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Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires

March 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 17, 2004

DATE: October 14, 2004


During the course of research carried out by CIUFOS-La Pampa in Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires province, it was possible to obtain these photographs which show unidentified flying objects.

The first image corresponds to photos taken at the specific place that lends its name to the site (a natural window formation amid a rocky formation).

At the time that the images were taken, a sort of sharp and penetrating sound was perceived; the sound diminished and lost intensity. In the belief that the sound could have come from a jet aircraft, an uncommon event in the area, an unsucessful effort was made to see one.

Upon developing the film, one picture shows an oval-shaped object, reddish in color, turning left and ascending (from the standpoint of the witnesses) having a Cirrus-Stratrus cloud layer as a background as well as the "window" alluded to earlier.

The second photograph corresponds to another image made from the upper part of the Ventana system proper. An effort was being made to shown the slopes and access road to the complex. Here can be seen, in upper left corner, a form similar to an inverted soup bowl with a cloud like ("cumulus") aspect; the well-defined, rounded left profile can be made out along with its domed upper section and an inverted depression (upward) in its lower section.

Enlargement of Sierra de la Ventana Cloud Disk
Sierra de la Ventana Cloud Disk enlargement

This "cloud" is in turn shadowed by a cloud formation present at the time and which can be seen above the slopes.

These photos were taken in March 2004 at the Ventana Complex.

Photos courtesy of Raúl Oscar Chaves, CIUFOLaPampa
Reproduction permitted with acknowledgement of the source.
Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales. Special thanks to Raúl Oscar Chaves.

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