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Volume 10
Number 28
July 13, 2005

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"The subway train had just left King's Cross station" in London "and Anthony Latchana had settled in with a newspaper for his morning commute when he saw a bright light and heard a 'massive. massive' bang."

"'The train jerked left, right, forward, back,' he says, 'It came to an abrupt stop.'"

"Latchana, along with hundreds of others, was trapped in a pitch-black tunnel between King's Cross and Russell Square until an emergency light finally flickered."

"'People were screaming,' he says, their faces turning grey from dense smoke that filled the cabin. Struggling to breathe, many panicked, smashing their cell phones against the windows to try to let in air."

"'Big, executive men, reading the Financial Times were screaming they have to get out,' he said."

"Over the space of 56 minutes, at the height of rush hour, this scene of death and destruction from an apparent terrorist attack would be repeated on two more subway trains and a red double-decker bus," leaving over 60 people dead and upwards of 700 wounded.

"The attack came a day after London was announced as the site of the 2012 Olympics."

"'After yesterday's joy and jubilation, we have horror and devastation,' said Philip Nunn, a businessman, 'London has been turned on its heels overnight.'"

"A group calling itself 'Secret Organisation--Al- Qaeda in Europe' claimed responsibility on an Islamic Web site for the string of explosions it called 'blessed.'"

The explosions moved in an east-to-west pattern across the city. The first was at 8:51 a.m., an explosion aboard a Circle Line subway train that was 100 yards (90 meters) into a tunnel under Liverpool Street beyond Moorgate station.

The second came five minutes later, at 8:56 a.m., aboard a Picadilly Line train between the King's Cross and Russell Square stations.

Next, at precisely 9:17 a.m., an explosion killed five people at the Edgewater Road subway station, just north of Bayswater.

Finally, at 9:47 a.m., Number 30, a red double-decker bus, was traveling from Hackney to Marble Arch when it exploded in Tavistock Square.

"The Tube," as London's subway system is called, has 12 lines and 274 stations and serves over 3 million commuters daily. The system is 253 miles (405 kilometers) long and has been operating since it first opened in 1863.

"London's transit authorities characterized the blasts as 'the worst incident in the history of the London underground."

"It was the worst attack on London since World War II."

On its Web site, the Al-Qaeda affiliated group announced, "Rejoice, Arabic world. The time has come for vengeance against the Zionist crusader government of Britain in response to the massacres Britain has committed in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"The London Metropolitan Police said that it was investigating the claim."

"'The public need to remain vigilant,' said Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter of the British Transport Police. 'We don't know if this is over yet.'"

(See USA Today for July 8, 2005, "'Slaughter' shocks London" and "Screams, dense smoke and a rush to escape," page 1A.)


Strange links to London's infamous Nineteenth Century serial killer, Jack the Ripper, and Freemasonry have emerged in the wake of the subway bombings.

"The first blast caught a subway train between Moorgate and Liverpool Street station on the eastern fringe of London's financial district. Seven died, police said. Moorgate is named for one of the (medieval) gates in the city walls of London."

"Some people caught in that blast emerged from Aldgate station, near Jack the Ripper's haunts in Whitechapel."

The Ripper murders began on Tuesday, April 3, 1888 when the body of Emma E. Smith, a prostitute, was found in Osborn Street, Whitechapel.

On Tuesday, August 7, 1888, the body of a second prostitute, Martha Tabram, was discovered at the Grove- yard Buildings in Whitechapel.

On Friday, August 31, 1888, a third, Mary Ann Nichols, was found in Bucks Row, Whitechapel, followed on Saturday, September 8, 1888 by the murder of Annie Chapman in Hanbury Street, Whitechapel.

Then came "Bloody Sunday," September 30, 1888, when the body of Elizabeth Stride was found in Berner Street, Whitechapel, and Catherine Eddowes was murdered in Mitre Square in Aldgate.

Painted on a brick wall nearby was a strange message: "This is the work of the Juwes." At first, Inspector Frederick George Abberline thought the writer was someone with the spelling skills of Paris Hilton and actually meant "Jews." But when his superior from Scotland Yard arrived, he became upset and ordered the offending sentence wiped out immediately.

(Editor's Note: Whitechapel in 1888 was the home of a large population of immigrant Jews from Poland and Russia.)

Come to find out, "the Juwes" did not refer to Hebraic people at all but to three characters in the lore of Freemasonry--Jubelum and his two companions, who are supposed to have murdered Hiram Abiff, the architect of King Solomon's temple.

The 1976 book Final Solution by Stephen Knight claimed that the Ripper slayings were Masonic ritual murders carried out by Queen Victoria's personal physician, Sir William Gull (1816-1890) after the women learned that the queen's grandson, Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence (1864-1892), had married a commoner on the sly.

In the 1979 movie Murder by Decree, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John H. Watson and Inspector Gerald Lestrade tracked down the Masonic connection and apprehended Dr. Gull and his accomplice, coachman John Netley, on November 11, 1888. But Special Branch took custody of Dr. Gull and covered the whole thing up.

(Editor's Comment: So instead of getting credit for helping to crack Scotland Yard's biggest case ever, poor Lestrade went down in history as Holmes' favorite foil.)

The 1999 movie From Hell, in which actor Johnny Depp portrayed Inspector Abberline, pulled no punches in detailing Masonic involvement in the Jack the Ripper case. But then the film chickened out at the end by portraying Dr. Gull as a "lone nut" who was always talking to "the Great Architect of the Universe."

The three "Juwes" are often referred to in the craft as "the three hanged men," which is symbolized as the number 777. This is also the Masonic symbol of vengeance.

Here in the USA, we had the Regulator case in Montana in 1864. A corrupt sheriff named Henry Plumer was the secret ringleader of "the Regulators," a band of outlaws who preyed on local ranchers around Virginia City, Montana. Eventually, Sheriff Plumer, "Clubfoot George" Lane and two other outlaws were hanged by a vigilance committee composed of members of the Masonic lodge, who left the number 777 at the lynching site. Indeed, the number 777 still appears on Montana license plates.

(Editor's Note: The Regulators are buried at the top of Boot Hill in Virginia City, Mont. Nice town, great local museum--put it on your "Must Visit" list if you're touring Montana this summer.)

Some occultists have noted the eerie similarity between the Masonic symbol of 777 and the date of the Tube bombings in London.

The bombs went off on July 7--the seventh day of the seventh month.

In numerology, the year 2005 has a value of 7. You get this by adding two plus zero plus zero plus five, which equals seven.

So July 7, 2005 equals 777, a Masonic symbol.

"I'd have to agree that we're not out of the woods yet," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "There are two more days left in this month which could be construed as 777. These are July 16, 2005 (16 can be rendered in numerology as one plus six, which equals seven) and July 25, 2005 (two plus five equals seven).
Are these "the three Juwes?" I honestly don't know. But I do know that July 16 will be the 60th anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion--the nuclear test at Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945. Stay tuned."


A number of American psychics, including a few who are born-again Christians, claim to have received angelic warnings about a terrorist attack here in the USA. Nearly all of them claim the target will be Atlanta, Georgia.

Tom and Vicky Hinton, both evangelical Christians, reported that in early June 2005 they spoke with another member of their church, who had received disturbing warnings in a dream.

"We live in Georgia about 40 miles (64 kilometers) below Atlanta," Vicky Hinton reported, "My husband had a dream about two years ago about bombs hitting Atlanta. Three days ago, early in the morning at 4 a.m., our friend was awakened. He looked up and there was a light in the room next to the wall, at the other end of his bed. Then, suddenly, an angel stepped out of the light. He called our friend by name as he pulled his sword from its sheath. He said he could hear the metal scraping the sheath as he pulled it out."

"The angel then said, 'The Lord God has put it into your heart to move from this place, and you are to tell your family to move because the Lord is bringing the sword to this city.' He also said our friend 'must leave soon.' The angel repeated these instructions twice. Then he stepped back into the light and just disappeared."

Another "Christian brother" in Thomaston, Georgia (population 9,411) received a similar warning. "The brother had the urge to move to another state and begin missionary work for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But his wife did not want to go. So he fasted for three days and prayed in Jesus' name for guidance. Then he heard the voice of the Lord telling him, "Gather up your family and move. Much destruction is coming to Atlanta. Leave and leave soon. Shake the red dust of Georgia from your feet as a testimony against it.'"

"The brother told his wife, and she absolutely refused to believe it. So he took to praying again. The Lord told him to open the Bible and point out Genesis 19:26."

(Editor's Note: The story of Lot's wife and the destruction of Sodom.)

"Still she wouldn't believe it. She said she would move 'when I receive a telegram from the Almighty.'"

"The next day, when the wife went to open the mailbox, she found a yellow telegram from Western Union addressed to her. She opened it up and read it. The message said, 'Move your fat ass.' There was no signature."

"When her husband came home, she lit right into him, asking if he thought this was some kind of joke. The Christian brother denied sending the telegram. When they made enquiries, they found that the mailman had never delivered the telegram to their box, and Western Union had no record of any such telegram ever being sent. The brother is packing, but his wife doesn't know what to think."

Curtis McDiamird of Atlanta had a horrifying dream two weeks ago. Curtis said he had dreamed that he and his father were spending the day walking around Underground Atlanta, a shopping center at the intersection of Pryor and Alabama Streets. Suddenly, the concrete floor began shaking beneath their feet.

"When we came up, everything in Atlanta had been destroyed," he reported, "There were ruins all around us. The Fulton County Courthouse--gone. The Coca-Cola Pavilion--gone. I could see all the way to Spring Street. The Federal Building was a burned-out spire. Dad lost it. He just kept looking around and babbling, 'Oh, man, we're fucked. We're fucked! Fucka-ducka-dood!' Then I heard a voice telling me, 'You must leave Atlanta and be gone by July.' That's when I woke up."

The most horrifying dream, however, came from South Dakota. A Lakota (also known as Sioux Indian--J.T.) spiritual advisor dreamed that he was standing on a ridge overlooking the White River on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota on a summer day. It was hot with a cloudless blue sky.

"Looking down, Charlie saw a long, long railroad train moving west. There were over a hundred flatcars, and they were loaded with dead bodies. Thousands of people--Americans. Casualties of a nuclear explosion back East. They were being brought by rail to the Badlands (a desert in southwestern South Dakota--J.T.) to be buried in a new national cemetery there," Frank Running Elk reported, "He didn't say where the explosion was, just that it happens in the East. You know the spot he means, Joe."

(Editor's Comment: Sure do. The ridge 10 miles (16 miles) north of Oglala, S.D.
I hope Frank finds out more at Mato Tipi next week.)

"What's curious about the first three precognitive dreams is that they all come from the same area about 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Atlanta," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor added. "That is right on the 33rd Parallel or the 33rd degree of latitude. The 33rd degree is also the highest degree in Freemasonry. There are still two more days in July 2005 with the numerology of that Masonic symbol 777. The first of these is Saturday, July 16, 2005. This is also the 60th anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion at Alamogordo, New Mexico."

"The date July 16 has occult significance. Freemasonry is derived from the solar religion of ancient Egypt. And July 16 was the ancient Egyptian New Year. It was the day the star Sirius--'that blazing star' of Masonry--rises above the horizon. That event coincided with the rising of the Nile. Strangely, Egypt of the Pharoahs referred to Sirius as 'a more distant sun' or 'the second sun,' which, of course, it is. And when 'Oppie's gadget,' the atomic bomb built by physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, went off on July 16, 1945, it was as if a second green sun had risen over the Jornada del Muerto desert," he added, "It's also very interesting that the new Harry Potter book will make its debut on the Masonic holy day of July 16."

"However, Atlanta isn't the only possible target of a terrorist nuclear strike. Other major American cities located on or near the 33rd degree of latitude include-- going from west to east--San Diego, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama. Hopefully, these dreams were just nightmares and not precog dreams. But I'll be awfully glad when we get to August." (Many thanks to Tom and Vicky Hinton, Rev. Alfred Styles and Frank Running Elk for passing on these reports.)


On Tuesday, July 5, 2005, at 8:50 p.m., eyewitness M.R. reported, "I was coming home from a fishing trip in Sargent, Texas. I had just turned off FM587 on to FM2611 when, all of a sudden, the lights in my car blinked twice, and then the car went dead."

"I coasted to a stop at the top of a small hill that was a curve. I was frightened. For one, I am female and was traveling alone, and I was in the middle of nowhere. I thought that the reason for the power giving out in my car was because my brother had been using my car battery earlier in the day and may not have tightened the battery cables properly."

"I didn't have a flashlight (torch in UK--J.T.) on me and I grabbed my cell phone to let someone know what had happened. Then I decided to get out of the car, knowing that my cell phone had a bright light on it, and I was going to check the battery cables."

"Before I could open my cell phone to turn it on, a bright bluish glow started to light up a wooded area across the highway from me. At first I thought it was another vehicle coming up behind me, and I panicked for a moment because my car had stopped on top of the hill on a curve, and, if the vehicle was coming up the curve too fast, it would hit me."

"But I realized quickly that it was not another vehicle. I couldn't quite identify the light, but the woods got suddenly brighter. The light went bright like a blue-white light bulb. It was more like the light from a giant blue flashlight or helicopter (search) light."

"I watched it slowly start moving upward through the trees. I sat in complete silence while I watched it move up out of the trees until it was above the trees and clearly in the sky with the stars for a background. It was a huge bluish translucent ball of light, with the center of the ball much darker than the outer edges."

"The outer edges of the ball seemed to vibrate or tremble slightly. It continuously rose up into the sky, at first slowly, but, the higher it got, the faster it went. Which was straight up into the sky until it disappeared."

"I sat in the silent darkness for a few seconds and then turned my car keys, which I had never taken out of the ignition switch, and the car started right up."

The UFO "was about 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters) up. It was huge, maybe 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters) across, but I could be mistaken. It was much larger than my car-- a Volvo DL wagon. I resumed my drive to Sweeny, Texas."

Sargent is in Matagorda County, on Texas's Gulf of Mexico shore about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southwest of Galveston. (Email Form Report)


Eureka, California (population 26,128) has been visited twice by UFO flotillas in the last month, according to one local resident.

On Monday, June 6, 2005, Jenece Poree went outside after sunset and noticed an unusual "bright star" in the sky. She reported, "I first noticed a ship resembling a Christmas tree light bulb--a disk of gaudy brightness-- suspended over the rooftops west of my home. As I watched, it slowly descended in a falling-leaf motion below the power lines, below the rooftops."

"The next night (Tuesday, June 7, 2005), I went outside at dusk and started seeing really bright stars. Also I saw a number of frenetically blinking smaller craft, with red and blue lights."

"Two nights ago (Thursday, July 7, 2005), the sky was far more clear and there were large amounts of UFO activity over Eureka. Huge 'blinking' craft flashing several lights. One large one hovered over the Fairhaven pulp (paper) mill on Samoa Island out in Humboldt Bay. These Kleig-like 'stars,' upon closer inspection by binoculars, looked like amoebas or single-celled creatures as seen under a microscope. Very organic the way they move and writhe and climb aloft. They frequently have a little red companion hanging out nearby."

"Height? Always above our chronic coastal overcast. Really high and fast but much lower the other night."

Eureka is on California Highway 101 approximately 281 miles (449 kilometers) north of San Francisco. (Email Form Report)


On Monday, July 4, 2005, Ron Russell reported, "I was at my friend Gail's house at the Springs. We were sitting on her deck after a BBQ (barbecue--J.T.) when she looked up at the clouds heading towards the northeast and said, 'Oh! There's a ship up there. I can feel it.'"

"Gail's a practicing psychic with years of experience, so I pay attention when she 'feels' something."

"While we were both looking in that area, a bright illuminated golden spot (a small circle--R.R.) manifested itself and traveled from east to west at a constant speed. It never changed its course, speed or brightness and went across the sky in one minute."

"We have a lot of military in this area--Fort Carson, NORAD, Schriever Air Force Base, the Space Command, and we see aircraft all the time."

"Even though it was the Fourth of July, this was not any kind of fireworks I'd ever seen. While we thought at first it might have been a Mylar balloon, it traveled in the opposite direction to the prevailing wind with no bobbing or wobble we could discern, more like a determined path that was not subject to the wind."

"We have no other explanation than it was a ship, like Gail intuited."

Colorado Springs (population 360,890) is on Interstate Highway I-25 approximately 67 miles (112 kilometers) south of Denver, the state capital. (Email Form Report)


On July 4, 2005, at 8 p.m., eyewitness Jamce had an unusual encounter in the small city of Miami, Oklahoma (population 13,704).

"I never read much about sightings in Oklahoma, so I would like to know what happened on July 4th at 8 p.m. We live in Miami, Okla. While at some friends' (house) on the Fourth, my husband and two friends were outside watching the grandkids with their firecrackers. They observed a cylinder-shaped object glide across the sky, my husband said."

"It appeared white but changed to orange, though, as it reflected the sun. It made no noise, and there was no vapor trail. My friends said it moved very fast, and the whole sighting lasted just one minute. My husband yelled into the house for me to come and see. But when I got out there, it was already out of sight."

"They said it was about a mile and a half (2.4 kilometers) higher than jets usually fly. Here's an odd note--my husband is the skeptic, and I'm the believer."

Miami is on Interstate Highway I-44 in northeastern Oklahoma, located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southwest of Joplin, Missouri. (Many thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director of Skywatch International, for this report.)


On Wednesday, May 4, 2005, at 1:30 p.m., Lori Metisse and her two children got off the bus on Saddleback Road in Edmonton, the capital of Canada's Alberta province. Minutes later, they had a strange encounter.

"I was walking with my two kids north on Saddleback Road. I was taking my newborn to a doctor's appointment. I had just gotten on the sidewalk" when "I don't know why, but I felt compelled to look up. I noticed something hovering in the southwestern sky. Immediately I saw 15 to 25 hovering black objects. They were kind of small. They just hovered there."

"I held my gaze, without blinking. I thought my eyes could not be playing tricks on me, and I had better not blink. So I was able to view the object for maybe 20 to 30 seconds. And then they all disappeared together, all at the same time."

"Then I blinked and tried to find out where they had all gone. I couldn't find them again. Many, many small black hovering objects, possibly oval or round in shape, and all of them beneath the clouds."

"I took my newborn and my two-year-old and hurried to the doctor's office." (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, July 7, 2005, at 10:25 p.m., Roxanne C. was at her home, near the corner of Kennedy Road and St. Clair Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada when she witnessed an unusual incident.

"I was standing at my back door, watching a small plane flying low and slow," Roxanne reported, "Then, a few minutes later, I saw the object flying overhead from the east, coming into a southwesterly direction. It was shaped like a triangle with rounded corners and five dim lights down each side. It was like a shadow. No sound at all. It gave me a chill when it was gone."

"It was a dark grayish triangle with rounded corners and five dim lights down each side, both the left and the right. No sound at all."

"I'd say it was about one-and-a-half kilometers (0.9 miles) higher than any plane I'd ever seen before." (Email Form Report)

(Editor's Comment: The "low and slow" aircraft sounds like one of those FBI surveillance planes. But what's it doing in Canada? It also appears that the UFO was deliberately avoiding this plane.)


Hard on the heels of a report about a chalk-white Man In Black (MIB) being seen in Cordoba, Argentina came reports of a UFO flotilla flying over this provincial capital.

According to Ricardo D'Angelo, UFO Roundup's correspondent in Argentina, "A flotilla of several UFOs appeared in the sky over Cordoba, the capital of the province of the same name, on Thursday, July 7, 2005, at precisely 6:49 a.m."

"At first these mysterious fireballs flew towards the southeast. Then they circled and crossed the heart of the city, anomalous and luminous, and changed course several times over the next few minutes. The event was witnessed by many people for over a half hour."

"At 7:15 a.m., a large luminous object crossed the sky, leaving a bright flash as it did so. 'That one was showing intelligent activity,' an eyewitness reported. Images of this UFO were caught on one observer's SONY 360X videocamera."

Around June 15, 2005, eyewitness Cristian H. Godoy saw a humanoid, which he described as "dressed all in black" with "an aged face colored chalk-white," at the Grupo Pilar manufacturing plant in Cordoba.

Cordoba is located 400 kilometers (250 miles) west- northwest of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. (Muchas gracias a Ricardo D'Angelo para estas noticias.)


"A 60-year-old sorcerer from Iran, who was hooked on hashish, is now cooling his heels at the prison in Al- Fujairah, in Ittihad al-Imirat al-Arabiyah (Translated: the United Arab Emirates--J.T.) following a five-year jail term slapped on him by a local criminal court."

"Samjan Mohammed, on a visitor's visa to the U.A.E., was handed down the jail term for bringing in and misusing a narcotic substance, served a month in prison for duping people out of their money by claiming that he had powers that could cure them of incurable diseases. He faces deportation back to Iran after serving his jail term."

"U.A.E. police received a tipoff that the Iranian was conducting his 'business' in Al-Fujairah, claiming that he had supernatural powers. The arrest warrant alleged that Samjan practiced sorcery and black magic to invoke his powers."

"Subsequently, the police set a trap at his house, which he frequently visited, and arrested him. The police searched the apartment where he was staying and found some books about magic and some amulets. They also searched for hashish from a hideaway in his flat. Samples of his blood were taken and sent for testing, where they revealed the presence of narcotic substances."

"Upon interrogation, Samjan confessed to all the charges, and the court handed down his sentence."

Commenting on this case, Ayesha al-Khatabi, UFO Roundup's correspondent in the Middle East, noted, "Rumours are flying about this Iranian sorcerer. Apparently, he circumvented the Anglo-American blockade at the Strait of Hormuz by taking a fishing boat to Al- Fujairah from Jask in Iran. The hashish suggests that he might be an adept of the sect of the Nizaris, whose stronghold was at Alamut in Iran. But he could be an adept of the Black Circle. He is rumoured to have had the forbidden books in his possession--The Book of Whispers (in Arabic, Kitab al-Azif--J.T.) by the master sorcerer Abdul Majid al-Hazrad, and the two books compiled from the letters of al-Hazrad's disciple, Yaqub Bin Ishaq as-Sabah, The Whole Art of Sorcery and Travels with My Master. Some in the New Age community think Samjan was trying to get to Saudi Arabia. But it is not known if he was acting alone, or if a superior in the Black Circle sent him to the peninsula." (See the Arab newspaper Khaleej Times for June 30, 2005, "Sorcerer lands in jail." Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: That is an interesting notion, Ayesha. Is the Black Circle bugging out of Iran and leaving the ayatollahs to fend for themselves? If so, why?
Let's keep an eye on Iran in coming weeks.)


"Over the past six months, some of the drivers of Taxibus lines 7 and 8 and their converging routes--9, 12 and 16--have experienced a strange and unusual situation" in Arica, a city in northern Chile.

"Six drivers have been intimidated by a 'ghostly lady,' who, according to their stories haunts the taxibus (In Peru, these vehicles are called collectivos--J.T.) located at Santiago Flores 360 in the barrio Cerro Sombrero (neighborhood) at night."

"These apparitions have not been merely shades; taxibus drivers have described the 'ghost' as an elderly woman, seemingly flesh and bone, which at first does not inspire any particular fear. They add that she has long hair, is dressed in normal clothes and never wears white or a veil, as is the typical description of the 'Bride of Azapa,' an urban legend that has endured for years in the city and its environs."

"One of the most curious versions of that legend is that a young and beautiful woman, who awaited the arrival of her future husband at a church in the valley of Azapa, became impatient and after a while went out searching for him. When she reached the highway, she was hit by a vehicle and died instantly."

"This gave rise to the legend of the bride who appeared to so many drivers, particularly at nightfall. There are those who claim that this legend had its origins" in an actual wedding "on Friday, October 5, 1956, when young Gloria del Rosario (lovingly known as Charito-- S.C.) from the city of Arica was getting ready to perform a devout pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Livilcar. Upon returning from her pious trip, the young woman was planning to marry her fiance in a ceremony to be held at the Cathedral of San Marcos."

"The family rented a bus that never arrived and, in order to reach the site of Las Penas in time, they hired another vehicle, which went around a curve at excessive speed until it reached the barrio Alto Ramirez (sector) along the old highway. The vehicle overturned and three passengers died, the unfortunate Charito being among them." (See the Chilean newspaper La Estrella de Arica for July 3, 2005, "Ghostly lady frightens drivers." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Liliana Nunez Orellana del grupo Archivos Forteanos por este articulo de diario.)


"First one sheep plunged to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who left their flocks to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 followed while leaping off the same cliff" near Lake Van in eastern Turkey.

"In the end, 450 dead animals lay on top of one another in a billowing white pile. Those who jumped later were saved as the pile got higher and their fall more cushioned."

"'There's nothing we can do. They're all wasted,' Neuzat Bayhan, a member of a group of 26 farmers whose sheep were grazing together."

"The estimated loss to the farmers in the town of Gevas, located in Van province in eastern Turkey, was $100,000, a significant amount of money when the average farmer earns around $2,700 per year."

"'Every family had an average of 20 sheep,' another villager, Abdullah Hazar, said, 'But now only a few families have sheep left. It's going to be hard for us.'" (See the Turkish newspaper Aksam for July 9, 2005, "450 sheep jump to their deaths." Many thanks to Mehmet Vardan for this newspaper article.)


Fantastic Four, the fourth of this summer's big science-fantasy movies, "not only clobbered the competition this weekend, but it might have helped snap Hollywood's attendance slide."

"If Sunday's estimates hold, weekend movie ticket sales totaled $149 million--$56 million of that going to Fantastic Four--according to the box-office trackers Nielsen EDI."

Like Batman Begins last month, Fantastic Four was one of the few films able to reverse Hollywood's disastrous drop in movie attendance, which has persisted for 19 weeks.

This means the summer's science-fantasy blockbusters- -Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins, War of the Worlds and Fantastic Four--are carrying the rest of the movie industry on their burly shoulders.

Now that all four have come out, UFO Roundup can do some quick reviews.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - What a pleasant surprise! "Episode 3" turned out to be the best of its trilogy, with just the right mix of headlong action and character development. Yes, we do get to witness the "birth" of Darth Vader. But if you ask me, the moment Anakin became Darth was when he switched on his lightsaber in the younglings' quarters, not when he put on the armor. You should have heard all the moaning and groaning as the hardcore fans came out of the theater. The universal cry..."No more Star Wars!" People, get a grip. We have 19 years to cover before Luke and Leia grow up. Surely we can fit two or three more trilogies into that time frame. Don't you want to see how Yoda, Chewbacca and Boba Fett survive in Palpatine's new galactic empire? It's a big galaxy, and maybe more Jedi survived the massacre. (Hint, hint.)

Batman Begins - Now this is the movie that should have been made in 1992 after Tim Burton's original Batman. Camp is dead. Keep it dark--play it serious, and Christian Bale resurrects a movie franchise that everybody thought George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger had killed. It's a lovingly detailed retelling of Batman's origin, with realistic motivations, a believable training background for Bruce Wayne and an effective Alfred in Michael Caine. Although he turns out to be the lesser villain, actor Cillian Murphy is downright chilling as "Dr. Jonathan Crane." It's only when he puts on his burlap mask and becomes the Scarecrow that he begins to seem remotely human.

War of the Worlds - Forget the 1952 original and 1956's Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. This is it--the best alien invasion movie ever. I thought Steven Spielberg was going to have to go some to top Signs. But he put Shyamalan's film in the shade. This is the anti-E.T., the flip side of Spielberg's 1982 classic. He wisely avoided scenes in the Pentagon war room and did the whole thing from the point of view of Tom Cruise's dockworker character. Digital effects scenes are impressive and not overdone. I actually thought I was watching an earthquake in northern New Jersey twenty minutes into the film. Then came the destruction of the expressway by the alien tripods, and off we went. Certain scenes stick with you, like what Dakota Fanning sees floating downriver, or those suspenseful moments in the cellar. Just what is the greater danger here--that snake-like mechanical alien probe or the fellow human refugee who has gone quietly insane from the experience? Oh, and there's a surprise guest appearance at the end. But I'm not giving it away.

Fantastic Four - I've waited 41 years for this movie, ever since I read my first issue of that comic. 41 years- -that's how long it took Hollywood to catch up with Stan Lee's imagination and Jack Kirby's pencil. Well, it was worth every minute of the wait. This film is...well, fantastic. It introduces the characters, sets up the situation, lets us see and experience the gang's origin, and gallops right along--it's science-fantasy at its finest. Michael Chiklis had the hardest job, trying to convey emotion through inches of latex makeup, but he carried it off splendidly. As did Ioan Gruffud and Julian McMahon, both of whom added more depth and humanity to their respective characters of "Reed Richards" and "Victor von Doom" than you usually see in the comics. It was strange--I know the characters, I know what they can do; but I got so caught up in the story that when the cascading bridge disaster occurs, my first thought was, 'Where the hell is Spider-Man when you need him!?' But the newly-named "Fantastic Four" didn't need him. They did just fine on their own, thank you very much. My favorite scene--the nurse taking Chris Evans' temperature..."Oh! You're hot"..."Thanks. So are you." That is such a Johnny Storm moment. And don't miss Stan Lee's walk-on as one of his favorite characters, Baxter Building mailman Willie Lumpkin.

The other genres out there in Hollywood have got to get it together. Otherwise, we're going to have ALL science-fantasy films in American cinema. (See USA Today for July 11, 2004, "'Fantastic Four' does a number on slump," page 1D.)

From the UFO Files...

1973: FLOWS

Jennifer Connelly's new movie Dark Water just premiered, and it deals with one of the most little-known phenomena in Forteana...the flow.

Fortean Society president and novelist Tiffany Thayer defined a flow as "a fall of water in closed rooms." During his decades-long search for "data," Charles Fort, the Father of Ufology, documented around 60 "flows" during his "survey period" that stretched from 1800 to 1930.

(Editor's Note: Fort kept his notes in shoe boxes in the Bronx apartment he shared with his wife Anna. First Thayer and then Carl Pabst attempted to transcribe all of Fort's notes. Pabst worked for over 20 years on this project before his recent death and had managed to catalogue all of Fort's notes up to the year 1856. The rest are still in shoe boxes--a crime against science if ever there was one.)

"'It was Dressed to Kill that did me in,' says Connelly, referring to Brian De Palma's 1980 fright flick. 'I was way too young to have seen it, and then I couldn't go near scary movies for years and years.'"

"Until one day in 2004, when she read the script for Dark Water, an American remake of a hit Japanese movie written and directed by Hideo Nakata ( Ringu, Ring Two). 'I found it really frightening and, at the same time, really moving,' the actress says, 'I thought it would be fun to make a scary film and that (Brazilian director Walter Salles would be) an interesting person to do it with.'"

"As in the 2002 (Japanese) original (now on sale on DVD--J.T.), the new version is the tale of a recently separated mother (Connelly) who moves into a spooky New York apartment with her 5-year-old daughter (played by Ariel Glade--J.T.), only to discover that the building is haunted by...water."

"Lots and lots of dripping, spraying, gushing water."

"Meanwhile, her estranged husband (Mission Impossible 2's Dougray Scott) is waging a nasty custody battle against her. 'You don't know if there's something wrong in the apartment, if it's her husband sabotaging her custody battle, or if she's just haunted by her own childhood,' Connelly explains, 'You're not sure what's going on, which is what I like about it.'"

Known cases involving the same liquid phenomena as the movie Dark Water include the following:

"In the Chorley (Lancashire, UK) Standard, February 15, 1873, is a story of excitement in the town of Eccleston. At Bank House, occupied by two elderly women and their niece, streams of water started falling about the first of February (1873), seemingly from ceilings. Furniture was soaked, and the occupants of the house were alarmed. The falls seemed to come from the ceiling, but 'probably the most singular feature of the affair is that the ceilings were apparently quite dry.'"

(Editor's Comment: Had this phenomenon occurred in Salem, Mass. two centuries earlier, all three women would have been hanged on Gallows Hill.)

"In the Toronto Globe (today the Globe & Mail--J.T.), September 9, 1880, a correspondent writes that he had heard reports of most improbable occurrences upon a farm, near the township of Wellesley, Ontario. He went to the place to interview the farmer, Mr. Manser."

"As he approached the farmhouse, he noticed that all the windows were boarded up. He learned that, about the end of July (1880), windows had begun to break, though no missiles had been seen."

(Editor's Comment: A common poltergeist manifestation.)

"The disregard was that, quite as authentic as the stories of breaking windows, were stories of falls of water in the rooms, having passed through walls, showing no trace of such passage. It is said that water had fallen in such volumes, from appearing-points in rooms, that the furniture of the house had been moved to a shed. In all our records openness of phenomena is notable. The story is that showers fell in rooms when the farmhouse was crowded with people. For more details, see the Halifax Citizen, September 13 (1880)."

For a century, there were no more publicized reports of flows in the English-speaking world. Then, in 1973, the flow phenomenon had a startling rebirth.

(Editor's Comment: If any of our overseas readers have knowledge of flow phenomena in their home countries, please write down the specific details and send your information to UFO Roundup.)

Robert J.M. Rickard, co-founder of Fortean Times, documented two flow cases in the magazine's early days. Bob wrote, "Just as we have 'falls' of things, so we have 'flows.' We have a tentative hypothesis--that the teleportive force can transport liquids to points in the air (where it begins to drop) and points on the surface of things (where it begins to flow)--but we don't expect you to take that too seriously until it seems like the only remaining explanation. But let's see how you get on with..."

"MYSTERY OF THE FLOODED PUB: Landlord of the Peaks Hotel, Gorsey, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs. (UK) watched as water flowed from light-fittings behind his bar for seven minutes--then stopped as suddenly as it began. Plumbers were called but left baffled, without finding any conceivable cause."

"The landlord later seemed quite nonchalant about the affair: 'As long as it doesn't come out of the beer pumps, I'm not too worried.'"

The next flow occurred a year later, in October 1974, in Empangeni, near Durban, South Africa.

"A series of 'ghostly' incidents has convinced Mrs. Suzette Havenga that the house she moved into in October (1974) is haunted by a woman who was murdered there only a few months before. Mrs. Elsje Mathee was stabbed to death and her youngest son fatally wounded, died in hospital later."

"Mrs. Havenga said, 'I was cleaning the house a few days before we were to move in when our servant told me that a woman had been murdered in the lounge and her baby had been stabbed. I immediately phoned my husband and told him I wanted another house. He said I was being childish.'"

(Editor's Comment: Mr. Havenga was acting just like a character in Karen Black's horror movie of the period, Burnt Offerings. If you get nervous about strangers getting into a car with you, take my advice--don't see that movie!)

"The first incident happened three weeks prior (to the news reports--R.J.M.R.) while she was sitting in the lounge with her son; her husband in the backyard. She heard light footsteps pass her, and seeing no one, screamed. When her husband came running, he said he felt a coldness there."

"Then followed door bangings, more footsteps and mysterious drops of water leading from the fridge (refrigerator) up into the passage, in the weeks that followed."

"Their servant, Emily Mtetwa, said that she saw the figure of a white woman enter the room where Mrs. Havenga's son was sleeping, and lean over him."

"Since an exorcism was too expensive at R75 (South African Rand) a throw, they were arranging for prayers to be said at a local church, in the hope that the perturbed spirit will be 'laid to rest.'"

The flow--a very rare Fortean phenomenon, indeed--now has a movie, Dark Water, to call its own. (See The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover Publications Inc., New York, N.Y., 1974, pages 559 and 570; The News (now Fortean Times) No. 7 for November 1974, page 4--also the Daily Mirror for January 15, 1974; The News No. 10 for June 1975, page 4--also the South Africa Daily Mail for November 7, 1974 and the South Africa Sunday Times for November 10, 1974; and Entertainment Weekly for April 29 and May 6, 2005, "Dark Water," page 83.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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