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Entre Rios

December 11th 2004

[UFOINFO Note: This is the same report as UFO GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS IN ENTRE RÍOS (ARG) originally sent to me by Guillermo Daniel Gimenez. This translation by Scott Corrales is much clearer, unfortunately I originally misfiled it as taking place in 2005.]

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
January 18, 2006

SOURCE: Guillermo Daniel Gimenez
DATE: 01.18.06

by Guillermo Daniel Gimenez

Yet again, the image of a strange object is captured in a photograph without the photographer himself having noticed it.

This case came to my attention directly from the family involved. After downloading the image to a PC, they noticed that an image taken during their weekend trip to Entre Rios showed an image that they had not seen before, and were reminded of the similarity of that object with another that I myself had presented in the case involving Ing. Juan A. Smith from Necochea, who photographed his vehicle in the Las Cortaderas ranch of the city of Miramar, discovering the same strange image in the snapshot.

But let us see what Ruben Rombola told me about this episode:

"Guillermo - On Friday, December 10 2004, my wife and one my children accompanied me to Victoria on a weekend trip to meet Silvia Perez Simondini and to visit her UFO museum with the goal of witnessing some sighting from Cerro de La Matanza and the famous lights that can be seen there, right in front of the new expressway that links Victoria with Rosario.

"On Saturday at 11 a.m. we were on the hill near noon to see by daylight the place we'd visited the evening before. As we headed back to Abadía Niño de Dios, belonging to the Benedictine order, we saw a calf nursing from its mother and my wife asked my son to take some pictures of the scene. We stayed inside the car while he took the shots and then we left. It was a splendid, cloudless day.

"On Sunday we returned home along the new expressway and Route 9 along with all of the soccer fans of Newels who had come to see the last championship game from which they emerged the victors.

"In the afternoon, at home, we downloaded the photos and I noticed the object behind the cow. At first it was a great sense of emotion at what appeared to be a major discovery, at least to me, and I said so to many acquaintances. Then I saw your photo yesterday (Miramar Case, September 2001) and it looked very similar. This is the reason I wrote for your opinion and to see if you had further information in this regard..."

Ruben Rombola is 50 years old, a professional Certified Public Accountant with 30 years' experience. He currently works in the management of a tech firm. Regarding this photo we can say that it shows a physical object that does not correspond to any type of bird or spot or equipment defect, which is a Hewlett Packard HP 215, 2x digital zoom with a 1.8 inch ICD 4MB card.

What does the image show? Without a doubt we're facing another accidental UFO photo -- an unidentified flying object that cannot be identified in any manner whatsoever, true to the acronym's meaning.


Original photograph taken in December 2004 at Cerro La Matanza, Entre Ríos, Argentina.



Enhancement of the photo obtained by the Rombola family in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina, in December 2004.


Photo taken in September 2001 in Miramar, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina,by Ing. Juan A. Smith of Necochea.


Enhancement of the photo from the Miramar Case, Buenos Aires, September 2001.
Considerable similarity with the December 2004 object in Victoria, Entre Rios can be seen.


(Translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

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