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Volume 9
Number 36
September 8, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Mysterious creatures were seen by numerous witnesses in an area near the city of Coquimbo in Chile. According to the reports, they resemble small humans that float through the air without making a sound."

"Francisco Vega, a laborer at the El Pelambre mine, was in the company of his brother, Eduardo, and two other employees of the Argandota Ceramics Co., in the Planicie de Panul sector, a location adjacent to La Herradura de Coquimbo."

"At a distance of some 20 meters (66 feet), Francisco witnessed what appeared to be a small 'monkey' that was approaching them, walking upon the plain. Upon looking at it more clearly, he saw that it was a humanlike creature dark red in color."

"'It had a very bulky head, was no taller than 80 centimeters (2.8 feet), and looked like a gas bag because it was so fat. My initial impression was that it resembled a rugby player,' said the witness, according to the Chilean press."

"'Only a few seconds went by, and I shouted very loud to my son, my brother and the workers'," so that "'they should realize what I was looking at,' he added."

"The surprise experienced by the four men was even more complex when they watched the strange being hurtle over the plain, remaining in the air for several minutes."

"Later, they said, the creature began heading towards the men at slow speed, finally vanishing. The event occurred in July of this year (2004)."

Eduardo Vega reported, "'It was around 10 a.m. when my brother Francisco, who was around 20 meters (66 feet) away from the three of us, shouted desperately, 'Come! Come!' I got scared, and we ran over. He pointed toward the spot, and that's when we saw the humanoid figure. It stood 80 centimeters tall. Shiny, red. Its head was large, but we couldn't make out any eyes or mouth. The figure looked like a small person, a child perhaps wearing a diver's suit, with its arms close to the torso and its legs together.'"

The alien was "'some 20 meters from us and 20 meters off the ground. My brother Francisco says he was walking at first and then he took off some 20 meters into the air. Twelve to fifteen minutes went by. Out of this time, the figure was motionless for seven minutes. It didn't move at all.'"

"'The gentlemen who were with us--they noticed that some sort of sparks or lights were coming out of the head of the image or person. I would say that they were like the sparks that come out of certain exhaust pipes when they are hot.'"

"Yolanda Santibanez and Edmundo Ramirez both claim, and startled some, by saying that during the same week of the humanoid sighting in Coquimbo, there was an unidentified flying object over the area."

"A pair of local residents who live on a property serving as a repair shop at the edge of the highway told us that they indeed have seen strange things and that they themselves saw some sort of flying saucer."

"Yolanda Santibanez recalls that it was during the month of July (2004) in the late afternoon that she and the other witnesses observed a strange phenomenon in the skies, as she describes it."

"'Yes, it was July,'" Yolanda said, "'I couldn't tell you the exact date, but we saw an object in the sky over La Romana. It had an elongated shape, black or grey in color, and it slowed and expanded. It seemed to float while it assumed a square shape and, when it remained like this, it seemed to have things like wheels and such. At no time did we feel afraid, because we were accompanied.'"

"Edmundo Ramirez, another one of the Panul residents, claims that such episodes occur regularly and offered some details about them."

"'The object that was seen in July appeared suddenly. It made no noise, such as engine noise, for example. It was elongated but kept getting longer and had no lights. The time was about 5 or 6 p.m. Some other people who were home also saw it. It arrived as if from the north, passing slowly over the eucalyptus trees in the La Romana sector. Then it descended along the terrain, as if heading towards the sea, and then vanished. Luckily, it didn't approach us, and the dogs didn't bark, either.'"

Coquimbo is a seaport city located 320 kilometers (200 miles) north-northwest of Santiago de Chile, the national capital. (See the Chilean newspaper La Region de Coquimbo for September 1, 2004, "Eyewitness describes encounter with strange creature;" and for September 2, 2004, "Yes, we saw a spacecraft at Panul." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Liliana Nunez para estos articulos de diario.)


On Sunday, August 15, 2004, "a spectacular UFO flew over the coastal city of Cartagena" in northern Colombia. "The object was brilliant and silvery, oblong and had no wings. It was seen by hundreds in the perfectly clear blue sky."

The UFO was photographed. Readers can view it at the Web site of the Colombian research group, Contacto OVNI. Just go to this URL: http://www.epagos.com/contacto-ovni.

Elsewhere in South America, a UFO flap has broken out in Peru's department (state) of Huari.

"Luminous UFOs were seen during July and August (2004) over four communities in Huari," reported Peruvian ufologist Monica Gaetano de Silva. "At each sighting, there were several strange lights in the sky. The objects appeared over Uco, Paucas, Anra and Rapayan. One large luminous disc aimed a bright spotlight at the ground and played it over the fields. The farmers celebrated the arrival of the UFOs because they consider them a sign of good fortune."

"The police have questioned the eyewitnesses and say they will determine the source of the mysterious lights. But, so far, there have been no arrests." (Muchas gracias a William Chavez de Contacto OVNI y Monica Gaetano de Silva para estas noticias.)

(Editor's Note: Rapayan is the site of a "skyscraper," a five-story stone building reared by an unknown pre- Columbian civilization. It was first explored by Peruvian archaeologist Dr. Hernan Amat Olazabal in the late 1970s.)


"At about 7:30 p.m. on (Wednesday) August 11 (2004), Zach Stanfield was taking his dog outside of his Jackson, Missouri (population 11,947) when he spotted something strange in the clouds of the evening sky. He quickly ran inside to grab his binoculars, which revealed a more detailed view of...well, he didn't know what. He went back into his house for his hand-held DVC video camera and filmed away."

"'I really don't know what it is,' says Zach, while talking on the phone to his cousin, Audrey Stanfield, while taping."

"'It's black.' Pause. 'Round, it's round,' he says."

"'What is it?' he asks."

"What the video captured was about five minutes of a 35-minute episode in which a dark shape hovers in a tight holding pattern of small circles above Stanfield's yard. Suddenly, the subject makes its way east across the evening sky before disappearing into the dark clouds of oncoming night."

"On the tape, the object makes its revolutions, the shadowy shape shifting from a round dot to a rounded bar resembling a penny as it rolls on its edge in circles on a surface. But the coin-shaped object was rolling on an invisible plane in the air a good distance above Zach Stanfield's house."

"'Sure it's not a plastic bag or something?' asks Audrey, now standing beside the cameraman, watching the object hover."

"'Why would there be a plastic bag up in the clouds?' shoots back Zach, 'You wouldn't be able to see it that high up.'"

"'What else could it be?' Audrey asks."

"Larry Davis isn't sure, either. Davis has spent the last 12 years looking at objects in the sky as Cape Girardeau Regional Airport's chief air traffic controller. Viewing the videotape, he could only guess."

"'It could be one of those Mylar discs,' he said, referring to the popular flying toys that are actually disc-shaped balloons made of metallic plastic and filled with helium."

"The problem is, Davis said, that the video just shows the shape in the vast sky, so it's impossible to gauge the distance and size of the object. Mylar discs are usually about 50 inches (125 centimeters) in diameter."

"Difficult to explain how something as light as a Mylar disc--which weighs little more than an ounce--could hover in the same area and avoid being blown away. However, Davis said it is possible that the metallic plastic could conduct enough heat from the sun's rays to create convection heating that would produce the effect. Davis also said that thunderstorms can create an updraft that could catch such an object and keep it in one area."

"But, for all the possibilities, he isn't sure of anything."

"Jim Dufek and Fred Jones of Southeastern Missouri State University's communications department aren't sure what the disc was, either, but they are sure that the tape is legitimate."

"'Whatever it is, it's real,' Jones said, watching the tape in the university's video room."

"'There's nothing deposited on it,' Dufek said, 'I don't see any pixel breakup around the object. There's no superimposing.'"

"All Zach knows for sure is that he, Audrey, his neighbor Judy Hoffman and Hoffman's mother-in-law, Carmen Hoffman, saw an unidentified flying object in the sky over Jackson."

"'Do you think it's a saucer?' Audrey asks on the tape as the sky darkens. 'Like a flying saucer?'"

"'If it's that high up, it's got to be big close up,' Zach replies."

"'It's perfectly round,' Audrey says, 'Uh, Zach, that's weird.'" (See the Southeast Missourian for August 31, 2004, "High school student's video--UFO over Jackson?" Many thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director of Skywatch International, for this newspaper article.)


On Saturday, August 28, 2004, three witnesses, "a 34- year-old man, his 36-year-old friend and his 17-year-old son," spotted a UFO over Lancaster, Ohio (population 35,335).

The trio "spotted the object before a thunderstorm hit the area...an unusual object in the skies over Lancaster, Ohio."

The 34-year-old male witness reported, "This may sound nuts, but right before the storm here at around 7:30 p.m., I saw something right over the city of Lancaster, no lights at all. It looked like a V but did not move up or down, but it did drift from northeast to southeast, against the wind, before coming to a stop, seeming to stay in place. It was a very dark shape."

"At first I thought it was a parachute, but who in their right mind would jump with a thunderstorm in their face? The object made no sound at all, and I watched it for seven to eight minutes."

Ohio ufologist Kenny Young reported, "The 34-year-old witness worked as an electrical contractor for ten years, and also added that the object 'looked at times like it would invert, looking like a rectangle during the rotation, and then looked like an upside-down V.'"

In an email interview with Kenny Young, the witness "said that he was standing on West Fifth Avenue and looking east, directly over Lancaster, when watching the unusual object. He lost sight of it when the clouds 'overtook' it and openly inquired, if the object was a balloon, how come it did not move with the wind?"

"The claimant also felt that if the object had been somehow tethered, it would have been situated over the Anchor Hocking Glass factory on about 1,000 feet (300 meters) of rope."

"At 10 p.m., the witness contacted the Lancaster City Police and the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office. Neither group could supply additional information and had received no reports."

Lancaster is on Ohio Route 22, located 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of Columbus. (Many thanks to Kenny Young for this report.)


On Tuesday, August 31, 2004, at 11 p.m., eyewitness Aye reported, "My friend called me and said the news said there was a UFO over Eugene (population 137,893). KEZI-TV showed it with a zoom-in from the camera on the 11 p.m. news. He (the newscaster) said it had been up there for a couple of hours, and that the news room had been getting calls on it since 9 p.m."

Aye and another friend hurried "to where it was reported. There were a few people in the parking lot. They pointed it out to me."

The UFO "initially was very dim with light pollution and large. We brought a camera and a pair of binoculars."

"It moved a lot, then hovered, and we were able to get a better view of it. We watched it for the next 20 to 30 minutes while more people from town streamed in. It was too faint for our camera to pick up, but with the binoculars there was much clarity."

"The object would move a lot, then hover in one place for about five minutes or so, and then move in another direction and then hover again. You could tell it was hovering by its stationary position" with relation to "the background stars. When it moved, sometimes it was slow and sometimes very fast. Total movement over the 20 minutes encompassed about 90 degrees of the sky."

"Eventually it moved rapidly down and farther off and went over the horizon. This seemed like a controlled movement and not like it crashed. If the object (had) moved normally, it would've been mistaken for an airplane."

"With the binoculars, it had various lights in a triangle shape. A red one up top, and a green one on the left and sometimes another green one or a red one on the right. The green light would sometimes be very bright and other times quite dim, perhaps as the light pointed in other directions. At one time it started flashing a large blue light in the middle, for a total of four lights."

"A family arrived right after it went over the horizon, and they said they had been watching it in the next city over (Springfield, Oregon--J.T.), which would indicate that it was not a local parking lot visual hoax" or optical illusion. (Email Form Report)


Eyewitness D.K. reports, "I live on the Paiute- Shoshone Indian Reservation about four miles (six kilometers) north of the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada (population 7,536). We are approximately 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Reno, 400 miles (640 kilometers) northwest of Las Vegas and 300 miles (480 kilometers) north of Area 51."

Last week, D.K. "was outside trying to get a picture of the jets flying over the house when I saw two UFOs flying in the opposite direction. The jets take off to the north and then turn and fly east. When they fly over my house, they are going from west to east. I heard them and I ran outside and I just missed them. I was contemplating waiting for more when I looked up directly overhead and saw what looked like two round saucer-like objects heading west. I remember thinking that they actually looked like the logo for Japan Air Lines."

"I know this sounds crazy, but it looked like a Star Trek Klingon vessel with a see-through ring of light around it. That's why I originally thought they were disks. It was actually a white glow around them."

"I've seen white triangles, black triangles, silver orbs, glowing orbs of different colors, but I've never seen anything like these!"

"One of them was doing loops around the other. I called for my wife to come out, and she saw them as they faded from view." (Many thanks to Frank Running Elk for this report.)


On Saturday, August 28, 2004, at 10:11 p.m., "an unidentified flying object and six luminous spheres were detected flying over the Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos--S.C.) facilities in Tapachula," a town in Mexico's state of Chiapas.

According to Pemex official Juan Carlos Zuniga Rodriguez, "the craft, having the shape of a circular plate the size of a commercial airliner, peformed flight maneuvers over the Petroleos Mexicanos Storage and Distribution Terminal at an altitude of about 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) at abnormal speed with direction changes."

"A variety of photographs were taken. Upon developing them, it was discovered that at least six luminous spheres were flying over the same area at the same altitude, although smaller in size than the (circular) craft."

"All of the material was presented to (Mexican ufologist) Jaime Maussan who immediately commenced the verification of the photos' authenticity by means of digital devices."

Maussan "stated that the tests yielded positive results including a central object made of unidentified metal and which appeared to be coated with a small amount of radiation similar to that of the spheres. In other words, the authenticity of the photographs was corroborated."

"Zuniga Rodriguez said that UFOs have been frequent in the region around the oil facilities and points out that" the site is "adjacent to the Izapa archaeological region, close to where the (Mayan) 'Tree of Life, Creation of the Universe' stele is located."

"There are also reports of fly-overs in the vicinity of Mount Tacana, the inactive volcano which separates Mexico from Guatemala." (See the Mexican newspaper El Universal de Tapachula for August 29, 2004, "Six UFOs reported over Tapachula." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Jose Martinez para esto articulo de diario.)

(Editor's Comment: There might be an underground alien base at Mount Tacana similar to the one reputed to be located in the volcano Mount Popocatepetl, which is located just west of Puebla.)


"During the early morning hours of Saturday, August 28, 2004, the Marin family of barrio Brisas del Caribe (sector) of Ponce," a large city in southern Puerto Rico, "were shocked to find the ducks they raised in their backyard slain by an unknown assailant."

"The family's youngest son, in charge of feeding the animals, made the sad discovery."

"'When asked if any noise had been heard,'" investigators Jose A. Martinez and Reinaldo Rios "'were told that neighbors' dogs had been restless, including the marin family's own dog. The Marins believe that perhaps all of the animals were attacked, since they had gone off to the San Juan (International) Airport at the time and, upon their return, were faced with their son's sad news about the animals.'"

The ducks "presented a number of puncture marks near the tail, where the genitalia is located. One of the ducks was decapitated. Another had its head and bill shattered. A third survived the massacre but was wounded in one of its thighs; the puncture mark was barely visible."

"The most significant find, that it was the night of the full moon. This is an important factor in Puerto Rican mutilation cases."

The investigators "asked Mr. Bruno Marin if he had seen strange lights in the area. He told us that, a few years ago, lights and saucer-shaped objects were seen over the area. Apparently, from what Mr. Marin tells us, this is a real UFO hot spot," Martinez reported, "We checked out the animals with our own equipment, and they were found to be free of any hazardous, radioactive or toxic substances." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales para esta historia.)


"One dairy farmer" in Wausau Township, Wisconsin "thinks there may be a paranormal explanation to the crop circles in his barley field."

"Scott Worden, 37, had two paranormal investigators inspect six crop circles Saturday," August 28, 2004, "that were found (Monday) August 23 (2004) by a farmhand."

"He won't say whether he believes in the paranormal, but he doesn't dismiss the idea."

"'Everybody thinks I'm nuts, but I just want to know what caused it. I know cows more than I know circles,' Worden said."

"He runs the farm with his brother, Tim, and dad, Darrell."

"Crop circles, most of which are found to be explainable hoaxes, can be formed with a rope, a board and a couple of people." (See the Country Journal of Hayward, Wisconsin for Monday, August 30, 2004.)


"Egypt's antiquities chief on Thursday," August 26, 2004, "revealed a 2,500-year-old hidden tomb under the shadow of one of Giza's three giant pyramids, containing 400 pinkie-finger-sized statues and six coffin-sized niches carved into granite rock."

"Dr. Zahi Hawass, the director of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said archaeologists had been working for three months to clear sand from a granite shaft found between the pyramid of Khafre--also known by his Greek name of Chephren--Giza's second-largest tomb of a pharoah, and the Sphinx."

"Under blaring sun Thursday, Dr. Hawass said Giza's latest ancient discovery came to light after archaeologists detected what appeared to be a four-sided shaft. The antiquities chief verified it by climbing a pyramid to get a bird's eye look."

"Excavators later removed several tons of fine sand to descend 33 feet (10 meters) below ground level to where they found the niches."

"Dr. Hawass said a wooden coffin and a pile of turquoise-colored figurines made of faience, a non-clay ceramic material used by ancient Egyptians, were also found."

"'The statues, called shawabtis, depict servants. Their task was to answer questions for the deceased in the afterlife and to serve the dead people,' Dr. Hawass said."

"Dr. Hawass said workers will continue clearing sand from the shaft for another 33 feet (10 meters), where he believes more antiquities, including a granite sarcophagus, could be unearthed."

"The shaft was built in the 26th Pharaonic Dynasty during a period of cultural revival when 'remarkable, huge tombs' were constructed, Dr. Hawass said." (See the Taunton, Mass. Daily Gazette for September 3, 2004, "Ancient tomb discovered near Giza pyramids." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for this news story.)


"Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a 5,000-year- old Canaanite city and a 2,000-year-old Jewish village from the Second Temple period alongside each other in the Modin area. The adjacent ancient sites, which were known to exist but were previously left untouched, lie on a barren, wind-whipped hilltop spanning 120 dunams (Israeli hectares--J.T.) near the present-day Israeli town of Shoham."

"The area of the sites was to be converted into an industrial zone, but the finds--which include remnants of ancient streets in each city--are now being excavated by archaeologists from the (Israeli) Antiquities Authority and will be exhibited in an archaeological park."

"Adjacent to the Jewish village lies a 5,000-year-old Canaanite city from the Early Bronze Age, dating to approximately 3,000 B.C.E. (similar to B.C.). The 70-to- 80-dunam city, which was divided into a smaller upper and a larger lower level and was surrounded by a wall and watch towers, existed for up to 400 years, said Tel Aviv archaeologist Sarit Paz, who is heading the excavations at the site."

(Editor's Note: The lost civilization of Kinanhi, which the Bible calls Canaan, was destroyed by Joshua and the Hebrews in the second millenium B.C. See Joshua 8:1-35.)

"The well-planned city, which dates back to the time between Noah and Abraham, is thought to have been home to several hundred people. The builders of the nearby Jewish village used some of the original stones from the Canaanite city in building their own town, Paz said."

(Editor's Note: Such "recycling" is common in history. In 1540, the Spanish conquistadores literally built the Church of Santo Domingo around the Inca temple of Coricancha in Cuzco, Peru. In Nineteenth Century India, the British built the Allahabad Railway's trackbed with stone blocks from a certain pyramid which, in deference to the Sages of Shambhala, shall remain nameless.)

"The impressive remnants of a 5,000-year-old street, an assortment of pottery and cutting vessels, flint Canaanite blades, stone beads and a variety of colored juglets, have been uncovered by Paz and her team. The Antiquities Authority says that the quality and extent of the finds uncovered during the three-month excavation at both sites is 'unprecedented.'" (See the Jerusalem Post for August 27, 2004, "Second Temple village uncovered." Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: Ever wonder what might be underneath that Canaanite city? Perhaps a colony of ancient Atlantis or the legendary temple of Gol-goroth, whose cult was destroyed by Baal and Asherah way, way back when they were still human heroes and not the chief deities of the Kinanhi pantheon.)


"At least 23 people were injured and an estimated 63,000 left without power when a typhoon hit southern Japan on Monday," September 6, 2004.

"In the western part of the country, strong aftershocks rattled a region hours after two earthquakes injured 43 people."

"Two strong earthquakes, one magnitude 6.9" on the Richter scale "and the second magnitude 7.3, rattled western Japan within hours of each other Sunday night," September 5, 2004, "injuring 14 people, shaking buildings in Tokyo and triggering tsunamis (tidal waves--J.T.)."

"In Tokyo, the 'Ladies of Shinjuku' (skyscrapers-- J.T.) were swaying like the palm trees of Florida during your hurricane," reported Angela Tarohachi, UFO Roundup correspondent in Japan.

"Damage and injuries appeared to be limited because both quakes were far off Japan's coast, and the region most strongly shaken by them was a sparsely populated rural area, Wakayama, 450 kilometers (280 miles) west of Tokyo."

"Typhoon Songda packed winds of up to 90 miles per hour (145 kilometers per hour) as it headed northeast toward Kyushu island, the (Japan) Meteorological Agency said late Monday."

"Late Monday, the typhoon was about 225 kilometers (140 miles) southwest of Nagasaki or 1,144 kilometers (715 miles) southwest of Tokyo. Okinawa (island) and Kagoshima prefecture" on Kyushu "got an estimated 20 centimeters (8 inches) of rain in 24 hours, the agency said, and expected up to 60 centimeters (24 inches) by Tuesday."

Typhoon Songda "forced the cancellation of more than 200 flights and ferry and train services, the Kyodo news agency said."

"Last week, Typhoon Chaba killed at least nine, injured 204 and flooded about 9,000 homes." (See USA Today for September 7, 2004, "Japan pummeled by typhoon, two quakes," page 9A. Also Asahi Shimbun for September 6, 2004, "Earthquakes jolt Wakayama prefecture." Many thanks to Angela Tarohachi for the Japanese newspaper article.)


Last week, UFO Roundup ran an article about the early onset of autumn in the USA's states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Editor Joseph Trainor invited other readers to share any information they might have about signs of an early winter elsewhere in North America.

The response was heavy. Readers across the USA and Canada have noticed that the usual signs of autumn--leaf- color change, waterfowl migration, etc.--are at least a month to six weeks ahead of schedule. Here are some of the responses:

Eric N. writes, "I read your article every week, and I thought I was the only one who thought it a bit odd that maple trees were turning this early in the year."

"I live in southwestern Virginia, and we too have had some cool weather over the summer. I was going down the road from our house last week and noticed that a maple tree in our neighbor's yard had already started to turn. I told my wife that it looked like someone had spray- painted the bottom leaves of the tree orange. My curiosity got the best of me, so I actually stopped the car and had a look for myself. The leaves had turned! I have lived in the area for 29 years, and this is the first time I can recall leaves turning color in early August."

Ronald Freeman of southern Ontario writes: "Strangely enough, I heard geese flocking south last week and thought the same thoughts. Hmmmmm!"

Louise M. of Rifle, Colorado writes: "It is the earliest color change I've ever seen around these parts, and I've lived in this area--the western slope of Colorado--for over 20 years now. I started seeing (leaf) color in late July. And I suspect, as you do, that there might be an early winter."

Mary Drown of Muskegon, Michigan writes: "We started seeing the maples change color around August 20. That's the earliest ever."

Ed W. of Midway, Kentucky writes: "I was just commenting today that the usual robins that raid my vineyard are all gone. The grapes are getting ripe, and usually I have a real problem with the robins. They come here every year by the dozens. We had many here all summer, but now they are gone. Our black walnut trees have already lost their leaves and the nuts are falling. That should be next month. Strange."

"I don't know what the meteorologists are saying," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented. "But Mother Nature appears to be sending us a message. Get set for a long, cold, snowy winter in the USA and Canada. I'm going to buy any needed winter clothes now--while they're still cheap."


"Attorney General John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be 'enemy combatants' has moved him from being a political embarrasment to being a constitutional menace."

"Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them 'enemy combatants.'"

"The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this significant office. Whereas Al-Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties."

"The camp plan was forged at an opportunistic time for Ashcroft's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases to see whether their vision could become a reality. The cases of Jose Padilla and Yasser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government."

(Editor's Note: At stake here is the 1866 Supreme Court decision of Ex Parte Milligan. During the American Civil War, Dr. Milligan, the leader of a secret society called the Knights of the Golden Circle, tried to foment uprisings against President Abraham Lincoln in the USA's Upper Midwest. Lincoln and his successor, President Andrew Johnson, wanted Dr. Milligan tried for sedition by a military commission. But the Supreme Court in 1866 ruled that U.S. citizens could not be tried by a military commission so long as federal courts were still in session and that their cases must be tried in federal court.)

"Hamdi has been held without charge even though the facts in his case are virtually identical to those in the case of John Walker Lindh. Both Hamdi and Lindh were captured in Afghanistan as foot soldiers in Taliban units. Yet Lindh was given a lawyer and a trial, while Hamdi rots in a floating Navy brig in Norfolk, Virginia."

"This week, the government refused to comply with a federal judge who ordered that he be given the underlying evidence justifying Hamdi's treatment. The Justice Department has insisted that the judge must simply accept its declaration and cannot interfere with the president's absolute authority 'in time of war.'"

"Ashcroft hopes to use his self-made 'enemy combatant' stamp for any citizen whom he deems to be part of a wider terrorist conspiracy."

(Editor's Comment: Since we apparently no longer play by strict rules of admissible evidence, just how will Mr. Ashcroft make that determination? By direct telepathic communication with "The Lord?")

"Perhaps because of his discredited claim of preventing radiological terrorism," Ashcroft's "aides have indicated that a 'high-level committee' will recommend which citizens are to be stripped of their constitutional rights and sent to Ashcroft's new camps."

But the camps are not new. Nor are they Mr. Ashcroft's creation. The USA's federal government has maintained a detention camp system since the passage of the Internal Security Act of 1950. According to researcher Fred Smart, "There are over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even maintained by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency--J.T.) should martial law be implemented in the U.S. All it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the Attorney General's (Ashcroft's) signature on a warrant to which a list of names has been attached."

At the same time Ashcroft made his little-reported speech in Los Angeles, there were reports of increased "New World Order" activity in Colorado.

"The old World War II P.O.W. camp at Trinidad (population 9,078) is being renovated. FEMA trucks have been seen at the camp in Granada (population 640) in Prowers County. Another World War II camp along Route 115 near the (state) women's prison in Canon City (population 15,431) is being renovated, too," reported one Colorado source.

Researcher Rose King reported strange military maneuvers in the Flat Top Wilderness Area 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Glenwood Springs, Colo. (population 7,736).

According to the Denver Post, "At sunrise, a bearded (U.S.) Army Special Forces' soldier's worried cry rang across a high mountain meadow. 'Where's Coco?'"

"Trained in all manner of combat, the sergeant nicknamed 'Bones' had temporarily lost his frisky black mare."

"And this week, with the military launching a new effort to hone cavalry skills for Twenty-first Century warfare, his wayward steed posed a slight problem."

"The idea is to help Americans hunt down enemies worldwide. Army leaders see horses and mules--combined with elite troops and the finest weapons--as ideal for operations in roadless parts of Afghanistan, the Philippines, Colombia and elsewhere."

"So Bones and a dozen other members of the 19th Special Forces Group were sent camping in the northwestern Colorado wilderness for a new 10-day training program."

"They rode in formation across windswept ridges 12,000 feet (3,600 meters) and higher, talking into radio mouthpieces that left their hands free. They packed and unpacked heavy weapons, including a grenade launcher and a .50-caliber machine gun onto and off of mules. And they learned to control livestock--coaxing horses into bridles, begging mules to move along cliffside trails when some habitually pause."

"The Army initiative grew out of improvised equestrian efforts in Afghanistan. Special Forces troops dropped in from Uzbekistan and met bearded Afghan warlords who immediately gave them horses for transport."

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld hailed the improvisation as a model for modern combat."

"Also, there is a major presence of military in the streets of many cities in Colorado," Rose King reported, "Places like Durango, Pagosa Springs and Cortez are filled with plainclothes military. Many of them are foreign, too."

As always, the most alarming "New World Order" rumors come from Texas. Here's the latest:

"An undercover military operative--who was told by his superiors not to tell the public or media about this-- confirmed that preparations for martial law will be operative in Texas on November 1 (2004)," the day before the USA's national election. "The same operative said in the interview that he overheard a soldier say during training, 'When do we get to shoot Democrats?'" (See the Los Angeles Times for August 30, 2004, "Camps for citizens is Ashcroft's hellish vision," by Jonathan Turley, professor of constitutional law at George Washington University. And the Denver Post for August 26, 2004, "U.S. soldiers tap an old ally for new battles." Many thanks to Rose King, Fred Smart, Jim Danvers and others for these newspaper articles and reports.)

(Editor's Comment: Normally, Ashcroft and the FEMA camp system would be of little or no interest to ufologists. The situation changed, however, in January 2004, when, in one of his daffier moments, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon proclaimed, "Ufology is Holocaust denial!" Also, Ashcroft did order the FBI to investigate a Nevada ufologist as a "terrorist" because he wrote a book about Area 51.)

From the UFO Files...


Islam first appeared in Iraq in 637 A.D., when Caliph Omar, the third to lead the new sect following the death of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him--J.T.), sent a party of armed missionaries to build a military base at Basra.

Iraq, then called Mesopotamia (Greek for the land between the rivers --J.T.), had fallen to a number of foreign conquerors--Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Sassanids of Persia (now Iran--J.T.). But since the end of the Roman Empire in 410 A.D., the country had had no truly organized government. It was a patchwork quilt of many ethnic groups and cultures--Arabs, Christians, Jews, Marsh Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Lakhmids and Mithraites.

But from the moment the muzzein first called the faithful to Friday prayers in Basra, Islam swept like wildfire across the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

In 638 A.D., the man Caliph Omar had appointed governor, Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, built himself a palace, Dar el-Imareh, two miles (3 kilometers) north of the town and oasis of El-Hira, where the Lakhmid princes had held court. A short distance away was the incredibly ancient city of Nippur. According to the Sumerian King List, Nippur existed thousands of years before "the Great Flood of Ut-napishtim." (Better known to our culture as the Deluge of Noah's Ark--J.T.)

In no time at all, a brand-new town sprang up around Saad's palace, and the governor himself dedicated its mosque. The town was called Kufa, and here it was that a baby boy was born to a humble Arab couple on April 20 in 640 A.D. His name? Abdul Majid al-Hazrad.

Abdul's childhood was unremarkable, save for one curious incident in 644. A tall, gaunt man visited the souk (marketplace--J.T.) in Kufa. A man who was rarely seen and usually only around the E-Kur, the ancient ziqqurat (pyramid) of Nippur.
Probably the most feared man in the region--the sorcerer Yaqoob Hamzi al-Khafaji.
Abdul saw him in the souk and afterward he ran home to tell his mother.

"Mama! You'll never guess who was in the souk today," the youngster said breathlessly. "Yaqoob Hamzi! He was here! Here in Kufa! He stopped and looked right at me."

"Did he indeed?" Soraya replied, washing vegetables for their evening meal.

"Abu Daud said he's only seen Yaqoob Hamzi once before in his life. And he has a long white beard down to his knees. Abu Daud said he saw Yaqoob Hamzi at the oasis of Qadisiyeh."

"When was this?"

"A long, long time ago, Abu Daud says. He was younger than me, he says, and still in diapers. But Yaqoob Hamzi looked exactly the same then as he does now." Abdul aimed a sidelong glance at his mother. "How can that be?"

"When men get as old as Abu Daud, they sometimes remember things that never were," Soraya said, touching her son's face. "Pay him no mind."

"People in the souk say Yaqoob Hamzi is a wizard."

"People in the souk say many foolish things," Soraya replied, glancing at her goatskin bucket. "We are in need of water. Fetch some from the well, and then you can go and play."

Watching him gallop out into the yard, Soraya wished for the thousandth time that he was not so enthralled with tales of ghosts and djinn.

Two years later, when Abdul was six, tragedy struck. While working on a new house, Abdul's father was carrying a load of mud bricks when the ground opened beneath his sandaled feet. He plunged into a long-forgotten granary, now home to a legion of poisonous spiders. Shouting fellow workmen used torches to drive the spiders away, but he was already dead when he was dragged from the pit.

While Abdul mourned his dead father, Soraya worried about their desperate situation. Here she was, a young mother newly widowed, far from her home in Tikrit, with no relatives, not even in-laws, and no dowry and no way to pay off her husband's debts. She feared that she might have to sell herself and Abdul into slavery.

Then one sunny day, a long, gaunt shadow fell across her doorway. Yaqoob Hamzi al-Khafaji had a proposition for her.

"I wish to make your son my chela," he said. "For five years, you will send him to the madrassa (Islamic school--J.T.), where he will learn to read and write. I shall give you the gold for that, plus a modest sum to maintain yourself in this house. But when the five years are up--when the boy turns eleven--I will come for him, and you must give him to me. Do you concur?"

Soraya's features twisted in anguish. "I-I cannot. We are Muslim."

"So are all of my relatives," said the sorcerer with a wry smile. "That is irrelevant. Your son has a unique gift, Soraya. I can help him develop it." His dark eyes seemed to peer into her soul. "Or would you rather condemn Abdul Majid to a lifetime of slavery?"

So, in the end, Abdul went off to the madrassa, where he astounded Shiekh Hazem Mudafar with his eagerness and ability to learn. By the age of eight, he had memorized al-Quran (the Koran--J.T.). At nine, he had a working knowledge of the Christian Gospels, the Talmud and the Kabbalah. At ten, he could hold his own with the most learned mullahs in Kufa. He seemed destined for a career as a Muslim cleric, perhaps as an aide to the new Caliph, Ali Bin Abi Talib, nephew of the Prophet Mohammed, who had succeeded Omar.

But, on the boy's eleventh birthday--as promised-- Yaqoob Hamzi arrived to claim his prize, and Abdul Majid al-Hazrad was seen no more in the madrassa. He went to live with Yaqoob Hamzi in a cave in the desert beyond moldering Nippur. By day, young Abdul labored as a shepherd, tending the goats and sheep and doing a thousand and one farm chores. But when dusk fell, and Yaqoob lit the lamps, the boy's education began.

First there was language study--Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, Farsi, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform. And then the reading--the Classics of Greece and Rome, the teachings of Gautama and Lao-tse, the chronicles of Korath wa-Khasis. There seemed to be no bottom to the sorcerer's well of ancient texts.

And, finally, there was the one-on-one instruction...

"It has been many millenia since the Year of the Red Moon, whereupon the high priests of Shub-Niggurath sought to bind the unutterable Ghatanothoa with chains of psychic force and came to such an end that not even the dark chronicles of Gimil-ishbi dare hint of it. Verily, young Abdul, there was quaking aplenty in the Onyx Citadel atop Mount Yaddith and in sunken R'lyeh, too, where Great Cthulu slumbers in unending repose," said the sorcerer, sitting cross-legged on his Kurdish carpet. "Such is the power of the sigils that not even the dreadful Dholes of eons-forgotten Aklo dare trifle with them."

"Then, Guru-ji, one needs merely to draw the sigil to unleash the power--"

"No, no, no! One does not draw the sigil, chela." Yaqoob threw up his wiry hands in exasperation. "A monkey pawing the ground can accidentally write a verse from al- Quran. But does the monkey understand the words of the Prophet? Of course not! One must understand the forces behind the sigil. One must feel the sigil as it forms. Knowledge, feeling and intuition--these are the keys, young Abdul, to unlocking the power."

"Tell me more of Shambhala," Abdul pleaded.

"What is there to tell?" the sorcerer replied, "Shambhala exists. It is there. Someday you may receive the Call. Or you may not. Why do you fret about the distant future when the goats' hooves require trimming in the morning?"

"But you've been there. Many times." Abdul rose quickly to his knees. "It's not fair. Why can't I go?"

"Because you have not received the Call." Yaqoob gave his chela a shrewd look. "Why do you want to go, Abdul? Do you think Shambhala is a bright, colorful souk where you can have a good time? Do you long for a life of ease and pleasure like so many of the fools out there? If that is true, then Shambhala is the last place you'd want to go. It is a place of study and hard work. The arts are a trade like any other. Only we deal in forces, not in wood and stone and clay."

"I'm almost ready. I know I am." Again the boy assumed the lotus position. "I want to show the Masters what I can do."

"Ready, are you?" The sorcerer's dark eyes gleamed. "Pray tell me, then, what is the first prerequisite for the Ablution of Zoth-Ommog?"

Abdul rattled it off with ease. "Invoking the Silver Key of lost Kadath."

"And what is the sign of its coming?"

"The rising of Ibt al-Janzah." (The star Betelgeuse-- J.T.)

"And the Shield of Protection?"

"The runes of Malygris--Akikluvak, Djilgarm, K'naath, Vordavoth. The Adept must make the signs first with the left hand, then the right, then the left, then the right. And then the reverse."

"Not bad." The sorcerer let out a deep-throated chuckle. "Not bad at all. May the goats' hooves be trimmed with equal skill on the morrow."

And he blew out the brass lamp.

Next Week: Midnight at the Oasis

Well, that's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you then.

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