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November 7th 2007 : Bajo de Salinas


November 8th 2007 : Near Potrillo Oscuro

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 14, 2007

Source: La Arena (www.laarena.com.ar)
Date: 11.14.07

ARGENTINA: UFOs over Doblas and Macachín

Man claims seeing lights; says one object was round, 30 mt. in diameter and generated heat.

There is commotion in Macachin and Doblas over the sighting of UFOs. Ufologist Fabian Romano, member of the Centro de Estudios UFO en La Pampa (CEUFO) furnished details to this newspaper yesterday regarding two cases recorded on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, one in Doblas and another in Potrillo Oscuro.

The first UFO case occurred at approximately 21:00 hours on Wednesday, November 7 in Bajo de Salinas, located between Kms. 51 and 52 on Provincial Route 18, in the vicinity of Doblas. The main protagonist of this story is Juan Bautista Menna, a known chiropractic surgeon from San Nicolas, Province of Buenos Aires, who told his story to several people minutes later after arriving in Macachin. Later, visibly excited, he contacted with CEUFO's local representative, to whom he not only retold his experience, but also asked him to accompany him on a return trip to the sighting location that very evening, around 23:00 hours. Romano showed this newsroom the film of strange lights over the area.

Menna, says the ufologist, stated that as he traveled on Route 18, [his vehicle] apparently experienced a power outage, causing him to pull over to the roadside. When he tried to get out of the car, he noticed a powerful source of light above him. "It was over my head," he declared. The man claims it was round, some 30 meters in diameter and gave off intense heat. Menna stated that it was a starry, moonless night. The object, he added, moved over a lagoon and headed north. Then it decreased its size and luminous intensity and began engage in a "light show" with horizontal and vertical swinging movements.

Subsequently, the object moved with a constant luminosity toward a hill and vanished behind it, although a strong glow indicated that it remained static. At a given moment, the glow vanished. But suddenly two cone-shape objects with bases reappeared, issuing intense, intermittent flashes (lighting up the entire field) to the front and above. These UFOs headed off toward Santa Rosa (northwest) and went away, turning into a glow until vanishing.

Menna started his car again and resumed his journey to Macachin. Shortly after, he noticed a light behind him which he took for another car. He looked at it through the rear view mirror noticing a strange maneuver. He stopped again, made a U-turn, and noticed that the light was intermittent, with a glow that didn't burn. He estimated that this phenomenon lasted some 40 minutes.

At that time, two truckers who worked for the Gutierrez silo factory reached the site, confirming that they too had been witnessing the phenomenon toward the west. Almost immediately, two police officers from the Doblas Rural Patrol arrived, answering calls that reported vehicles on the roadside. After a brief conversation, [the officers] also admitted seeing the luminous phenomenon.

The next day - November 8, at approximately 22:00 hours, a couple from Macachin had a similar experience. They were driving from Santa Rosa to Macachin along Provincial Route 14 in the vicinity of Potrillo Oscuro. They suddenly became aware of an intense light approaching the road from the right, that is to say, from the south, believing it was another vehicle. However, the light rose into the air in front of them, "made two pirouettes" (two circles) and vanished. They were still stunned by this when two minutes later they witnessed a similar sight. Coinciding with the Doblas case, the distance between both routes is the same and the shape of luminous object is also similar: a cone with a rounded base.


(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Lucas Grossi)

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