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Santa Rosa, La Pampa

April 11th 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 22, 2005

DATE: April 22, 2005

by Raul Oscar Chaves

Two eye witnesses-Julieta Pereyra and Cristina Diaz-walking along downtown Santa Rosa (La Pampa, Argentina) noticed the movement of a spherical object of a light grey color that stood out for its shape: presenting two protrusions or extensions shaped like a bow or a "U" on its upper section, with its tips pointing upward.

The witnesses stated that the strange object was seen some seventy degrees over the horizon and to the northeast of the city, descending vertically. Their view of the object was hampered by the city's buildings.

Regarding its size, they said that it was "as wide as a hand, with the arm outstreched", specifying that the sighting took place "at 12 noon on April 11, 2005 on a very beautiful and clear day."

On April 15, 2005 at 1600 hours, Lorena Urban and Matias Bonifacino witnessed a spherical object moving east from the west over Santa Rosa, and some 30 degrees over the horizon.

They noted that the object "was shaped like the full moon and had a glassy or shiny appearance, with two projections shaped like an open "U" , remakring that the base of this sphere was flat.

The witnesses added that some sort of "belt" could be seen in the sphere's midsection and some sort of opening or "door" on its side, also having a glassy appearance but darker grey in color.

Eyewitness drawing courtesy CIUFOS-LaPampa
Drawings based on eyewitness testimony, Santa Rosa, La Pampa (Argentina). April 2005.
Images courtesy CIUFOS-LaPampa.

Translation (c) 2005 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

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