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Volume 10
Number 24
June 15, 2005

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Villagers in a suburb of Katerini, a small city at the foot of Mount Olympus in northern Greece, claim to have seen a brown Reptoid prowling around their homes.

The report came on the heels of persistent reports of silvery UFOs in the skies over that stretch of the Aegean Sea coast, from Katerini to Thessaloniki, 100 kilometers (60 miles) to the north.

Residents of the Katerini area are wondering if the Reptoid is a scout for an alien force. Or if he is perhaps an escaped prisoner or slave from the large alien underground base on Mount Olympus.

"I would like to report numerous UFO sightings in northern Greece near Mount Olympus," correspondent Yannis Ioannou reported, "There were four witnesses--my father, age 60; my mother, age 55; my sister, 33; and my cousin, 40. The location is a small village by the sea between Katerini and the city of Thessaloniki."

"The main phenomenon here has been unidentified flying objects (UFOs) during the night and sometimes during the day. They say they look like 'spheres made of mirror.' They're really shiny and make no sound at all. They're travelling really fast, making it impossible for my family to grab a camera and photograph them."

Throughout the area, Yannis added, there are "persistent rumours that there is an underground base on Mount Olympus. Many magazines have done feature stories regarding the matter. Credible researchers like (Greek ufologist) Mr. Hardavelas have also produced documentaries trying to reveal the truth."

The Reptoid sighting happened in April. Danae Metaxas, "my cousin, 40, and her husband," Spiro, "saw the entity numerous times inside their house. They also tried to capture it, but the entity was moving really fast, and it seemed it had the ability to disappear suddenly. This sighting happened during the nighttime."

Danae and her husband "described the entity as really short, only 0.9 meters (3 feet) tall, with reptilian brownish skin and with white hair. The couple was so terrified that they started seeking help from the (Greek Orthodox) Church and numerous religious people. They thought it was a demon or something."

"The clothes that the creature was wearing were similar to what Arabic people wear," i.e. a burnoose like in Algeria or a galabaa like in Iraq.

"My folks--who are extremely serious people--already believe that there is something going on out there. Nothing has been reported to the (Greek) authorities, and, in my opinion, that's a good decision, as the government probably already knows about these activities."

Yannis is now looking for more witnesses who may have seen the Reptoid. "Probably there are more witnesses in the village." (Email Form Report)


"Japanese scientists are to explore the center of the Earth. Using a drill ship (subterrene or tunneler--J.T.) to be launched next month, the researchers want to be the first to poke a hole through the rocky crust that covers our planet and to reach the mantle."

"The team wants to return samples from the mantle, 10 kilometers (6 miles) down, to learn more about what triggers undersea earthquakes, such as the one off Sumatra that caused the December 26, 2004 (Indian Ocean) tsunami. They hope to study the deep rocks for records of past climate changes and to see if the deepest regions of the Earth could harbor life."

"Asahiko Taira, director-general of the Center for Deep Earth Exploration in Yokohama, said, 'One of the main purposes for doing this is to find deep fractures within the oceanic crust and upper mantle. We believe there to be life forms there. It's the same mission as searching for life on Mars.'"

"Material in the upper mantle produces compounds essential for life when they interact with seawater. 'This is the system which we believe created early life. There may be a chance we can watch the origins of life still taking place today,' Dr. Taira said."

"The 57,500-ton drill ship Chikyu (Japanese for Earth--A.T.) is being prepared at the southern port of Nagasaki. Two-thirds the length of the R.M.S. Titanic, the ship is fitted with technology borrowed from the oil industry that will allow it to bore through 7,000 meters (23,100 feet) of crust below the seabed while floating in 2,500 meters (8,250 feet) of water. The ship requires a drill measuring 25 times the height of (New York City's) Empire State Building," i.e. 32,500 feet or 9,750 meters.

"The deepest hole drilled through the seabed so far has reached 2,111 meters (6,966 feet). After final sea trials this year, the scientists will set sail for the deep Pacific, where the Earth's crust is the thinnest. Drilling is expected to begin next year."

"It could take more than a year to drill through kilometers of crust and reach the mantle, so the ship is fitted with six rotating thrusters controlled by GPS satellites to keep it directly over the hole. The drill is surrounded by a sleeve that contains a shock-absorbing chemical and a blowout valve that will protect it should the drill strike oil or superheated rock (magma--J.T.) within the crust." (See the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun for June 6, 2005. Many thanks to Angela Tarohachi for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Note: This may be Japan's first subterrene, but evidence exists showing that the USA already has a number of these strange vehicles. For more, see this issue's feature story.)


On Monday, June 6, 2005, at 9 a.m., Christopher Murphy saw a strange object approaching from the west in his hometown of Holbrook, N.Y. (population 27,512).

"I was watching the road closely during my drive to work," Chris reported, "And in front of me, I saw a distinct white shape in the clouds. It was huge but seemed to disappear when I looked directly at it. The object was heart-shaped, and it was clear sky where the object was, with clouds surrounding it."

Holbrook, N.Y. is on Route 495 on Long Island, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) east of New York City.

Thirteen hours later, on Monday, June 6, 2005, at 10:35 p.m., Mario Obregon was "walking to my car, parked at the far east end of the company I work for," in Port Washington, N.Y. (population 15,215), when "I noticed two bright lights traveling from east to west. Not very high and traveling at speeds similar to the small planes that fly over the area."

"There was no noise at all."

"I kept watching the lights as I was walking to my car. As the lights passed above and just to my right, I noticed that the distance (gap--M.O.) between them began to broaden a bit. A few seconds later, the two lights split. One went northwest, and the other kept traveling west. Very strange."

"Speed was the same throughout the flight. They weren't blinking, just two white lights. I lost track of them as the one traveling northwest disappeared behind the building I work in. The other dipped behind some tall trees."

Port Washington is on the north shore of Long Island, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of New York City. (Email Form Report)


On June 6, 2005, at 6:22 a.m., Markius LaTourneau was at the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California (population 102,743) when he spotted a silvery saucer passing overhead.

"I caught a glimpse of an aerial phenomenon at 6:22 a.m.," Markius reported, "In my line of sight, it moved from north to south without making a sound. It appeared to be climbing at one point. The whole incident lasted less than 20 seconds. I was standing on Shattuck Avenue outside the Bay Area Rapid Transit station, heading to work. I was not able to identify the object I saw, and it behaved in a way that was not indicative of any earthly aircraft. I couldn't say for sure if anyone else saw the object I saw, but what I witnessed was remarkable."

"The object was silver in color and looked oval and slightly elongated. The object appeared to be two miles (3,200 meters) above ground and was traveling at about 300 miles per hour (500 kilometers per hour--J.T.) As it moved and climbed, it became stationary for maybe 18 seconds, then faded and dissipated." (Email Form Report)


The phenomenon known as "crazy crocs"--out-of-place alligators found in places far from their natural habitat- -occurred twice last week, in Wisconsin and Indiana.

"A four-foot (1.3-meter) long alligator that gave a woman a scare in her yard will stay in a local fire station for a week until it can be transported to a more hospitable place for the species--Florida."

"Carol Fischer, chairwoman of the town of Somers," Wisconsin "spent part of Friday," June 10, 2005, "searching for a larger animal crate to house the alligator, nicknamed 'Wally' by local officials."

"'We really don't know what to do with him,' Fischer said, 'Since he'll be here a week, we need to give him better quarters. It is not like a stray dog. You just can't take it to a humane society and hope someone adopts him.'"

"Until the gator can be relocated, Fire Station 1 will be its home."

"Mary Anne Cline said she spotted the alligator Thursday afternoon," June 9, 2005, "standing between two trees in her yard, and she thought it was dead until it opened its mouth and gave her a stare."

"It took two Kenosha County deputies and the Somers humane agent, Bob Warren, to get the alligator into Cline's dog cage."

"Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Croeker said authorities are investigating where the alligator came from but doubted its owner would be found."

"'We're assuming someone had it when it was small, and it got out of hand,' Croeker said."

Somers, Wis. is on Lake Michigan's western shore, approximately 34 miles (56 kilometers) south of Milwaukee.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2005, in South Bend, Indiana, "a two-and-a-half foot (0.7-meter) long alligator found in the St. Joseph River was killed several days after it was first spotted, a state conservation officer said."

"Officials feared someone would get hurt trying to catch the gator."

"Zoos would not accept the alligator because of possible diseases, said Rod Edgell, a Department of Natural Resources biologist."

South Bend (population 107,789) is on Indiana Highways 20 and 31, located approximately 87 miles (139 kilometers) east of Chicago. (See the Duluth, Minn. News- Tribune for June 12, 2005, "Four-foot gator will stay at fire station," page 6B; and USA Today for June 9, 2005, "Across the USA--Indiana," page 7A.)


Canada reported its first crop circle of 2005 last week.

On Friday, June 3, 2005, a crop circle was found in a field of grass in Sandy Bay, Manitoba. Three days later, the site was investigated by members of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) Manitoba chapter.

According to CCCRN spokesman Paul Anderson, the formation consisted of "an unusual 'miniature dumbbell' in short grass, approximately 3.3 meters (10 feet) in diameter and similar in shape to early 1990s formations in England. Each end circle (dumbbell--J.T.) contained a set on concentric circles. Whether the grass at the site is flattened or dead is not yet known."

On Sunday, May 22, 2005, "a crop circle was discovered near Doetinchem, in the Gunderland province of the Netherlands. The lay of the grass was counter- clockwise. The people who are living next to the field could tell that the ring was not the result of a breeze moving in circles. There was nothing special to see in the center--no hole and no footprints. The ring measured 13 to 15 meters (44 to 50 feet) in diameter."

Doetinchem is 70 kilometers (42 miles) southeast of Amsterdam, the national capital, and 25 kilometers (15 miles) east of Arnhem, the site of Operation Market Garden, a famous battle of World War II. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson and Robert Fischer for these reports.)


"Traffic came to a halt and locals fled indoors as thousands of frogs fell from the sky onto a Serbian village."

"Residents of Odzaci told the newspaper Blid that they thought the world was coming to an end."

The bizarre shower took place on Monday, June 6, 2005.

"Aleksandar Ciric said, 'I was told that small frogs just started raining down. There were thousands of them.'"

"Another villager, Caja Jovanovic, said, 'This huge cloud just seemed to come out of nowhere, and its shape and colour looked very strange. We were all wondering what it was when frogs started to fall from the sky. I thought maybe a plane carrying frogs exploded in mid- air.'"

"However, climatology expert Slavisa Ignjatovic said there was a simple scientific explanation for the incident. He said, 'A whirlwind has sucked up the frogs from a lake, the sea or some other body of water somewhere else and carried them to Odzaci where they fell to the ground. It is a recognized scientific phenomena.'"

"Science, my ass!" commented Terry Duckworth, who styles himself as the Archimagos Maximus of Tsathoggua. "We've been hoping for a manifestation, and here it is! Praise Tsathoggua! He rules the Balkans--just rules them. We're going up to Chopmist Hill tonight and smoke some extra-large poopers to give thanks."

Whatever the cause, frogs falling from the sky is one of the longest-running strange phenomena on Earth. Charles Fort, the father of ufology, documented nine cases of frog falls, from the one in Toulouse, France in August 1804 to the one in Stirling, Connecticut on July 31, 1921. (See the Serbian newspaper Blid for June 7, 2005, "Frogs rain down on Odzaci." Many thanks to Terry Duckworth for this newspaper article. See also The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover Publications, New York, N.Y., 1974, pages 48, 81, 95, 183, 184, 190, 302, 525 and 544.)


"The Beast of Bexley has returned, and this time it has left behind a large paw print."

"The large black panther, which has been spotted stalking areas of Bexley over the past three years, made its latest appearance last Thursday," June 2, 2005.

"It was seen in Bexleyheath by astonished care worker Jim Hornby, 48, at his work just off the Bexleyheath Broadway."

"He said: 'It was sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight. I was in the utility room at the back of the building and standing next to the open door which leads into the car park (parking lot in the USA--J.T.) and then onto woods.'"

"'I was chatting with the night supervisor when I saw something out of the corner of my eye, moving in the car park. I turned and saw the shape of a big black cat, creeping along the ground on its belly by the side of my car, as if it was stalking something.'"

"Mr. Hornsby, from St. James Close, Plumstead, confessed he was so surprized he swore. He added: 'I said to the supervisor, 'What the hell is that!?' She also caught a glimpse of it, and she replied, 'I don't know.'"

"Mr. Hornby then dashed out onto the car park to try and get another look at the creature, but, by the time he got there, it was gone."

"He said: 'It was much bigger than an ordinary cat, a fox or even a dog. We all spent the rest of the night trying to work out what the supervisor and I had seen.'"

"But there was another big surprize waiting."

"The care home where Mr. Hornby works has a sensory garden which includes an area of sand."

"The following morning, when the staff went out for another look, they found a perfectly-preserved huge paw print in the sand. It was nearly 5 inches (12.5 centimeters) across, and its depth indicated that it was made by something heavy."

"Mr. Hornby said: 'A couple of weeks ago, one of the doves went missing from next door. All they found were feathers and a lot of blood. I was not frightened, but now I am really curious. I have never seen anything like it before. I couldn't make out any features but the shape of a cat, nearly as big as a man.'"

"In the past year, the 'Beast of Bexley' as it has been dubbed, has been seen at the Hillview Cemetery in Welling, around the woodlands at Shooters Hill, Plumstead Common, Danson Park, Barnehurst and Northumberland Heath."

"Danny Bamping, founder of the British Big Cats Society, said: 'Looking at the paw print, I was quite convinced that it was made by a big cat. There are no claws visible in the print, and cats are the only animals that do not have their claws out when they walk. This sighting was particularly strong. Two people saw it, and it was in an area where big cats have been seen before. I would say it was highly likely it was a big cat." (See BBC News for June 10, 2005, "Return of the beast." Many thanks to Robert Fischer, UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, for this news story.)


"The possible discovery of an ice volcano on Saturn's moon, Titan, may solve one of the lingering mysteries about the strange satellite with the smog-choked atmosphere."

"Scientists have wondered for decades where the methane in Titan's atmosphere came from. Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is the only moon in the solar system with a substantial atmosphere. Most of that atmosphere is nitrogen, with up to 3 percent of it composed of methane."

"Investigators theorized that it could have come from a methane-rich hydrocarbon ocean that covered much of the moon. But instruments aboard the Cassini spacecraft, which has been investigating the moon since late last year, have failed to turn up evidence of such a sea."

"A recent fly-by of Titan has now produced an image of a circular feature about 19 miles (31 kilometers) in diameter with two wings extending to the west, scientists reported Thursday," June 9, 2005, "in the journal Nature."

"Scientists believe the wings represent repeated flows from a volcano that spews ice and liquid methane, instead of molten rock. Researchers have noted similar physical features surrounding volcanoes on Earth and Venus."

"This raises the possibility that the atmospheric methane comes from a subsurface source of liquid methane that is vented to the atmosphere by erupting volcanoes."

"The eruptions are possibly caused by heat generated by tidal movements in the liquid methane inside Titan."

"'We all thought volcanoes had to exist on Titan, and now we've found the most convincing evidence to date,' said Bonnie Buratti, a member of the team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory" in Pasadena, California "analyzing results of Cassini's infrared mapping spectrometer. 'This is exactly what we've been looking for.'" (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for June 12, 2005, "Possible ice volcano found on Saturn's largest moon, Titan," page 15A.)


"Robert Hamilton, a senior at Duluth (Minnesota) Central High School, wrote a twisted little poem about taking over his school. As a result, he got sent to the psych ward for six days, and wasn't allowed back into school for weeks thereafter."

"In the wake of the March 21 (2005) Red Lake (Minnesota) school shootings, the school's reaction to Hamilton's poem may be understandable. But, besides raising the usual issues of free speech infringement, the incident also shows how poorly the schools still deal with troubled youth."

"Before the Age of Columbine, the poem might well have been accepted in the spirit of that old (American) anthem that students have been chanting for decades: "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school..."

"Hamilton has no history of causing trouble at Central, nor has he ever been in trouble with the police. His grades, though not good, were passing except for one class. He considers himself a pacifist and says he has no access to, nor interest in, guns."

"But his home life might have raised extra red flags to school officials. His one parent, his mother, suffers from persistent mental illness, and the family survives on public assistance. The lack of adult advocates also made him vulnerable."

"Hamilton read the poem, which he had written prior to the Red Lake shooting, at a Circular Muse poetry slam (Thursday) April 14 (2005) at Pizza Luce" on Superior Street in Duluth, Minn. "He prefaced it by announcing ('like an idiot,' he later admitted--D.C.H.) 'this has no connection with Red Lake.'"

"Naturally, the audience did make the connection and, according to one onlooker, 'there was this big collective gasp.'"

"Someone (Homeland Security?--J.T.) apparently reported it to Duluth Central. On April 27, 28 and 29, Hamilton was called into conference meetings with his principal, vice principal (and) the school police liaison officer. His church youth pastor was present during the first meeting, but afterwards" Hamilton "had no adult there to represent or to support him."

"Hamilton defended his poem by saying that it was purely written words. It was a freshman fantasy about taking over the school with inside jokes."

School officials reportedly "asked if he wanted to go to the Access Center (the mental health in-patient facility at Duluth's Miller Dwan Hospital--J.T.) and promised to help get him into it if he wanted."

"Hamilton respectfully declined."

However, "on (Friday) April 29 (2005), after the third conference, he suddenly found himself in the back of a (police) squad car, being taken from school to Miller Dwan."

"'I was basically strung along on a leash,' Hamilton said, 'I was completely cooperative, and went along with whatever they wanted.'"

"At their insistence, he signed himself into the mental hospital, which he was allowed to do because he was already 18 years of age."

But once inside Miller Dwan, it wasn't so easy for Bob Hamilton to get out.

"'Normally, I believe I would've been held for 72 hours,' said Hamilton, 'But Mother was undergoing her own bad spell at the time. While I was in the youth ward, she was upstairs in the adult ward. With no parent to be released to, my stay was extended.'"

"'They put me on Prozac,' he added, 'It feels really weird, like I'm normal. It sucks.'"

"A psychiatrist discharged him with a clear indication that Hamilton is not at risk to harm another person. Yet the bureaucratic addition of yet another evaluation stalled his return to school for another three weeks."

"By the time Hamilton returned to school, he had been absent four weeks, and there was less than a week of school left. He was allowed to take his finals. Despite being out of school for so long, Hamilton passed all of his classes except the one course which he intends to make up through the Adult Learning Center."

"'It's a very disturbing story,' said Chuck Samuelson, director of the Minnesota American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), when contacted about Hamilton's case."

"Samuelson expressed concern that Hamilton was questioned without counsel and was held long past 72 hours."

"Since the issue was a poem Hamilton read outside the school, Central High 'needs to justify how they got involved,' Samuelson said."

"Duluth Central assistant principal Kathy Van Wert, who oversaw Hamilton's suspension, did not return the Reader's phone calls," reported Dorothy Charging Hawk, reporter for the Duluth newspaper Reader Weekly.

"'I think that they should have told me up front, rather than keeping me in the dark,' Hamilton said, 'If they thought I needed an evaluation, they should have said so up front. After what happened in Red Lake, I can see why they did it. Maybe there is no good way to do it. I'm not holding a grudge, but I just feel alienated by the whole process.'"

"Here is the controversial poem Bob wrote, in its entirety," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "I leave it to our readers to decide for themselves if the content poses a menace to society."

     Taking Over the School

           by Robert Hamilton

"Sitting in class, the teacher is a f****** control freak!"

"Jumping through hoops, trying to get the paper of success." (Diploma--J.T.)

"Do I really want to go through this shit, this hell just to move on to a job of more hell and hoops?"

"I don't think so."

"I just might as well throw my life away and kill myself."

"But first I will do something great. Have my name be legendary so all of the kids of the future will know me."

"I will take over this fucking school and pull a Hitler on their ass!"

"First I will put those f****** control freaks in their place; they will know once again what it is like!"

"Everyone that has something coming to them will get what they deserve."

"And then I will declare the potheads and stoners as my Aryan race!"

"And all those smart-ass suck-ups and the f****** asshole cliques will be great workers to rape as we please."

"But the retards will be next."

"We will build a gas chamber in the science room, and we will watch them squirm as they die."

"It will be a new sport!"

"But we will keep the handicapped. They can be funny."

"Plus, we are not monsters."

"There will be a New School Order."

"Then the f***** 'Big Brother' will probably stop us and maybe brainwash us, if not kill us."

"But the legion of me will stay and be told, and a new rise will come once again."

[Note: Censorship of the 'f' word by me - John @ UFOINFO]

Dorothy Charging Hawk added, "Robert Hamilton is not a Nazi and does not wish to kill the mentally-handicapped. The poem was meant for shock, and that is what it got."

Yet, it is still unclear how school officials heard about Hamilton's recital to a private group of poetry aficionados.

"It sounds like there was an informer present at Circular Muse--someone who passed on the information to Homeland Security," editor Joseph Trainor added, "Let this be a lesson to the would-be comedians at the Improv. You don't know who is in the audience. So maybe it's not such a smart idea to make fun of Vice President Dick Cheney. Like that wacky skit where the comic said, 'Here's Uncle Dick making a speech,' and then bent over and began making loud, prolonged farting noises. Not only was this unspeakably juvenile, in the current political atmosphere, it could be downright dangerous." (See the newspaper Reader Weekly of Duluth, Minn. for June 9, 2005, "Poem gets Duluth student sent to lockup," page 3.)


"Buried for nearly 3,600 years, a rare statue of Pharoah Neferhotep I has been brought to light in the ruins of Thebes by a team of French archaeologists."

"Officials said on Saturday," June 4, 2005, "that the statue was unusual in that the king is depicted holding hands with a double of himself," but "this second part of the statue remains under the sand and its form has been determined by the use of imaging equipment."

"Archaeologists unearthed the 1.8-meter (6-foot) tall statue as they were carrying out repairs around the temple of Karnak in the northern city of Luxor, Egypt's antiquities chief Dr. Zahi Hawass told reporters."

"Francois Larche, one of the team that found the limestone statue of the king, said it was lying about 1.6 meters (5 feet, 3 inches) below ground near an obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, the only woman known to have reigned as Pharoah, ruling from 1504 to 1484 B.C."

"Karnak, now in the heart of Luxor, was built on the ruins of Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt. The huge temple, dedicated to the sun god Amon, lies in the heart of a vast complex of religious buildings in the city 700 kilometers (435 miles) south of Cairo."

"The statue shows the king wearing a funeral mask and a royal head cloth or nemes. The forehead bears the emblem of a cobra which ancient Egyptians used as a symbol on the crown of the pharoahs. They believed that the cobra will spit fire at approaching enemies."

"Larche said this was only the second time a statue had been found in Egypt. A similar one was dug up during the excavation of the hidden treasures of Karnak from 1989 to 1904 A.D. But it is not clear when or if" the statue of Neferhotep I "will be completely unearthed. It is blocked by the remnants of an ancient structure, possibly a gate."

"'In order to pull it out, a structure on top of the statue has to be dismantled and then restored,' said Larche, adding that permission from the Egyptian Antiquities authorities was needed before the team could go ahead with plans to raise the statue."

"'It's up to the High Council of Egyptian Antiquities to decide the fate of the statue of Neferhotep I and whether it should be brought to light or left buried where it was found.'"

"Neferhotep I was the twenty-second pharoah of the Thirteenth Dynasty. The son of a temple priest in Abydos, he ruled Egypt from 1696 to 1686 B.C. (about two centuries before Queen Hatshepsut--J.T.) Experts believe his father's position helped him to ascend the throne, as there was no royal blood in his family."

"Neferhotep was one of the few pharoahs whose name did not invoke the sun god Ra. It is written on a number of stones, including a (historical) documents on his reign found at Aswan" in southern Egypt. (See the Agence France Presse report for June 5, 2005, "Statue of Egyptian pharoah found after nearly 3,600 years." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones Drown for this news story.)

From the UFO Files...


The plans of Japanese scientists to send a drill ship to pierce the Earth's crust on the Pacific Ocean floor has called attention once again to the subterrene debate. Namely, do Earth's military powers, particularly the USA, have subterrenes or "tunnelers" capable of traveling through unconsolidated rock beneath the Earth's surface?

There is interesting evidence that the USA worked on just such a project during the 1970s and the 1980s.

On January 8, 1971, the U.S. Patent Office received a strange application from "the Armstrong group," a bunch of scientists in New Mexico. The group wanted to patent "a machine and method for drilling bore holes and tunnels by melting in which a housing is provided for a heat source and a heated end portion and in which the necessary melting heat is delivered to the walls of the end portion at a rate sufficient to melt rock and during operation of which the molten material may be disposed adjacent to the boring zone in cracks in the rock and in a vitreous (glass) wall lining of the tunnel so formed."

(Editor's Note: By a strange twist of fate, the patent application was filed on Elvis Presley's thirty- sixth birthday.) The proposal, advanced by Dale E. Armstrong of Santa Fe, N.M. and Berthus B. McInteer, Robert L. Mills, Robert M. Potter, Eugene S. Robinson, John C. Rowley and Morton C. Smith, all of Los Alamos, N.M., called for the construction of a nuclear-powered tunneling machine, "designed to convert the rock that it excavates into a molten liquid" that lines the walls of its tunnel--a wheeled vehicle that could move under the land the same way a submarine travels underwater.

The patent for the Armstrong group's design was approved on September 26, 1972.

In his classic book Underground Bases and Tunnels, Dr. Richard Sauder gives a brief history of the mysterious "Subterrene Affair."

"The nuclear subterrene (rhymes with submarine--R.S.) was designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. A number of patents were filed by scientists at Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were written--and then the whole thing just sort of faded away."

"Or did it?"

"Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them. The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to the tunnel face, when it melts the rock. In the process of melting the rock, the lithium loses some of its heat. It is then circulated back along the exterior of the tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled lithium then circulates back to the (nuclear) reactor where the whole cycle starts over. In this way, the nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear- powered, 2,000-degree Fahrenheit earthworm, boring its way deep underground."

"The United States Atomic Energy Commission and the United States Energy Research and Development Administration took out the patents in the 1970s for the nuclear subterrenes. The first patent, in 1972, went to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission."

(Editor's Note: The second patent for subterrenes was issued on May 6, 1975.)

Dr. Sauder wrote that the second patent "was for 'a tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in soft rock or wet, clayey, unconsolidated or bouldery earth by simultaneously detaching the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and forming a supporting excavation wall liner by deflecting the molten materials against the excavation walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous wall supporting liner, and detaching the tunnel face circumscribed by the kerf with powered mechanical earth detachment means and in which the heat required for melting the kerf and liner material is provided by a compact nuclear reactor.'"

"This 1975 patent further specifies that the machine is intended to excavate tunnels up to 12 meters (40 feet) in diameter or more."

"The kerf is the outside boundary of the tunnel wall that a boring machine gouges out as it bores through the ground or rock. So, in ordinary English, this machine will melt a circular boundary into the tunnel face. The melted rock will be forced to the outside of the tunnel by the tunnel machine, where it will form a hard, glassy tunnel lining."

"And yet a third patent was issued to the United States Energy Research and Development Administration just 21 days later, on 27 May 1975, for a machine remarkably similar to the machine patented on 6 May 1975."

"The abstract describes, 'A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in rock by progressive detachment of the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and simultaneously forming an initial tunnel wall support by deflecting the molten materials against the tunnel walls to provide, when solidifed, a continuous liner; and fragmenting the tunnel core circumscribed by the kerf by thermal stress fracturing and in which the heat required for such operations is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor.'"

"This machine would also be capable of making a glass-lined tunnel of 40 feet (12 meters) in diameter or more."

"Perhaps some of my readers have heard the same rumors that I have heard swirling in the UFO literature or on the UFO grapevine: stories of deep, secret, glass- walled tunnels excavated by laser-powered tunneling machines. I do not know if these stories are true. If they are, however, it may be that the glass-walled tunnels are made by the nuclear subterrenes described in these patents."

Apparently, sometime in February or March of 1975, during President Gerald R. Ford's administration, a top- secret Request for Proposals (RFP) went out from the Defense Department, inviting design teams to submit proposals for workable subterrenes. Two proposals were accepted, and both were granted patents in May of 1975.

Were the prototype subterrenes ever built? Good question!

For years, your editor has heard rumors of strange glass-walled tunnels found under private range lands in Monero, New Mexico, 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of Dulce, a town that made its mark in UFO history. Then there were the equally strange cases of subterranean hums heard in Floyds Knobs and Kokomo, Indiana. Could the people there have heard a subterrene passing beneath their community?

It could be that the subterrene plans simply gathered dust on the shelf.

Then again, perhaps at this very moment Subterrene X- 1 is cruising beneath the sands of Iraq's Anbar province, hunting for insurgents. (See the book Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? by Richard Sauder, Ph.D., Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, Illinois, 1995, pages 94 through 97.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth--and occasionally, Saturn--brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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