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October 23rd 2008

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Source: www.informatesalta.com.ar
Date: October 28, 2008

Argentina: Fleet of UFOs Allegedly Landed in Chicoana
By Jaime Barrera

Strange, deep marks left on three wheat fields. Hundred of witnesses reported the event to the police, but law enforcement gave it little importance.

The marks left on the fields measure nearly one meter deep and are geometrical in shape.

A series of strange geometric marks - circular and rectangular - allegedly left behind by UFOs that landed on three wheat fields in Chicoana: at Quebrada de Tilian, to the south of the community; at Pulares, to the west, and next to the Las Mesitas Camp Ground to the north. They have become the great mystery of this community in Valle de Lerma, 35 kilometers south of the capital.

The prints appear to have been made by the "legs" of enormous structures and were seen at dawn last Thursday, after an evening that to hundreds of witnesses was "unreal" because they were able to see "strange lights dancing" above the fields in question, although "at a given moment, they stopped their nearly-erratic movements and remain suspended at low altitude for a considerable amount of time, after which they took off and vanished over the horizon." This was the description given by perplexed and astonished Raul Martinez, a local resident from San Cayetano, two miles from the Las Mesitas Campground and of one of the wheat fields that was marked with the peculiar cracks.

"We saw the first lights with my son around 3 a.m. and tried to film them, but curiously, our cellphones stopped working, as though they had no batteries in them. It was a wild succession of flashing colors that died down and appeared to form part of an enormous framework. I saw this phenomenon for five minutes. Later, whatever landed on the field, the source of the flashes, took off and went away at an astonishing speed. Our cellphones worked normally after that," explained Martinez.

Moreover, students from the Maria Valdivieso Rural School #588 in Villa Fanny, at Quebrada del Tilian, seven kilometers south of Chicoana, also witnessed the phenomenon, which took place at a considerable distance from the northern accessway to the locality. Its characteristics were nearly identical. "We tried to phone the police to report what was happening, but our cellphones wouldn't work."

"The spectacle lasted around five minutes and no one could record the images because our cameras weren't working," said another student. The next day, they discovered the same geometric shapes in one of the wheat fields.

But that wasn't all: six kilometers west of Chicoana, in the vicinity of Pulares, locals also claimed having seen a light show that took place during the same span of time and at the same hour. A seal identical to the other two was left behind here. Impressions measuring a meter or more in depth and of equally unexplained origin.

It is interesting to note that the vertexes of the three "affected areas" can form an isosceles triangle, so to speak. At the triangle's heart can be found the infamous La Candelaria and El Antigal mountains, the scene of three fatal air accidents, all of them caused by unexplained systems failures.

The Villa Fanny shelter school has 100 students. That night, 80 of them were present and all claim having witnessed the luminous phenomenon. Neighbors of the little school say that animals hid when the lights manifested, even though no noise was heard.

Residents of Chicoana as well as numerous tourists pulled up in their cars on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to photograph and look at the strange marks that were left on the wheat field located next to the access road to the town.

Federico Arnaldo Gutierrez, a technician with Nortevision Satelital, a local TV station, was one of the few who crossed the barbed wire fence and inspected the marks. "It's very odd. The soil looked like something extremely heavy had landed on it. Wheat was flattened but not cut. There were no signs of burning or anything similar, only the geometrical marks."

Graciela, a biology instructor who also arrived with her camera to take pictures of the figures left behind in the fields, remarked: "This area has a wealth of strange phenomena and UFO sightings. Remember that over the past 15 years three aircraft plummeted from the sky and in all cases, the reasons were the same. Their instruments stopped working, just like what happened to those who saw the colored lights on Thursday morning and tried to photograph them, but couldn't because their instruments didn't work."

Authorities with the Chicoana Sheriff's Department did not comment. One law enforcement officer, who asked to remain anonymous because "I'm about to issue a personal opinion that shouldn't be construed as an official story" informed El Tribuno that many remarks "had indeed been received about the situation, but no one wants to make a written complaint. In my opinion, all of these marks are the result of wind and rain."

However, after consulting the weather bureau, there was no precipitation or strong wind during previous days or on the days that the events occurred. And should this be the case, why were the marks only on three wheat fields and not all of them, which can be found in the hundreds?

José Silva, principal of School 558, whose students witnessed the events, ventured an opinion: "I've lived here for ten years and had never seen marks like this. I reject the possibility that they were caused by nature or made by someone. It's weird, very weird."

Children living in the shelter also told El Tribuno that those of them with cellphones, and who saw the lights, tried to take pictures and couldn't. "My aunt," said Pedro, 13, "lives near the school and has a video device. The same thing happened to her. It didn't work, as though its batteries had run out."

Silva adds: "I never saw anything like it. If people are saying that the prints were produced by the lights, let's be clear about one thing: lights are weightless," concludes the principal.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos and Guillermo Gimenez)



Source: http://www.informatesalta.com.ar/ and Semanario El Expreso
Date: November 11, 2008-11-12

Argentina: Chicoana Agriglyphs – “Many who saw them remain silent”

Two weeks ago, the serenity of Chicoana was disrupted when town residents reported a parade of lights in wonderful colors that appeared in the starry skies over the region before swiftly disappearing. The sighting would have remained merely an anecdote if it hadn’t been for the strange “drawings” in the wheat fields. From that moment onward, there was no stopping the curiosity seekers.

Most residents appear sullen and respond negatively when asked if they saw something unusual, displaying shy smiles that betray the fact that they know more than they’re telling.

The kids from the Maria Valdivieso School No. 588 had ringside seats for this display, as the building faces one of the three wheat fields that display the signs. Some of them were willing to talk and reportedly saw the UFO hovering directly over the field, and that it displayed lights of many colors.

Fanny, one of the schoolteachers who acts as a substitute principal, hesitates to provide more information. But she slowly warms to the subject and says: “...I saw the lights, but you know where I saw them? Not in the field, but over there, in the back. One stands here at night and sees the road leading to Moldes. They weren’t car headlights because they were higher up. A group of 5 or 6 different lights of a strong reddish or orange hue. This was on Thursday night.” She adds that the first to spot the patterns in the wheat field was “...one of the schoolteachers who lives in Campo Alegre, in the roundabout on the entrance to Chicoana. He had been told on Wednesday that the Cadena wheat field – the one bordering the road - was in that condition. Then he came for a look much later but there was nothing to see. Next day, he reported to work, and upon arriving, he felt curious. He thought: this is also a wheat field. So we went for a look and that’s when we saw it (the agriglyph). We’ve been working at this school for 22 years and have never seen anything like it.”

Along with another teacher who remained on duty on Wednesday night, Fanny adds that they were surprised for several day by the [behavior] of the local dogs. “...they barked by day and by night, making a tremendous racket.” This fact was also confirmed by another local resident who works at the school, and who adds that the children told her about some greenish lights, but she didn’t see them as she was engaged in her housework.

There is a small house near the wheat field. Its owner tells us that the UFOs appeared several days in a row, between Tuesday the 23rd and Sunday the 26th and that his wife saw another on Thursday at 4:00 a.m. The girl who works at the bakery across the town square says that she saw nothing at all, but that the deliverymen did see “some powerful lights that vanished suddenly”

Marco, who works for the town’s Tourism Office, says “over by the Villa Fanny school, the teachers took photos that show some black spots, like UFOs flying away. There are many who saw them but remain silent. Teachers, people in the area who were working the fields, and who don’t want to get into any trouble, or else be asked why the didn’t speak up sooner. People came from Buenos Aires to study the imprints. They took samples, but I don’t know what the outcome was...They say that when photos are taken, strange objects can be seen in the sky. If one walks through the wheat fields, they look like something heavy rested upon them without harming them. The wheat shoots are still green and yellow, unlike the paths left behind by curiosity seekers, where the wheat is squashed and dry. We don’t know about anything in nature that causes such marks. They resemble designs meant to be seen from above. As to whether or not they were UFOs...the reader should visit Chicoana, walk the wheat fields, take photos and draw his or her own conclusions.

(Translation (c) 2008, S.Corrales. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Luis Burgos)

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