UFO Sighting Report - Argentina

Flag of Argentina

San Agustin

February 2nd 2008


Location: San Agustin

Date: 02.02.08

Time: 22:10

Inexplicata has just received the following news brief from Gustavo Fernandez, director of the Al Filo de la Realidad webzine and podcast:

"According to journalist Alberto Ferreyra, host of the "El Vortice" program on FM Capital, numerous residents of the San Agustin district observed a luminous object moving from southwest to northeast on 02.02.08 at 22:10 hours. The object's speed was slightly greater than that of a high-flying airliner. Halfway through its trajectory, it pulsed with a brilliant light five or six times, and its colors shifted between sky blue and gold.

Gustavo Fernández

Gustavo is also the author of the digital publication "Chamanes de las Estrellas" at http://stores.lulu.com/gusfernandez21

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