UFO Sighting Report - Argentina

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National Highway No. 35, Near Parque Luro

March 20th 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
March 30,2005

DATE: March 28, 2005


*** A report by Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOSLaPampa***

On March 20, 2005, the time being 0400 hrs, two witneses driving along National Highway No. 35 some 30 km south of Santa Rosa, near the vicinity of Parque Luro, saw a beam or "tube of light" some 50 meters from the paved road surface. Unable to see the source of said light, the noticed that the "tube" was projected from a height of some 8 meters in the air down to the ground, without touching the surface. "It seemed suspended [in mid-air]."

Faced with this circumstance, they slowed their vehicle, detecting that [inside the tube] "it was possible to see two figures in apparent descent, one on top of the other, with their legs slightly raised."

The witnesses add that the "tube" measured approximately 1 1/2 meter wide, was entirely white in color, and allowed [the witnesses] to see that the "the beings wore silvery clothing, like astronaut-type jumpsuits."

They further noticed that the beings "held their arms outstretched, as though carrying some element in their hands while the rest of the arm was slung downward and slightly away from the body".

Faced with the unexpected encoutner and their subsequent feelings of fear, they chose to speed away from the sight, looking back to see that the "tube of light" remained in place as they pulled away from the area.

Translation (c) 2005
Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

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