrelly as head of the investigation team to determine the cause of the apparent phenomenon in the Vietnamese Community Hall in Inaca," a suburb of Brisbane, the capital of Australia's Queensland state.

"'I will convene a panel of experts, under the direction of the Judicial Vicar, to investigate the happenings at Inaca and, if possible, to establish their origin,' the archbishop said in a statement."

"Archbishop Batherby said he could not predict how long the investigation would take, but said a similar inquiry in Western Australia last year (2003) had taken two months."

"That inquiry found the phenomenon did not meet the criteria for a miracle."

"Thousands of believers continue their pilgrimage to the community church to see the apparent miracle for themselves."

In addition, the gift shop at the Vietnamese Community Hall in Inaca sold out its entire inventory of statues of the Virgin Mary (birth name: Miriam bat- Joachim--J.T.) in less than two hours, as pilgrims from all over the Brisbane area clamored for "relics from the miracle site." (See the Australian newspaper The Sunday Mail for May 23, 2004, "Faithful flock to buy weeping Marys." Many thanks to Rose Daugherty for this newspaper article.)


"The owner of a small bison herd near Flagstaff, Arizona (population 52,894) were surprised Saturday morning," May 22, 2004, "to find that one of their white buffaloes had given birth to something even rarer: a white (buffalo) calf."

"A white calf is a one-in-ten-million occurrence, said Keith Davis, a spokesman for Spirit Mountain Ranch."

"'This is so rare specifically because she was born white,' Davis said, 'The others were born red (like normal buffalo--J.T.) and turned white.'"

"The birth of a white bison is meaningful for many Native American tribes, especially Plains Indians like the Lakota (sometimes called Sioux--J.T.), who consider it a symbol of rebirth when the world's people are in troubled times."

"'The white buffalo is such a phenomenon because they are so rare,' said Dena Riley, who owns the ranch with her husband Jim."

"None of her buffaloes is albino but rather a mutation of the normal fur color of dark brown to black, Riley said. Of the 11 bison on the ranch, four are white, not including the newborn."

"The animals on the ranch are also pure bison, proven by DNA testing at a California lab, she added, and not a mix of bison and cattle known as beefalo. That mixture often results in white offspring, she said."

"The ranch had moved onto its 5-acre site near the San Francisco Peaks in December 2001, Riley said, and has had visitors from around the globe come to see the white bison." (See the Arizona Republic for May 24, 2004, "White bison born near Flagstaff." Many thanks to Michael Strainic for this newspaper article.)


"Some call it 'Ringworld,' the most gorgeous object in the solar system."

"It's Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, and it's about to receive the longest, closest inspection ever to be made of this giant ball of gas, its glittering rings and its many moons."

"On (Tuesday) May 18 (2004), after a voyage of six- and-a-half years, a $3.2 billion robotic spaceship named Cassini entered Saturn's zone of influence, past the point where the pull of the planet's gravity outweighs the sun's."

"On (Friday) June 11 (2004), Cassini will swoop past Phoebe, the most distant of Saturn's 31 known moons."

"And on (Thursday) July 1 (2004), the spaceship will slip between two of the icy, outer rings and enter orbit around the planet, which is 10 times farther from the sun than Earth is."

"Laden with 18 scientific instruments, Cassini will spend the next four years making 76 circuits (orbits) of Saturn and 45 passes by its largest moon, Titan, dipping as close as 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the moon's surface."

(Editor's Note: With a diameter of 3,200 miles (5,150 kilometers), Titan is half the size of Earth and a little bit smaller than Mars.)

"Titan is larger than the planet Mercury and our own moon. It fascinates astronomers because it's the only moon to have a dense atmosphere, mostly made up of nitrogen, like Earth's. Some consider chemical reactions on Titan to be a possible key to the origin of life on Earth."

"As it passes Titan on Christmas Day (December 25, 2004), Cassini will drop off a smaller European scientific package that's supposed to spend three weeks drifting down through the (Saturnian) moon's thick orange haze and parachute to the surface on January 14, 2005."

"If all goes well this winter, the probe will radio back its findings, possibly confirming recent evidence that lakes or seas of liquid hydrocarbons--compounds of hydrogen and carbonlike gooey gasoline--dot its frigid surface. Some scientists think these hydrocarbons, principally ethane and methane, could support an exotic form of life on Titan."

"Astronomers think Titan might also have mountains, canyons, rivers, wind-blown waves, snowfields and other Earth-like features hidden under its blanket of haze. It might have a deep, subsurface ocean composed of water and ammonia, which could be a habitat for microorganisms."

"Although Titan's surface temperature is a bitter 300 degrees below zero, ammonia could keep the water from freezing solid."

"Besides Titan, scientists are also eager to learn more about Saturn, the second-largest planet in the solar system, outranked only by mighty Jupiter. Almost 100 times heavier than Earth and nine times fatter, Saturn is the farthest planet visible to the naked eye."

"Composed mostly of hydrogen and helium, Saturn was last visited by the two Voyager (robot) spaceships in 1980 and 1981. They didn't orbit the planet but simply zipped by. Their cameras and scientific tools were much less sophisticated than Cassini's."

"Of special interest are Saturn's fabled rings, first observed by Galileo in 1610. The rings, labeled A through G, are thin sheets of icy boulders, pebbles and dust, stretching 171,000 miles (273,600 kilometers) from one rim to the other, but only tens of yards (meters) thick." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for May 30, 2004, "Spaceship to probe Saturn's secrets," page 17A.)


"An intriguing archaeological discovery was found in Rio Bonito," a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, the second- largest city in Brazil. Workers digging in a municipal park unearthed a stone pyramid.

"They found an enormous rock in the form of a pyramid, about 15 meters (50 feet) high" at the excavation site in the Parque Caixa D'Agua in Rio Bonito, according to Brazilian ufologist Atilio Coelho. "Beside it was a perfect sphere made of granite" from the Serra da Orgao mountain range. "Archaeologists who examined the curious monument could not identify it, but it appeared to predate the founding of the city."

"It is definitely a pre-Columbian artifact, and it was already there when Cabral's ship arrived in 1500," reported Brunilda Barros, UFO Roundup's correspondent in Brazil. "This is truly a mystery because the Tupinamba Indians who lived along the beaches of Rio in Columbus' day were hunter-gatherers with no tradition of stoneworking. Some theorize that the pyramid was made by the Phoenicians who visited Brazil in 1,500 B.C. Yet others claim that it is a relic of the lost continent of Atlantis, like the ruins of Sete Cidades."

According to Coelho, "There do exist deep and unexplored caverns in Rio Bonito. Strange accidents have injured local explorers who set out to visit the caves. Also, people have become lost in these caves, and their bodies were never found."

The Rio Bonito caverns may be linked to las socabones, a network of ancient underground tunnels that runs throughout South America. Brunilda reported, "The caverns may be part of the socabon that runs from Queimados (in the state of Rio de Janeiro--J.T.) to the northeast, behind Petropolis and beneath the Serra da Orgao to Cordeiro and Cantagalo and on to Sao Jose do Calcado (in the state of Espirito Santo--J.T.) Atilio (Coelho) says there have been many sightings of 'strange brilliant creatures' at the entrances to these caves, which sometimes emerge for several moments at night." (See Exobiologia e CIA for May 24, 2004. Muito obrigado a Brunilda Barros e Atilio Coelho por eso informe.)


"Thunderstorms continued battering" the USA's Midwest all during Memorial Day weekend, "killing one person in a southern Indiana town" Sunday, May 30, 2004, "after three people in Missouri were killed by a tornado the night before."

"In Marengo, Indiana (population 829), about 35 miles (58 kilometers) northwest of Louisville, Kentucky, witnesses reported a tornado that toppled trees, making roads impassable."

"On Saturday night," May 29, 2004, "a tornado hit northwest Missouri near the town of Weatherby (population 1,879), leveling a house and ripping a mobile home from its base."

"Two women in the house and a man in the mobile home were killed, but two children a patrolman found tucked underneath the man survived, Daveiss County Sheriff Kevin Hildebrand said."

The round of tornadoes began on Thursday night, May 27, 2004, when a twister "touched down in northern Fayette County, Kentucky" and "appeared to have left major damage."

On Friday, May 28, 2004, "two tornadoes touched down in Ohio--one was an F-1 in Fayette County," 42 miles (67 kilometers) southwest of Columbus, "where there was a scattering of debris all across the county" from West Lancaster to Good Hope.

The same day, "thunderstorms caused severe damage in Iowa. Fayette County, Iowa," 65 miles (108 kilometers) north of Cedar Rapids, "was also declared a disaster area due to the severe storms."

"Okay, this makes it specifically in three Fayette counties in three states to be hit by tornadoes in the last 24 hours--Iowa, Kentucky and Ohio," Fortean researcher Loren Coleman stated on Saturday, May 29, 2004. (Editor's Comment: Three tornadoes in three Fayette counties in three different states certainly seems to be beyond the realm of coincidence.)

Elsewhere in the USA, Fayetteville, North Carolina (population 121,015) continued to be plagued by unusual crimes.

"William Dennis disappeared from his home in Dunn, N.C. nearly a month ago, authorities said."

"On Friday," May 28, 2004, "searchers returned to the Cape Fear River in Fayetteville. A tip led deputies to the spot near the Grove Street Bridge."

"Police said Mary Ann Webb, Michael Philon and Tahishei Harrison are suspects in connection with the case. They were being held at the Cumberland County Jail on other charges."

"Cumberland County authorities are seeking the body of...William Redford Dennis, 73, last seen in the company of three people who are now charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon."

In another case, "police said Tuesday," May 25, 2004, "that Thomas Allen Riccio, 23, was arrested in Fayetteville, N.C. where he was performing with the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus."

"Authorities turned up 200 leads in the child pornography case, which led them to several arrests, including Riccio's."

"They said they found thousands of child pornography photos downloaded from the Internet into Riccio's computer

on the circus train."

"'Approximately 2,000 images were found of young females under the age of 16 that were involved in sexual exploitation,' said Sgt. Alex Thompson of the Fayetteville Police Dept."

"Riccio, who is from Jacksonville, Fla. was charged with 10 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor." (See the WPEX 1490-AM Radio news broadcasts of May 29, 2004. Also the NBC17.com news updates for May 27 and May 29, 2004. Many thanks to Loren Coleman for these news stories.)


On Sunday, May 30, 2004, at 12:40 a.m., John McCall was outside at his home in Riverdale, Georgia, near Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport, when he saw something extremely unusual in the sky.

"I saw a bright blue light descending from the west to the east at 12:40 a.m.," John reported, "Duration was approximately one second. There was no sound. I have never seen anything to which I could compare this sighting."

"I have lived near Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta for the last 33 years. I have never seen anything move this fast, either on land or in the air. I would like to know if there were any similar sightings here in Riverdale." (Email Form Report)


"Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base" in St. Marys, Georgia (population 13,761) "was locked down for security reasons Friday," May 21, 2004, "after two Israelis were detained for questioning."

"Base spokesman Ed Buczek said two Israeli men attempted to enter the base about 10:30 a.m. They were hired by a moving-and-storage company to pick up some household goods in base housing, he said."

"One occupant of the vehicle was unable to provide base security personnel with proper credentials after arriving at the Franklin Gate entrance, Buczek said."

"Base personnel then inspected the van. Military dogs trained to detect bombs were called in."

"'The military dogs were alerted to a scent in the cab of the truck,' Buczek said. 'Guards closed access to the base and notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).'"

"St. Marys police closed access to an area one-half- mile (0.8 kilometers) out surrounding the base, and a bomb squad was called in. A briefcase was recovered from the (Israeli) vehicle with a remote-control robot, but nothing was found in it."

"'The dogs were called in again for a second pass of the vehicle, and they didn't pick up anything,' he said."

"The two men, whose names were not released, were detained and later taken into custody by federal immigration officers in Savannah for possible deportation,' Buczek said."

This is the second incident during May 2004 in which Israeli citizens were arrested near American nuclear sites. Earlier this month, two Israelis were arrested by Sheriff Kent Harris in Unicoi County, Tennessee following a high-speed car chase on U.S. Highway 23. One of the men, Shmuel Dahan, turned out to be the son of a high- ranking member of the Likud, the political coalition headed by Isreali Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. (For more on this case, see UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 20 for May 19, 2004, "Israeli agents caught in southern Tennessee," page 12.)

The selection of the USA's state of Georgia as the target of a Mossad attack makes sense "if you know your American history," said UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor.

"In 1862, during the American Civil War, the Confederate town council of Lawrenceville, Ga. voted to expel the local Jews from the community," Trainor said, "Forty years later, in 1913, vigilantes lynched a New York City Jew named Leo Frank in Milledgeville after Frank was acquitted in a rape case."

"Old man Sharon hates the goyim, and he's obsessed with anti-Semitism," Trainor added, "Blowing up a nuclear site in Georgia might be Sharon's way of avenging the anti-Semitic events in the state's past. It would be a typical act of Zionist vengeance."

"At least Lawrenceville explains why the Zionists hate the Confederate flag." (See the Jacksonville, Fla. Times-Union for May 22, 2004, "Security scare shuts Kings Bay." Many thanks to Jim Danvers for this newspaper article.)

From the UFO Files...


"One of Britain's grimmest wartime secrets, the harrowing tale of how scores of young (American) soldiers were massacred by their own side on a Devon beach can now be told. Corroborating eyewitness accounts have revealed how American troops were killed by their own side in a terrifying 'friendly fire' disaster during training exercises for D-Day 60 years ago. Many of the witnesses have carried stories to the grave, but their families insist that the truth must now be acknowledged."

"Their accounts tell of how the sea ran red with blood as bodies bobbed in the surf and corpses were piled on the sand. As the scale of the tragedy sank in, the dead were hidden in a remote mass grave."

"The authorities have never acknowledged what happened at Slapton Sands," Devon, UK "on 27 April 1944. Now, a compelling dossier of evidence compiled by The Observer hints at a lengthy coverup."

"Officially, all of the deaths in the D-Day training exercises have been attributed to a surprise attack on an Allied convoy, code-named T-4, by German E-boats the following day (April 28, 1944), when more than 700 men died off the Dorset coast."

(Editor's Note: This was the ill-fated Exercise Tiger, a dress rehearsal for the invasion, which was disrupted by the German E-boats. The Allied dead washed ashore in Dorset and were secretly buried in mass graves. Exercise Tiger remained a military secret until it was declassified in 1986.)

"Now, as commemorations to mark the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings are finalised, the official version of the events can be challenged by testimony about the earlier tragedy at Slapton Sands. Statements collected by The Observer over several years reveal a truth almost too awful to contemplate, perhaps explaining why the Pentagon suppressed the details."

"The accounts of those present that day indicate that, as thousands of G.I.s swarmed ashore from landing craft, they were cut down by bullets fired by comrades playing the role of German defenders, who had for some reason been given live ammunition."

"Letters reveal how Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Wolf, from Baltimore, Md., heard several shots 'zinging' past his ears as he observed the exercise from a vantage point nearby, and saw 'infantrymen on the beach fall down and remain motionless.' Under a hail of fire, Wolf quickly retreated."

"Bullets also whizzed past Hank Aaron from West Virginia, driver to a general during the exercise. Aaron scrambled from the line of fire, then looked up and saw five men dead."

"Royal Engineer Jim Cory watched dumbfounded from an observation post as soldiers streaming from landing craft 'were mown down like ninepins.'"

"'We later found out it was a mistake. They should have had dummy ammunition, but they just carried on shooting,' said Cory, who counted 150 bodies before he fled."

"What he saw that day tormented him until his death last year (2003). His widow, Mary, who recounted his story last week, said: 'He always hoped that one day he would get an official answer.'"

"His desire for confirmation of what happened was shared by London fireman Maurice Lund, who left a macabre typed confession on a cassette with his will, describing heaps of dead G.I.s left in the surf."

"Yet there is not a single official mention in Army records of any bodies being found on Slapton Sands. Nor has the Pentagon ever mentioned any friendly-fire disaster in Devon that spring."

"What happened to the bodies provides another twist to the secret of Slapton Sands. Witness statements suggest that they were interred, at least temporarily, in a mass grave nearby. Detailed records kept by the stationmaster at Kingsbridge, 5 miles (8 kilometers) away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of G.I.s under military guard between July and August 1944. The trains, each able to carry at least 100 corpses, 'were crammed with men dug from mass graves,' said local rail historian Ken Williams."

"'The bodies were extricated after D-Day. A friend knew a man involved in the removal, but he died before I could contact him,' said Williams."

"The historian's father, George Williams, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, soon realised that they also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire washing ashore on the sands. 'He told me how the sea turned red,' Ken Williams said."

"There was no shortage of potential burial sites in the remote fields behind the beach. Suspicion that U.S. troops dumped bodies in hastily-built graves around nearby Blackawton was first aroused 20 years ago, when Dorothy Seekings, a baker's daughter who supplied bread to the troops during the exercises, said she had seen lorryloads (truckloads in the USA--J.T.) of G.I.s' bodies being buried near the village."

"Seekings was ridiculed at the time, yet her description and location now seem to match closely that of farmer Francis Burden, who sold the Americans fresh milk. One morning in April 1944, Burden stopped short as he crossed a narrow lane leading out of Blackawton."

"A huge pit, two acres in size, had been dug by U.S. troops, enough to take scores of coffins. Boxes big enough to hold a man were stacked nearby. Today, a discernible mound marks the location."

"After the war, the field belonged to farmer Nolan Tope. Just before he died, Tope was asked if U.S. troops had ever been buried on his land. He replied that (Dorothy) Seekings 'knew only a small part of it' but vowed to take his secret to the grave."

"His son, Nigel, discounts the mass grave theory, adding: 'In all my time farming here, I've never found anything suspicious, no bones, nothing.'"

"But another resident, who requested anonymity, is adamant that there was a large hidden grave."

"Local author Ken Small, whose book The Forgotten Dead, broke the story of the E-boat attack (on Exercise Tiger--J.T.), dismissed the rumours until just before he died last March (2003). He told the historian Williams that Seekings had been right. 'I was stunned,' said Williams."

"Even so, many people still refuse to accept that hundreds of U.S. soldiers may have been interred in the sleepy Devon countryside 60 years ago. Such scepticism fails to explain the account of former local girl Joyce Newby, who helped to make hundreds of coffin lids at a nearby timber yard in spring 1944. She said they were for the victims of friendly fire at Slapton. Or that of former U.S. serviceman Harold McAulley, who talked of dragging dead soldiers off the sands and later helping to bury corpses--the faces black with oil and burning--in a mass inland grave."

"Yet the fresh evidence of the witnesses and finds of skulls and bones at Slapton and on nearby beaches over decades have not changed America's insistence that there was no friendly-fire disaster. The Pentagon refuses to countenance that a real tragedy may have occurred during D-Day exercises."

"A spokesman of the U.S. Army Center for Military History said: 'We don't know of any official record other than the German (attack on the) T-4 convoy.'"

"Relatives draw hope from the fact that it took 40 years for the truth behind the E-boat attack to be revealed. Three weeks ago, a remembrance service was held at Slapton Sands for the 749 U.S. soldiers recognized as casualties of the (Exercise Tiger) catastrophe."

"How many died in an earlier, similarly bloody incident may never be known." (See The Observer for May 16, 2004, "Did Allies kill G.I.s in D-Day training horror?")

(Editor's Comment: Here we have some more of the still- secret history of World War II. Obviously, the Slapton Sands fiasco is still classified. I'd like to see all of that era's files opened, but there are a couple of incidents that have always intrigued me. My father, who spent 22 months in Morocco as a guest of Franklin and Eleanor, told me about a strange operation he was involved in during 1944, in which U.S. Navy sailors were used as constabulary to back up the Free French in an assault on the Muslims of Port Lyautey. Strangely, there is no mention of the assault on the Port Lyautey medina in Samuel Eliot Morrison's multi-volume history of the Navy in World War II. In addition, I've heard rumors about a mass mutiny at Camp Perry, Virginia in 1943 (then an Army post, now the CIA training school--J.T.). Enquiring readers would like to know just how many black American soldiers were machinegunned by that "great friend of the Negro"--Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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