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Largs Bay, South Australia


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

2000. LARGS BAY (SA) 0200hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Ms. Carolyn W
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes

Observation: I was asleep in bed, my 2 year old daughter was next to me. the curtains were drawn (only medium weight cotton). I was woken by yellow flashing light outside shining on the wall of the bed room, the light was moving and very bright. I thought there must be some emergency equipment on the nearby train line but could not work out how the light was reflecting on the wall when there was a house in between the train line and us. Then the light became a very extremely bright light. the light was so bright that inside the bedroom was a bright as day light. As bright as day light on a very bright day, outside, not inside. it was unbelievably bright. I thought a police helicopter must be shining a search light into the garden right next to the window, but then I realised there was no sound what so ever. I was really scared, so scared i could not move at all, I was paralyzed but I don't know if from my own fear or really paralyzed. But it was a strong paralysis because I wanted to protect my daughter but could not move. I was thinking, "if I don't move they wont know I am here" Then the light became weaker, about half strength. I was confused, because now it looked like it was normal day light outside. I was thinking, how is it daylight I thought it was night time, and how bright was that light if it was brighter than day light. after about a minute or so this daylight level of light faded as if on a dimmer switch and was gone, it was completely dark outside again. There was no sound what so ever, I looked and checked my daughter was Ok, she was. Do you know anything about this, what it was? Carolyn

Description: Did not look because I was too scared to move, lights as described above, no sound, too quiet, also could not work out why all the dogs were no barking, normally the dogs of the neighbourhood would bark at anything unusual.

Weather Visibility: Clear.

Effects Physical: paralyzed, with fear?

Effects Psychological: fear, confusion

Other Experiences: I saw 3 UFOs one time, flying above the sky in my own garden, it deserves another entire report of its own.


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