UFO Sighting Report - Alaska

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September 17th 2004

Interesting Close Encounter In Alaska

I spoke with this witness, who had a fascinating story to tell. This case would be very worthwhile to follow up, if it wasn't for the fact that the location is so isolated.

Chris Rutkowski


Bettles, Alaska
September 17, 2004
2:30 am

Witness' Narrative:

"I live in a remote town in northern Alaska. After having dinner at a friend I went home. My place is located about two mile south of town. There is a airport located there and a rotating beacon for the airport. I have lived here for nearly thirty years. Being located away from town it is extremely quiet with very little noise.

I went to sleep around 11:00PM. I was awaken by a humming sound that was not real loud, almost like a flourescent lamp with a bad ballast. I thought it was my inverted down stairs and got up to see if something was wrong. As I was laying in bed I could see the light from the airport beacon flashing in the north window. I sat up and noticed red and white lights flashing on the trees thru the east window. I thought it might be some of the locals stuck in my driveway and the red and white lights were from the rear of the vehicle. I then got out of bed to look out the window facing my driveway.

I never even looked down as I immediately seen the source of the lights. Just above the tree top was an object just hanging there not moving. My best estimate it was about 20 to 30 feet across and about 6 to 8 feet thick. It was more or less disk shaped from what I could tell. The upper part of the object was dark while the bottom had red and white lights that flashed in no apparent pattern but random.

I stepped back from the window and grabbed the phone to attempt to call the local weather service as they were staffed 24 hours a day. I was able to get someone and told them to look towards my house and see if they could see what I was seeing. Due to the trees in his area he was not able to see my house. I kept thinking to myself that this can't be happening, this is not real. After maybe a minute on the phone I was becoming desperate to get someone to see this and not just me. I then contacted another person I thought might be able to see my place. Again due to the trees surrounding his place he could not see my place.

By now I had become very disturbed or a better word I was scared. I stood in the middle of the room not know what to do. It must have been two minutes by now and the object began to move toward the house. As it passed above the house it again stopped. It seemed to just stay there for a long time then suddenly there was an extremely bright white light that scanned the entire yard and house three or four times. It stopped and didn't move for a few seconds and then started moving to the south slowly. I didn't move till I could no longer see any lights outside. I then informed the other party that if he did not hear from me in two minutes to come looking. I then dressed grabbed a firearm and flashlight and went down stairs. I went outside looking for it but it was gone. I then quickly drove to town and stayed at the weather station till morning light."

Investigator's Note:

The object's size, as judged by the witnesses from its movement over nearby trees, was 20-30 feet by 6-8 feet, and was within 50 feet of the witness. It was disc-shaped, dark on top and illuminated on the bottom. The witness was contacted on September 20, 2004, and was in good spirits but still shaken by the event. "I just keep thinking It couldn't have been real. Things like this don't exist.'"

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