UFO Sighting Report - Argentina

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Barrio Norte

August 8th 2003

SOURCE: EcoDiarios (www.ecodiarios.com.ar) Necochea, Argentina
DATE: August 8, 2003

UFO Seen from Barrio Norte

A resident of our city was startled last night by a strange flying object that crossed the sky. She alerted her neighbors to the sighting.

According to comments made to Ecos Diarios by a resident at Inmediaciones 60 y 49, sighting took place around 21:15 hours by a friend of hers who lives in Barrio Norte.

The startled woman defined the object as a "flying saucer" but did not provide greater detail on the surprising phenomenon. At the time, the sky was completely clear and viewing conditions were optimal.

For a number of years, our city had not recorded UFO sightings, or at least an account of this nature had not been made public for a long time.


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Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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