UFO Sighting Report - Argentina

Flag of Argentina

Necochea, Buenos Aires

January 17th 2003

SOURCE: planetaufo
DATE: January 20, 2003


Once again, the coastal city of Necochea (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) has been visited by UFOs. On Friday, January 17, 2003, when Hugo Exequiel Reinoso, an electrical technician by trade, observed a strange light of considerable proportions from the door to his house at 22:00 hours. [The object] moved from south to east at a constant speed and velocity, stopping abruptly at a given point in the sky before changing course and heading north.

The object was circular in shape, similar to an Argentinean 50 cent piece, and could be made out clearly in the night sky. It made no noise whatsoever during the observation, which lasted approximately 15 seconds.

This UFO sighting can be added to the one which occured a few days ago, when several people observed three (3) large multicolored orbs flying over the sea and the city.

This tourist city has been visited by UFOs yet again.

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