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Nevado de Cachi

November 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 25, 2005

NOTE: The photo in question has NOT been forwarded to IHU's attention. An effort to secure it will be made.

SOURCE: El Tribuno (Salta, Argentina)
DATE: 02.24.05

** At Cachi, over Monte Nevado**
** The "thing" is of tremendous size, amber-colored and saucer-shaped

An unidentified flying object (UFO) of prodigious size, amber in clor and with the characteristic shape of the so-called "flying saucers" was photographed with a high-definition camera by a Buenos Aires mountaineer during the ascent of Nevado de Cachi, one of the greatest challenges for South American climbers.

The photograph, of extraordinary clarity, was taken while the sportsmen were at Las Pailas, an inhabited location halfway up to the summit at an elevation of 3,500 meters above sea level which contains the ruins of an ancient Chalchaquí settlement.

The protagonist of the event was Guillermo Martin, an instructor with the Buenos Aires-based "Entrenamientos de Montaña" club.

The photos were taken in November 2004, but were made known last week. Martín had not had enought time to examine them due to work reasons. "I didn't realize I'd taken the photo until I saw it as a print. We researched with specialists and there are no errors or damage to the negative. Nor does it appear that the object is the result of an undesired chemical reaction of some sort.

What the camera did record, for some reason, perhaps due to the "thing's" speed, could not be seen by the human eye, according to the sportsma, who forwarded the startling images to Antonio Zuleta, a Cachi UFO researcher, who is also a renowned mountaineer and host of a radio show on FM San José. He has also managed to record these objects on videotape.

Cachi, located 150 kilometers south of the provincial capital and some 2,200 meters high, has become a worldwide center of interest for lovers of this mysterious and intriguing subject.

Martin has returned to this locale once more since last week and is attempting a new ascent of El Nevado, 6,380 meters above sea level, this time heading a team of 8 mountaineers. "The day I took the photo--around noon- the skies were clear, cloudless, the sun was shining, there was no wind, and the temperature was quite pleasant," Martín told Zuleta, who in turn forwarded a transcript of the sportsman's statements to El Tribuno.

The Las Pailas UFO Case is analogous to the one experienced by a married couple from Chaco -- engineers Cesar Cotichelli and Graciela Cedro, who were returning from San Antonio de los Cobres in July 2004 heading toward the provincial capital. They stopped between the towns of Ingeneiro Maury and Chorrillos and took some photos which, upon developing, showed a UFO similar to the one in the shot taken by the Buenos Aires mountain climber.

"We had the negatives analyzed in detail," said Cotichelli, "and it was clear that were were no faults nor problems of a chemical nature. Furthermore, the objects on our negatives reflected the sun's rays, proof that the object was of a solid nature."

The images in question were taken on International Hwy. 51 "Mario Banchik", 80 km. from the provincial seat, at the midpoint between Ingeniero Maury and Chorrillos in the municipality of Campo Quijano.

This area is similar--as far as landscapte and geological characteristics are concerned--to Cachi and is known as a "producer" of reports involving UFOs.

The UFOs appearing in the photographs of the Cotichelli-Cedro couple appeared in the 07.25.04 issue (p.49) of this newspaper. They were identical to the one photogrphed by the mountain climber in Cachi, being amber in color.


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
March 7, 2005

DATE: 03.06.05


Readers of INEXPLICATA will probably remember the "giant UFO" reportedly photographed by Guillermo Martin, a moutaineer from Buenos Aires who managed to take the sensational shot during his ascent of Nevado de Cachi. The following report was received from Christian Quintero of Planeta UFO yesterday:

Dear Christian--

This morning I visited the Centro Cultural Montaña-Club Entrenamientos de Montaña, located at [...] where courses and training in mountaineering are offered, to meet Guillermo Martin, who very kindly gave me a copy of the photo mentioned in the article of Diario El Tribuno. I am attaching the photo to this message, which I leave to your own opinion and open discussion. After thanking him for the photo in our group's name, Guillermo told me that he was engaged in mountaineering with other members of the Center and took photos of the place at Cerro Cachi. Upon developing them, he came across this. The rest of the photos show nothing unusual, which eliminates the possibility of lens damage. The only elucidation he made was that the sun was facing him.

Ruben Rombolá

The photo -- explains Quintero in his mesage to INEXPLICATA -- has a size of 2048 x 1536 px in TrueColor (24b) and a weight 1.9 MB. This image has been reduced to 1024 x 768 px in TrueColor to a weight of 81.9 KB. "Furthermore, I am including a clipping of the oriingal image in which it can be seen that there is no pixellation around the object, meaning that it is unlikely to have been added to the original shot."

Photo of alleged UFO
Click image for full size.

Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Mercedes Casas, Christian Quintero and Ruben Rombolá.

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[Comment from Chuck Zukowski on the SkyOpen Mailing List:
Since the photographer did not see the object until the image was developed, I'm guessing this particular picture is camera related. Looking at the shadowing of the rocks, the direction of the sun, a simple drop of perspiration on the lens (making it 3 dimensional) sorta an igloo sweat drop on the lens surface, will catch the sunlite from the side, act as a separate lens and scatter the light like a prism. This would not be seen through an eyepiece of any camera, but may be barely seen through a digital camera's screen. (if the screen was large enough) But seen after the picture was developed. Chuck Zukowski www.ufonut.com - or lens flare - John @ UFOINFO]

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