UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Albion Park, New South Wales

December 9th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

The exact callin code number has been unexpectedly deleted from my files. The code number may be 001055 or 001057. The call came from Albion Park, originating on 10th December 2000.

The witness is know as Lloyd, a resident of Albion Park, who was a witness to an unusual event taking place on 9th December, 2000, at approximately 9:00 pm.

The witness was sitting outside his front porch observing the night sky when he noticed a brilliant light towards the north, traveling from east to west at a constant pace, similar to any commercial aircraft. What surprised him was when he saw the object split in two. According to the witness, the secondary object took a three second vertical fall to the ground. The witness suggested that the secondary object might have disappeared behind a distant escarpment and took off in an unknown direction.

The primary object continued its course for a short period (exact time not remembered) before disappearing into the clouds.

Lloyd also mentioned an encounter he had in the early 1980’s. Around 3:00 am, he was traveling in a motor vehicle with his son Towards Tamworth when a bright disc-like object abruptly appeared before them. The anomaly played cat and mouse as it disappeared and reappeared a number of times at tremendous speeds. One instant, the object came so close that Lloyd swore to have seen porthole-like features around what is believed to have been the object’s outer rim.

When they returned home and told their story, they were subject to ridicule and rejection. He kept it to himself for nearly 20 years until he contacted the 1800 number.


This sighting occurred the same evening as callin code 001056 from Albion Park. There is no doubt that the object behaved in a peculiar way. However, military aircrafts from HMAS Albatross, Nowra, travel as far as Albion Park, according to the Albion Park aerial patrol. There is a possibility that the event was caused by a military aircraft dispatching a flare. However, early December 2000 was regarded as a high fire danger period.

Would the military be so careless and risk a regional bush fire? I will be contacting HMAS operations at Albatross in the second week of January 2001, as well as Albion Park aerial patrol and Wiroolla police station.

Doug and Alana Moffett


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