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La Poma region

April 2004

Source: Diario "El Tribuno" (Salta, Argentina)


April 27, 2004

La Poma: Another Sighting In The Chalchaqui Valleys

**Shepherds Feared UFO Abduction***

**It was an intense light that suddenly began moving and stopped above us. I thought it would whisk us away**

The terrifying story was told by Julio Rafael Espinosa, 39, a farmer of the La Poma region, who two weeks ago - in the company of his two sons and an elderly shepherdess, witnessed one of so many luminous apparitions at Quebrada de Orozco, some 20 kilometers away from the aforementioned community in the Chalchaquí Valleys.

"On that night, around 20:30, we were waiting on National Highway 40, which links La Poma to San Antonio de los Cobres, for the merchandise truck that passes by a few times a week bringing novelties with it and supplies," the man recalled as he hugged one of his sons. Espinoza added: "We were with my two boys, ages 6 and 9, and with Grandma Braulia, 82, a sheperdess who is a neighbor of our stand in the Sauzalito area, when suddenly, a luminous object appeared out of the slopes of the Nevado de Cachi, flying at low altitude and zigzagging."

According to the humble farmer's testimony, the large object's luminosity increased and diminished in the measure that it approached the point where the group observed the phenomenon at the edge of the road, surrounded by the mountainous massifs of La Poma. Espinoza says that they were perplexed and nearly frozen by the situation until the UFO stood over their heads, which was the time of greatest luminous intensity emanating from the vehicle. "It lasted only an instant. It was motionless in the air, some fifty meters above us and its white light would become yellowish. It had no shape... it was like an enormous, refulgent mass," he recalled.

The shepherd said that after a few seconds, the object lost itself swiftly among the northern hills in the vicinity of the location known as Punta del Agua. "The UFO came from the area of La Poma and the entire event lasted some three minutes, from the moment it appeared, stood over us, and vanished. After that, we remained waiting for the truck, didn't say anything to anybody, and left. The next day Grandma Braulia told me that that wasn't the first time she'd seen a similar phenomenon in the area. Before that I though I was the only one who had seen so many flying objects. However, many more locals have witnessed this phenomenon," the man said.

Espinosa, a privileged eyewitness to this new sighting, had already witnessed similar events, such as one last December as he travelled in the company of six people aboard a bus on the Tin Tin highway. On that occasion, he managed to see lights similar to those of a UFO on the ground in middle of Los Cardones National Park. But on that occasion, Espinoza claims having seen some aliens descending from the craft and who appeared to be taking samples of the soil or shrubs growing in the region.

Somewhat more confidently, Espinosa dared to reflect that "this area appears to be used by these strange devices as a passageway to the Cordilleran reagion, because it's surrounded by large massifes and the basin of the Chalchaquí River could serve as permanent means of communication toward the Andes."


Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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