UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Tolley Road, St Agnes, South Australia

August 1st 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

1800 Callin Code: 000827 1.8.2000 SA

Date: 1st August, 2000
Day: Tuesday
Time Reported: 12.34pm
Location: Tolley Road, St Agnes - South Australia
Reportee: Jim
Report given to nearest rep: Charmaine Ballam
Shape: Elongated ball shape [possible cigar shape]
Objects: 2
Colour: Grey/silver metallic
Sound: nil
Duration: approx 12 mins
Direction: travelling SSW - East, then South to North
Conditions: Clear blue sky, no planes/birds or clouds observed
Witnesses: Jim and Andy


Jim and Andy are both Pest/Weed controllers and they were out on a job. Jim was gauging the wind to see if it was blowing too strong [due to the fact that spraying cannot be done in strong wind]. He did so by glancing at a tall tree nearby, whilst doing this something caught his eye at a 45 degree angle approx 3- 5 km away from their location, in the sky.

Jim [who had sunglasses on]thought that he was seeing 2 balloons just floating in sky but as he continued to look at the objects realised that they were not balloons but something else/different. He turned around to his friend/co-worker Andy and said 'Hey have a look at that'. Andy [who didnt have sunglasses on] said 'Yes they look like 2 metal elongated balls'.

They both continued to watch the objects for a few more seconds, when they saw one of the objects start to do circular movements around the other, ie: circling quickly around the other about 4 times. Then the other object moved horizontally - front to back, around the other for 5 or 6 times then stopped.
Approx 30 secs after they had stopped, Jim took his glasses off and noticed that both objects had a 'grey aura or dark cloud defined shape, like bees were encompassing them. This cloud/aura seemed to pulsate strongly and then the objects disappeared. Jim's friend Andy confirmed that.

Jim then glanced back at Andy to see if he had seen all that, which he had. Then within 2 secs he glanced back at the sky and the objects had moved from their 45 degree angle to be directly 500 metres above them. Andy said to Jim ' Here they are here!' Andy at the time was on the other side of their truck. The objects then looked as if they were on top of each other. They also appeared to be 4 times bigger and clearly metal and oval shaped body.
Jim and Andy agree that the objects must have travelled against wind at least 5 - 6 km to be directly above them.

By the time Jim looked back after again checking with Andy that he was seeing all of this, the objects had gone. Andy who had a clearer view said they just where there one minute the next gone...just disappeared.

After discussing this sighting with Jim, I asked if he would be happy to fill in an AUFORN UFO report form, which he agreed to, stating that he would be able to draw what he saw etc. Jim has also asked for AUFORN website address, which I have supplied.

Charmaine Ballam
A.U.F.O.R.N. rep South Australia
Host [Australian Chat]
Assoc. UFO News Co-ordinator,
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