UFO Sighting Report - Argentina

Flag of Argentina

Entre Ríos

December 11th 2004

[I suspect the report does not read correct due to the translation software Guillermo Daniel Giménez used. However an improved translation by Scott Corrales has been made available - John @ UFOINFO]



Once again the image of a stranger object is captured in a picture without it has been noticed by the own photographer.

This I marry it received me for the own family who notice after going down the image to the PC that in a picture taken during their weekend trip to Entre Ríos, an image that they had not observed appeared and they remember the similarity of the object with another that myself presented in the episode of the necochense Engineer Juan A. Smith who photographs in September of the 2001 in the Stay The Cortaderas, to their vehicle, in the city of Miramar, Pcia. of Buenos Aires, appearing in the same one the stranger image.

But let us see what Rubén Rombola counts me about this episode:

“Guillermo: On Friday December 10 2004, we were with my lady and one of my children to Victoria a weekend to happen and to know Silvia Simondini Pérez and their Museum of the UFO, with the objective of attending some avistamiento from the Hill of The Slaughter, and the famous lights that are observed in the place, fair in in front of the new freeway that Victoria communicates with Rosario.

On Saturday 11 in the morning were in the hill near the noon to recognize by day, the place where we had been the previous night. When we became for the Boy's God Abbey, of the Benedictine monks, we saw a calf suckling of their mother and my Mrs. requested to my son that takes him some pictures to the scene, we are in the car while he took out him the pictures, and we left. The day was splendid, cloudless.

The Domingo 12 return in the morning for the new freeway and the route 9 with the whole contingent of fans of Newels that they came to see the last party of the championship that consecrated them champions.

In the afternoon, already at home, we go down the pictures to the PC and while they went lowering I observed the object in the picture of the cow. Of entrance it was a great emotion at least for what seemed to be an important discovery, for me and I transmitted this way it to several acquaintances...

Until yesterday I saw your picture (Case of Miramar, September 2001) and I found very similar, for that reason it is that I wrote you to see your opinion and if you had more information in this respect...”

Rubén Rombola is 50 years of age old, it is professional, Public Accountant registered with 30 years of profession. He works at the moment in the Administration of a company of Technology.

On the picture we can say that it is a physical object, it doesn't correspond to any bird type or it stains or defect of the machine.

This is a Hewlett Packard HP 215 of 1.3 MP, 2x digital zoom and of 4 MB card 1.8 inch ICD.

What does it show the image?, without a doubt we are before another fortuitous case of the picture of an UFO, in the net acceptance of the acronym, a flying object that cannot be identified in way some.

It photographs original obtained in December of 2004 in the Hill The Slaughter, Entre Ríos, Argentina.

Amplification of the image obtained by the Family Rombola of Federal Capital, in the County of Entre Ríos, Argentina, in December of 2004

It photographs obtained in September of 2001 in Miramar, Pcia. BsAs, Argentina for the Engineer Juan A. Smith of Necochea

Amplification of the picture of the case of Miramar, Buenos Aires, of September of 2001
One can observe great similarity of the object with the case of Victoria, Entre Ríos, of December of 2004

(*) Guillermo Daniel Giménez

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