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Volume 9
Number 42
October 20th, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Local animal experts are having a hard time identifying a strange-looking animal killed in Angelina County on Friday," October 8, 2004, "an animal that looks eerily similar to the yet unidentifiable 'Elmendorf Beast' killed near San Antonio," Texas "earlier this year."

"'What is that?' are the first words out of anyone's mouth when shown photos of the animal, according to Stacey Womack."

"Womack, who has more than 20 years' experience working for the Ellen Trout Zoo and for a local veterinarian, said she's seen or killed a lot of different animals, but that she's never seen anything like this one."

"'It's not a dog,' she said, 'I'd bet my lottery ticket on that.'"

"The animal's blue-gray skin is almost hairless and appears to be covered with mange. A close look at the animal's jaw line reveals a serious overbite and four long canine teeth, and a long, rat-like tail curls behind the animal's emaciated frame."

"The animal was shot and killed shortly before noon Friday after crawling under her mother's house in Pollock," Texas. "Womack said large dogs in the yard 'went nuts' and alerted the family, but would only whine and wouldn't go under the house with the animal. Her brother shot the animal, tied a rope around it and dragged it out from under the house for a closer look, she said."

"Womack was called to take a photograph of the animal, and possibly to help identify it, as well. A live animal, just like the one in the pictures, darted across the road in front of her car while she was driving to the scene."

"When she arrived with her camera and expertise in tow, Womack said she almost couldn't believe what she was looking at."

"She said the animal's front legs were much smaller than its hind legs, and that, despite its overall ghoulish appearance, its extremely long canine teeth were in excellent condition. Also, despite having been shot, there was initially no blood seeping from the animal's carcass. The animal's ear also 'broke like a cookie' when its head was held up for a photograph, she said."

"'Its body looked like something that had been dead for a month or so,' Womack said, 'Like I said, I've worked in the veterinary field for more than 20 years, and I've never seen anything this bad.'"

"The animal was male and weighed between 15 and 20 pounds, she said. The identical animal that sprinted across the road ran with its head down and its tail between its legs, according to Womack, but wasn't tall enough to be a coyote or a wolf. She said the live animal is probably the dead one's mate."

"'I would just like to see somebody go out there and try to trap the other one,' Womack said, 'Because it's in misery, too, and what if it gets into the population?'"

"Womack showed pictures of the animal to a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden, who 'totally freaked out' and called for a department biologist, she said. The biologist told her it was most likely a coyote with mange, but wasn't able to match the animal's skull shape--and overbite--with pictures of coyotes in reference books, according to Womack."

"Pictures were also dropped off at the Texas Animal Health Commission, where the veterinarian was out of the office and didn't contact Womack as of Tuesday afternoon," October 12, 2004. She said a biologist is on the way to Pollock to collect a tissue sample of the animal for DNA testing." (See the Lufkin, Texas Daily News for October 14, 2004, "Another Texas Chupacabra?" Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for forwarding this newspaper article.)


"Fresh evidence has been found in the jungles of Sumatra," a large island in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia, "supporting claims that a mythical 'jungle yeti' may exist, claim two UK explorers."

"Adam Davies and Andrew Sanderson found footprints which seem to match examples they found three years ago, which seem to be from a new species of ape."

"The orang pendek, as it is known, is said by islanders to walk like a man."

"The pair, from Stockport and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, now plan to write a scientific paper on their discoveries."

"The new evidence was found in the Bukkantingi area of the island," on Sumatra's west coast about 640 kilometers (400 miles) northwest of Palembang, the island's provincial capital.

"Mr. Davies and Mr. Sanderson also claim they tracked the creature to within 500 metres (1,650 feet) but were unable to follow it into the dense jungle."

"Three years earlier (in 2001--J.T.), they found hairs and prints which were analysed independently by scientists and shown to be from an unknown species."

"They have now discovered evidence of the creature's existence in separate parts of the island."

"Mr. Davies told BBC News Online, 'When we arrived in Bukkantingi, we were told by the villagers that they had seen the orang pendek only two days earlier. They said they had seen it eating soft fruit in farmland at the edge of their village.'"

"The orang pendek is said to have red-brown hair and walk like a man."

"'We made base camp there and, two days later, one of our Indonesian guides heard it calling. We set after it and found some prints which we made casts of and which matched the prints which we discovered on our last trip.'"

"'The prints had been made that day, our guide told us, and we also heard it calling, but we were unable to capture it on film as it was in dense jungle. But I think we were within at least 500 metres of it."

"Mr. Davies said the pair now planned to write down their discoveries and send" the physical evidence "to a primatologist at Cambridge University, who analysed the original prints found in 2001." (See BBC News Online for October 13, 2004, "Evidence of 'jungle yeti' found." Many thanks to Robert Fischer and to "the Wild Man of Borneo, Sarawak's Favorite Party Animal" for this news story.)


"An unidentified flying object (UFO) or a divine sign were just two of the explanations residents of South Trinidad were discussing last night (Thursday, October 7, 2004) speculating after a mysterious red beam of light appeared in the sky." (Editor's Note: Trinidad is a large island in the Caribbean Sea just north of South America.)

"The vertical red line, according to some eyewitnesses, was noticed shortly after nightfall. Residents in Barrackpore and Penal reported the sighting to the Express (newspaper)."

"One caller from Scotts Road, Penal, was convinced that 'something red was falling from the sky.'"

"Other reports suggested that the 'light' appeared to be suspended and remained in a particular position, although it appeared to be wavering in intensity at times."

"As word of 'the light' spread, many residents came out of their houses to stare up into the cloudy night sky, hoping to see it."

"The image disappeared shortly after 7 p.m." (See the Trinidad and Tobago Express for October 8, 2004, "Strange red light in sky." Many thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director of Skywatch International for this newspaper article.)


On Friday, September 24, 2004, at 11:30 p.m., N. Davies reported, "At Fring, northwest Norfolk, a friend and I saw a very large triangular shape made up of three white lights travelling across the sky. I could not say what height they were, but they almost looked as if they were in space."

"They were heading south across The Wash, the northwest Norfolk coastline. The triangle kept the shape for a couple of minutes, and then one of the lights accelerated ahead without breaking formation. After about three minutes of perfect visibility, the first light faded, and when the two other lights behind reached the same spot in the sky, they faded, too."

"There were no clouds blocking my view at this point," he reported, adding that the objects were "very possibly in space." (Email Form Report)


On Tuesday, October 12, 2004, at 1:26 a.m., eyewitness John Cox reported, "While awaiting a satellite pass, under CAVU (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited--J.T.) conditions, I observed a satellite-looking object approching from the south-southwest, bearing 150 degrees, at an elevation of about 20 degrees above the horizon. Knowing the ISS (International Space Station--J.C.) to be on the opposite side of Earth at the time, I immediately began detailed observation of the object as it was exhibiting behavior unlike a 'normal' satellite."

"The object was probably cylindrical or rectangular. There was a distinct orange-yellow glow about the center object, similar to that of a High Pressure Sodium Vapor street lamp in the fog. The object and the surrounding glow encompassed an area of the sky slightly smaller than a U.S. dime (10-cent coin--J.T.) at arm's length. It passed noiselessly, left no after-image, trail or smoke. It did not pulse, blink or strobe, and traveled across the sky not unlike a satellite--only faster."

"The object appeared to this experience satellite- watcher to be in LEO (low Earth orbit--J.T.) or higher, either generating a re-entry plasma sheath or else skimming the (atmosphere's) tropopause."

North Port, Fla. (population 22,797) is on Highway 41 about 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of Sarasota. (Email Form Report)


"A mystery explosion rocked Greater Manchester today," Wednesday, October 13, 2004.

"Police and fire services received dozens of calls from the public about the blast, which happened at 7:30 a.m."

"But, despite efforts by both services to locate the source, nothing was found."

"Fire services spokesman Ian Bailey said: 'We had people calling from a wide area--Chorlton, Fuxton, Farnworth and Walkden, saying they had heard a large explosion. But we have not responded to any incident which could explain the blast. Some of the control room officers at our headquarters in Pendlebury also heard it.'"

"A police spokesman said: 'We have not been able to find any explanation, and there is no problem with high explosives.'"

The British Geological Society was also contacted. "Though some of their earthquake sensors were triggered, it said that it might have been too shallow to register on their instruments."

"Another possibility is that the blast could have come from old mine workings. There are abandoned shafts" not far from Manchester "and at Agecroft, where a pit (mine) closed at the beginning of the 1990s.

"Lynn Hall of Sherwood Drive, Pendlebury, said: 'At 7:25 this morning, I was locking the door of my house, and my husband, Carl, was waiting for me to come out. He said: 'Did you hear the loud bang?' He kept mentioning it because it was so loud.'"

"One caller to a radio station has claimed that she saw something falling from the sky, but fire brigade spokesman Paul Duggan said: 'If it had been a meteorite, we could have expected to have found a crater--which we haven't--when it is in the middle of a golf course or field.'" (See Manchester Online for October 13, 2004, "Riddle as massive blast rocks houses." Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this news story.)


Hollywood film actor Richard Gere, who starred in the 2002 feature film The Mothman Prophecies, suffered an injury last week as a result of a horseback riding incident on his estate in Westchester County, N.Y. (population 923,500).

Gere, 55, was the latest in a long line of entertainment industry people involved in the making of The Mothman Prophecies to have been killed or injured. The unusually high incidence of mortality has some Fortean researchers speculating about "the Mothman Curse."

Gere turned up at the New York City premiere of his new film, Shall We Dance? with his left wrist in a cast and was accompanied by his wife, Carey Lowell. Gere's co- star, actress Jennifer Lopez, also attended the premiere, wearing a silver-and-white Michael Kors evening gown.

The horse-riding accident took place at Gere's estate in Westchester. "The actor was not angry at his horse, which stayed near his master while he was unconscious on the ground. Gere fell to the ground as a result of a loose saddle. The horse's foot got caught in the strap, causing it to buck."

Upon regaining consciousness, Gere "had to endure a painful walk back to his house."

Curiously, the mishap took place the same weekend that actor Christopher Reeve, 52, died suddenly of heart failure. Reeve, who portrayed Superman in four films between 1978 and 1986, was paralyzed in 1995 as a result of a spinal injury he sustained after falling from his horse.

Gere was the first of the leading actors in The Mothman Prophecies to sustain injury since the release of the film in 2002. In the movie, Gere portrays John Klein, a reporter for the Washington Post, who is mysteriously drawn to Point Pleasant, West Virginia after his wife dies and encounters all sorts of strange Fortean phenomena, seemingly controlled by the weird entity called Mothman.

The actor first achieved widespread recognition for his work in the 1982 film, An Officer and A Gentleman. More recently, he starred in the Oscar-winning movie, Chicago, which was released in January 2003. (See the magazine Star for October 25, 2004, page 3.)


"Army officials turned to towers and unmanned blimps equipped with networked sensors to help protect troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, senior officials said this week."

"The towers and unmanned blimps, called aerostats, worked so well at detecting and identifying enemy forces and objects that Defense Department officials want to buy more of them."

"'We couldn't have gotten the funding if it wasn't successful,' said Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, director of Army Systems Management at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology."

"Sorenson spoke (Thursday) October 7 (2004) at a Pentagon media briefing."

"Army officials obtained $38 million in Fiscal 2004 for 22 towers and aerostats for surveillance use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 84-foot (25-meter) towers 15-meter (50-foot) aerostats used by the Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) system to monitor the perimeters of the service's bases there, said Col. Kurt Heine, project manager of the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor" program, which "oversees the force protection effort."

"The RAID system consists of towers, aerostats, sensors and an operations center. The towers and aerostats carry an electro-optical and infrared sensor that detects enemy forces and objects at day or night. The sensor obtains the images, then transmits them via a radio frequency to an operations center, which sends them into a network of warfighters and analysts for review and action, Heine said."

"The towers and aerostats provide soldiers and commanders with a more precise capability than unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and manned aircraft because they do not require human operators, need less maintenance and fly lower. But they do not stand or fly as high as aircraft, Sorenson and Heine said."

"They said towers, aerostats, UAVs, blimps and aircraft each possess technology advantages and disadvantages. They said they give commanders options for any force protection mission."

"Army officials experimented with a manned blimp equipped with the RAID system" two weeks ago "over Washington D.C. for a homeland defense mission. They spent $500,000 to lease a blimp and an aircrew that conducted a 24-hour flight over the Pentagon for security and also supported a joint-force perimeter mission, Sorenson and Heine said."

Although the "spy blimp" is reportedly now in Huntsville, Alabama for further flight tests, UFO Roundup has received reports from elsewhere in the USA about mysterious blimp flights overhead.

On Friday, October 8, 2004, high school students in the Rumford section of East Providence, R.I. (population 48,638) claimed to have seen "a mysterious white blimp" flying on either side of the Massachusetts-Rhode Island state line.

"That was all the kids were talking about," said teacher P.D., "They described it as a large, low-flying white blimp with no markings except a vertical red stripe at the rear of the tail (empennage--J.T.). They saw it in Seekonk, North Seekonk, Attleboro Falls, Plainville and West Wrentham in Massachusetts, and in Rumford and Six Corners (sections of East Providence--J.T.), Barrington and Tiverton in Rhode Island. Some thought it had something to do with the (New England) Patriots or the (Boston) Red Sox. But most didn't know what it was."

(Editor's Note: The same region of southern New England reported several black helicopter sightings during the summers of 2002 and 2003.)

On Thursday, October 14, 2004, around 9 p.m., eyewitnesses on the beach in Geneva State Park, 11 miles (19 kilometers) west-southwest of Ashtabula, Ohio, (population 20,962) spotted "two or three white blimps over Lake Erie, heading east and moving very slowly." The witnesses said they had the mysterious objects in view for three to four minutes.

(Editor's Note: Ashtabula is one of the most notorious UFO hotspots in Ohio.) (See the Baltimore Sun for October 8, 2004, "Blimps return to guard troops." The Rhode Island and Ohio sightings were email reports.)

(Editor's Comment: This is the most Orwellian scheme of the New World Order yet--using spy blimps to perform 24/7 surveillance of the USA's civilian population.)


Residents of eastern Wisconsin were shocked Thursday, October 7, 2004, when a news story appeared on the Web site of WBAY-TV In Green Bay, Wis. (population 102,313), announcing that President George W. Bush had won the election...three weeks before the actual voting is to take place.

"WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wis. ran an Associated Press article reporting that Bush has won the election, weeks before the election is to take place." The USA's national election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

"The article read: 'At this hour, President Bush has won re-election as president by a 47 percent to a 43 percent margin in the popular vote nationwide. That's with 51 percent of the precincts reporting.'"

"WBAY withdrew the article after 35 minutes, claiming it was a 'test story' which was mistakenly printed by the (station's) automated software."

"Why would the Associated Press be sending out articles of this nature three weeks before the election?"

"The original (WBAY) article page now reads: 'You have reached a page that is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please use your browser's BACK letters to return to the previous page.'"

"WBAY then issued a separate article which outlined why the article was printed in the first place."

The TV station wrote: "With less than a month before the presidential election, an Associated Press test article declaring President Bush the winner was picked up by WBAY.com's computerized system. The article was not recognized by our Web host's system as a test message. WBAY apologizes for the error, and we took quick action to correct it."

"The Associated Press tests election results about four times a week leading up to the elections, especially one as crucial as the (2004) presidential election, to help TV stations and newspapers make sure they are receiving the numbers. The numbers are random with every test, if the event happened a day later, it could have been Senator (John F.) Kerry or Ralph Nader who was declared the winner." (See the Ashland, Wis. Daily Press for October 8, 2004. Many thanks to Jim Danvers and Rachelle Ward for this news story.)

(Editor's Comment: I seem to recall a similar supposed gaffe that took place in November 2002. A TV station received a video of CBS News anchorman Dan Rather announcing widespread American air attacks on Iraq. CBS passed it off as a mere "rehearsal." And then, on March 19, 2003, the attack actually happened, just as the November 2002 "rehearsal" described it. Is Election 2004 a done deal for Dubya? Let's see if he wins--and by the point spread shown on WBAY.)


"Nazi officials planned to move some of the Auschwitz gas chambers to a concentration camp in Austria as the Germans retreated westward, away from the Soviet (Russian) army near the end of World War II, a magazine reported Sunday," October 17, 2004.

"While Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler gave orders to raze the gas chambers and crematoria at Auschwitz (in Polish, Oswiecim--J.T.) in the fall of 1944 to erase evidence of the Nazis' crimes, new historical records show that officials sent at least some of the equipment to the Mauthausen camp for re-use, the weekly Der Spiegel said."

"Austrian historians Bertrand Perz and Florian Freund drew this conclusion in part from correspondence and notes from both camps, the report said."

"They also discovered a February 10, 1945 letter to Mauthausen officials from J.R. Topf & Sons, an Erfurt (Germany) company that made many of the incinerators for the Nazi camps, that talked about sharply expanding the Austrian camp's gas chamber on the assumption that 'all the parts from the Auschwitz concentration camp will be used again.'"

"Though accounts by camp survivors have indicated that some equipment from Auschwitz, located in present-day (southern) Poland, arrived, the war's turn against the Germany prevented the Nazis from building the large-scale gas chambers they apparently envisioned for Mauthausen, Der Spiegel said."

"Six million Jews were killed in the Nazi Holocaust."

"Between 1 million and 1.5 million prisoners--most of them Jews--perished in gas chambers or died of starvation and disease at Auschwitz. Advancing Soviet troops liberated the camp on January 27, 1945."

"Mauthausen was liberated by U.S. troops in May 1945 when the Nazis surrendered. An estimated 100,000 inmates died at the (Mauthausen) camp, near the Austrian city of Linz," which was the boyhood home of Adolf Hitler. (See Der Spiegel for October 10, 2004, "Historians say Nazis planned to rebuild Auschwitz in Austria." Many thanks to Loren Coleman for this article.)

(Editor's Note: According to Dr. Felix A. Kersten, Himmler's masseur and confidant, in February 1945, Himmler was involved in a controversial "Jews for trucks" deal with the Allies. He offered to ship large numbers of Jewish prisoners to Sweden in exchange for thousands of Ford military trucks, which would then be used to shore up the sagging Wehrmacht. The deal fell through, but the memo shows that Himmler intended to carry out his Endlosung der Judenfrage (German for Final Solution of the Jewish Question--J.T.) so long as the Third Reich was still functioning.)


"President Ion Ilescu admitted Romania's complicity in the Holocaust, ending decades of denial that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed in the country when it was an ally of Nazi Germany."

"As recently as last year (2003), Romania angered Israel and Jewish leaders by denying that the Holocaust took place on its soil."

"In a speech to lawmakers, Ilescu admitted that death trains, mass deportations and pogroms took place in Romania during World War II and that anti-Semitism was a state-sponsored ideology even before the war started in 1939."

"About 420,000 Romanian Jews were killed during the war. Romania, which is trying to integrate with Western institutions such as NATO and the European Union, will teach about the Holocaust in its schools." (See USA Today for October 13, 2004, "Romania admits role in Holocaust," page 8A.)

(Editor's Note: Of the four varieties of fascism that developed in Europe between 1920 and 1940--Italy, Germany, Hungary and Romania--the "Green Shirts" of Romania were truly the strangest, founded by a journalist, Corneliu Codreanu, who had been contacted by a glowing figure in armor who claimed to be St. Michael the Archangel. Codreanu's Garda da Fier (Translated: Iron Guard--J.T.) was in a class all by itself.)


"A trailer park on Georgia Route 54 west of Fayetteville was flooded when a nearby dam broke." Weekend rains from Tropical Storm Matthew turned area creeks into swollen torrents. On Sunday, October 10, 2004, "a search of the area was conducted, and police found a hiker across Route 54 adjacent to the trailer park."

In Lafayette, Louisiana, "police believe an elderly Martin Oaks resident shot his wife to death and then killed himself on the lawn Saturday," October 9, 2004.

In California, "a 79-year-old Olinda woman who collapsed and hit her head after waiting more than four hours for a flu shot outside a Lafayette Safeway died Thursday," October 14, 2004, "from her injuries."

And in Indiana, "a traffic accident early this morning (Thursday, September 30, 2004) in Fayette County knocked out electricity in Cambridge City, Milton and across large stretches of Fayette County." (See the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for October 11, 2004, "Fayette County mobile home park flooded as dam breaks;" the Lafayette, La. Advertiser for October 9, 2004, "Two dead Sunday in North Lafayette;" the San Jose, Cal. Mercury-News for October 15, 2004, "Woman awaiting flu shot falls, dies;" and the Richmond, Ind. Palladium-Item for September 30, 2004. Many thanks to Loren Coleman for these newspaper articles.)


Police in Crystal, Minnesota (population 22,698) "responding to a report of an Elvis impersonator down with convulsions at a veterans hall soon found themselves in a high-speed chase--of a man dressed as a Blues Brother."

"'Man, just when I thought that I had seen everything in this business, you realize you haven't scratched the surface,' Capt. Dave Oyaas said Tuesday," October 12, 2004.

"According to Oyaas:"

"Officers were called about 11 a.m. Monday," October 11, 2004, "to the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall in Crystal, Minn., a Twin Cities suburb, where they found a man dressed as Elvis on the ground. He appeared to be in convulsions."

"When the officers arrived, the man stopped, jumped up and yelled, 'Viva Las Vegas!' and began singing show tunes."

"At about the same time, two women who were with the impersonator said another man dressed as (actor) John Belushi's character" in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers "had stolen their Pontiac Sunbird and driven to a nearby commuter airport."

"The officers found a man in the car parked between two hangars. That prompted a chase in and out of hangars and runways that reached speeds of 75 miles per hour. Officers finally forced the car to spin out and arrested the man, who suffered a cut on his head."

"Elvis, 27, was sent home, but the 47-year-old Belushi impersonator, who had a canceled driver's license, was being held Tuesday pending formal charges that could include fleeing police and drunken driving. Oyaas said the Elvis impersonator could be charged with disorderly conduct."

"The men had been drinking at the VFW before police arrived. Blood tests will show how much, but Oyaas said, 'I would venture to say quite a bit.'" (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for October 13, 2004, "Police chase Blues Brother, avoid Chicago," page 4B.)



Concerning UFO Roundup, Volume 9, Number 41 for October 13, 2004, "Are Goths planning new Columbine massacres?" (page 5), Fortean researcher Loren Coleman writes, "You guys are generally on target and insightful, but, sorry to say, this one is a bit off-base. As you probably know, I've worked with youth for over 30 years now, just did a major reexamination of the (April 1999) Columbine case for my new book, The Copycat Effect and am a paid consultant on school shootings."

"Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were not members or even associates of the Goth underground. They were more neo-Nazi wannabes than anything else, who spoke German, did the mass murder on Hitler's birthday, and also happened to wear long black coats."

"As noted in my book, The Copycat Effect, part of what has been ignored by the media in their 'hot death stories' is the underlying meaning behind certain events."

"On April 26, 2003, in Erfurt, Germany, former student Robert Steinhaeuser, 19, walked the halls of the Johann Gutenberg secondary school, killed 13 teachers, two students and one policeman and wounded 10. Steinhaeuser then killed himself. It is not a coincidence that the Erfurt school shootings occurred on April 26th, the birthday of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy. Hess was born on April 26, 1894 in Alexandria, Egypt. No one in the media ever touched on the link in that date."

Harris and Klebold's "violent and confused hating is certainly not Goth. While often misunderstood by adults, the Goths and Gothic movement are generally non-violent, unlike the darker, sinister Trenchcoat Mafia myth of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who have had some resemblance to skinheads in Germany."

"Perhaps a minor point, but one in which the UFO Roundup merely joins with the establishment media in continuing with regard to a negative and unjust view of Goths."


Concerning UFO Roundup, Volume 9, Number 41 for October 13, 2004, "FEMA launches quiet training program," (page 7), reader Ed Moore writes, "I have been reading UFO Roundup for several years and find the articles interesting at the least and typically informative. However, in volume 9, number 41, the article entitled "FEMA launches quiet training program," the submitter horribly misled other readers of the article."

"In April of this year, I finished the four-week training program for CERT (an acronym for Community Emergency Response Team--J.T.) as taught in my locale, Tazewell County, Virginia. The theory behind CERT is that oftentimes the first responders to a disaster are the neighbors of those negatively affected. The training is intended to give very basic understanding to help cope with these situations that we true 'first responders' may encounter."

"Different localities have varying amounts of money to spend on supplying their CERT members. A disaster readiness pack is recommended to allow the members to get up and running as soon as possible with a few field essentials."

"My locality offered its members green hardhats (helmets--J.T.) and identification badges."

"There may be more to the program, especially with FEMA's ability to deliver martial law in our country. However, I don't believe there is a particular bad guy behind this tree. Some folks just need to lighten up."


Concerning the same article in UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 41 for October 13, 2004, reader C.L. writes, "Regarding your article on how the Texas State Guard is going to take over Texas on November 1st--do you have any idea who you are talking about?"

"This is not an elite military unit. The Texas State Guard couldn't deliver martial law over a kindergarten."

"Also, Texas is a pretty big place. Do you know how many 'troops' there are in the Guard? They might be able to subjugate Waxahatchie or Trout or Uncertain, but Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth!?"

"The U.S. Armed Forces can't keep control over Iraq. How do you think they are going to take over Texas?"

"Stay with the UFO stuff. Nothing is going to happen in Texas on November 1."

From the UFO Files...


Texas author Robert E. Howard (1906-1936), creator of the barbarian hero Conan, was a fervent believer in reincarnation. Unlike his friends and fellow fantasy writers Howard Phillips Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price, who spent years "arguing with elaborately reasoned logic for the philosophy of scientific materialism and dismissing all supernaturalism as too unlikely," Robert, like Jack London, "never became reconciled to the idea of the finality of death."

Robert was originally introduced to reincarnation by his father, Dr. Isaac Mordecai Howard (1871-1944), who first became interested in the writings of Elena Petrovna von Hahn Blavatsky, a.k.a. Madame Blavatsky, while attending the Gate City Medical School in Texarkana, Arkansas. He dropped his interest in Theosophy when he courted and married Hester Jane Ervin (REH's mother-- J.T.), but picked it up again in 1919, when he brought home a copy of Isis Unveiled.

Indeed, in 1927, Robert, then age 21, had a "past- life reading" done by a local occultist, S.T. Russell of Cottonwood, Texas. Of this reading, REH reported, "An occultist of my acquaintance, who has gone deeper into the matter than any man I ever knew, says I have a very ancient soul, am a reincarnated Atlantean, in fact! Maybe if there's anything to this soul business, or to reincarnation, that theory may be right."

The reading dovetailed with a recurring dream--or nightmare--Robert had, of being a Bronze Age warrior walking the stony streets of Poseidonis, the reputed capital of the lost continent of Atlantis, who had lost the woman he loved to his best friend.

Drawing on this reading, Robert also wrote Lovecraft that he once been a trooper in the Seventh Cavalry--a former Confederate soldier (from Texas, naturally--J.T.) who had "found a home in the Army" after the American Civil War and who had been killed in Montana during the Sioux War of 1876.

And that brings us to John Kirby O'Donnel, who may or may not have been the immediately previous incarnation of Robert E. Howard.

This character, sometimes referred to as "John O'Donnel," "Black John O'Donnel," "Kirby O'Donnell" or "the Black Bear," appeared in only three short stories published in Robert's lifetime. These were "Children of the Night," which appeared in Weird Tales for April-May 1931 (and which incidentally won an O. Henry Memorial Award as one of the best stories of 1931--J.T.), and "The Treasures of Tartary" and "Swords of Shahrazar," which appeared in Oriental Stories in 1932. Robert wrote several other pastiches about O'Donnel, but these did not sell.

Commenting about one of these, "The Abbey," Robert M. Price wrote, "Why did REH abandon it? No telling. Maybe a couple of his beer buddies came over and interrupted him and he just never got back to it."

Could be. Or maybe, as in the case of so many of these unfinished pastiches, Robert was doing his own "past-life recall" on the typewriter.

Your editor is fascinated with Madame Blavatsky's "American children." No, not the famous ones like Henry Steele Olcott, William Quant Judge and Katherine M. Tingley. I'm intrigued by the obscure ones, like the Bowens of Ashburnham, Mass. or Evans, the expatriate American whom Alexandra David-Neel met wandering around Tibet. What made these people tick? Why did they turn their backs on the USA and go running off to the Himalayas in search of the Hidden Masters?

Reading and rereading and rereading REH's O'Donnel stuff, I wondered if "Black John," like Bowen and Evans, was one of Blavatsky's American disciples. The background information is remarkably consistent throughout all of the stories. And the time frame between the nameless cavalry trooper's death during the last half of 1876 and REH's birth on January 24, 1906 in Peaster, Texas is just long enough to accomodate Black John's childhood and young adult wanderings.

From the information within these stories and pastiches, I've tried to piece together John Kirby O'Donnel's life. As to his birthplace, in "The Abbey," REH identifies it as "the clean, sun-baked plains" of Texas. Yeah, I know. That really narrows it down, doesn't it? But look at it this way. It's not the "Hill Country" around Fredericksburg, nor the "Brush Country" of Cotulla or Del Rio, nor the Red River Valley around Wichita Falls, nor the bayous near Beaumont and Nacogdoches. My best guess is, draw a big square with Austin, Bowie, Seymour and Sonora as the corner points. Somewhere in there.

John's date of birth would have been 1877, or 1878 at the latest. His father was a rancher, reasonably well-to- do because he sent his son to college in New England. John's mother's maiden name may have been Kirby. Or perhaps his father used the name of the Confederate general Kirby Smith. At any rate, John grew up in somewhere in central Texas, living the cowboy life, learning how to ride, shoot, track, dally a loop and brand cattle.

In "The Abbey," John himself tells us: "I had been raised in a good and Christian home in Texas, but it had been years since I had seen even the inside of a chapel. Too long had I turned my back on the upbringing my father had provided, so certain I had been that it was naught but the musty code of those too frightened, too cowardly, to plant their feet firmly and hold their ground against the dark ills of the world. I had made my way from Texas to New England where I saw horrors unimagined on the clean, sun-baked plains of my home."

Unfortunately, REH never got around to telling us what actually happened to John as a college student in New England. But whatever it was, it sent him overseas. For when we next meet John, in "The Children of the Night," he is in Scotland with a group of Theosophists, led by Professor Kirowan. Assuming that John went off to college in September 1895, the events in "Children" must have happened in 1898 or 1899.

Prof. Kirowan, the owner of a large occult library, is fascinated with the discovery of pygmy stone weapons in UK. He shows one to John and his other guests, Taveral, Ketrick and Prof. Clemants. While hefting the weapon, Ketrick accidentally strikes John on the head, and this triggers an awesome past-life recall in the young American.

(Editor's Note: Prof. Kirowan wasn't the only one interested in these strange stone axes. See The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover Publications, New York, N.Y., 1974, pages 103 to 106.)

John's consciousness is hurled back into a previous life as Aryara, a Paleolithic warrior in a dim prehistoric age when Scotland was still part of the European mainland. He relives a battle with dwarfish humanoid hybrids that seem to be half Homo sapiens and half Reptoid.

When John comes to, he finds himself "half-reclining in a big armchair and Conrad was pouring water on me. My head ached and a trickle of blood had half dried on my face. Kirowan, Taverel and Clemants were still hovering about, anxiously, while Ketrick stood just in front of me, still holding the mallet, his face schooled to a slight perturbation which his eyes did not show. And at the sight of those cursed eyes, a red madness surged up in me."

"'There,' Conrad was saying, 'I told you he'd come out of it in a moment; just a light crack. He's taken harder than that. All right now, aren't you, O'Donnel?'"

"At that I swept them aside, and with a single low snarl of hatred launched myself at Ketrick. Taken utterly by surprise, he had no opportunity to defend himself. My hands locked on his throat and we crashed together on the ruins of a divan. The others cried out in amazement and horror and sprang to seperate us--or rather, to tear me from my victim, for already Ketrick's slant eyes were beginning to start from their sockets.

"'For God's sake, O'Donnel,' exclaimed Conrad, seeking to break my grip, 'what's come over you? Ketrick didn't mean to hit you--let go, you idiot!'"

The group finally manages to pull O'Donnel away from Ketrick. They're convinced that the blow has unhinged the American's mind. But John O'Donnel, still brimming with the life memories of the warrior Aryara, has recognized Ketrick as being "marked with the brand of the beast--the reptile--the vermin we exterminated centuries ago!" And he vows to finish the job.

"But this changeling, this waif of darkness, this horror who bears the noble name of Ketrick, the brand of serpent is upon him, and until he is destroyed there is no rest for me. Now that I know him for what he is, he pollutes the clean air and leaves the slime of the snake on the green earth. The sound of his lisping, hissing voice fills me with crawling horror and the sight of his slanted eyes inspires me with madness."

"They say the blow I received affected my mind. I know it but opened my eyes. Mine ancient enemy walks often on the moors alone; attracted, though he may not know it, by ancestral urgings. And on one of these lonely walks I shall meet him, and when I meet him, I will break his foul neck with my hands, as I, Aryara, broke the necks of foul night-things in the long, long ago."

Did John make good on his threat? Apparently so. For when we next meet him, he's at the abandoned stone abbey at St. Toad's, Sussex, UK, fleeing Scotland Yard and plainly remorseful about some terrible deed he's committed.

Encountering an elderly monk, John says, "'Father, I believe I would like to take up your extended offer, but I fear I must warn you, my soul is not troubled by the usual encumbrances that might plague your normal congregation. My name is John O'Donnel, father...'"

"'A name that fits these hills,' he answered, 'but you seem not from these shores.'"

"I told the old man that I was an American, which he accepted readily, even though his eyes seemed not to recognize the word."

And no wonder! For the monk is not human at all but rather a strange creature that's been haunting the ruin for centuries.

"'Pitiful man has grown,' he hissed, 'Weaker in conviction and dead of spirit.' His mouth opening wide, twin rows of teeth that rightly belonged in the maw of some predator from the ocean's bottom snapped at me as their owner spat."

"'Naught now but meat.'"

John calls on his constant companion, that souvenir of his boyhood Texas home, his .45-caliber Colt Single Action Army revolver, and the monster is destroyed. Soon John learns that St. Toad's is a place accursed, the monks of the abbey having switched to the worship of the dark god Tsathoggua (pronounced Zuh-THOG-you-ah--J.T.) way back in the Middle Ages.

Obtaining false papers identifying him as a merchant sailor, John flees UK aboard a tramp steamer and spends the next few years in the Far East.

His next appearance, in the unpublished story "The Black Bear Bites," finds him in Hankow (one of the cities on the Yangtze River that makes up China's Tri-Cities of Wuhan--J.T.). When his friend and fellow American, Bill Lannon, is found dead, John goes looking for the killer at the riverfront estate belonging to a Chinese smuggler, Yun Yotai.

Snooping around the warehouse, John discovers "the place was a regular armory. My fingers made out stacks of rifles, cases of holstered pistols, dismantled machine guns and cases that I knew were filled with ammunition. Revolution and uprising it could mean, no less, and I sweated in the dark as I thought of the innocent Europeans, Americans and Chinese who slept in Hankow, ignorant of the peril looming over them."

John eavesdrops on a meeting of 40 subversives, presided over by Yun Yotai and a masked figure called the Black Lama. "Shudders of abhorrence shook me as I listened to the blasphemous utterances that poured, in stately Chinese, from his lips. It was revolution he was preaching. Rapine and red war! Death to all foreign devils and to all Orientals who stood in their way!"

"Let them forget the false teachings of Confucius and Buddha, and the gods of Tibert and Lhasa, who had allowed their people to come under the yoke of the white-skinned devils. Let them rise under the leadership of the prophet the Old Ones had sent them and great Cthulu would sweep them all to victory."

Creeping up on the lama, John witnesses this exchange between the two rebel leaders. "'I wonder at your daring and ruthlessness, Masked One,' said Yun Yotai slowly. 'You play a dangerous game. Did your dupes know, for instance, that you were not even a Mongolian, they would tear you to pieces. And the real priests of Yog-Sothoth-- do you not fear their vengeance when they learn--as they eventually must--that you have been posing as one of their infernal cult?'"

"'Danger is the breath of life to me,' answered the imposter with a wild laugh, 'I have lost all my illusions; without the breathtaking touch-and-go of risk and adventure, I should perish of boredom. No--I do not fear the Mongolian devil-worshippers.'"

John is detected and captured by Yun's men. But before he can be killed, the riverfront estate is raided by the Chinese police. Yun and the lama are killed. And when Chinese policeman Kang Yao unmasks the black-robed figure, "the skin beneath the mask was neither yellow nor brown, the Black Lama was a white man," a European described earlier in the story as a "sophisticated clubman."

(Editor's Comment: The irony here is that it is John O'Donnel himself who turns out to be Yog-Sothoth's instrument of vengeance.)

But what's really weird about "The Black Bear Bites" is that the police raid in the story actually happened. And it happened a little over a year before Robert E. Howard was born in Texas.

In 1904, several secret societies in China were plotting against the Manchu dynasty, with support from the Grand Orient (Masonic) Lodge of Paris, most notably the Ko Lao Hui (Translated: Elder Brothers Society) and the Tung Zhou Hui (Translated: Society Against the Common Enemy).

According to The Cambridge History of China, "In Hupei (province), a student revolutionary named Wu Luchen, who had graduated from a Japanese military academy, returned home to serve in the government's New Army. He then used his influence to obtain positions in the military for some of his comrades and to agitate among the troops. His friends held meetings at schools in various parts of the province, where they preached revolution and distributed copies of radical journals and tracts. By the summer of 1904, they had a thriving organization, which they called the Institute for the Diffusion of Science (Ko Zhueh Puzhi So, my thanks to Chen Jilin--J.T.) in order to masquerade as a study society."

"An ambitious plot was designed for simultaneous uprisings in six cities in Hunan, and it was hoped these could be coordinated with similar efforts in Hupei, Szechwan, Kiangsi, Nanking and Shanghai. It cannot be determined precisely how far these plans got, although they at least chose a date (the empress dowager's seventieth birthday, which fell on 16 November 1904); but in late October (1904) government agents learned of the plot and promptly acted to crush it."

So it appears that Freemasonry sent their agent, Eric Brand, the "sophisticated clubman," to give the Chinese rebels an assist. The weapons in Yun's warehouse probably came from a French Foreign Legion depot in neighboring Vietnam. And the "Black Lama" masquerade was Eric Brand's idea to help bring in some more recruits. But the plot failed, and Masonic revolution in China had to wait another six years for Dr. Sun Yatsen's uprising of October 10, 1910.

This would also explain how John O'Donnel ended up in Afghanistan, now calling himself "Kirby O'Donnell." The Grand Orient Lodge would not have wanted the news of their involvement in the planned Hankow uprising to go public. So, most likely, they spread some money around the Triad societies and had them go gunning for the American.

Unable to get back down the Yangtze, John would have "gotten out of Dodge" (or, in this case, China) by taking the rear exit, i.e. over the Karakoram mountains into what is now northern Pakistan.

Again, assuming that REH was having an accurate past- life recall, I would guess that John Kirby O'Donnel was probably killed in Afghanistan sometime in April 1905, nine months before his next incarnation in Texas.

Due to the lack of records in Afghanistan, and the wholesale destruction of Manchu dynasty records by "the Great Helmsman," Mao Zedong, during China's Cultural Revolution (1965-1970), it is impossible to track O'Donnel's activities at the end of his life.

However, it is possible to pinpoint O'Donnel's birthplace, using the county live-birth records of 1870s Texas. Once we have that, we can use county histories and school records to extract more details of his life. It should be possible to trace John O'Donnel from his birth to his college education in New England.

I would also like to know--and perhaps one of our UK readers can help us here--if a man named Ketrick was murdered in Scotland during 1898 or 1899 and if the killer was ever caught. If O'Donnel did it, the records trail should grow cold after that--for John would have been very anxious not to leave any record of his passage.

It might be a worthwhile research project for any Fortean in Texas. (See the books Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard by L. Sprague de Camo, Catherine Crook de Camp and Jane Whittington Griffin, Bluejay Books, New York, N.Y., 1983, pages 87, 156, 182 to 186 and 309; One Who Walked Alone by Novalyne Price Ellis, Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc., Hampton Falls, N.H., 1986; and Nameless Cults, edited by Robert M. Price, Chaosium Inc., Oakland, Cal., 2001, pages 66 to 79, 90 to 98 and 184 to 195.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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