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Volume 9
Number 43
October 27, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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UK ufologist Stephen F. Balon is hot on the trail of what may be the biggest UFO story in the British Isles since the saucer crash at Boyle, Ireland in 1995.

On Wednesday, October 13, 2004, at 7:30 a.m., a massive explosion rocked the greater Manchester area in UK. According to Balon, "the explosion was heard as far west as the Isle of Man, as far north as Rochdale and as far south as Timberly."

The initial report "appeared in the Manchester Evening News, about an explosion that centred in the village of Worley, near Manchester," Balon said, "At first it was thought an earthquake was the cause. The British Geological Survey was contacted and said this had not disturbed any seismic instruments." (See UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 42 for October 20, 2004, "Mystery boom rattles Manchester, UK," page 5.)

"Dozens of people living in Worley sent their comments to the Manchester Evening News Web site to give their explanations of what had happened," Balon added, "What has come from this case is nothing short of incredible. I have been investigating this case for days, and there is no doubt about what happened here."

Balon claims that a UFO crashed in a wood near the center of Worley and that the site was cordoned off by uniformed and plainclothes police for a few days thereafter.

"A second article was published in the Manchester Evening News in which a woman driving home from work saw in the sky two fireball-type objects with flames coming off them. I have collected reports from dozens of individual people who saw these two objects in different areas."

"Also, a report from Jodrell Bank (observatory) said in the Manchester Evening News that it was a bolide or meteor that caused the explosion. The bolide was the size of 'a hazel nut or a tennis ball,'" an astronomer said.

"I got a report from a witness on the Isle of Man, 100 miles (160 kilometers) away," Balon said.

"Also, a man out walking his dog on the day of the incident saw uniformed police officers walking around a wood in the centre of Worley. Also, a man stopped his car near the (motorway M60) exit for Worley. Another motorist pulled onto the hard shoulder due to hearing the huge explosion. He said he saw smoke coming from the wood near to where the (other) man had seen the police looking around. Plainclothes police were walking in pairs near the scene."

On Friday morning, "October 15, 2004, a local man said, 'There were dozens of police all over Worley centre, and the park (parking lot in the USA--J.T.) was full of police vehicles."

"The last piece of the jigsaw in this case concerns a lady in the town of Bury who on the day of the explosion saw four RAF (Tornado fighter) jets flying at a very low level, heading towards the Salford-Manchester area."

The similarities to the Boyle case are amazing. In 1995, a daylight disc crashlanded north of a lake in Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland. NATO troops and Gardai (Irish national police--J.T.) immediately surrounded and cordoned off the crash site. Five extraterrestrial survivors were reportedly captured.

The "Boyle Five" were taken to Shannon International Airport, near Dublin, and then airlifted to the USA, where they were reportedly incarcerated at Camp Condon, a P.O.W. facility for captured aliens.

"So, did they find something in the wood so strange that there has been nothing about this incident on TV, radio or in the newspapers?" Balon asked, "One has to ask- -has a D Notice been put on this case" by UK's Ministry of Defence?

Stephen F. Balon is a former DIGAP member who has been involved in research into UFOs, the paranormal, crop circles and anomalies for over 40 years. Balon is a noted lecturer who has appeared on TV several times and was a colleague of the late Arthur Tomlinson. Together they investigated the Ilkely Moor UFO case. Balon has also written extensively on the Silpho Moor UFO case. (See the Manchester Evening News for October 13, 2004 and for October 14, 2004, "What did this woman see in the sky?" page 1. Many thanks to Stephen F. Balon and John Hayes for this news story.)


Mountain villagers in the Tarai region of India's Himachal Pradesh state claim that UFOs have been seen "by day and by night" near the high-altitude glaciers of the Himalayas and that "aliens are building a very large underground base up there."

Since Sunday, October 10, 2004, UFOs, ranging in size from "very large cylindrical objects of a dull silver colour" to "small speedy discs," have been seen over the glaciers north of Chini, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from India's border with China. UFOs seen at night were said to "glow red and gold."

"More Indian military personnel and local natives are coming forward in the Himalayas' Tarai area and are reporting many exceedingly abnormal activities and UFO sightings all around the clock."

"Some (Indian) helicopter pilots are complaining about sophisticated jamming."

"A young boy in Nepal drew a picture of what appears to be an extraterrestrial flying object. He saw it while playing with many friends on the ground. The boys reported that these vehicles have no sound, can take off vertically, and can float in defiance of gravity. These vehicles can disappear all of a sudden," reported Sumit Chatterjee.

"Some of the IAF (Indian Air Force--J.T.) pilots are continually reporting seeing strange flying objects in the Himalayas near the Chinese border."

"A Tibetan (Buddhist) monk who recently visited India said these activities have been going on since 1998."

"According to a scientist of the Indian Geological Survey, UFOs and strange beings are visiting a 100-square- kilometer portion of the Tarai. Visits have occurred frequently during the past 18 months. The northeastern region of Himachal Pradesh has experienced many varied sightings."

Chatterjee added, "Among the local people is a rumour that 'they' will land here in the next seven years. Some Indian ufologists say that beings from Sirius will land on Earth and publicly reveal themselves in 2012."

"Is this the final prophecy of the landing that the Mayans predicted centuries ago?"

"The military personnel are talking privately but maintain that for national security reasons nothing more can be said. But at least one of the officers has come out and said bluntly that these are UFOs."

"There are many indications that a large underground base is now being built within the hard andesite (bedrock) of the high Himalayas. The construction is going on in the high terrain close to the No Man's Land between India and China."

"Another interesting thing--increased Indian and Chinese army activity has been seen in the region."

But the strangest report comes from the Chinese side of the border. A Chinese armored brigade, outfitted with T-80 main battle tanks, was ordered to proceed to the border from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) base in Niuke. But when the tanks got to Zhada, they got a real surprise.

"Recently an artificial lake was created in China" west of Zhada, "very close to the Indian border. "The lake" filled the Langchui River (called the Sutlej River on the Indian side--J.T.) valley and "threatened to flood the Indian side. India and China both refused to investigate the incident. Then, all of a sudden, the local Chinese people reported that the lake was no longer there. Whatever remained of the lake was no longer a threat to the Indian villagers. What really happened?" Chatterjee asked, "What caused an artificial lake of this size? And who took care of removing the problem?"

"It appears that the aliens melted a glacier and created the temporary lake to prevent those Chinese tanks from reaching the border," said Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, a UFO Roundup correspondent in India. "There are many rumours at the Indian Space Research Organisaton (ISRO). They say these UFOs are definitely planning and building a fortress in the Himalayas for a purpose known only to the aliens themselves."

In China, UFO Roundup correspondent Chen Jilin reported, "No news is coming out of the Langchui Valley. It is a military region with very tight security. But the rumour is, the Extraterrestrials are active in the region with the collusion of the (Chinese Communist) Party and New Delhi, to ward off an attack from the Anglo-Americans and the Israelis." (See India Daily for October 9, 2004, "More UFOs in Indian skies." Many thanks to Sumit Chatterjee, Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda and Chen Jilin for this news story.)


On Tuesday, October 19, 2004, at 11:30 a.m., a flotilla of 23 silver crescent-shaped UFOs flew over the port city of Veracruz, 350 kilometers (210 miles) east of Mexico City.

"Ricardo Antonio Lopez Mendez, a resident of Veracruz, described the sighting of a flotilla of UFOs, which flew and hovered over the seaport city at 11:30 a.m. The crescent-shaped UFOs, which were of a brilliant silver color, remained in view for approximately 45 minutes."

According to Mexican ufologist Ana Luisa Cid, "Eyewitnesses described several semi-spherical objects which changed colors. They were seen by both a police patrol and a commercial jetliner while over the city. Cell phones were affected, and animal reacted violently to the passage of the mysterious objects."

Eyewitnesses in El Centro, the main plaza of Veracruz, first noticed a strange formation flying parallel with a major thoroughfare, Sra. Cid reported. "They saw the objects fly over their street. One said, 'Look! A flight of ducks." But his friend replied, 'Those aren't ducks. That's a flotilla of UFOs!'"

"Ten minutes after the initial sighting, a police patrol, Car 87, entered El Centro, viewed the phenomena and attempted to radio their central headquarters. They were unable to raise the police dispatcher. At the same time, a woman witness attempted to use her cell phone. She finally managed to get through to her friend, a helicopter pilot who believes in UFOs. The pilot told her that a commercial pilot had also seen the objects and had radioed the tower at the airport."

The UFOs were reportedly seen by the crew of an AeroMexico Boeing 737, which had just taken off for the flight across the Gulf of Mexico to Miami, Florida, Sra. Cid added.

"There were 23 objects, semi-spherical, of a color silver, which flew in a V formation. The objects actually changed color throughout the flight. At the moment they changed color, to red or to green, they changed their position within the formation. The objects changed from green to red, doing it each time more and more rapidly. The objects finally broke formation and disappeared in all directions." (Muchas gracias a Raquel Garza, Jaime Hernandez y Ana Luisa Cid para estas noticias.)


On Sunday, October 17, 2004, at around 1 a.m., eyewitness P.R. and his wife, D.R., were driving home to Liverpool through rural Cheshire when they had a very strange and unique experience.

"I would like someone to give me and my wife a logical explanation for what we experienced during the early morning hours of Sunday, 17 October. We were driving home from friends in Cheshire, a rural area with no lights on the road except for our car, when suddenly, from the front of our car, a blue vapour appeared. I instantly thought we were entering some kind of mist, but the vapour stayed in front of the car, travelling at an equal speed, and then suddenly it started to spin."

"I initially thought some kind of vortex was forming and told my wife to slow the car down. The spinning continued, and I noticed some blue in it. The rest was white but not light."

"The next we knew, it went on top of the car and let the front bonnet ( hood in the USA--J.T.) up, with cabbage-shaped blue forming on the windscreen. Some sort of cabbage-shape ether effect. We both started to panic as we entered a village which was lit up quite well. We turned right, back into the dark countryside, when it appeared next to our car on the left. It went up into the air above the car, so I opened my (side) window and could see what appeared to be two rings, one large wreath- looking one and inside, a smaller plasma-like teardrop shapes clustered together, spinning and decidedly wobbling."

"We done several right turns over a stretch of seven miles (11 kilometers), but it stayed right in front of the car until we reached the motorway. My wife and I were very shaken by the incident. It accelerated upwards into the clouds, and I could see it vapourize into a sheet."

"This is genuine, and we would appreciate a scientific explanation. I have also reported this incident to the authorities." (Email Form Report)


On Friday, October 15, 2004, at 4:30 p.m., two witnesses in Greeley, Colo.(population 76,930), a city located 42 miles (67 kilometers) north-northeast of Denver, spotted a triangular UFO.

"I thought it was a flight of birds at first," the 33-year-old male witness reported, "Looking closer, I saw the triangular object hovering over a row of trees near a cornfield. I was driving east and the object was to the south. Putting my attention back to the road, and then looking back after briefly talking about it for 15 seconds with my passenger (female, age 27), the object vanished."

"We couldn't find it anywhere."

Just a few hours after this sighting, a mysterious act of vandalism was committed in Greeley.

"A window was shattered in a building where a Judaic- Christian group meets, and the pastor called it a hate crime. Vandals threw rocks through at window at Celebration Congregation, where a 'messianic congregation' meets. On its Web site, the group says it meets in a 'Jewish context.'"

"Police Lt. Carl Alm said investigators weren't sure if it was a hate crime."

UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented, "To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time we've ever had a UFO sighting and a hate crime in the same community on the very same evening." (See USA Today for October 19, 2004, "Across the USA--Colorado," page 7A. Many thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director of Skywatch International, for this UFO report.)


On Saturday, October 16, 2004, at 9 p.m., eyewitness E.D. "was studying in my balcony and saw a light. It was really bright and sort of flashing. Then I watched it moving back and forth, then right and left. It kept changing colors and would sometimes seperate into two objects and then rejoin (together). It had bright lights falling off into like fireworks. Then it would disappear and come back in a different color. All different colors- -mostly white, yellow, red and blue. It changed size and brightness and moved about like it had a brain."

"I ran down to my neighbor's house" in Ocean Beach, Cal. "and asked him to come back and look at it to make sure that I was not crazy. He came up to my balcony, and it was still there--only it was in a different spot now. But it was doing the same thing."

"Then he left and came back to look at it, and it was gone. I kept staring, and then it got really bright and shot off like a comet. It had a tail of sparks and lights, but it wasn't falling. It was just traveling in a straight line."

"This is so strange. What could it be? I don't even believe in aliens and spaceships. Can somebody tell me what this is?" (Email Form Report)


On Monday, October 18, 2004, at 1 a.m., eyewitness Barbara Wright reported, "There was an object that looked like a star but was emitting colors of red, green and blue" over her house in Pax, W.V. (population 80).

"The object did not move" around the sky "but appeared through my binoculars as having short jerky movements, as though I was nervous holding the binoculars, but I just put them against the window I was looking out of, so this was not the case. I woke my husband who also observed the UFO."

"We looked at the other stars to see if this might be ice crystals. This was a clear, crisp, starry night. We are in the mountains of West Virginia. It is very dark around us outside--no lights to hinder the night view of the sky."

"I called my mother this morning (Tuesday, October 19, 2004) and informed her of what I saw, and she informed me that the pastor of our church had seen the same object Sunday (October 17, 2004) at 5 p.m."

"The object looked like it was rotating in a circular motion, due to the lights we saw of blue, green and red. I called the local paper who informed me of no satellites or meteors in the area, and of no one earlier reporting an object in the sky."

"We observed the UFO for 20 to 30 minutes. We went outside to observe from our porch but heard no noise." (Email Form Report)


On Wednesday, October 6, 2004, at 8:30 p.m., teen eyewitness J.O. and her three friends were hanging around outdoors on Harrison Street in Milwaukie, Oregon (population 20,490), a suburb just south of Portland, when they spotted something unusual in the sky.

"I was chatting with some friends when something caught my eye," J.O. reported, "I looked up past the treeline and said, 'What is that?' It was behaving in such an odd way, not going forward in a way that an aircraft is expected to. And going lower than I would expect, also."

"My friends were all terrified and confused in the same way I was. And then it disappeared--completely vanished."

"There were three bright lights shining off the vehicle, which were shining in a forward arc. This was the first weird thing as it was obviously a circular craft. There was an odd, eerie cast to the lights." (Email Form Report)


A massive crop circle flap has broken out in Canada, with startling new formations appearing in the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

According to Paul Anderson of Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN), the first recent circle--the fifteenth in Canada for 2004--appeared just outside Breslau, Ontario. "It was an oval in cattle corn standing 8 to 9 feet (2.4 to 2.7 metres) tall, approximately 23 metres (76 feet) long. Found in late September by a farmer on the side of a sandy knoll, generally oval in shape but more roughly circular on the lower side and 'kidney-shaped' on the higher side. Haphazard lay, with bent and broken stalks lying on top of each other in various directions, lying pointing uphill on the lower side and downhill on the higher side. Some stalks bent or broke at the base; others about two to three feet (0.6 to 0.9 metres) above the ground and blackened. A few lines of unaffected single standing stalks. The formation was in close proximity to power lines and a woodlot. Stalks severed at the nodes were often blackened. (Corn) cobs eaten by raccoons and deer were also blackened."

A second formation was found in Breslau on the other side of the woodlot. It was also "a circle in cattle corn 8 to 9 feet (2.4 to 2.7 metres) tall. Haphazard lay, with bent and broken stalks, about twice as large as the first Breslau formation. Other stalks again 'severed' through nodes and blackened. Approximately 0.4 kilometers (a quarter-mile--J.T.) from the first formation, on the opposite side of the woodlot in an adjacent field, apparently in alignment with the woodlot and the first formation."

"According to a preliminary examination by" Dr. Mervyn Erb, an agronomist and consultant to CCCRN in their investigations, "the initial flattening of plants in the formation itself and node anomalies were not caused by windstorms, brittle crop, root worms, core borers, drought stress or people. The blackening of the broken stalks, severed nodes and cobs is definitely from opportunistic fungus, a common occurrence."

In Chilliwack, British Columbia (population 60,186), about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of Vancouver, CCCRN investigated "a lone T and other separate small rectangular shapes in cattle corn, estimated to be approximately 75 metres (250 feet) to 90 metres (300 feet) long, based on aerial photos."

The Chilliwack formation--the seventeenth in Canada in 2004--"was found Friday, October 1, 2004 by Laurel Leaman-Konrad and Jo Slingerland of CCCRN-British Columbia." The two Canadian cerealogists "were flying over the area searching for a previously rumoured 'ankh' formation, which was not found. The field was harvested before they could do a ground investigation. Two other odd pathways cutting away two opposite corners of the field" were also found.

In Assiniboia, Saskatchewan (population 2,653), located 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Regina, a formation appeared, consisting of "eight circles in wheat, ranging from approximately 3 metres (10 feet) to 16 metres (53 feet) in diameter. It was found Wednesday, October 6, 2004 by the farmer while harvesting. Four circles had a clockwise lay, and four circles were counterclockwise." This case is under investigation by CCCRN-Saskatchewan.

In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (population 32,973), located on Provincial Highway 1 about 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Regina, a "partial ring in wheat, approximately 7.6 metres (25 feet) long, was found Thursday, October 7, 2004, by a farmer while harvesting. The circle is now in a deteriorated condition and is thought to be several weeks old. Stalks were bent at about 20 centimetres (8 inches) above the ground." CCCRN-Saskatchewan is investigating.

In Waterloo, Ontario (population 77,949), located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Toronto, "a couple looking for a lost Greyhound dog" found "a dumbbell in cattle corn 8 to 9 feet (2.4 to 2.7 metres) high, approximately 65 metres (215 feet) long. Found Sunday, October 17, 2004, near the location of the previous Breslau, Ont. frmations. Most stalks were bent at the ground, often with the roots exposed. Others were bent or broken as high as the first or second nodes. Both formations had a clockwise lay, with additional multi- directional lay in the larger circle" of the "dumbbell." This was the twentieth crop circle formation found in Canada in 2004. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of CCCRN for these news reports.)


"It wasn't a whale that washed ashore Sunday," October 17, 2004, "near Farewell Spit, New Zealand, but it grabbed headlines nonetheless."

"The 9-foot (2.7-metre) sunfish has been described as 'a monster with a strange sense of timing,' according to the Nelson Daily Mail."

"Department of Conservation (DOC) worker Heather Gunn was driving along when she saw 'a big lump' on the beach, initially thinking the creature was a whale."

"'It looked fresh; it did not smell, and it had not been pecked over,' she told the paper."

"Sunfish have reportedly washed ashore at least twice in the last four years, and a marine specialist said the occurrence was 'a real oddity' due to the time of year."

"'The literature says they can be found in New Zealand's northeastern waters in warm summers, and they can stray south of Cook Strait. But this is definitely not a warm summer, rather a cold spring,' said DOC's Andrew Baxter."

(Editor's Note: Right now it's spring in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Peru and the other countries of the southern hemisphere.)

Baxter "says sunfish can grow over 9 feet and weigh up to a ton." (See the Nelson, N.I. Daily Mail for October 21, 2004, "Nine-foot 'monster' washes ashore," page 1. Many thanks to Kirsty MacGregor for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: That's the second report UFO Roundup has received about an unusually cold spring in the southern hemisphere. The same was reported in South Africa a month ago.)


"The girl who wept stones--it sounds like something out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel. But, according to reports from Jharkand state in eastern India, it is all too real."

"A 15-year-old girl named Savitri has been admitted to hospital, suffering from tiny stones that emerge from the corners of her eyes. Doctors say they have never seen anything like it, and they cannot explain it."

"At the girl's village in Jharkand, they have only two explanations. Either she is possessed by an evil spirit. Or she is the reincarnation (avatara in Hindi-- J.T.) of a goddess."

"But for Savitri, the condition is anything but a blessing. Before the stones emerge, she suffers excruciating pain in her head. The stones emerge from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth, as well."

"'In some cases, stones have come out of the nose and the ears of some people,' said Dr. Ragha Shah, an ear, nose and throat specialist who has treated Savitri. 'But this is the first time I have ever heard of stones coming out of the eyes. Stones are formed due to the high level of calcium in the body, but they are generally found in the gall bladder and the kidneys.'"

"Savitri and her family are desperate for a cure. Her bedside at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science has been overrun by reporters, but her family said no one has been able to offer medical help." (See The Independent of UK for October 19, 2004, "Indian girl that weeps stones in plea for help." Many thanks to Robert Fischer and Mary Lou Jones-Drown for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: This is a little-known space-bending phenomenon which is rarely seen outside India. Madame Blavatsky made it known in the West. The Hindi name escapes me, but the Nineteenth Century Spiritualists used to call these things apports. The magazine Fortean Times reported a similar case in the 1980s involving a woman who complained about a cotton thread coming out of her eye.)


"A series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks rattled northern Japan on Saturday," October 23, 2004, "killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 700 as buildings crumbled, the Shinkansen (bullet train--J.T.) derailed and roadways were torn apart."

"At least 10 people were missing Saturday night. Throughout the region, electric, gas and telephone services were knocked out and water and sewage lines burst."

"The quakes, with the most powerful at magnitude 6.8" on the Richter scale "were spread over several hours and centered on Ojiya, a city 220 kilometers (160 miles) northwest of Tokyo."

"Once again, as with the last big earthquake, the Ladies of Shinjuku (tall skyscrapers in one district of Tokyo--J.T.) were dancing like Beyonce (Knowles)," Angela Tarohachi, UFO Roundup correspondent in Japan, reported.

"'I've never felt anything like it before,' said Yoichi Kato, the owner of a 7-Eleven store in Kashiwazaki, 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of the epicenter in Ojiya. 'It was so strong. I was too surprised to be scared.'"

"The first earthquake hit at 5:56 p.m. and was centered 20 kilometers (12 miles) beneath Earth's surface, (Japan's) Meteorological Agency reported. At least six more tremors hit over the following hours, including earthquakes of magnitude 6.2 and 5.9" on the Richter scale, the agency said.

"Eleven military helicopters fanned out to check the damage and help with rescue operations, the Meteorological Agency said."

"The quakes were centered in relatively rural areas. The government has estimated that about 7,000 people would die if such a powerful quake struck the metropolitan Tokyo region."

"The victims included a 34-year-old man who was struck by a falling wall as he fled his home in Tokamachi and a 55-year-old man buried by his concrete garage wall."

"Three other people--a two-month old baby and two women ages 70 and 65--died from the shock of the jolts."

"The quake killed 13 people and injured about 200" around Tokamachi, Japan's "Fire and Disaster Management Agency said."

"Two others were struck in a house buried by a landslide in Ojiya, and four people were missing in Nagaoka after two homes collapsed," Japan's national TV network NHK reported. "Telephone service to the area was cut and the deaths could not be confirmed with local officials."

(Editor's Comment: Talk about deja vu! This is almost identical to a scene in the 1957 Japanese monster movie, Rodan.)

"The Kyodo News put the injury total at more than 700, based on surveys of local hospitals. Hospitals overflowed with patients. Doctors were treating the wounded in hallways and reception areas."

"'There were four to five jolts so strong we couldn't keep standing without grabbing something like a desk,' Toshio Kasuga, an official in the town of Takayanagi, told Kyodo News."

"Elsewhere, about 280,000 homes lost power, officials told Japanese media."

"A major nuclear power plant operated by Tokyo Electric in Kashiwazaki was operating normally."

"Across Niigata Prefecture, 42,000 people evacuated to emergency shelters."

NHK "television footage from Ojiya showed overturned cars scattered about a 10-meter (33-foot) crater carved out of an uprooted highway."

"The jolt triggered an automatic safety device that temporarily halted train services. Railways officials said at least two trains, including a bullet train, derailed and some cars tipped over in Niigata Prefecture, but nobody appeared to be hurt."

"Since August (2004), Japan has been hit by one natural disaster after another," Angela added, "Less than two weeks ago, we had the strongest typhoon in more than a decade. The storm left 79 dead and a dozen people missing on Kyushu," Japan's large southern island." (See the Kyodo News for October 24, 2004, "Strong earthquakes strike northern Japan." Domo arigato to Angela Tarohachi for this news story.)


Listeners in Europe tuning in to a Finnish station on their short-wave radios were startled Sunday night, October 17, 2004, when they learned that the chatty south German voice on the air belonged to Adolf Hitler.

"A rare glimpse into Adolf Hitler's addiction to conversation was back 'by popular demand' in Finland."

"The Finnish Broadcasting Company aired a recording Sunday night" in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The 11-minute audio tape had "the Nazi leader talking to the commander of the Finnish defense forces," Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Freiherr (Baron) von Mannerheim.

"The tape was made during Hitler's surprise visit to Finland in 1942. At the time, Germany sided with Helsinki against the Soviet Union (1922-1991). The conversation took place in a railway car near the Russian border."

On June 4, 1942, Hitler and his chief of staff, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, made a surprise visit to Finland, to mark Marshal Mannerheim's seventy-fifth birthday. The meeting took place "in Mannerheim's special train in the middle of the woods at the airfield near Immola. First came the ceremonials--Hitler presented Mannerheim with the Great Golden Cross of the German Order of the Eagle-- followed by lunch. Then the main participants withdrew for a confidential meeting. For an hour and a half, Hitler ran through his usual account of the war for his almost entirely small silent audience of Mannerheim," Finnish president Risto Ryti and Field Marshal Keitel.

"I thought that voice sounded familiar," reported Verne Toivola, UFO Roundup's correspondent in Finland. "They've run bits and pieces of that tape before. But this was the first time they ever ran the tape in its entirety. Apparently, Hitler was recorded without his knowing about it. Finnish audiences wanted to hear the whole thing, from beginning to end.

"On the tape, a relaxed Hitler discusses the war, tanks, U-boats, weaponry and 'moral issues.'"

At one point, Hitler made an oblique reference to Antarctica, Verne reported.

Ryti: "Can we look forward to troop reductions on the Arctic front in the near future?"

Hitler: "You can depend upon it. Once St. Petersburg (then called Leningrad--J.T.) falls, there will be no further need for such large forces beyond the Arctic Circle. The Reich has greater need for them elsewhere. Do not be surprised if these troops, trained as they are for winter warfare, are deployed to the far south."

And, in a discussion of German U-boats:

Hitler: "By next year (1943) we plan to introduce newer, heavier U-boats, at least twice the size of the current operational model, and capable of reaching a depth of about 200 fathoms (1,200 feet or 360 meters--J.T.). These U-boats will have the capability of remaining submerged for their entire cruise. In short order, we will soon be operating off the shores of Antarctica."

"I thought that would interest you," Verne added. (Editor's Comment: It does. But oblique references to Antarctica are not confirmation of an "Antarctic Reich." Nowhere on the tape did Hitler talk about the Neuschwabenland expedition of 1938-1939 or Station 211.)

Reader Martin Scharbert confirmed that the Finnish broadcast was heard in his country, the Czech Republic, as well. (See Verkkouutiset for October 18, 2004, "Rare Hitler recording aired in Finland." Many thanks to Verne Toivola for this news story.)


"A joint Syrian-French archaeological mission has discovered an early Bronze Age city that dates to the third millenium (3,000) B.C."

"The city, discovered 210 kilometers (130 miles) northwest of Damascus," Syria's capital, "includes a temple that combines a huge hall with two towers and a small room on either side, according to Syria's SANA news agency."

"Archaeologists also found stone plows, indicating that the ancient society was agricultural."

"Many relics of early human life have been discovered in Syria" in recent years, particularly in the area around the Nhar al-Khabur river valley, west of Al-Hasakah.

"Last month (September 2004), axes dating back 40,000 years were uncovered in the northwest."

"In 1999, an archaeological mission unearthed a city dating to 4,000 B.C." located "704 kilometers (440 miles) northeast of Damascus." (See USA Today for October 19, 2004, "Early Bronze Age city found in Syria," page 6D.)


"A high school student whose tip about a planned Columbine-style massacre landed his friend in jail was arrested Monday," October 18, 2004, "and charged with being a conspirator in the plot."

"Joseph Nee, 18, a senior at Marshfield (Massachusetts) High School whose father heads the main Boston police union, pleaded innocent to conspiracy to commit mass murder and promotion of anarchy. He was ordered held without bail pending a hearing Thursday."

"Nee's tip to police had led to the September 17 (2004) arrest of his friend, 16-year-old Tobin Kerns."

"Acting on information from Nee and two other unnamed witnesses, police said they had uncovered evidence of a plan to carry out an attack on the sixth anniversary of the Columbine shootings" in April 2005.

"Further investigation revealed that Nee was part of the plot and that he understated his role when he contacted police, prosecutor John McLaughlin said."

"'There is physical evidence here of more than just a high school kid looking to get back at the people who tormented him,' McLaughlin said."

"Nee's attorney, Eric Goldman, said there was no evidence linking him to the plot."

"'Mr. Nee is certainly guilty of being a distraught teenager...but he was the informant,' Goldman said."

"Outside court, a tearful Thomas Nee said he was 'embarrassed by the allegations' but proud of his son for coming forward."

"'I don't care what kids talk about, as long as they don't act it out,' said Nee, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association. 'I'm just thankful for one thing, that there's been no tragedy, there's been nobody hurt.'"

"According to court documents, Nee had told Kerns he knew how to make a Napalm-like explosive."

"A search of the woods near Kerns' home found evidence that an explosive had been detonated there, police said."

"Investigators said they also recovered diagrams of the school, including plans for which exits should be padlocked to prevent escape."

"Kerns has pleaded innocent to promotion of anarchy and attempted murder and is being held without bail."

"Kerns' father has said his son was framed by Nee following a dispute over a girl. The two boys were part of a group of four students who called themselves NBK, for Natural Born Killers, after the movie about a couple who go on a killing spree."

"During the Columbine attack on April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed a teacher and 12 of their classmates" at their Colorado high school and "then killed themselves."

Marshfield, Mass. (population 4,246) is on Routes 3A and 139 about 30 miles (48 kilometers) south-southeast of Boston. (See USA Today for October 19, 2004, "High school informant charged as conspirator in alleged plot he foiled," page 2A.)

From the UFO Files...


One of the key figures of Twentieth Century ufology passed away in New Hampshire last week. Betty Hill succumbed to cancer at her home on Monday, October 18, 2004. She was 85.

Born in 1919, Betty was a 41-year-old housewife in Portsmouth, N.H. when she had her UFO experience, which opened the door to the phenomenon we know call "alien abduction."

Betty and her husband were living in Portsmouth in September 1961. Barney Hill, 39, "worked as a mail-sorter in Boston, commuting the 120-mile (193-kilometer) round trip each day. Betty was a social worker for the state of New Hampshire. Both were very active in civil rights campaigning and were on their church's United Nations Committee."

(Editor's Note: Liberal churches in the USA formed these committees to combat the right-wing John Birch Society. During the early 1960s, the JBS organized local committees called TRAIN--To Restore American Independence Now--which lobbied for the USA's withdrawal from the United Nations.)

"In mid-September 1961," Betty and Barney "drove to Canada for a short break from their hectic schedule. The weather reports spoke of a hurricane moving along the (USA's) East Coast. They decided on an all-night drive home to avoid the impending storm."

At 9 p.m. on September 19, 1961, the Hills "had dinner in Colebrook, N.H. and then continued their journey southbound on U.S. Highway 3."

At a place called Indian Head, "near Lancaster, N.H., just west of the White Mountains, Betty noticed a bright light near the moon, and getting brighter. However, the light didn't go away, and they stopped their car to see it better."

"Looking through binoculars, Barney thought it was an aircraft (he was an avid 'plane watcher'--P.B.) and suggested various types it might be. They drove on slowly, but now the light seemed to be closer."

"Betty looked through the binoculars and said she could see a huge craft with a double row of windows. They stopped again. Barney took the binoculars and walked towards the light, which had dropped to tree height, until he was only 50 feet (15 meters) from it."

"Through binoculars he now saw an object 'like a big pancake' with a row of windows; 'at least a dozen' occupants, dressed in Nazi-style (black) uniforms, were visible. Suddenly, irrationally convinced he was about to be captured, he fled back to the car in terror."

"Later, the couple heard two sets of beeping sounds as they drove home. They reached Portsmouth in daylight, having taken seven hours to cover the last 180 miles (300 kilometers) of their trip."

"Betty reported the sighting to Pease Air Force Base" in New Hampshire. Curiously, the very same night, USAF airmen operating the tower radar at Pease "confirmed that radar had shown an 'unknown' in the air at the time the Hills had had their encounter."

Betty also "began avidly to read all she could about UFOs; within a week she reported their experience to NICAP (National Investigating Committee for Aerial Phenomena, the forerunner of today's MUFON--J.T.)."

"From 29 September to 3 October (1961) she had a series of nightmares in which she saw a group of humanoids blocking U.S. (Highway) 3; she and Barney were then led aboard the UFO they had seen, and they were medically examined."

"In late October (1961), in a session with NICAP investigators, Barney realized that the journey from Colebrook had taken two hours longer than it should have done. There seemed to be 'missing time' after the UFO sighting."

"Barney began to suffer from ulcers, high blood pressure and exhaustion from his grueling commuting and developed a ring of warts around his groin. He had psychiatric treatment for a year from summer 1962 and eventually asked his therapist to arrange regressive to settle the question of what had really happened on 19 September 1961. He began hypnosis with Dr. Benjamin Simon of Boston in December 1963 and was soon joined by Betty."

Like her husband, Betty "told approximately the same story under hypnosis. They had been roadblocked by humanoids with large eyes, no nose, and slitted, lipless mouths. Once on board the UFO, each was given a medical examination. A long needle was inserted into Betty's navel; she was told this was a pregnancy test. Barney had a circular instrument applied to his groin."

"After her examination, Betty was shown a star map with no legend on it." The female alien pointed out her home star system and then pointed to Earth's sun, which appeared to be "out in the boonies," well off the established star trade routes. Betty was "told she would not remember the experience."

(Editor's Note: And indeed she didn't. It was not until Betty began her hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Simon in 1964 that she began to remember.)

Betty's "star map" proved to be the most controversial point in the Hill case.
"Ohio schoolteacher Margaret Fish used beads of a string to construct configurations of the stars shown in the map Betty Hill remembered being shown by the aliens, and found a pattern indicating that they had come from Zeta Reticuli, about 3.7 light years (21.8 trillion miles-- J.T.) from Earth. Charles W. Atterberg of Florida did much the same thing--and found a totally different set of stars. Then astronomers Carl Sagan and Steven Soter used computers to check the positions of the 15 stars that Margaret Fish had said matched Betty's map. This produced a configuration that bore 'little similarity' to the Hill star map."

Yet, over the years, the abducting aliens, often called Greys, have come to be known as Zeta Reticulans.

Dr. Simon, one of Boston's most prestigious physicians and a thoroughgoing materialist, "noted that Betty's account under hypnosis precisely matched the content of her dreams and concluded that the Hills had had an imaginary experience caused by fear after a genuine close encounter with a UFO."

Dr. Simon wrote: "Hypnosis is the pathway to the Truth as it is felt and understood by the patient. The Truth is what he believes to be the truth, and this may or may not be consonant with the ultimate non-personal truth."

Still plagued by ill-health, Barney died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1969. Betty remained a resident of New Hampshire for the following 35 years. "Betty Hill continued to believe in the reality of her abduction." During interviews from the 1970s to the 1990s, Betty admitted that she had had occasional visual encounters with UFOs, but she would not say if she had had meetings with extraterrestrials since that fatal day in September 1961.

Betty Hill now knows the answer to the continuing UFO mystery. (See the book UFO: The Complete Sightings by Peter Brookesmith, Barnes & Noble Books, 1995, pages 74 and 75.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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