UFO Sighting Report - Alaska

Flag of Alaska


October 3rd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Anchorage, AK 1:18pm on October 03, 2006

Date: 10/03/06, windy and cloudy 1:18pm AST

Approach Direction: West from Dimond/Lore Rd. Looked like in the Sand Lake Area.

Departure Direction: Away from West going Northeast.

Witness Direction: West.

Description: We live in a high rise apartment complex in south anchorage. My husband came home for lunch and he was just settling down to eat he looked ou the window and noticed a very bright light west of where we live. Which looks like over in the Sand Lake area. It didn't show any blinking lights like an airplane, and it didn't show any signs of airplane wings. We've watched airplanes land many times and this was no airplane. Airplanes usually land when they are in the distance and start to decsend. This didn't do that. It hovered in one area for about 2 mins. Then we noticed it started moving northeast slowly away from the airport.

We were pretty excited. I know what airplanes look like in the distance and this was no airplane. The light that we saw was not twinkling like airplane lights do and they are very small. These lights were big and bright, like it was a large ball of light. It had no wings. It was round. As we were watching it, it started moving northeast and disapeared in a blink of an eye. I've never seen such a bright light before. It didn't land. It just moved northeast ward slowly and disappeared after 2 mins of watching it. My heart is still beating very fast. I am a Sylvia Brown fan and what she said on Montell Williams show that aliens would start to show themselves more and more by 2010. I was thinking sure, whatever. But now that we saw one it's a weird feeling. Excited but scared at the same time. I wonder if anyone saw what we saw??

Color/Shape: Large circular, grey. Large bright lights. No wings.

Height & Speed: 10,000-20,000 ft. in the air. Hard to tell in the distance. Hovered in one area. Again, there was no wings. You can see the airplane take off from where we live and you can distinctly see the body and the wings of the aircrafts. This one we didn't see any body or wings. It disapeared in a blink of an eye.

TV/Radio/Press: none.

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