UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Para Hills, Adelaide, South Australia

June 20th 2000

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Location: Para Hills, Adelaide, South Australia

Date: June 20th 2000

Time: 7:45pm

Witnesses: 2 at first, more later

Number of objects: 7

I just found your site and thought you might be interested in this account that I wrote up in 2000. I wrote it a few days after the event. You dont seem to have an account of this event.

UFO sighting

June 20th 2000 approx. 7:45 pm

****** and I were driving from Largs North to Salisbury East, SA, through Winfield, past Montague Rd, turning down Main North Rd and then changing direction down Kesters Rd at Para Hills. I was the driver. It was a very clear night. Lots of stars.

As we were driving through the Winfield area we noticed 7 lights in the sky. They seemed to be high in the sky, alternating between flying and hovering over the North Eastern skyline. They seemed to be quite small. A lot larger than the largest star but a lot smaller than the moon. They were very easy to see from that distance.

We continued to watch as they changed formations and we got closer. We changed the direction we were meant to travel because the lights seemed to be over the Para Hills area and if we stayed on Main North Rd we would be heading away from them. We turned towards the hills, on Kesters Rd.

As we got closer 2 of the lights disappeared. They seemed to go up into the atmosphere. They went from triangle to rectangle and to flying geese formations.

As we turned onto Bridge Rd, we noticed that another two lights vanished. Not upward this time, but just vanished.

We drove further up Bridge Rd and as we got to Rocca Brothers the lights were directly above us. We pulled into the car park and got out of our car. Several cars, about 5 at first all stopped within a minute. 3 cars on the other side of the road and another in the Rocca car park next to us.

The lights numbered 3 at this time, it would have been around 8 pm by this stage and they were and orange color, almost like a lit red balloon but much larger. There was no noise from the objects. They just hovered above us. Although I didn’t know what it was, I was aware that it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter and it was too big for a balloon, even a weather one. It made no noise.

Everyone was saying, “what is it” and I’m scared”. I wanted to go but ******t said it would be ok. I was terrified.

Then they went into a perfect triangle formation for about 30 seconds before 2 of the lights shot up in the air and disappeared. It was really fast.

The last light sat for a few minutes and just hovered, maybe moving very, very slowly towards the hills. It was hard to tell if it was moving but I felt it was. They had changed height several times but now alone, it was quiet low. Not sure of the height but about the height of a building in Adelaide I think. It looked to be about the size of a large car but the shape of a ball. Just light. Not flashing, just a continuous orange light. Then as quick as the others had gone, it just went up. So fast. So straight.

Everyone just stood there saying, “Do you know what it was”.

It would have been about 8.05 pm by then. We waited for about ten minutes in case it came back but it didn’t. By this time about 12 to 15 cars had gathered and stopped. No-one knew each other. We then all left. ****** and I went home and I went outside to a paddock 3 doors down where I watched the sky with a video camera for about 2 hours but nothing came back.

I watched the news over the next couple of days but nothing was said. I rang Parafield Airport and the RAAF the next morning and they both said they had no reports. I went to the Police station and they said that if the Air force and Parafield knew nothing, there was nothing they could do. That it was probably a weather balloon, but I don’t believe that. I didn’t know what else to do with it so I wrote it down, just in case.

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