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Kingscote Jetty, Kingscote, South Australia

October 31st 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

FOLLOWUP Charmaine Ballam - Sth Aust. Director - AUFORN

1800 Callin Code: 000993--07/11/2000 SA and 1800 Callin Code: 001010--14.11.2000 SA [same person both times]

Date of sighting: 31 October 2000
Time of sighting: between 9.30pm - 10.00pm [approx]
Reportee: Peter S.
Report given to nearest rep: Charmaine Ballam

Shape: Round
Size: approx 1 and half times size of a baseball
Objects: Two
Colour: Orange
Sound: NIL
Duration: 7 - 10 mins
Weather conditions: clear night sky - wind from SW
Direction: travelling East from Kingscote, Kangaroo Island towards Adelaide Witnesses: Peter S. [age 56], his wife [age 46] and 2 unnamed witnesses


Peter and his wife were out on the Kingscote Jetty fishing. There was also a couple 50 metres further down the jetty also fishing.

Peter looked up into the night sky [there had been a brief shower early, but the sky had cleared by the time of the sighting] and then noticed 2 large orange coloured round lights in the sky. They were approx 3,000 to 4,000 feet high. One was travelling approx 1-2 km in front of the second one, but both were travelling on the same course in the same direction eg:

[ 0 <-----1/2km-----> 0 ]

and both were heading towards Adelaide.

Peter called out to his wife to look up as well, she also witnessed the 2 orange lights. They both agreed that these lights were 'unusual' and didnt look like any type of plane. In fact both stated they had 'never seen anything like this before in their lives'. Peter then grabbed the binoculars that were in his fishing kit to get a better look, he confirmed that they both were 'orange colour and round in shape' and that is when he clearly saw that they were travelling one behind the other in a straight line formation.

The other thing that both Peter and his wife noticed, was there was no 'noise/sound of any sort'. When I asked him what he meant by that, he said: "Well if it was a plane, Cessna/Jet etc you would hear something, they were that big and fairly close, but we heard nothing, absolutely nothing!" I then asked if he or his wife noticed any other 'cessation of noise' around them, he said he couldnt remember that, as he and his wife were concentrating on what was happening above them.

As they continued to watch the 2 lights fly over them and onwards towards Adelaide, Peter said that just before they hit the horizon [approx 50kms away], he noticed that the 2nd light sped up, joined the first light, then diverted to the left, before both of them disappeared.

Peter then went over the the other couple who were also on the jetty fishing and said "Did you see that?" They replied "Yes, what was it?" They all spoke about it for a few minutes, before Peter and his wife left. The following day, Peter went around Kingscote township, asking "did anyone see or report some strange lights in the sky last night??", he asked at the local police station, shops, local people. He was amazed that no one had seen anything, that no fishing boats, that he knew were out, as he could see their lights on the water the night before, hadnt reported anything.

During my interview with him, Peter kept on 'Stressing' that both him and his wife "Had NEVER seen anything like this before in their lives!" Peter then also came right out and asked me "What was it ??" . I told him, that I could not answer his questions right off, as I would need to do some checking around, eg: Aldinga airport, but he then again 'stressed'... "It WASNT a plane! ...it just WASNT"! ..... "I know what planes look like/sound like etc, and so does my wife! "

Peter said that this had caused a bit of stress/anxiety for both of them. "In fact, he continued, "Both of us were total disbelieves of anything we read/heard about UFO's, but now after this event, we dont know what to believe/think anymore".

Peter then asked me what else have people seen in the night sky over Adelaide recently, and I told him about some of the follow ups I had done over the previous 5 months. He seem to relax a bit more after I had spoken to him about those, and again said "I just dont know anymore, this has really shaken me and my wife up, we were adamant disbelieves before now".

~~ End Report ~~

Charmaine Ballam
Sth Australian Director - Australian UFO Research Network


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