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Madryn, Chubut

March 21st/22nd 2008

The Journey of Hispanic Ufology
March 31, 2008

Source: NOTICIAS UFO and El Chubut newspaper http://bolsonweb.com.ar/diariobolson/detalle.php?id_noticia=13296
Date: March 28 2008

Argentina: Strange Phenomenon Over Madryn, Chubut

From about 23:30 hours Friday until 02:00 on Saturday, residents of Barrio Sur, Villa del Parque, Barrio Oeste and the districts adjacent to the Naval Station reported seeing a light in the sky that could be clearly seen west of the city.


Strange Luminous Phenomenon Over Chubut

It remained in view for several hours. It was a pendular light that changed colors and position. The causes for this light, and its provenance, remain unknown. One thing is for sure - it wasn't an airplane. A star? Hardly, as it moved too much. And the Air Force did not report any type of aircraft activity, therefore imagination was the limit, as well the eternal fantasy linked to UFOs and Patagonia.

The phenomenon, which was also reported for some hours by reporters from this newspaper, was very similar to another that occurred on November 21, 2005 and which was never explained. Both cases involve the same: A pendular light that changed colors from red to yellow, then blue to white, while varying intensity. Residents of Barrio Sur told El Chubut newspaper that "it was impressive to watch it move and shift colors, it seemed to grow nearer." The position of the light -- no one ventured to describe it as an object -- varied from the onlooker's standpoint, although the eyewitness accounts collected all coincide in placing it to the west of the city, or else the southwest.

According to the consultations made, no movements of meteorological equipment had been scheduled, nor any Air Force craft. "I watched it move. I had gone on a trip to the Naval Station and it could be seen clearly from there," a cab driver told El Chubut.

Friday night was very clear and starry, and there weren't enough clouds to hinder visibility.

The fact is that for several hours between Friday night and Saturday morning, more than a few locals wondered what the object hanging in the sky was, as a wide array of conjectures were vented. And this is how it should be, taking into account the widely available UFO information available for the Patagonian region, especially near the sea. Even Puerto Madryn is famous for a photo taken in 1975, which went on to be used in a famous TV series.

Punta Cuevas: The Famous UFO shot

On February 18, 1975 around 15:20 hours, a strange object hovered quietly over Punta Cuevas for 45 minutes. "After that period of time, and in perfect silence, it began moving away westward until it vanished," state the records of the case.

The 1975 Punta Cuevas UFO

The photo taken of the object went around the world along with many other famous Argentinean UFO shots. However, this one enjoyed the privilege of being used in the U.S. TV series "The X Files".

In fact, during one of the scenes of the second chapter of the series, agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully find themselves in a bar called "The Flying Saucer" in southwestern Idaho, near an enigmatic air force base. Several UFO photos can be seen to hang on the walls of this establishment -- among them the Punta Cuevas shot.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Lucas Grossi, Noticias UFO)

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