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Lowood, Queensland, Australia

November 8th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

UFO Sighting OZ File 000996 08.11.2000

Followup Diane Harrison and team.
1800 Callin Code: 000996   08/11/2000  QLD

Date: 08/11/2000
Day: Wednesday
Time Reported: 8:47pm
Location: Lowood, QLD
Reportee: Peter
Report given to nearest State Rep: Diane Harrison
Tel: 07 5

Report: By Diane Harrison

Shape: Rectangular and box shaped
Size: The Biggest Hovercraft in the UK the Car Carrier
Objects: 1
Colour: Dark Metallic but nothing shinny
Sound: None
Speed: Fast and slow
Duration: 10 minutes or longer?
Direction: North
Witnesses: 5...3 still have to be interviewed
Weather: Clear but some very high cloud cover.
Moon: Yes

Peter and his wife and children were traveling home along the Warrego HWY at aprox 8.05pm then turned right onto the Brisbane Valley HWY . When five minutes later traveling north bound and coming over a rise in the road they noticed what looked like a very bright white light just above a yellow street light at approximately 500 meters away.

Peter said: My wife Linda was driving the children were in the back seat I was in the front passenger seat. Peter said: I told Linda to slow down because the light was now over the whole road. At first we thought my god a bloody plane is going to land on the road.

I told Linda to pull over to the side of the road incase this thing was going to land on the road. I could see 2 other cars parked on the opposite side of the road facing south. And other 2 cars pulled up behind us. We saw 2 men standing out of their car looking up at this.. what I can only describe as a space craft there was no mistaking it for anything else.

We Live on the flight path of Amberley Airforce base and I know what come's and goes from there and this was nothing like I had ever seen before in all the 8 years of living in the area.

Peter Said: I hung almost all of my body out of the passenger window trying to get a the better look and I have to be honest I was scared to death at what I was looking at. I thought if I looked at it through the passenger side window if it did anything at least I was in the car and my wife could put her foot down and try and get away from it.

The craft was rectangular and box shaped with what looked like another rectangular compartment on top of it. The top part had what looked like round lights or portholes gold- orange and blue in colour. The only way to really compare the size of it for me it looked as big as the Hovercraft in the UK that carries cars and stuff across the English channel with a cabin on top of it. This thing had no propellers no sound and when we went under it, it had red lights at each corner of its underbelly.

It was dark metallic in colour. It had a big spot light beam coming from the top of it. This light was stronger than any search light or truck spot light I have ever seen. Linda said my god Peter its a spaceship" what do we do".

I told Linda don't stop the engine, Linda was getting really scared and started shouting "we have to go". Linda started to shout louder when suddenly the craft moved to the left in a split second and just hovered again off to the side of the road above the trees over an open paddock.

A car came from behind us just as we went to pull out. It had all its spot light's on high beam it was a four wheel drive. I guess the diver thought as we did it was a plane coming into land on the road. Linda and I got really scared for the kids and Linda started shouting again "lets go". So we took off down the road and turned left heading cross country to Lowood to get home. Linda was driving and I was watching the craft out the back window while Linda drove as fast has she could on the winding road.

The road we were traveling on climbs up hill so it was easier to see the craft. I was keeping an eye on it in case it decided to come after us. Then all of a sudden this spot light beam hit me right in the face lighting up the whole of the car. By now Linda was hysterical and I was shit scared thinking this thing is going to come after us.

Comment: Diane
This case is under investigation as we feel Peter and Linda are sincere and have nothing to gain from making this up.

A.U.F.O.R.N contacted the Local newspaper the Queensland Times asking for the other witnesses to come forward to verify the sighting. That same day of running the story in the newspaper 16th 11 2000 we received calls on our UFO Hotline from 3 other independent witnesses that saw what Peter and Linda saw that night. Another witness said he has the craft on video he said "it's not really clear but its good and you can see the beam of light shoot out and down to the ground".

The witnesses in the parked car's are yet to contact us.

Amberley Airforce Base was contacted but had nothing to report.

We will keep you informed of the outcome.
This case sounds like its going to be a good one.

Investigators are

AUFORN QLD Director Jan Stone
National Director's Robert Frola, Diane Harrison


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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