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Volume 10
Number 30
July 27, 2005

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Secret documents released by (Australia's) Northern Territory government reveal a mass of UFO sightings across the Top End, many of them unexplained."

"The documents, declassified after 30 years under lock and key, detail a listing of UFO incidents across the Territory by a wide range of 'sighters,' including RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) crews and weather forecasters."

"The files were classified and only became available from the National Archives in Darwin after 20 years."

"One sighting by the crew of an RAAF Hercules in Darwin in 1968 also appeared on radar although no human aircraft was identified in the area at the time."

"The crew described a series of lights which crossed their takeoff path from Darwin Airport with no visible fuselage or structure. RAAF Command in Sydney," Australia's largest city, "said the intruder might have been a foreign aircraft."

"'The fact that the sighting was made by an RAAF aircrew and detected by the aircraft's radar leave very little doubt...(that something) was in the area,' RAAF Command said, 'As the aircraft has not been identified, a violation of national air space cannot be discounted.'"

"Another of the secret documents, obtained by the Australian UFO Research Association, describes a sighting by a weather bureau forecaster at Daly Waters, N.T. in November 1966. The forecaster was tracking a weather balloon with a theodolite when he noticed a high-flying object in the sky. He reported sighting a metallic-grey, oblong object at high altitude."

"A check with the aircraft control office in Darwin revealed there was no aircraft in the area at the time."

"A third file reports the sighting of a saucer-shaped object by a group of women in Alice Springs in 1967. The women spotted the UFO in the middle of the sky and said it was a silver colour with a copper hand around the centre."

"UFO archivist Dominic McNamara said there were many N.T. sightings but most were unsubstantiated."

"'The Northern Territory is a hot-spot for sightings particularly because of its remoteness,' McNamara said, 'But the cases show people actually see unidentified objects and can describe those over the area that stand out.'"

"He said tracking down the files was an arduous task because a serial number needed to be quoted to obtain any files. So he cross-referenced files from related items, eventually narrowing the field to 170 documents." (See the Australian newspaper Northern Territory News for July 22, 2005, "Australia releases classified UFO doucments." Many thanks to


On Thursday, July 14, 2005, at 9:25 p.m., Ukrainian ufologist Vladimir Petrovich Boyko was standing on his apartment balcony in Simferopol, a city on the peninsula of Crimea, when he spotted something unusual in the sky."

"I want to report that I saw something from my balcony. It was a bright star emitting yellow-bluish light, flying over the city of Simferopol, from north or northwest to the south, apparently towards the Crimean coast of the Black Sea. Immediately I could tell that the object was different from other satellites. I saw many satellites that evening, and this object was different-- much brighter than commonplace satellites. Most importantly, while flying over my apartment house, the object emitted a very bright flash of light, or perhaps two lights in rapid succession, changing its brightness to even more bright and then changed back to its previous luminosity, not stopping and not manoeuvring."

"That hints that the object could be a large satellite that made its manoeuvres in space, or turned over on its axis (the light could be a reflection of the sun on the panels of its solar batteries--V.P.B.)."

"However, its direction was mystifying, and I noted that the object increased its brightness only after flying over my apartment house. Of course, this could be a mere coincidence and nothing more." (Many thanks to Crimean ufologist Anton A. Anfalov for this report.)

[UFOINFO Note: Using the coordinates I entered, the Heaven's Above daily predictions for satellites of magnitude 4.5 and above shows the Cosmos 1844 Rocket as one possibility for the sighting.

Another possibility is the International Space Station.

Checking for Iridium flares produced no results.]


On Monday, July 18, 2005, at 12:30 a.m., Dena Ciferri and her husband were at their home in El Paso, Texas (population 563,662), sitting on their front porch, when they saw a strange object in the sky.

"The UFO seemed to be moving in a southeasterly direction very, very slowly," Dena reported, "My husband and I were sitting on our front porch when we looked up towards the moon and saw a round cluster of traveling lights that just seemed to hover there. We knew it was too high up to be an aircraft. When we looked at the moon, it was in a three o'clock position. After about an hour, you could tell that it was at about a four o'clock position."

"The UFO was roundish. It had red, blue and white lights blinking in a certain pattern. My husband took a lengthy videotape of them. I couldn't quite tell the color of the UFO, but it looked reddish to me." (Email Form Report)


A Georgia family packed up and left the state last week after the mother had a frightening dream about a nuclear explosion in downtown Atlanta.

It was the second instance of a dream involving a catastrophic explosion and the Underground Atlanta shopping center. The first dream occurred in Thomaston, Georgia (population 9,411) a few weeks ago.

On Saturday, July 16, 2005, UFO Roundup received an email from Anne Greenwald, who wrote, "I stumbled across the UFO Roundup while looking for something on the Internet. I read the article about Atlanta with much interest, as I have been having strange dreams for as long as I can remember."

"I live in Barnesville, Ga. (population 5,972), which is about a 15-minute drive away from Thomaston. I was born on June 9, 1966 and was adopted at birth. I also had a terrible dream about Atlanta, which is why as of today, July 16, 2005, my family and I have packed up and had our yard sale and are making plans to leave Georgia on (Friday) July 22, 2005."

UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor then contacted Mrs. Greenwald and did an email interview to get the details of her eerie dream.

"You caught me the day before I was going to pack up my computer and head out to Oregon with my family," Anne responded, "I was so disturbed by the dream that I wrote it down."

Anne had this dream on Sunday, February 13, 2005, and it woke her out of a sound sleep at precisely 3:22 a.m., "when I wrote it down."

"I fell asleep (that night) and fell down what typically looks to me like a black hole, when I woke up in my dream (kind of like the TV show Quantum Leap, when the guy gets 'leaped' into new, different bodies, dealing with situations and circumstances in the middle of someone else's life--A.G.) Anyway, when I woke up in my dream, I was at Underground Atlanta with all the shops around me."

"Now, please keep in mind I do not go into Atlanta (any more) because I got creeped out after my dream."

"I saw a T-shirt store and a lot of people walking, talking and doing what they do in the Underground. As I was walking to try to find my way out, the ground shuddered, then rumbled and then shook really hard. Parts of the ceiling fell down on people, and glass was breaking everywhere."

"People were screaming, falling down, running, yelling, 'It's an earthquake! Hurry! Get out of here!'"

"I stopped to try to help some people who were under some rubble, and they were older, like in their seventies or eighties. I saw a stroller that had been crushed by a tall statue, and Mama was crying and calling out, 'Baby, baby, are you okay?'"

"I then seemed to be transported to a place where the exit was. It had all sorts of debris...like a bomb had gone off. I remember pulling some big piece of metal away so that we could all get out. There were several people helping me do this. When I got out of there, I remember climbing to the top of a mound, slipped a few times getting to the top."

"As I stood up to look around, the sky had an eerie color to it, kind of a really greenish color. I got a very creepy feeling, and, when I looked around, I asked myself, 'Where am I?' I noticed that the Coca-Cola Building was partly gone. All I could see was the lower

corner where the sign used to be."

(Editor's Note: The World of Coca-Cola Pavilion is across Central Avenue from Underground Atlanta. So far, Anne's dream seems to be describing the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.)

"People were quiet, saying, 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What the hell happened?'"

"A parking deck looked as if it had been chopped in half, and rubble was everywhere. I didn't see the CNN (Cable News Network) Building. Since I don't often go into the downtown (Atlanta) area, I really don't know what some of the buildings were, but I did hear a few people saying, 'Where's the Dome? The Dome is gone!'"

(Editor's Note: The Georgia Dome stands between Route 29 and Mangum Street, behind the World Congress Center. It's about a mile northwest of Underground Atlanta.)

"Then I heard loud strange sounds like sirens, and then everyone began making noise. I heard someone trying to call on their cell phone but with no luck and (he) said, '2005 and I still get no reception. Dang!'"

(Editor's Comment: The cell phone probably got fried by the nuclear bomb's electromagnetic pulse or EMP effect.)

"I looked at him and said, 'What day is it?'"

"He frowned and said, 'It's July. Where have you been?'"

"As I looked up, I saw helicopters and lights flashing, and there were many people in white suits (sometimes called moon suits--J.T.). Some people thought they were aliens. They grabbed us and started gathering us into big vans, and they wouldn't answer any of our questions at first."

"Finally, one of them said, 'We've got to decontaminate you all.'"

"When asked why, they said, 'Because of the radiation, that's why.'"

"It was right after these comments that I jolted awake. It moved me so much because I have had many dreams like this, and each one has come true. I used to be a professional ballet dancer and danced with Houston and Atlanta ballet companies. I am a registered nurse now. I have had many psychic dreams. I dreamed of 9/11, the Beltway) sniper incidents, the tsunami in Thailand, the California) wildfires and Mount Shasta."

"My husband, my children and myself decided to make arrangements the first of May to move away. I'm going home to Oregon to be with my siblings and, since I was born there, it's home to me."

So, is Anne Greenwald's dream prophetic, or is it just a nightmare?

"This one is really a tough call," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "I've been comparing the Thomaston dream to Anne's dream. Both reported survivors coming up out of Underground Atlanta. The Thomaston man dreamed that the World of Coca Cola Pavilion, the Fulton County Courthouse and the Federal Building on Spring Street were destroyed. Anne dreamed that the Coke Pavilion, the CNN Building and the Georgia Dome were destroyed. To do that kind of damage, the nuke would have to be above ground somewhere near Centennial Park."

"If it is Al-Qaeda using one of their acquired Russian backpack nukes, the most likely target would be CNN, which broadcasts all over the Arab world. At one stroke, Osama Bin Laden would be silencing 'the Voice of Zionism,' and taking out a major American city in the process," he added, "I notice that CNN is right across Marietta Street from Centennial Park."

"Thankfully, Saturday, July 16, 2005 went by without any incidents in Atlanta. This was one of the days with a 777 numerological symbolism the same as July 7, the day of the bombings in London. But we still have one more 777 day to go--this is Monday, July 25, 2005. In numerology, this is rendered as July the seventh month; 2 plus 5 equals 7; and 2 plus 0 plus 0 plus 5 equals 7. So July 25, 2005 comes out as 777, which has Masonic significance."

"Now, that doesn't mean Masonry is the culprit. Somebody conversant with numerology and aware of the Masonic symbolism could choose the date in the hope of harming the American lodges. It could be Al-Qaeda's Number Two man, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is Egyptian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and possibly an adept of Oriental Masonry, which considers American-style 'Templar or Crusader Masonry' a deviation from the true path."

"July 25th was also a significant date during the Crusades. On July 25, 1100, Christian soldiers of the First Crusade attacked and overran the port city of Haifa. The city at the time was predominantly Jewish, and the population was allied with Islam. About 70 percent of the civilian population was massacred by the Crusaders, and the remainder fled to Acre and Caesarea."

"Another significant date in Atlanta history is July 29, 1996. That's the day Eric Rudolph set off his backpack bomb in Centennial Park in an attempt to disrupt the Olympics. In numerology, this date is rendered July the seventh month; 2 plus 9 equals 11; and 2 plus 0 plus 0 plus 5 equals 7. The numerology code comes out as 7-11-7. Here we have 7-11 both ways, which is reminiscent of the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City, the worst terrorist attack on the USA in American history."

"You can take 7-11-7 a step further in numerology by adding all the digits together. You get 7 plus 1 plus 1 plus 7, which equals 16. In numerology, this is a mystic 7 because 1 plus 6 equals 7."

"In addition, July 29 this year falls on a Friday, the Muslim holy day."

"If this is all coincidence, it is certainly a strange arrangement of linkages. It may be that Anne Greenwald's dream was just a particularly vivid nightmare. Let's all hope it is. For myself, I'll sure be glad when we get to August." (Email Interview)


"A superb new circle" appeared in a wheat field in Boxley, near Maidstone, Kent, UK on Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 7 p.m., British cerealogist Graham Tucker reported, "We were in the area last evening (Saturday, July 16, 2005) and don't think it was there at 9 p.m. It can be seen from the (motorway) M20 between junctions 6 and 7."

"There was a UFO sighting in the same area Saturday (July 16, 2005) at 2 p.m." The eyewitness reported, "I managed to take few photos of what appeared to be a ball of light up in the sky. The crop circle is a beautiful work, a real treat."

"We think that it came down last night," Graham added, "The sequence of events surrounding this formation is quite meaningful."

On Wednesday, July 13, 2005, a crop circle was found on Sheep Pond Lane near Droxford, Hampshire. It was described as "a ring with prongs or petals" in a field of wheat, according to Garoth Attrill of Crop Circle Connector.

On Sunday, July 10, 2005, a crop circle was discovered at Clays End, near Twerton, North Somerset. According to cerealogist Peter Sorenson, "On my way to visit a new find near Glastonbury, as we drove over a hill south of Bath, we saw this 'crow's foot' formation in a field below us. The lay looked new and fluffy with a few 'virginal' standing stalks and very little crop springing back up. The design consisted of three radiating rows of circles, emanating from a smaller triangle about eight feet (2.4 meters) in diameter. The top of the design is encircled by a ring." (Many thanks to Robert Fischer for these reports.)


On Monday, July 18, 2005, at 5:30 p.m. "several employees working at the Jerry Hilbert Heating and Plumbing Company" in Charleston, West Virginia (population 53,421) got a shock when "they spotted a baby alligator lying on an air conditioner behind their building. The alligator was 15 inches (38 centimeters) long and was brown/yellow and black, typical for a young American alligator."

William Fink reported that "eventually the gator was given to myself, and I made arrangements to place it in a wildlife refuge."

"Alligators are not native to West Virginia," William added, "Rumor has it that the week before (Monday, July 11, 2005) a large one was killed in Wayne County," near Huntington, W.V. (population 51,475), a neighboring county. As usual, there was speculation that it was a pet turned loose in the Kanawah River."

Crazy crocs, or the phenomenon of out-of-place alligators turning up in locales far from their native habitat, are one of the longest-running phenomena in Forteana. Fortean investigator Loren Coleman has documented hundreds of these strange captures in the USA dating back to the 1930s. (See the Charleston, W.V. Gazette for July 19, 2005. Many thanks to William Fink for this news story.)


"A relentless and lethal blanket of heat has settled on much of the western United States, forcing the cancellation of dozens of airline flights, threatening the loss of electrical power, stoking wildfires and leaving 20 people dead in Phoenix (Arizona) alone in just the past week."

"Fourteen of the victims are thought to have been homeless, although the heat also claimed the life of a 97- year-old man who died in his bedroom, a 37-year-old man who succumbed in his car and two older women who died in homes without air conditioning."

"Daytime highs in Phoenix have remained near 110 degrees" on the Fahrenheit scale "for more than a week, and Phoenix officials acknowledge that it is almost impossible to deal with the needs of the estimated 10,000 to 20,000 people living on the streets. The city has barely 1,000 shelter beds, and hundreds of them are available only in the winter."

"The Phoenix police and social service agencies have been passing out thousands of bottles of water donated by grocery chains and individuals. But the fierce heat continues to take a toll."

"'We've not seen anything like this before,' said Tony Morales, a Phoenix police detective. 'We get heat- related deaths every summer, usually 5 to 10 deaths through the whole summer. but nothing like this.'"

"Officials of the National Weather Service say more than 200 heat records have been broken in the West during the last two weeks."

"On Tuesday," July 19, 2005, "Las Vegas (Nevada) tied its record for any date, 117 degrees. Reno and other locations in Nevada have set records with nine consecutive days of temperatures of 100 or higher."

"The temperature in Denver (Colorado) reached 105 degrees on Thursday," July 21, 2005, "tying a record set in 1878."

"'Throughout the western states, you have to estimate but 200 more records have probably been broken, and that's just talking daily records,' said Craig Schmidt, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's regional headquarters in Salt Lake City. 'These records are no fun to break.'"

"Schmidt attributed the heat to a high pressure system that refuses to budge."

"'This one went on for so long, because there's a very strong ridge of high pressure centered over Utah and Arizona,' he said, 'and it kept the monsoon moisture from working its way northwards. That usually cools things off with thunderstorms and clouds.'"

"Andy Bailey, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Las Vegas, said the current hot spell was the worst on record in there."

"'It's probably fair to say what just wrapped up was probably the most intense heat wave the city's ever seen,' he said, 'We had a string of four days where it was 115 or above.'" (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for July 23, 2005, "Western U.S. heat wave brings death, disruption," pages 1A and 6A.)

(Editor's Comment: But the heat wave spared one city in the western USA. Very strange. Read on...)


While the rest of Colorado broiled under a heat wave on Sunday, July 17, 2005, the city of Grand Junction (population 41,986) experienced an unexplained "cold snap" that dramatically lowered temperatures.

"Grand Junction temperatures dropped 48 degrees within a 12-hour span Sunday evening, breaking a 102-year record low."

"Temperatures hit 55 degrees" on the Fahrenheit scale "Monday (July 18, 2005) at 5:34 a.m., quite a shift from the 103-degree high the day before."

"Monday's temperatures maxed out at 97 degrees, somewhat lower than parts of Utah that reached into the low hundreds."

"'It was very impressive and most likely why we didn't reach 100 degrees today (Monday--J.T.),' said National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Colton, 'The cold start to our day broke a six-day string of 100-degree days.'"

Two other "cold spots" were reported in the "Lower 48" states of the USA. It was 34 degrees Fahrenheit at Sun Valley, Idaho and at Stanley, Idaho, compared to 98 degrees in Boise, the state capital. (See the Grand Junction, Colo. Daily Sentinel for July 19, 2005, "GJ hits record low;" and USA Today for July 19, 2005, "Weather," page 16A. Many thanks to Michael Strainic for these newspaper articles.)


"So-called domestic terrorism, militias and other anti-government groups will be the target of a new federal agency called the National Security Service (NSS), writes political analyst Al Martin, author of The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider."

"In his column entitled 'Bush-Cheney Paranoia: 'Domestic Terrorism' and the National Security Scene,' Martin writes that the NSS will be composed of FBI and CIA personnel who have had experience in the Domestic Terrorism Task Force."

"'The NSS will have nothing to do with 'international terror' (Al-Qaeda and other groups--J.T.) but will be used against dissident groups within the U.S.,'according to Martin's source at the FBI."

"'Concern came from the Office of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Office of Internal Security that not enough money can be quietly diverted from existing programs to expand the Civilian Inmate Labor Facility (CILF) program quickly enough,' Martin writes."

"'The concern is that Bushonomics is creating many more millions of BOVOBs (Burned-Out Victims of Bushonomics--A.M.) that can be potentially housed on federal land,' Al Martin writes."

"Martin's source in the FBI said that 'even the FBI, internally, uses the same language that former KGB general Primakov, a Department of Homeland Security advisor, did regarding Section 215 of the (proposed) Patriot II Act, when Primakov calls for the establishment of an internal American gulag on federal land. He said the FBI uses the same (Russian) word--gulag."

"The proposed NSS 'will be used 'to establish a whole new type of terrorism task force, but to rely more heavily on intelligence they get from the CIA now that the CIA has expanded domestic intelligence through the National Intelligence Directorate, headed by John Negroponte."

"Martin believes that Negroponte is not as well- suited for that position as CIA Director Porter Goss" and predicted that "Porter Goss will be the more likely candidate given his extensive experience in the formation of the CIA-controlled rightwing paramilitary groups in Central America during the 1980s. Porter Goss has actual experience in the repression of a civilian population. He is a lot more qualified than Heinrich Himmler, whose only experience was raising chickens."

"'Now the domestic Gestapo (and I can't think of any other thing to call the new National Security Service-- A.M.) will not be under the jurisdiction of NorthCom command,' Martin writes, 'but could actually be under the jursidiction of the National Intelligence Directorate.'" (See Conspiracy Planet for July 18, 2005. Many thanks to Benedict Labre for this news item.)

(Editor's Comment: Looks like the USA now has a federal agency to carry out the plans for Operation Abacus, the planned mass roundup of born-again Christians, which first became public knowledge six years ago, during the run-up to Y2K.)


A mysterious fire broke out at a gay bar in Fayetteville, Arkansas (population 58,407) last weekend, and authorities don't want to talk about it.

"Studio 716, a gay bar that was the target last month (June 2005) of an attempted arson, was destroyed by a weekend fire."

"Officials wouldn't comment on how the fire began." "The club claimed on its Web site that it was the result of 'an unprovoked attack.'" (See USA Today for July 19, 2005, "Across the USA: Arkansas," page 7A."

(Editor's Comment: This sounds like another "Fayette fire," similar to the rash of mysterious fires that plagued Fayette County, Pennsylvania last year. If it was arson, the authorities would say it was arson...wouldn't they?)



Longtime ufologist Carol Hillberg writes, "First of all, I really want to let you know that I think your UFO Roundup is one of the bright spots of Internet ufology today--and that's really a compliment from a 40-year-plus saucer chaser such as myself."

"However, if some of the Cleveland 'investigators' would only take the time to pull out their star charts and actually listen to the testimony of the witnesses of the 'UFO incident,' they would find that what these folks actually were seeing was the very bright red star Antares. Slow-moving, yes. Stars and planets appear to move from east to west at 15 degrees per hour. Also, sometimes clouds will obscur astronomical objects and make them seem to dim and also disappear."

"I know, I operated a UFO reporting center in Cleveland for many years."

"Antares is also sometimes called 'the rival of Mars' because of its bright red color. In fact, in July of 2004, a local resident and members of the police department reported said star as a 'UFO.'"

"Keep up the great work."


German cerealogist Andrea Mueller writes, "I just read your latest UFO Roundup (volume 10) number 29 for July 20, 2005. There was a short chapter on crop circles in Germany."

"In this latest issue, number 29 of July 20, 2005, the report about crop circles in Germany wrongly mixed up information about the crop circle situation in my country. Until now there have been 16 crop circle formations, and these are discussed at the following bilingual (German and English--A.M.) Web site" where "German crop circle researchers and author Andreas Mueller keeps you regularly updated about events in the home country. Readers should go to http://www.kornkreise-forschung.de ."

"My thanks and best wishes."

From the UFO Files...


It happened in Des Moines, Iowa, and it's about the strangest poltergeist manifestation I've ever heard of. And the funniest, too. If you can keep a straight face all the way through this account, you're a more serious student of the paranormal than ever I was.

"It was the kind of table you'd expect to find in a used furniture store--heavy oak, stained dark brown. With its oval top and two shelves, it was a sturdy, utilitarian piece of furniture."

"But the James Weaver family of 1942 Francis Avenue, Des Moines, wished the table weren't in their living room. They found it far from ordinary. Rappings from inside the table were heard all over the house. It sounded as if someone's knuckles were knocking on the table top."

"At first the Weavers ignored the strange sounds, then they laughed at them. But when the noises persisted, Mr. Weaver took the table apart. Finding nothing to account for the rapping, he reassembled the table and applied a coat of fresh varnish."

"The table still rapped."

"The family moved it to other parts of the room, but the noise was as loud and persistent as ever."

"Mrs. Roy Clearwater, a married daughter of the Weavers, had originally bought the table in 1935 from a secondhand furniture auctioneer for fifty cents. She kept it for two years and heard no rappings. Then she sold the table to a friend who likewise heard no noises."

"In late 1937 Mrs. Weaver bought it from her daughter's friend for seventy-five cents. She had always admired the table and knew it would be a perfect place for her pictures and plants. Shortly after Mrs. Weaver brought the table into the house, it began to rap. Since it happened only occasionally, however, no one but the family was aware of the phenomenon. They never talked about it with friends and relatives. Mrs. Weaver didn't think it proper."

"But the noisy table soon became an embarrassment. Friends who dropped in for the evening would be startled by its strange sounds. Leta, the Weavers' thirty-three- year-old unmarried daughter who lived at home, would say offhandedly, 'Oh, don't pay any attention. It's just our spooky table.'"

"The table made Mrs. Weaver increasingly nervous and finally she persuaded her husband to contact a minister. Wilbur and Madalene Cornman, co-pastors of the McDivitt Grove Open Bible Church" of Des Moines, "soon visited the Weaver home."

"The table made no sounds while the Cornmans were there, but Mrs. Cornman opined that it was possessed by 'evil spirits.' Placing her hands on the table, she read from the Bible and led the family in prayer. The table was quiet that night and the next day. And the next."

"A week passed. Mrs. Weaver was clearly relieved. She didn't understand how evil spirits came to be lodged in her table; she was only happy that they were gone. But her joy was premature. Two weeks after the ministers' visit, the table resumed its rapping."

"The Cornmans advised the Weavers to destroy the table."

"Instead, Mrs. Weaver got in touch with a spiritualist, a Mrs. E.A. Hanke, of 1524 Center Street" in Des Moines. "Mrs. Hanke thought the table might have been used by a spiritualist medium at one time and the raps were the cries of a bewildered spirit. She advised the Weavers to talk to the table."

(Editor's Note: Spiritualism in the USA began in 1844 when the teenaged Fox sisters claimed to have made contact with a poltergeist at the family farmhouse in Hydesville, N.Y. The movement's heyday was between 1855 and 1895. Indeed, Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln, patronized two spiritualist mediums and actually held seances in the White House.)

"'But the Cornmans are against that,'" Mrs. Weaver told a reporter for the Des Moines Register. "'and now I don't know what to do.'"

"Neither did anyone else in the family."

"Leta was entertaining a young woman friend one afternoon and telling her about the table and Mrs. Hanke's theory. The girl laughed. The table rapped."

"But when the Weavers' twenty-nine-year-old son, Floyd, who also lived at home and worked as an iceman, brought his girl friend home one night to hear the table rap, it was silent."

"That was the most exasperating thing, said Mrs. Weaver, 'The table is so unpredictable. You can never tell when it's going to rap.'"

"One day in the middle of September 1940, the Weavers' daughter, Mrs. Clearwater and her sons, Kenneth, 13, and James, 10, were visiting. The table set a record by rapping six times. Everyone heard the rappings, and the last time they occurred Mrs. Clearwater and Kenneth saw the table jump."

"Kenneth said he wasn't afraid, but his brother was. So was their mother. Mr. Weaver and Floyd remained calm, at least outwardly, but Mrs. Weaver and Leta were worried by what they took to be an ominous event."

"The table had never moved before. What did it mean? And what did the increase in the frequency of the rappings mean? In the beginning, the table had rapped only once a week. Or maybe twice."

"Remembering the Cornmans' visit, Mrs. Weaver placed a Bible on the table and hung above it a wall motto: 'The Lord is my Shepherd.'"

"But the evil spirits remained undeterred by the religious articles. The next day, the table rapped louder than ever."

"As incredible as it sounds, Mrs. Weaver refused to get rid of the table."

"Parapsychologists classify knocks as 'physical' (manifestation) if everyone present hears them. This was true in the case of the Weavers' table. The fact that the table also performed for strangers suggests the antics of a genuine poltergeist."

"In so far as is known, (Fortean) experts did not study this case. But among the cases of rappings in furniture that have been thoroughly investigated, a normal cause is rarely found."

Where is Mrs. Weaver's enchanted table today? Good question!

Of all the principals involved in this case, James Clearwater is probably the only one still alive. Aged 10 in 1940, James would be 75 today. Perhaps he has the table. Or maybe he passed it on to other family members.

Or maybe the table is sitting in a dusty corner of a Des Moines antique store, patiently biding its time, waiting to make its debut on Antiques Roadshow so it can really perform. (See the book Haunted Heartland by Beth Scott and Michael Norman, Barnes & Noble Inc., 1992, pages 143 to 146.)

That's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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