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Volume 9
Number 51
December 22, 2004

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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On Saturday, December 11, 2004, "an unidentified flying object, or UFO, passed across the large northwestern city of Lanzhou," in China's Gansu province, "and apparently exploded in the suburbs, (Chinese) state radio said" on Monday, December 13, 2004.

"The unusual sighting of two bright trails of light, reported by several hundred witnesses, took place Saturday shortly before midnight, the China Times reported."

"Police, working on the theory that it was a meteorite, went to investigate the matter. But, as of" Tuesday, December 14, 2004, "they had found no evidence of what had caused the nighttime phenomenon, an officer said."

"One of the witnesses, a taxi driver named Zhang, said he saw 'a shining ball with a 3-meter-long (10-foot- long) tail flying from west to east' and heard 'two thunders' right after, as he was driving from Lanzhou to neighbouring Yongdeng county."

"The local Public Security Department confirmed that they had received as many as 700 telephone calls on the case, some saying it was an earthquake and others saying it was an aerolite falling."

"Liu Yanan, astronomy professor at Northwest Normal University, said that it might be a meteorite entering Earth's atmosphere."

Lanzhou is located about 800 kilometers (500 miles) west-southwest of Beijing, China's capital. (See the Shanghai Star and Wuhan Daily for December 14, 2004, "Hundreds report UFO in Lanzhou," and the Gansu Daily for December 15, 2004, "Large UFO spotted in Gansu province." Many thanks to Robert Fischer and Chen Jilin for these newspaper articles.)


More alien activity has been reported in the Himalayas, along the border shared by India and China, Indian journalist Lara Mohani reported.

People living in the mountains on the Chinese side of the border say they have been picking up mysterious microwave and radio signals on their portable TVs and radios.

"People in the Himalayas in Chinese territory have recently reported strange microwave and radio signals," Lara Mohani reported.

"The signals are persistent, and are strongest in a region called Kailash, revered for thousands of years by Hindus as the door to heaven and the home of their god Shiva."

"According to tourists and pilgrims" from India, "the signals are real, and we now know where they are coming from. The (mountain) region is beautiful and difficult to reach. China provides special passports to Hindu pilgrims from India or to Western tourists."

"There is no reason for satellite monitorings in the area," Lara added, "The area is not known as a repository for nuclear-tipped missiles (ICBMs). Some say the strange signals have been more persistent recently due to the new availability of more advanced radio receivers."

"Some of these signals come from below the (glacial) lake at Kailash," which raised speculation in India's UFO community that there may be either a saucer parked on the bottom of the lake or a large alien underground base beneath the lake itself.

"Some say the signals from from above--in the heavens. Other than the Antarctic and the Arctic, this (Kailash) is probably the coldest area of the world. In the middle of the area lies a clear lake that is frozen for most of the year."

"The severe cold makes it impossible for (Hindu) pilgrims to go to Kailash. But some (Indian) scientists did visit the area early in December (2004) and reported the strange signals."

"It is possible that the signals came from some kind of hidden Chinese military or space installation," Lara added, "According to the local people, the Chinese military is intently very active there."

"Are they signals from extraterrestrials? Is there something paranormal going on here? Only more studies and Chinese cooperation can tell us that."

"But when we talk to Hindu sages and rishis, they smile and say that all that is unknown to human beings is out there."

Remote Himalayan sites such as "Kailash, Kedernath and Badrinath are all Hindu pilgrimage spots, like Mecca is for the Muslims." (See the newspaper India Daily for December 14, 2004, "Strange microwave and radio signals around the glacier Kailash in the Indian-Chinese Himalayas--ET signals?" Many thanks to Daniel Wilson for this newspaper article.)


On Friday, December 17, 2004, at 9 p.m. Greenwich time, Conor McManus was outdoors in Templepatrick, a small town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK when he saw "a flashing light going north in a burst of speed."

"They were purple and bright," he reported, "Six flashes at roughly three-second intervals. I watched these objects cross the sky for an estimated four miles. I first saw them in the park at Templepatrick. They were over a neighbouring town, Parkate, four miles (7 kilometers) away. The first burst of speed brought them to the hill, then they kept on going until they passed over me and towards the town of Antrim."

"My sister in Antrim saw it also. They covered the land fast. Bangs and other noises were heard. Purple light starting high in the sky" and descending "to the ground. Four miles in six seconds." (Email Form Report)


On Sunday, December 12, 2004, Mexican ufologist Ana Luisa Cid Fernandes was on a skywatch near Mexico City. She had her trusty SONY 340 camcorder handy in case she spotted an unidentified flying object.

Suddenly, Ana Luisa reported, "I noticed a strange light moving in the sky from south to north," from the state of Morelos into the Distrito Federal. "Upon making a closeup, I lowered the light intensity (exposure--J.T.) in order to appreciate the details in greater clarity. I saw the object for five minutes and captured it on my SONY 340 camcorder."

"On this date, Mexico celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so it is common to see balloons aloft and pyrotechnics. However, I do not believe the object I videotaped corresponds to anything known." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Ana Luisa Cid Fernandes para esta historia.)

(Editor's Note: The hilltop in the Zacatenco district, where Juan Diego saw the Virgin Mary, was originally the site of a temple dedicated to the Aztec goddess Chalchihuitlicue. Three miles (5 kilometers) to the north-northwest lies the pre-Columbian ruins at El Arbolillo, where "a profusion of female figurines" dating back to 1,500 B.C. was found by archaeologists.)


"The latest and clearest UFO sighting took place last Sunday," December 12, 2004, "with the filmed evidence of the presence of a circular UFO with multicolored lights captured near the city of Ticul," in Mexico's state of Yucatan.

Ticul "remains the focal point of such encounters and, according to groups devoted to 'night watches,'" there have been many close encounters in this section of southern Yucatan state.

"Silvestre Leal and Emilio Cetz Aguiar, in charge of the Sociedad Internacional de Rastreo y Investigaciones OVNI (Translated: International Society for UFO Research and Investigations; Spanish acronym--SIRIO--J.T.), were responsible for filming the craft."

"The event occurred Sunday," December 12, 2004, "during the celebration of the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the encounter had a duration of two minutes approximately, although only 54 seconds of video footage were obtained. One hundred and fifty photographs were obtained for a detailed study. The pixels were analyzed along with their clarity to confirm that they indeed filmed a UFO."

"The object in question was a circular structure that was at a height of 40 to 50 meters (132 to 165 feet) above the ground of the San Benito futbol (soccer) field, explained Cetz Aguiar. He described the 'craft' as measuring 5 meters (16.5 feet) in diameter, with an orange center surrounded by lights of various colors, of which blue, green and red were the predominant hues. It made no sound whatsoever, he said."

"He added that the purpose of their visit was to research a video taken by Ivan Garma, a Ticul resident, in recent days."

"'After determining that Garma wasn't home, we toured the city,'" Cetz Aguiar explained, "'And I suddenly thought I saw the object, but there was no much light that I lost it. The time was around 9 p.m.'"

"Subsequently, he continued, the object appeared at another location and, when he took out his camcorder, it lost itself amid the buildings of the community."

"Both members of Grupo SIRIO decided to hold a 'night watch' at the soccer field and were rewarded for their efforts when the object appeared again, this time much closer. The sighting took place at 10:15 p.m."

Leal and Cetz Aguiar believe that the UFO could be the same one that was videotaped over Ticul on two previous occasions, in August and October of 2004. On these occasions, the object was videotaped by the Mata family.

Ticul is 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Merida, the state capital. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Guillermo Gimenez para estas noticias.)


On Monday, December 13, 2004, Chris K. and his friends were outdoors in Woodland, Louisiana, 35 miles (58 kilometers) north of Baton Rouge, the state capital, when they spotted an unusual object approaching from the west.

"It was red, blue, yellow but pulsed to blue a lot," Chris reported, "You could see it above the treeline. At first we thought it was a star, but it moved sideways, then up and down, then back and forth. It stayed in the same central spot."

"It looked like it was observing or probing the area. It was so bright you could see its reflection in the water. It was like a triangle or V-shaped object. All we had was binoculars. But it had red and blue light circles, and yellow and green. It looked like it was above the treeline on the (western) horizon. We thought it might have been a star at first, but it moved like no aircraft could have."

"We do have military bases around here. We didn't see it leave. It just disappeared." (Email Form Report)


"Frank McCormack is adamant that the object he and his family saw in the sky over Mildura," a city in western New South Wales state in Australia, "did not come out of a beer bottle."

"'We were having a barbecue. I was busy cooking the barbecue,' he said."

"'Yes, we were having refreshments, but it was far too early to be seeing double, seeing things that were not there.'"

"It was 7 p.m., with a clear sky, and still daylight. Frank's daughter-in-law spotted a strange object in the sky. The rest of the family sighted it, as well."

(Editor's Note: Right now it's early summer in Australia, New Zealand, Chile and the other countries of the southern hemisphere.)

"'We finally spotted the shining white object, coming in from the east (over Australia's Mallee Cliffs National Park--J.T.) to come across towards Mildura,' Frank says."

"'We continued to look at it to see if we could establish what it was, and then it became stationary. It stopped over Mildura. So, while we were watching it, two similar objects came in from the west. They just manoeuvered around like a rendezvous with the stationary one; then they just departed and went back west. Then the other one that was stationary started to move towards the east.'"

"Nobody who saw them could work out what they were, but Frank is certain of what they weren't."

"'It wasn't an aircraft, it wasn't a balloon, it wasn't a helicopter--there was quite a bit of glare from the sun. We actually looked at them through binoculars, but we still couldn't figure out what they were.'"

"'I think they were a long way up. I think they were too high for a helicopter. If they'd continued in a straight line across the sky, we'd have possibly thought they were satellites.'"

"Doug Moffert, from UFO Research-New South Wales, says Frank's encounter in typical in some ways--especially in the 'round table discussion' afterwards of 'could it be this, could it be that.'"

"While typical in that way, Frank is unusual in his willingness to come forward and talk about what he saw."

Mildura, N.S.W. is about 400 kilometers (250 miles) west of Sydney, the largest city in Australia. (See the Australian Broadcasting Corp. news story for December 14, 2004, "UFO over Sunraysia?" Many thanks to Robert Fischer for forwarding the transcript of this news broadcast.)


"A Connecticut woman believes someone divine has come knocking on her door."

"When she came home from church on Monday," December 13, 2004, "Matilda Munoz of Waterbury, Conn. (population 107,271) said she found markings on her door that looked like Jesus."

"She said she immediately got chills."

"The door has been drawing dozens of visitors from across the city to the woman's Wall Street home" in Waterbury.

"But the (Roman) Catholic Church isn't verifying it just yet."

"The Rev. Kevin Gray of Sacred Heart Church said he visited Munoz Wednesday morning," December 15, 2004, "but the Church has a long process for determining if something is a true apparition." (See the Waterbury, Conn. Republican for December 15, 2004, "Woman sees image of Jesus appear on her door." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones- Drown for this news story.)

(Editor's Comment: Last week Jesus appeared in a dental X- ray in Phoenix, Arizona. This week it's a door in Waterbury, Connecticut. This is getting ominous. The last time we had these multiple apparitions, Dubya invaded Iraq. Makes you wonder what's on tap for 2005, doesn't it?)


"The affected parties cannot agree as to what caused so much damage" in Pencahue, a town in central Chile, on Thursday, December 9, 2004. "They think the author of the slayings could have been a dog, a cat, a small feline known as a quique or even the mythical Chupacabras."

"Eighty birds being raised on the property of Eliana Nunez and Reinaldo Sepulveda on the Calle Alonso Rivera (street) near the Plaza de Armas in Pencahue met a grisly end."

"It was Nunez who found out what happened, when she stepped out into her vast yard at 9 a.m. A large henhouse stands amid fruit trees and dry pastures. Terrified, she found a multitude of lifeless chickens, hens and roosters scattered across the property. Their bodies were complete, but they displayed small and deep bite marks."

"'I was frightened to see my little chicks dead,' Eliana told (the Chilean newspaper) El Centro. She can't imagine who or what could have comitted such an atrocity."

"No sooner did she find her birds than she notified her husband."

"'The entire yard was filled with them,' recalled Don Reinaldo, still surprised."

"The couple gave notice immediately to the Carabineros (Chilean national police--J.T.) headquarters at Pencahue. Officers reached the scene and began looking for traces that might lead to the author of the slayings. But they found nothing, not a track, not a trace of the party responsible for the savage attack that occurred while the owners slept."

"Juan Orellana, who works for the Pencahue environmental program, was also in attendance. 'We have about 80 chickens scattered all around the henhouse, and they showed no signs of having been chewed. They were scattered throughout almost the entire sector. They are complete, and some chickens have signs of bite marks. We cannot establish an effective working hypothesis. The case is strange, and it could have been dogs, cats--I don't know if the quique was involved,' he theorized."

"'The henhouse was closed under lock and key, and the gate appeared to have been forced from the bottom, showing that something had gotten in. I locked it up last night around 9 o'clock and heard no strange sounds,' said Don Reinaldo, who believes that the one responsible for the deaths arrived via the irrigation canal that runs near his house."

"The affected parties, the Carabineros and the official for the environmental program counted 25 chickens, 28 hens and 2 roosters as deceased. 'Look, there's another,' said a uniformed officer as he surveyed the yard, which was covered with feathers."

"The information was collected in a police report and forwarded to the District Attorney's office in Talca," a small city located 225 kilometers (135 miles) south of Santiago de Chile, the national capital, "for the crimes of 'damage to farm birds.'"

"According to Juan Orellana, 'The (Chilean) Agricultural and Livestock Service (Spanish acronym: SAG-- J.T.) asked me to bring in two birds for analysis. We're going to bury the rest, since they're a source of disease. I have contacted environmental hygiene.'"

"Once initial inquiries were done, the dead birds were buried in the rear of the house in an eerie ceremony. No one dared to establish in an authoritative manner what exactly had attacked the property, located only a few meters from Town Hall. What they did say was that such incidents had never occurred around the peaceful (farm) commune of Pencahue." (See the Chilean newspaper El Centro for December 10, 2004, "Strange avian deaths near town square." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Cristian Quintero del grupo Planeta UFO para esto articulo de diario.)


"A white buffalo and its mother were chased through a Kentucky suburb just outside the city of Louisville Tuesday," December 14, 2004, "by police and firefighters."

"The owner of the animals said the younger buffalo is one of just two white buffalo in the country (USA). Authorities said someone cut the fence of the animals' pasture, and off they ran. The pursuers finally caught up with the pair with the aid of a news helicopter. The animals were then corraled in a nearby park and transported home."

Curiously, the white buffalo chase came on the anniversary of the greatest snowstorm ever to hit the city of Buffalo, N.Y. (population 292,648).

"Buffalo, New York is used to big lake-effect snowstorms. During most storms, it's business as usual for this city built on the shores of Lake Erie. On this day in 1945, it was a different story. A record-setting (snow) storm dumped 36.6 inches (1.1 meters) of snow at the official recording station. Unofficial totals south of the city," in Lackawanna, Woodland Beach and West Seneca, N.Y. "reached up to 70 inches (1.75 meters). This shut down the city." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for Wednesday, December 15, 2004, "Today's Weather Fact," page 10D.)


"A remnant of the largest iceberg ever recorded is blocking Antarctica's McMurdo Sound, threatening tens of thousands of penguin chicks with starvation and cutting off a supply route for three science stations."

"The iceberg, known as B15A, measures about 1,200 square miles and is a remnant of one that broke off the Ross Ice Shelf in 2000. That one measured about 4,400 square miles, the size of the Caribbean island of Jamaica, and was the largest iceberg ever recorded."

"B15A is the 'largest floating thing on the planet right now,' says Lou Sanson, chief executive of the government scientific agency Antarctica New Zealand. It is so big that it has blocked wind and water currents that break up ice floes in McMurdo Sound during the Antarctic summer, which begins" in December 2004.

"Though the situation is a growing concern, the science stations are not immediately in danger of running out of supplies, Sanson says."

"The same cannot be said for the newborn Adele penguins. Tens of thousands of the chicks could starve in coming weeks because the ice buildup in the Sound has cut off their parents' access to waters where they catch their fish, Sanson says." (See USA Today for December 15, 2004, "Giant iceberg threatens habitats, supply route," page 8D.)


"An experimental interceptor missile failed to get off the ground early Wednesday," December 15, 2004, "in a test of the U.S. national missile-defense system, raising new doubts about prospects for the imminent activation of the system. It was the first full test in nearly two years."

"A target missile, a simulated ICBM with a mock warhead, was launched without problem from Kodiak, Alaska at 12:45 a.m." Washington D.C. time, "a statement from the Defense Department's Missile Defense Agency said."

"However, 16 minutes later, an 'unknown anomaly' led to an automatic shutdown of the interceptor missile shortly before it was to launch from Kwajalein Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean. The target missile crashed into the ocean. The agency gave no other details."

"Most missile-launching systems are designed to shut down automatically as a safety feature. The Missile Defense Agency said program officials will review pre- launch data to determine the cause for Wednesday's shutdown."

"The Missile Defense Agency has attempted the test several times this month, but scrubbed each one for a variety of reasons, including weather and a malfunction on a recovery vessel not directly related to the equipment being tested."

"Philip Coyle, the Pentagon's former chief of testing who has become a critic of the Bush administration's missile defense plans, said the cause of the failure could have been anything from a software glitch to a major hardware malfunction. He called the failure a 'serious setback.'"

"Coyle said, 'This latest failure to intercept a target shows again that the system being deployed in Alaska has no demonstrated capability to work' against a real attack."

"During the test, the interceptor's primary goal was to collect data on the interceptor's performance. The test also was to have been the first in which the interceptor used the same booster rocket that the operational system would use."

"Because it didn't fire, it is possible that the interceptor could be used again in a future test. The $85 million test was not immediately scheduled, nor was it clear whether it would affect a test scheduled for the spring (of 2005). A primary goal of that test would be an actual intercept."

"Two previous tests scheduled for this year (2004) were delayed due to technical problems. In earlier testing, the interceptors went 5-for-8 when launched with the goal of hitting target missiles."

"It was unclear how the failure would affect plans to put the missile-defense system on alert sometime in the next two weeks. The Bush administration had made it a goal to activate the system by the end of 2004. It is intended to protect against missiles launched from North Korea or elsewhere in eastern Asia."

"'Since we don't know the cause of the anomaly, we won't speculate on potential impacts to either beginning initial operations or conducting future tests,' said Rick Lehner, a spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency."

"The system will initially rely on interceptors based at Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, as well as radars in Alaska, California and in orbit." (See USA Today for December 16, 2004, "Missile- defense test fails as 'anomaly' shuts down interceptor," page 13A.)


The robot spacecraft Cassini completed flybys at two of Saturn's moons last week, one at Titan, the ringed planet's largest moon, and the other at Dione.

The spacecraft's flybys "revealed vast cliffs of ice and hidden clouds" on both moons, according to NASA scientists.

Dione, a small icy moon, was visited by the spacecraft Voyager 1 in 1980. The Voyager mission led scientists to believe that Dione was "coated with wisps of ice. But a closer passage" by Cassini "reveals those wisps are actually tall ice cliffs fracturing the moon's frozen crust, says mission imaging chief Carolyn Porco of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado."

The latest Cassini photos of Dione also "show large circular craters with central peaks, similar to the Archimedes crater on Luna, Earth's moon," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor pointed out.

On Monday, December 13, 2004, Cassini performed its second close flyby of Titan, a Saturnian moon almost as large as Earth. "Titan is the second-largest moon in the solar system and the only one with a dense atmosphere. Frozen conditions on Titan, where surface temperatures average minus 290 degrees" on the Fahrenheit scale "and its complex atmospheric chemistry mimic those of the early Earth."

Cassini flew 746 miles (1,193 kilometers) above Titan's frozen surface, covering the same side of the moon that the first flyby in October 2004 covered. The flyby also included "a second look at the landing site of the Huygens probe, which will parachute onto Titan on January 14, 2005."

"'We're suddenly realizing ourselves the landing is approaching,' says Huygens scientist John Zarnecki of the United Kingdom's Open University. 'What really scares me is (Huygens') entry into Titan's atmosphere. That will be a fiery and violent event.'"

During the flyby, NASA scientists double-checked "the density of Titan's atmosphere to ensure that the (Huygens) probe pops its parachute at the best altitude. Mission scientists plan to perform this check by relying on the light from two stars: Spica, in the constellation Virgo, and Shaula, the stinger in the constellation Scorpius. During the flyby, light from these stars will shine through Titan's clouds and be detected by Cassini, revealing atmospheric composition and density."

Huygens is expected to separate from the Cassini spacecraft on Friday, December 24, 2004--Christmas Eve.

"Cassini plans more than 40 flybys of Titan. The next one, in February (2005), will be the closest yet, at 590 miles (744 kilometers)." (See USA Today for December 13, 2004, "Cassini pays a second visit to Saturn's mystery moon Titan," page 5D; and for December 20, 2004, "Cassini finds icy cliffs on Saturn moons," page 6D.)

From the UFO Files...


It was November 1955, and Australia was in the midst of a year-long UFO flap. But Joyce Mirabella, age 7, and her older sister, Mary, knew nothing about it as they went outdoors to play at their home in Hastings, Victoria state.

After meeting up with their friends, Billy Allen and Lois Wallace, the girls headed for the hospital in Hastings. As Joyce recalls, "This day we were going to see what we could find at the old dam behind the hospital. It had been filled in, and the hospital used it as a waste depository. We had found some syringes and were heading home when something made the hair stand up on the back of my neck."

"My sister and I turned at the same time, just as a silvery metallic object materialised. It was dome-shaped, probably 10 feet (3 meters) tall. Its side opened into a door. It just materialised."

"As we were watching the spectacle, an opening appeared in the side, and a ramp came out. Then a white- haired woman came and stood in the opening. She was followed by around five small humanoid figures much shorter than she. Some were wearing green tight-fitting suits, and others were wearing blue tight-fitting suits. As a child, I always believed they were green and blue people."

"The small humanoids began to chase us, and we ran for our lives."

About a month later, in December 1955, Joyce and Mary had another alien encounter. This second incident occurred at Devils Dam, an earthen dam on a small reservoir behind the orchard on Hodgkins Road in Hastings.

"We went into the orchard to pick the green plums, which ripen in December," Joyce recalled, "There were a few trees quite near the dam. Billy Allen was with us. I was leaning over the dam, in the middle section, when I was wrenched back from the edge by my sister (Mary), as I saw a horrible brown frog-like creature lurch up at me. It had a dark brown leathery-like skin, was about two feet (0.6 meters) tall, and appeared to be wearing a breathing apparatus. I can remember the bronze straps located in the middle of the chest and a funnily-shaped package on its back, almost like a miniature Jules Verne breathing apparatus. It also had huge goggles covering its eyes. It appeared to have no real neck, and its mouth seemed over-large. A very frightening creature."

"We called it a 'frog-man.' Sounds weird, doesn't it?"

(Editor's Note: Not that weird. A similar frog-like entity was seen on March 3, 1972 by police officers on patrol on Riverside Road near Loveland, Ohio. See Unexplained Mysteries of the Twentieth Century by Janet and Colin Bord, Contemporary Books, Chicago, Illinois, 1989, page 246.)

"Many times I have tried to document was has happened to my and my family during our lifetime, only to put it off as being too ridiculous for belief. It still seems that way when I read what I have written."

"Interestingly, my son just a few years ago was swimming with his friend in a reservoir at Linton in Victoria when they came running home terrified. They were convinced that a UFO had tried to capture them."

Hastings, Vic. is 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Melbourne, on Westernport Bay. Linton is 32 kilometers (20 miles) southwest of Ballarat, the second largest city in Victoria.

The 1954-1955 UFO flap in Australia was documented by paranormal researcher Harold T. Wilkins in his book, Flying Saucers Uncensored. According to Wilkins, UFOs were seen near Melbourne on December 25, 1954; Malvern on February 9, 1955; and Moola Boola station, 240 miles (384 kilometers) east of Perth, W.A. on March 1, 1955. (Many thanks to Mrs. Joyce Sullivan for the series of email interviews.)

This coming Saturday is Christmas Day, and, as we do every year, the editor and readers of UFO Roundup would like to extend holiday greetings to the gallant men and women serving on active duty in the armed forces of Earth's many nations.
For you, Christmas might be just another day where dinner consists of MREs heated on a Humvee's engine block or a few quick mouthfuls between looking through your gunsight or toting a hundred-pound ruck up some sandy hillside. If you find yourself on duty Christmas day, doing any of the above, rest assured that the readers of UFO Roundup know you're out there. We appreciate the difficult job you're doing, and we wish you a hearty "Merry Christmas!"

And we'll be back next week, with more UFO, Fortean and paranormal phenomena from around the planet Earth--and occasionally, Saturn--all brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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