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Old Noarlunga, South Australia

August 5th 2000

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FOLLOWUP Charmaine Ballam AUFORN SA 1800 Callin Code: 00838 5.8.00 SA

Date: 5th August 2000
Day: Saturday
Time Reported: 1.30pm
Location: Old Noarlunga, South Australia
Reportee: Shelia
Age: 72
Report given to nearest rep: Charmaine Ballam

Angel Hair
1 - silver disc - approx. size of a 10c
3 - whitish balls,
3 - ? helicopter in shape with 3 pointed pieces coming up from ship
Objects : between 6 - 9 approx
Sound: NIL
Duration: 90mins
Direction: Travelling West to East
Witnesses: 2
Conditions: Blue sky no cloud, [mild unseasonably warm day for August]

Shelia's husband was outside doing some gardening approx. 11.40am on Saturday. He happened to glance up at the sky, as it being such a beautiful warm day.
That is when he spotted a silver disc in the sky, from where he was standing and the height of the disc it appeared to be about the size of a 10c piece.
Shelia's husband then called out for her to come outside and have a look. They both then continued to watch the 'display' that was happening.

During observation, Shelia stated that they saw various and numerous craft, differing in size/shape/colour.

They were travelling steadily from West to East. Where Shelia lives, is a beach side suburb, so the craft where coming from St. Vincents gulf [west] moving steadily eastward, until reaching the line of the top of Adelaide Hills [east], where upon reaching the hilltop line they just seem to vanish. This sighting took approx. 90mins for the craft to travel from the beach to the hills.

One thing of particular importance and note, is that from the very first time both of the witnesses started to see the various craft(s), Angel Hair had started to fall.
It continued to fall whilst the objects/craft went across their house and continued on their travel to the Adelaide Hills. Shelia stated that she felt that the Angel Hair had been falling as the craft/objects approached her house.
Even after the craft/objects etc had finished passing over Shelia and her husband, the Angel Hair continued to fall.

Shelia states it fell in great big wads/strands. Some actually fell on top of her house/chimney and her TV antennae, some even luckily fell close by to her onto her gate post.
Shelia knew that to try and touch or grab Angel Hair was difficult if not impossible. So, she grabbed a branch that just had been pruned off a tree by her husband to gather it up. She said the strand that she was trying to get was Long silver cobweb like in colour and texture. Sadly, once Shelia had touched the Angel Hair with the branch, it shrivelled up and evaporated.

I asked Shelia if I could send her out a AUFORN UFO Report form for her and her husband to fill in. She agreed, and also stated that they had been in touch with Colin Norris, who has also sent a report form to fill in.

End of Report.... PLEASE continue to read my "points of interest" below.

~~~ Points of interest: ~~~

1. There have been other reports of Angel Hair falling on the beach at Aldinga, a suburb approx. 15 mins [by car] further down the coast from Old Noarlunga at the same time that Shelia and her husband had their sighting(s) - Saturday 5/8/2000.
I have been informed that a person who works at the hospital I work at, was at Aldinga beach walking his dog at the time, that he saw, touched and tried to grab some of the Angel Hair as it fell. He has stated that the Angel Hair was falling in large amounts all along the beach front, but when it touched the sand or water, it just evaporated, he also has stated that he saw a 'bright light' at the time of the Angel Hair falling.
I am in the process of arranging a meeting time that is suitable for both of us, to discuss/investigate this further.

2. I asked Shelia how she knew so much about Angel Hair, i.e.: not to touch by hand and to try and obtain some for testing. She told me that she not only was a clairvoyant, but had had an intense interest in the ufo phenomenon since 1967 when whilst driving back from Wallaroo thru Kadina [SA Country], the car she was in, just stopped for no reason. Her husband at the time, was angry as the vehicle had had no trouble/problems before, but now it seemed all the electrical systems and engine had died on them. They had no lights and there were no lights anywhere on the road.
Her husband got out of the car to see what the trouble was, as Shelia looked out of her window to see what he was doing, she saw approx. 6 - 8 feet above her a perfect circle of red/green lights. She told me that there was NO Sound, to them, they just floated/sat there. They blinked on and off 3 times, before just disappearing. Ever since then she has been very much interested in the ufo phenomenon.
Charmaine Ballam
A.U.F.O.R.N. rep South Australia
Assoc. UFO News Co-ordinator,
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