UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Newcastle, New South Wales

March 12th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

-- 1800 Callin Code: 00616: 12.03.00.NSW

Date: 12.03.2000
Day: Sunday
Time Reported: 7.50am
Location: Newcastle
Reportee: Brenda
Report given to nearest rep: Doug Moffett


Brenda was in the kitchen on the phone to her sister , when she noticed an orange light out the window. The orange light appeared to have white undertones to it. Brenda is familiar with rescue helicopters that routinely fly over her area..this was not a helicopter. There was no sound as the object seemed to travel just above her neighbour’s roof although her two german shepherds wined at the back door. The objects appeared to be gliding above high tension wires and an ariel in the distance that the witness is not sure of in regard to it’s purpose. The duration of the sighting was approx 5 to 10 mins as it traveled from nor east to sou west.

A second orange light was then seen and then a third. They travelled in a horizontal line, then stopped and formed a circle. Brenda’s Husband works at an airport so she rang him to see if could verify…but the airport is too low to have clear sight of the objects. At this point a fourth object appeared , travelling at much greater speed than the other three. The fourth object the dropped a bright light that descended at great pace…but the fourth object continued to shine just as bright. The objects then dissapated in several directions at great speed and appeared to be moving away from the witness. The objects seemed to be all the same distance away and were evenly spaced for the most part.

The witness rang Williamtown Air base and was referred to 013. The variable speeds reported do not seem to fit with illuminated garbage bags also the fact that at one point before the fourth object joined the objects appeared stationary again to not fit the pattern. I will be following up with police stations and newspapers to gain further reports and information. It could be illuminated garbage bags but the differing speeds and directions are confusing to that scenario, also the witness was quite sure the objects moved away from her rather that just going out. The time of the sighting was between 8.30 and 9.00 pm.

Regards Doug Moffett

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