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July 24th/25th & August 6th 2005

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24/7/2005 20hs29m "light Pulse flash" (ufo flaps) to seem in the zenith on the sky of Cordoba and it is displaced during 2m 28s toward the East ., minutes but afternoon Other but, appears about Jupiter, generating release very striking, for to begin a slow displacement of 3m 38s also toward the horizon East, both phenomena remain registered in video .

25/7/2005 20h39m, Intensive luminous field (UFO) it is manifested suddenly and directly on, the garden of the observatory glaucoart ., with a sheen of - 1 M, after some seconds decreases your sheen and is displace northward . The strange light presents an intensive blue coloration .

6/8/2005" .Abnormal lights,also are observed on the Argentine Delta ., "the same phenomena also they are seen in strange demonstrations on the celestial sky of the Delta (Rio De La Plata)" Between 19hs and 19hs20m, they are observed the ordinary satellite steps and but common, but few minutes after, in this case, several fireballs Ufos of intensive magnitude, furrowed from the North and in address toward the Southeast, so alone seconds after, appeared lights flashing, they identified as flaps, of ufo, This could observe it with binoculars.

9/8/2005 19hs56m " Two Ufos "appear suddenly being inflamed as stars of first magnitude and are displaced to the South of Cordoba city, both objects, shined and were observed as potent stars, they were not making, absolutely sound some, in complete silence, capture with the equipment, two minutes of this video, while was displaced, but southward and lessened your sheen. Are under a intensive ufo wave.






Ricardo E D'angelo

[UFOINFO thanks Ricardo E D'angelo for sharing this report.]

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