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Colón, Entre Rios Province : May 22nd 2007


Gualeguay, Entre Rios Province : May 24th 2007


Sightings in Gualeguay and Colon - Entre Rios Province, Argentina
by Daniel Ubaldo Padilla

Source: Grupo COLOVNI
Date: May 25, 2007

It is public knowledge that heavenly bolides have been seen in concomitance with alleged UFO sightings. It is precisely that the print and television media - the latter with images - have turned it into a concern at the level of society as a whole, beyond the strictly ufological thinking of a handful of people who have made known their public and personal commitment to making case histories known. My intention here is to compile information aimed at covering a broader spectrum of the events recorded with these mass sightings, and my commitment is to retell specific events in areas to which I have access to investigate.

May 22nd 2007 : Colón, Entre Rios Province

Mario Navarro, an employee at the Colón terminal, told me about his concern at seeing - in the company of his brother - a light in the island area facing the Port of Colón on Tuesday May 22 (2007) around 20:00 hours. He was able to see a light, first as a distant luminous point similar to a flashlight, but it was a powerful point that varied in size according to its intensity with regard to an imaginary central dot. They could also see that it traveled at a prodigious rate of speed, noting that what they were seeing was probably occurring in the mainland territory of the Republic of Uruguay, beyond the islands. Using the shadow of the treetops of a eucalyptus plantation in the horizon as a point of reference, they realized that the light suddenly began rising toward the treetops, and that its brilliance magnified at that time, exceeding the 12 meter height of the trees in that plantation, with a size comparable to that of the moon when it appears on the horizon. Its color ranged from intense blue at its core, expanding to white in its periphery. The total observation lasted 20 minutes. After that time, says Mario Daniel Navarro: "...it sort of turned off. Everything was left dark again..."

This isn't the first time that this phenomenon has occurred toward the islands and one Uruguayan territory in that direction. Other eyewitness accounts are completely related to this one, with witnesses describing similar manifestations.

May 24th 2007 : Gualeguay, Entre Rios Province

Another Incredible event in Gualeguay
By Ramón Morgante

Last night on the ENIGMA VIRTUAL program hosted by Julio Degeneve on FM Melody 103.5, transmitted Thursdays at 22:00 hrs., Ramon Morgante, a UFO researcher who lives in the city of Gualeguay, Entre Rios, told listeners that: "...only a moments ago, around 19:25 hours, I was able to see and record a luminous object crossing the skies at high speed in a southeasterly direction from the city of Gualeguay. The object was moving from north to south at more or less 20 degrees toward the horizon. At that trajectory, and at 80 degrees, from my standpoint, the object incredibly changed course toward the east. It looked like a bluish-to-white sphere, like the flame of a kitchen burner. At that time several [objects] of this type began to appear from various directions and toward the same side. I was able to see a total of nine unidentified luminous objects with characteristics identical to the first one. I became aware, during these sightings, of what seemed to me a large star with an intensity comparable to that of Rigel, located 85 degrees to the south. It's color varied between orange to dark red. My surprise was that when I aimed the camera in that direction in order to record it, the alleged star turned off. It simply was no longer there..." Ramón also motioned that the observation lasted until 21:40 hours, approximately, including Flash-type phenomena. The entire observation was documented with a video camera.

(Translation (c) 2007 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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