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Volume 9
Number 47
November 24, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Hard on the heels of the mysterious MiG-21 crash in the desert west of Bikaner came two sightings of very large triangular UFOs in India.

On Friday, November 5, 2004, employees at the Bhadha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Trombay, a suburb of Mumbai, India's largest city, saw a bright light beyond the windows of the plant's Cirrus 40-megawatt heavy water reactor building. When they went outdoors, into the parking lot, they saw "a large triangular UFO hovering silently" overhead.

The UFO then flew slowly over the plant grounds and hovered above the building containing BARC's Dhruva 100- megawatt heavy water reactor. The object remained in view "for several minutes, making no noise," before it retreated in a northwesterly direction.

"We think it may have been heading back to the Himalayas," Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, UFO Roundup correspondent in India, reported.

The BARC plant was built in 1957 by Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and named in honor of Homi Bhadha, India's leading nuclear scientist. Canada provided the Cirrus reactor in 1960, and India installed the Dhruva 100-megawatt reactor in 1985.

That same Friday, "Swarooj R., a 21-year-old student at the Bangalore Medical College, woke up early in the morning at 5 a.m. After brushing his teeth, he sat in front of his computer and read some (email) messages sent to him."

"After doing this, he went outside onto his terrace at around 5:45 a.m. to water some plants. While doing so, he looked up in the sky to see if he could see some stars, but it was a cloudy morning."

"But, in the corner of his eye, he noticed some movement. He noticed a large V-shaped or boomerang-shaped object in the sky, which he observed for 10 seconds. It was black with circular lights emanating from vents underneath. When it was first spotted, it was about 60 degrees above the western horizon."

"Swarooj said the craft looked a lot like the crafts he'd seen on the Discovery and History Channels. He also described it as 'like a B-2 Stealth bomber, but with yellow lights underneath and about the size of a Boeing 747 and moving at around the same speed as an average jet.'"

"Swarooj adds that until then he was always sceptical of UFOs and, even though he knows that what he was was out of the ordinary, he still is not sure if he should believe in alien beings."

He knows that "what he saw was too big to be a B-2 bomber and also wonders what a B-2 bomber would be doing over Bangalore."

Mumbai (formerly Bombay--J.T.) is on the Arabian Sea 700 kilometers (420 miles) south-southwest of New Delhi, India's capital. Bangalore is 500 kilometers (300 miles) southeast of Mumbai. (Many thanks to Prashant Solomon of UFO India, Daniel Wilson and Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda for these news stories.)


"About ten people sighted an unusual phenomenon in the sky" near the French sity of Soissons on Sunday, November 7, 2004.

"Two of them gave evidence: Micheline Blanchard lives in Venizel with her daughter, Romane. Mme. Blanchard reported, 'I was in my garden, collecting my linen (from the clothesline--J.T.). It was between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. My daughter told me to look in the sky. We saw several big incandescent fragments, red-orange, going from west to east. There was one very big one ahead and smaller ones behind. I thought at once about a plane falling to pieces while flying. The sky was clear. It was a dark night in my garden. I had time to study it for a few seconds, and it was less furtive than a shooting star, and I had time to think about what it could be. I did not see any trail.'"

"'It followed a curve downward on the arc of a circle. It seemed very low and large. Romane and I, who have a scientific mind--we are quite sure it was a meteorite. The phenomenon disappeared out of our field of vision and seemed to fall toward Acy or the Rochette industrial district.'"

"Benoit Verdun of Longpont was driving on the Route Nationale 2 (RN-2) in the direction of Laon. Near Laffaux he saw the phenomenon. 'It was dark. It was about 7 p.m. when I saw several brilliant points going towards Soissons. The speed did not match that of a jetliner but was more like a jet interceptor. It was like a squadron of four to five red or orange points, very close to each other, which followed the same speed and trajectory and flew horizontal to the RN-2. That lasted for several seconds, before ending in a sheaf of fireworks, slightly downward.'"

"Jean-Paul Tassin, president of the Soissons Astronomical Association, refuted the idea of a satellite leaving its orbit. 'They are followed by radar, and we would have been warned.'"

"The brilliant effects of the early evening could have been made by planes at high altitude which would receive the last beams of the sun and which could reflect them."

Soissons is a city in France's department (state) of Aisne, located 110 kilometers (66 miles) northeast of Paris. (See the Agence France Presse news story for November 8, 2004, "Mystery about incandescent objects in the sky." Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour cette article de journal.)


On Thursday, October 14, 2004, at 10 p.m., Mark A. was driving about four miles (7 kilometers) west of Cardiff, South Wales, UK when he had a most unusual encounter.

"I was driving along a fairly busy road heading west just outside of Cardiff city," Mark reported, "Something caught my eye, so I pulled over. I also noticed that other people, about 15 other drivers, had done the same and were now outside their vehicles looking up at what I just couldn't believe. At about 3,000 feet (900 meters) was the largest flying object that I have ever seen. Something like, say, the new Airbus A380, not yet in service, or a Boeing 747, that would have been dwarfed by it. The crazy thing was--absolute silence!"

"We stood dumbstruck as this thing moved slowly through the air almost directly above us. There was also complete silence from everyone observing this amazing event from the roadside. Other drivers were now stopping, and people were getting out of their cars to take a look."

"I am a pilot and have a fairly good idea of how motions of normal aircraft can 'trick' people into seeing a UFO. This was in no way normal. There is an international airport located about four miles (7 kilometers) west of the sighting site. My next move was to telephone the Control tower at the airport and ask if anything unusual had just taken off. Air traffic control said that a (Boeing) 737 had just departed a few minutes ago. This object was too big and too silent to be a 737. I then asked if they had anything on radar. 'Nothing,' they said."

Mark then called the Cardiff RAF base. "Again, 'nothing.' This thing was almost the size of a very large container ship. It didn't have any visible wings or any other way of showing how it could stay in the air. If I saw it on the ground, I would bet money that it was not able to fly."

"The weather was good with ten miles' (16 kilometers') visibility. There were light clouds at 500 feet (150 meters) and very light winds. I watched this object keep the same speed and height (altitude) and then it passed behind some mountains to the northeast of Cardiff."

Two days later, on Saturday, October 16, 2004, Mark added, "I saw a friend and told him about the sighting. He was almost speechless when I started to describe the same thing that he had seen moments after me. He had been out with a girl friend and was driving home when she spotted the object from her passenger seat. They both got out of the car, along with the other road users who had stopped their cars. Almost a reconstruction of what had happened five minutes ago (earlier, with Mark--J.T.), only it was happening now to the northeast of Cardiff city. His account is identical to mine in the size and height of the object, speed (about 50 knots--M.A.). I would love to know what I and everyone else that night had seen." (Email Form Report)


On Monday, November 1, 2004, at 6:20 p.m., eyewitness O.U., an Italian citizen residing in the Canary Islands (owned by Spain--J.T.), was interrupted by his secretary, who pleaded with him to come quickly to the window.

"My name is O.U., and I live and work on Lanzarote (easternmost island in the group--J.T.)" the witness reported, "Only a few minutes ago, my secretary stepped out of the office and saw a strange sphere with a luminous orange surface" flying above the buildings of downtown Arrecife "and called me outside to see it."

"The event lasted less than one minute. Another object in the sky, with a long orange tail, followed in an even higher trajectory. An airliner in flames? I wondered. I don't think so, and nothing was said on TV. A meteorite? It could be, but the trajectory of the object flying above that fast does not lend credit to this theory."

The Canary Islands (Islas Canarinas en espanol--J.T.) are in the Atlantic Ocean about 200 kilometers (120 miles) west of Morocco. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Frederico Dezi de UFO Italia para esta historia.)


"Darkness at noon" caused an uproar among thousands of people living in China's Liaoning province on Thursday, November 11, 2004.

"Day turned to night across Shenyang when a freak cloud formation 8,000 meters (26,400 feet) deep (thick) blanketed the northeastern city."

"For over half an hour, noon was as black as midnight. Cars, buses and lorries (trucks in the USA-- J.T.)" turned on their headlights and "helped somewhat to break up the darkness."

"Tremendous lightning flashes accompanied the phenomenon."

"Convergence of two cloud fronts formed the 8,000- meter-thick cloud overcast."

"With the sky and sun effectively blotted out, visibility was reduced to near zero, according to an expert from the provincial capital's meteorological bureau."

"The marvelous spectacle was also sighted in many other areas of Liaoning province and lasted for over half an hour in some places, he said."

"The meterologist warned that temperatures are likely to plummet in the coming days." (See China Daily for November 12, 2004, "Noon turns to night as cloud blocks out sun." Many thanks to Michael Strainic for this newspaper article.)


On Friday, November 12, 2004, at 6:30 a.m., eyewitness John Burns reported, "I was heading toward Shelton Street in Santa Ana, California (population 337,977), trying to get to work when I saw a bright light in the sky. It was over the Santa Ana Zoo. I was trying to get to the freeway. It was really bright, brighter than a star. It just caught my attention."

"When I got close to it, there was a police helicopter in front of it, just sitting there observing it. It's strange to see something like that this early in the morning. I want to know what the object was."

"When I got closer to it, it was as if it looked like a triangle-shaped object. Can someone please help me? If I'd had my digital camera, I could have gotten a picture of it, but unfortunately I didn't have it."

Santa Ana is on Highway 241 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles. (Email Form Report)


On Monday, November 8, 2004, at 1 a.m., eyewitness Joseph Campbell reported, "I was enjoying the night air as I usually do every night from my patio, which faces the southeast" in Scottsdale, Arizona (population 202,705). "It's in the middle of a rather dark golf course. I was just sitting there and saw two very huge and very bright lights appear in the distance, which did not move at all."

"All of a sudden, another light appeared, which formed a perfect triangle (with the other two--J.T.). I watched and, after ten minutes, all three disappeared simultaneously. They were the biggest and brightest lights I have ever seen in the sky. I am 44 years old and enjoyed that for all of the 15 seconds or so that I watched it. Thanks for taking my comments."

Scottsdale is on Arizona Highway 101 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Phoenix. (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, November 11, 2004, at 9:54 p.m., eyewitness Steven Biars reported, "I attend evening classes at my local college, and, as I was driving home from class, I saw a bright light that appeared out of nowhere in the sky" over West Portsmouth, Ohio (population 3,458).

"It started out the size of a golf ball, appearing in the northeast (as if there was an illuminated golf ball right outside my vehicle--S.B.). It was clearly much larger than a star."

"The object originally swelled to several times its initial size, as if going from the size of a grape to the size of a grapefruit. Immediately after it swelled, it disappeared completely."

"A friend of mine saw several weird red lights in the sky a few days later. There have definitely been some strange things happening in the sky here."

"I estimate that the object was 700 to 800 feet (210 to 240 meters) up in the sky and 150 feet (45 meters) wide. I'm basing the altitude estimate on model rockets that I've launched. The object swelled and disappeared over the course of roughly ten seconds. It was almost like an explosion of white light."

West Portsmouth is on Ohio Route 73, just down the Ohio River from Huntington, West Virginia. (Email Form Report)


"Swedish monster hunter Jan-Ove Sundberg believes he may have crowned several years of searching for Norway's legendary serpent in Lake Seljord by catching the beast on film, the (Norwegian) newspaper Varden reported."

"The Swede got the exciting footage on the last day of this year's expedition to the lake near Telemark (Norway). At first Sundberg thought he saw a buoy in the water, but was surprised when he focused more clearly on the object."

"'I have filmed either a gnarled head or the upper part of a hump complete with serrations,' Sundberg told the newspaper."

"'The others didn't get a chance to see what I saw because suddenly it was gone. So it couldn't have been a buoy. Ducks can dive but they come back up. This didn't, so I don't understand what it could have been except for a sea serpent,' Sundberg said."

"Sundberg has interviewed locals to get an impression of what they believe the serpent, affectionately known as 'Selma,' is supposed to look like. Sundberg films rocks, sunken logs and other objects in the water in order to identify possible misidentifications."

"The expedition leader said he saw something 30 to 40 centimeters long, black with a possible tinge of red and white. Sundberg made a similar sighting four years ago and chose not to publish the photo due to its poor quality. Now these two (video) recordings will be compared."

"Sundberg is already planning his return trip to Lake Seljord next year. The Swede's projects regularly attract attention and often controversy." (See the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten for November 17, 2004, "Seljord serpent filmed?" Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


"When Jennifer Ward drives through the Green Swamp these days, she makes sure she has a camera in her car. She hopes she'll get the chance to capture for others an image already seared in her memory, and she knows only a picture will persuade others that she really did see something bizarre a few months ago."

"'I've heard about Bigfoot and stuff,' Ward says, 'I didn't really think it existed, but I'm convinced now.'"

"Ward, 30, was driving on Moore Road in northern Polk County," near Lakeland, Florida (population 78,452), "a few days after Hurricane Charley's passage through the area when she glanced to her left and saw something she says has haunted her ever since. She describes it as a creature with a human form that was covered with dark hair or fur and had whitish rings around its eyes."

"Ward says the mysterious animal stood erect in a drainage ditch along the road, and she estimates its height at 8 feet (2.4 meters). Based on her description, it might have been foraging in the ditch when she surprised it."

"'It looked like it was doing something; it was focused on something,' Ward says, 'Whenever it saw me, it probably took on the facial expression I had on because I was dumbfounded. It just watched me as I drove by.'"

"Asked if it might have been a bear, she replied, 'No chance at all.'"

"Ward says she didn't stop because her two daughters were sleeping in the back seat, and she feared the animal might attack her Toyota 4-Runner if given the chance. She went back to the scene later to search for hair or footprints, but she didn't find any conclusive evidence."

"Since the fleeting observation, Ward has obsessively tried to convey to others what she saw. She has filled a drawing pad with sketches of the animal, though she says she lacks the skill to depict it precisely."

"'I can't seem to get it off my mind,' Ward says, 'I hope to see it again some time.'"

"Ward doesn't seem surprised that others, including family members and friends, have received her story dubiously. She says her daughters make jokes about the sighting even as they tell her they believe her."

"Ward's husband, Richard Furnari, an amateur archaeologist who has accumulated bones of prehistoric animals, would like more evidence to support his wife's claim."

"'She swears to it,' Furnari says, 'I was skeptical at first, but...I'm certain she saw something. I don't know what.'"

"Ward found an enthusiastic ally in Scott Marlowe, an archaeologist and instructor at the Pangea Institute, an educational entity based in Winter Haven, Fla.
Marlowe already knew Furnari, who donated a collection of fossils to the Pangea Institute earlier this year."

"Marlowe has long been interested in cryptozoology, the study of legendary or unconfirmed species. Upon hearing of Ward's experience, he told her about a long- rumored creature known locally as the Florida swamp ape or the Florida skunk ape."

"Reported sightings of swamp apes have been growing for years, and in 2000 someone anonymously mailed photos to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office purportedly of the creature, taken in the Myakka River area."

"But Ward says the pictures and other sketches Marlowe showed her didn't match the animal she saw."

"Marlowe, for his part, suspects some swamp ape sightings include escaped or released orangutans."

"Marlowe will teach a class in cryptozoology for Florida Keys Community College next year. He says he would welcome any confirmation of Ward's claim."

"'At this point, there's been a single sighting,' Marlowe says, 'I would be really interested to hear from anybody (else) who had a sighting of this. One of the things I will be doing with my class next summer is taking them out on a field study where we actually try to go after a cryptid (unrecognized) animal.'" (See the Lakeland, Fla. Ledger for November 14, 2004, "Our own Loch Ness Monster?" Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


"There have been several reports of missing pets in parts of Coventry, Rhode Island (population 8,600), and one of them has turned up dead. The dog was found shot to death in western Coventry on Lionel Pierson Road."

"Coventry police said this is a serious crime and a serious problem in Coventry. They have been investigating ever since last night (Sunday, November 14, 2004) after a neighbor, Regina Denson, called the police. Denson's dog had been missing since last Saturday," November 13, 2004.

"When Denson heard the news that a neighbor's dog was shot, she followed the dog's footprints in the area where he was found. This led to a man's house, whom police are questioning. They say the man has livestock."

"'There is a law that if dogs are attacking or assaulting or killing livestock, then the owner of the livestock has the right to shoot the dog to protect his property,' said Capt. Cheryl Fay of the Coventry Police Department. 'At this point, we don't know if that's the case.'"

"Police said that charges will be filed if the person or persons are found."

The sudden rash of dog disappearances comes on the thirty-first anniversary of a similar baffling event in Coventry and neighboring towns in Connecticut.

In his book Weird America, author Jim Brandon wrote, "Around Christmastime 1973, there was a series of thefts or disappearances of 24 collie dogs" in the Summit and Greene sections of Coventry and across the state line in Voluntown and Sterling, Connecticut. "A dog warden said that seven or eight Rhode Island residents also had reported dogs stolen in the same period."

"The Greene section of Coventry, right on the Connecticut line, is one of the hottest paranormal spots in Rhode Island," said UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor. "It was originally known as Coffin's Corner and has one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the Ocean State. Moosup Valley, two miles to the north, was the birthplace of the notorious occultist Whipple Van Buren Phillips, the maternal grandfather of H.P. Lovecraft. Seven miles to the southeast is Nooseneck Hill, the site of the Mercy L. Bowen vampire case of 1892, which gets a prominent mention in Lovecraft's story 'The Shunned House.' Just across the state line, at Anton Wagner's farm in Sterling, Connecticut, frogs fell from the sky during a massive thunderstorm on July 31, 1921--a case that was covered by Charles Fort. There have been UFO sightings in Greene dating back to 1909. I myself was there on several occasions during May 1997 to investigate reports of black helicopters."

Greene is on Route 117 in Coventry, located 22 miles (35 kilometers) west-southwest of Providence, the state capital. (See WJAR-TV Channel 10 News for November 15, 2004, "Several missing pets reported in Coventry." See also Weird America by Jim Brandon, E.P. Dutton inc., 1978, page 55. Many thanks to Mary-Lou Jones Drown for this news story.)


They call it "Tragedy Square," and last week, Lafayette Square, on the north side of the White House in Washington, D.C. certainly lived up to the name.

And it may be the strangest manifestation yet of the Fayette Factor.

"A man set himself afire Monday," November 15, 2004, "just outside the White House and reportedly yelled, 'Allah! Allah!' after Secret Service officers put out the flames and one of them held him facedown on the sidewalk."

"Alan Etter, spokesman for the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services, said guards at the gate quickly extinguished the flames, and the man had second and third degree burns on about 30 percent of his body."

"The man had burns to the head, back, arms and face but was conscious when medics took him to Washington Hospital Center, Etter said."

"'I can confirm that there was an ignitable liquid present on the scene,' Etter said."

"White House doctors joined uniformed Secret Service personnel in administering first aid with the emergency service technicians. They transported the 52-year-old man, who was not identified, to the Burn Unit of Washington Health Center."

"Lorie Lewis, a Secret Service spokeswoman, said the man 'set himself on fire on Pennsylvania Avenue on the north side of the White House complex.'"

"That stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue was recently reopened to pedestrians after being closed for security."

"Witnesses reported hearing screams and seeing a man in flames. The man's right trouser leg was burned."

"Afterward, he lay on the sidewalk about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters) from his partially-burned raincoat, attache case and various papers. A fire extinguisher was there, as well. Secret Service personnel confiscated the man's items."

"A Florida couple with a video camera taped the incident. John and Beverly Beers, tourists from Palm Beach, Fla., say they turned the tape over to the Secret Service. Authorities also interviewed the couple in Lafayette Park."

"Jim Clarke of Burke, Va. was walking his dog when the incident occurred. He said Secret Service agents acted quickly and used an extinguisher to put out the fire."

A couple of days later, it was revealed that the "man who set himself on fire in front of the White House this week was a key witness against a sheik accused of funnelling millions of dollars to Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, defense lawyers said Tuesday," November 16, 2004.

"Defense attorneys said Mohamed Alassi is a confidential informant central to the prosecution of Sheik Ali Hassan al-Moayad, a leading member of an Islamic- oriented party in Yemen who is awaiting trial in in federal court in New York. He and his assistant allegedly conspired to provide material support to Osama Bin Laden and the Hamas." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for November 17, 2004, "Terorism case dealt a blow." Many thanks to Loren Coleman for this news story.)


"Since Sept. 11 (2001), the nation's attention has been focused on possible threats from Islamic terrorists. But homegrown terrorists have been steadily plotting and carrying out attacks in unrelated incidents across the nation, according to federal authorities and two organizations that monitor hate groups."

"None of the incidents over the past few years matched the devastation of 9/11 or even the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, which killed 168 and remains the deadliest act of terrorism against the nation by a U.S. citizen."

"But some of the alleged domestic terrorists who have been arrested had ambitious plans. The people and groups range from white supremacists, anti-government types and militia members to eco-terrorists and people who hate corporations. They include violent anti-abortionists and black and brown nationalists who envision a separate state for blacks and Latinos. And they have been busy."

"'Not a lot of attention is being paid to this, because everybody is concerned about the guy in the turban. But there are still plenty of angry, Midwestern white guys out there,' says U.S. Marshals Service chief inspector Geoff Shank."

"Shank, who is based in the Chicago area, says the concerns about domestic terrorism range from anti-abortion extremists who threaten to attack clinics and doctors to some violent biker gangs that may be involved in organized crime. And the FBI said in June (2004) that eco- terrorism--acts of violence, sabotage or property damage motivated by concern for animals or the environment--was the nation's top domestic terrorism threat."

"Shank, whose unit mainly searches for fugitives, including some wanted on domestic terrorism charges, led the manhunt for Clayton Lee Waagner of Kennerdell, Pa. Waagner was convicted in December (2003) of mailing hundreds of threat letters containing bogus anthrax to abortion clinics in 24 states. During his trial in Philadelphia, prosecutors documented Waagner's ties to the Army of God, an extremist group that believes violence against abortion providers is an acceptable way to end abortion."

"'There's been a very, very heavy focus nationally on foreign terrorism since 9/11,' says Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., which has tracked hate groups since 1971. 'The reality is that, meanwhile, domestic terrorism has hummed along at quite a steady clip. It...still poses a serious threat.'"

"Among the incidents since 9/11:"

"Last month (October 2004) in Tennessee, the FBI arrested a man who agents say hated the federal (USA) government and was attempting to acquire chemical weapons and explosives to blow up a government building. Demetrius 'Van' Crocker, 39, of McKenzie, Tenn. (population 5,295) pleaded not guilty November 5 (2004). His attorney, public defender Stephen Shankman, did not return calls."

"In May (2004), William Krar, 63, of Noonday, Texas was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison after he stockpiled enough sodium cyanide to kill everyone inside a 30,000-square-foot building. Krar, described by federal prosecutors, as a white supremacist also had nine machine guns, 67 sticks of explosive and more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition. Investigators and the federal prosecutor said they didn't know what Krar intended to with the potentially deadly chemicals."

"Krar's common-law wife, Judith Bruey, 55, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess illegal weapons and was sentenced to nearly five years."

"During the 1990s, anti-government groups sprang up all over the country, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, which was founded in 1913 to combat anti-Semitism and now monitors hate groups. Many formed militias to prepare for large- scale resistance to the government, which the groups blamed for the Randy Weaver siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and the Branch Davidian confrontation in Waco, Texas in 1993."

(Editor's Comment: Some Americans of the right-wing persuasion believe that the SPLC and ADL are intelligence assets of the State of Israel.)

"Many of these group members believed the federal government was secretly setting up concentration camps for dissident Americans and was planning a takeover of the United States by United Nations troops as part of a 'new world order.' Many also said that mysterious black helicopters were conducting surveillance in the West, according to the ADL."

"'The 'black helicopter' crowd is still out there,' says Wisconsin federal prosecutor Tim O'Shea, referring to extremists who distrust and abhor the federal government."

"Potok says the Southern Poverty Law Center identified 751 hate groups last year, a six percent increase over the 708 organizations it counted in 2002."

"Mark Pitcavage, director of fact-finding for the Anti-Defamation League, says incidents of domestic terrorism often don't get much media coverage beyond the local areas where they occur. He says he was surprised that the Krar case did not get wider attention. 'This was the only case in U.S. history where we had a person in the U.S. building an actual chemical weapon,' he says."

"He cites two other cases. In 1997, militia members gathered in central Texas allaegedly to plan to attack a military base on Independence Day. They were arrested the morning of July 4 (1997) near Fort Hood. Three years later, he says, three heavily-armed people described by federal investigators as anti-government extremists shot down a California Highway Patrol helicopter near the California-Nevada border during a standoff with police."

"Potok, director of the center's Intelligence Project, which monitors hate groups, says, 'I don't mean to minimize the work of groups with ties to Al-Qaeda. Obviously, there's a huge external threat as well. But, there's a tendency to want to externalize the threat and say the people who want to hurt us don't look like us, don't worship the same god and don't have the same skin color."

"Earlier this year, the National District Attorneys Association, which has about 7,000 members, held a first- ever conference on domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C. to help local prosecutors identify potential terrorist groups."

"'It was very well received,' says the association's vice president, Robert Honecker, a prosecutor in Monmouth County, N.J. 'They were appreciative of getting the information and the knowledge so they would be prepared should something happen in their jurisdiction.'"

"Some of the alleged efforts by domestic terrorists are chilling."

"According to an FBI affidavit in the Tennessee case, Crocker had inquired last spring about where he could obtain nuclear waste or nuclear materials. An informant told the FBI that Crocker, who had 'absolute hatred' for the government, wanted 'to build a bomb to be detonated at a government building, particularly a courthouse, either federal or state.'"

"In September (2004), according to the affidavit, Crocker told an undercover FBI agent 'it would be a good thing if somebody could detonate a weapon of mass destruction in Washington, D.C.' while both houses of Congress 'were in session.' Crocker allegedly told the agent he admired Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. He said 'establishing a concentration camp for Jewish insurance executives would be a desirable endeavor.'"

"Crocker later bought what he thought was Sarin nerve gas and a block of C-4 explosive from the undercover agent, the affidavit says."

"Authorities arrested Crocker last month (October 2004, during the FBI sweep--J.T.) Pitcavage of the Anti- Defamation League says such arrests thwart possible attacks and show that U.S. law enforcement is effectively fighting domestic terrorism."

"'One of the measures of this is that the number of people arrested for (plotting) terrorist acts is far greater than the number of people arrested for carrying out such attacks. So we're arresting them before they can carry out these acts, which is very important. 9/11 raised awareness generally among law enforcement.'" (See USA Today for November 15, 2004, "Domestic terrorism: New trouble at home," page 1A and "Texas man had enough cyanide to kill everyone in a high school gym," page 2A.)

(Editor's Comment: It seems obvious to me what the Israelis are trying to do here. They hate Jesus Christ and people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. They can't do anything about it here in the USA because of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. So they try to work around that by declaring born-again Christians, ufologists, Forteans, paranormal researchers and anti-New World Order types "terrorists" and then using newspaper articles like the above to stir up law enforcement against them.)


"In an echo of the biblical plagues, millions of locusts swarmed into northern Egypt on Wednesday," November 17, 2004, "for the first time in 50 years, prompting authorities to order emergency pesticide spraying to protect the region's important agriculture industry."

"Clouds of the red insects, up to 2 and 3/4 inches (6.8 centimeters) long, flitted over Cairo. Others hopped around on rooftops. By evening, the skies were clear."

"Christian Pantenius, program coordinator of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Egypt, said the swarm was an offshoot of a serious locust infestation in West Africa that was blown by strong winds across the Sahara (desert). He said locusts were also spotted in Crete and Lebanon."

"The organization described the insect clouds as a 'medium density swarm of locusts numbering several million, if not a billion,' covering several square miles. It also said big locust outbreaks generally last for several years."

"Pantenius said it was the first time locusts in such numbers had hit the region around Cairo since the 1950s. Small numbers of the ravenous insects were spotted in Egypt during a locust plague that struck countries from eastern to western Africa in 1986-1989."

"He said the current swarm showed no sign of moving farther south along the agriculturally rich Nile River valley. He predicted the swarm would head southeast toward the Red Sea coast, which is an annual locust breeding ground from November to March."

"Locusts, which normally live two to six months, eat their weight--about 0.07 ounces--in crops every day. They can travel as much as 120 miles (200 kilometers) in a day. 'People are very afraid that it may cause damage to agricultural production, but to what extent the agricultural sector could be damaged is difficult to say,' Pantenius said."

Egypt's "Agriculture Minister Ahmed el-Leithy said the locusts appeared to pose no serious threat to Egypt's crops 'because the swarms are continuing to move and are not fully grown.'"

"But he said 50 percent pest eradication teams had been rushed out to spray pesticides in farm areas. Farmers without pesticides set smoky fires and made loud noises with machinery in the hopes of keeping locusts away from their fields."

"Huge swarms are still present in Mauritania and Niger. But the insects have also moved northward in search of food in the Maghreb region of North Africa." (See USA Today for November 18, 2004, "Swarms of locusts descend on Egypt," page 17A.)


"Artifacts found in a hillside along the Savannah River" in Allendale County, South Carolina, "indicate that modern humans inhabited North America as long as 50,000 years ago, a discovery that challenges long-held theories on the migration of our ancient ancestors."

"The find reported Wednesday," November 17, 2004, "by archaeologist Albert Goodyear of the University of South Carolina files in the face of the conventional scientific view that homo sapiens--with the same bone structure and brain size as today's people--moved into North America within the past 12,000 years. Until then, a 23,000-year- long Ice Age was thought to have blocked travel across Alaska's Bering Strait."

"'Fifty thousand years ago is mind-boggling. It challenges a lot of theories,' Archaeology magazine's Eric Powell says. 'All of our models of how humans migrated will have to be reconsidered if this holds up,' he says."

"Goodyear and his colleagues have been exploring the ancient flint quarry in Allendale County, S.C. since 1998, unearthing a hearth, flint blades and tool chips."

"The age estimate of the deepest artifacts is based on measures of radioactive carbon traces found in oak, conifer, buckeye and other plants buried alongside them."

"The report, awaiting publication and peer review in a scientific journal, is certain to be controversial among archaeologists because it means that the first people raced across the globe after migrating from Africa 100,000 years ago."

"North and South America had long been considered the last continents settled by humans, but the find suggests Asia was just a rest stop for humanity early on. Goodyear says the tools resemble those found in early human sites in Asia from about the same period."

"Recent evidence from sites in Chile and Oklahoma have suggested that modern humans inhabited the Americas as far back as 30,000 years ago. They are thought to have colonized Australia only 60,000 years ago and Europe about 45,000 years ago."

"'Man is a traveler, an explorer,' Goodyear says, 'In retrospect, it's almost absurd to insist that people could never get into North America before the last Ice Age.'"

"'The question is not the validity of the dates but what is being dated,' says archaeologist Tom Dillehay of Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee). Skeptics will likely argue that the simple flint blades are natural in origin."

"'At present, I don't think these new dates prove anything. It signals to us to keep the window of opportunity and possibility cautiously open,' Dillehay says."

"If proved, the dates still leave open the question of how people arrived in North America. A number of routes are possible:"

"A land bridge between Siberia and Alaska may have existed before the last Ice Age."

"Boats may have brought coastal fishermen island- hopping across the Bering Strait."

"Early Australians may have kept going east."

"The discovery will likely cause archaeologists to dig deeper at flint sites across the continent, Goodyear says. 'It may be we haven't found these before because we haven't been looking.'"

Commenting on the find, UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "It looks like Col. James Churchward (1850- 1936) has been proven right again."

"In his 1931 book, The Children of Mu, Churchward estimated that the first humans had arrived in North America 50,000 years ago. Churchward claimed that explorers from Mu, also known as Lemuria, the lost continent of the Pacific Ocean, discovered the Americas around 50,000 B.C. He wrote, 'The country they discovered was America, as we call it today, and the particular spot in North America where they landed was Mexico as we now know it. This was more than 50,000 years ago, and it might have been tens of thousands of years before that.'" (See USA Today for November 18, 2004, "Discovery puts humans in S. Carolina 50K years ago," page 4A. Also The Children of Mu by James Churchward, Paperback Library, New York, N.Y., 1931, page 21.)


The freak snowstorm that dropped up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) of snow on the New England states of the USA last week is not without precedent.

Carolyn Rzepecki, your editor's sister, reported, "We had 6 inches (15 centimeters) of snow in our backyard" in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. "We weren't expecting it at all. We just went out in the morning, and there it was."

According to Erin Jordan, meteorologist with KDLH-TV in Duluth, Minnesota, on November 21 "in 1798 a snowstorm that lasted for four days moved into New England. A foot of snow (12 inches or 30 centimeters) fell in New York City. But that was nothing compared to the 3 feet of snow (36 inches or 90 centimeters) in Maine and New Hampshire."

"Some areas were snow-covered until May of the next year," 1799, leading some New England newspapers to refer to that winter as "the Little Ice Age." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for November 21, 2004, "Today's weather fact," page 6C.)



Concerning the story about Nicolas Cage and the Yeti in UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 46, Fortean researcher Loren Coleman writes: "Dear John and Joe--Oh my, oh my, oh my. Yikes!"

"Please leave the cryptozoology to me."

"The Yeti, which is the plural as well as the singular for Abominable Snowman or Snowmen, do NOT live in the high snow fields and glaciers of the Himalayan mountains. Indeed, this is one of the biggest myths about them. They use the snowfields to travel from one lush, warm montane valley to another, where they live and eat, and their tracks are merely found infrequently in the high snows there. (Two other myths are that the Yeti are white--they are reddish-brown to black--and that there is only one 'Abominable Snowman'--L.C.)"

"Then you go and give the wrong translation and understanding for Yeti and Colonel Howard-Bury's mistake with Metoh-Kangmi."

"As to the best translation of the mostly Nepalese word 'Yeti,' (Ye and ti or teh; it means that-there thing- -L.C.) in 1921, Colonel Howard-Bury thought his porters said 'Metoh-Kangmi' and through a series of newspaper translation mistakes, it came out 'Abominable Snowman.'"

"The word he heard is probably Meh-teh (Mieh and teh, which mean 'a man-like thing that is not a human being-- L.C.)."

"Please note--one is a Tibetan word, the other is Nepalese."

"As you can see, therefore, 'Yeti' is NOT a corruption of 'Meteh Kangmi.'

And 'Metoh Kangmi' does not mean 'snow creature.'"

"Just thought I would set the record straight in case anyone with a linguistic interest in cryptozoology was reading your 'Editor's Note.'"


Concerning the feature story in UFO Roundup, Volume 9, Number 46, "1927: The men who dreamed of Reptoids," Fortean researcher and Lovecraft scholar T. Peter Park writes, "And then there's Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890- 1937), let us not forget. I wrote about HPL's history of seeming repeated paranormal experiences in my article, "H.P. Lovecraft: An Abductee?" in The Anomalist No. 9 for Winter 2000/2001, pages 82 to 91."

"HPL, of course, featured many reptoid and batrachian aliens in many of his tales, most notably, 'The Shadow over Innsmouth,' 'The Doom that Came to Sarnath' and 'The Nameless City,' about taking over Robert E. Howard's prehistoric serpent kingdom of Valusia."


Concerning the same feature story, author W. Michael Mott writes, "Mr. Trainor, I find the article particularly interesting."

"In my treatise, The Deep Dwellers, I pointed out in great detail the literary contributions of R.E. Howard, E.R. Burroughs and H.P. Lovecraft in regard to reptoids or reptilian humanoids (and toad-like beings, as well-- W.M.M.) and their criteria probably being sources or points from many media streams of thought in ufology and conspiracy literature. I also pointed out, however, that these concepts had already been around for at least a few thousand years and their presentation was merely an update of archetypal forms (and probably some other archetypal forms--W.M.M.) which had been around for some time."

"The Deep Dwellers was written in 1999 and published in Web-zines then. It found publication in magazine form in Nexus in 2000 and was included with the rest of the content for Caves, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures in late 2000."

"Looking in (Michael) Barkun's back index at Amazon.com, I saw multiple mention of (David C.) Icke's Children of the Matrix, which quotes from Caves, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures quite extensively, particularly in terms of the topic. However, I find no mention of my book or the fact that the first referral to these creatures was made there, at least two years prior to Barkun's publication, and (obviously) even prior to Icke's Children of the Matrix, which Barkun used as source material."

(Editor's Note: Mike is referring to Barkun's book, A Culture of Conspiracy, which was published in 2003 and which claimed that Robert E. Howard's short story, "The Shadow Kingdom," published in the August 1929 issue of Weird Tales, was the source of today's Reptoid reports.)

From the UFO Files...


Mack White is a Texas-based writer, cartoonist and investigative journalist. Recently he had a very strange experience, which he wrote about in Weird magazine, published in McAllen, Texas.

Here it is, in Mack's own words:

"I woke up and glanced at the clock. It was nearly three in the morning. I had been asleep for about four hours."

"This had been my pattern of sleep for the past few months. Four hours of sleep, then--bang, wide awake. It usually took an hour or two before I could get back to sleep."

"I grabbed the remote, turned on the television and began looking for something to watch--preferably something that would lull me back to Dreamland. An old, slow-moving black-and-white film usually did the trick."

"Instead, I found myself watching the late Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut."

"What was I thinking? I had seen the film twice before, and knew it was hardly one designed to lull a person to sleep, let alone produce sweet dreams."

"As many writers have noted, there are aspects to the film which uncannily echo the accounts of purported CIA- mind controlled sex slaves such as Candy Jones, Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor."

"For instance, as Adam Gorightly notes in his article, 'An Interpretation of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut' on Konformist.com, the use of masks in the film and the manner in which the characters inexplicably change personalities are strongly suggestive of the process of trauma-based mind-control programming. Gorightly further notes that the recurrent rainbow symbolism in the film seems to be a direct allusion to the way in which images and themes from The Wizard of Oz are reportedly used as a programming matrix for mind control victims."

"Also, the film's key scene--the one in which Tom Cruise crashes a Masonic-style sex magick ritual--readily brings to mind the goings-on in Alex Jones' real-life Bohemian Grove video. In this surreptitiously recorded video, world leaders in hooded robes are seen conducting a mock human sacrifice in front of a giant statue of the Babylonian child-eating owl-god Moloch."

"Some have even suggested that Kubrick was murdered for revealing Illuminati secrets, and that the final cut of the film may not be the one he would have made had he lived to finish editing it."

"Ordinarily, these are things I do not like to think about in the dead of night. My day life is full enough of such preoccupations. But I thought I would watch the film just long enough to catch Nicole Kidman's nude scene in the beginning of the film, then change the channel to something else."

"However, I became absorbed in the film and watched it almost in its entirety before falling back to sleep."

"And the dream I had was far from sweet."

"I found myself in a top-secret, underground, multi- leveled, futuristic complex of some kind (Area 51?--J.T.), walking past rows of white-coated technicians busily working at strangely-shaped computer terminals."

"Though there is no such scene in the film, it felt like a continuation of Eyes Wide Shut. Also, I was no longer me. I was in the mind of the Tom Cruise character. And I had the sense that I was emerging from a trance."

"I looked over the shoulder of one of the technicians and read what was displayed on the computer screen. It was my file."

Try to imagine Mack's growing horror, as he stares at the screen. First a face-front photo of himself appears, then a side-profile photo--and he doesn't remember posing for those photos. Then up comes the fine print with all the details of his life--full name, address, names of parents and grandparents, educational background, work history, medical history--you name it.

"As I read the file, I realized with mounting horror that I was being programmed as a Manchurian Candidate, to perform some kind of dirty work for the New World Order."

"I picked up a table and threw it over the railing onto a lower level of the complex. Then I started throwing more furniture."

"Then I ran down the steps to the lower level and encountered a female technician. Her chin, I noticed, was pointed--like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. And she was coming towards me with a hypodermic needle."

"I knocked the needle out of her hand, then began strangling her."

"At this point, I realized I was dreaming--and made a mental note to write down the dream when I woke up. It might make a good story, I thought."

"As I squeezed the white-coated witch's neck, her face turned blue and began to elongate, causing the chin to become even more pointed. Then her eyeballs turned red and began spinning in their sockets. Next, her mouth opened, revealing sharp, predatory teeth and a snake-like tongue that lashed out like a whip."

"She was becoming something inhuman--and, I was afraid, un-killable."

"The dream was becoming too horrible. I didn't want to follow it through to the end, even if it did have the potential for a good story. I've got enough material to work with, I decided--and forced myself to wake up."

"The television was still on. Eyes Wide Shut had gone off, and now some other movie was on."

"I got up to find a pen and paper, then wrote down the dream. Then I got back in bed and began watching television again. I changed the channel to an all-night network news program."

"A smiling blond anchorwoman was describing the latest convenience to grocery shoppers."

"I noticed that her chin was pointed."

"Am I still dreaming? I thought."

"But the question was only rhetorical. I knew all too well that this was the real world."

After reading Mack's account, I had to wonder: was this just a dream, or was it the fragmented memories of an actual abduction experience?

His description of the underground base--which might be Area 51 in Nevada or Dulce, New Mexico or some hitherto unknown desert base in Mexico's states of Coahuila or Nuevo Leon--is quite similar to descriptions from people claiming to have been abducted.

Following Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise starred in the film The Last Samurai. During the making of this film, Cruise was nearly decapitated when a katanna (samurai sword--J.T.) came within an inch of his neck. Was it just an accident?

Then there's the strange story that appeared in the November 23, 2004 issue of The National Enquirer, "Nicole Kidman Mystery Illness." At the premiere of her new film, Birth, at the Loew's Lincoln Square Theater, the actress was photographed with a mysterious red rash on both hands. Could it have something to do with her role in Eyes Wide Shut?

Questions, questions... (See Weird magazine of McAllen, Texas for October 27, 2004, "The Beast System" by Mack White, pages 14 and 15. Also, The National Enquirer for November 23, 2004, "Nicole Kidman Mystery Illness," page 1.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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