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Albion Park, New South Wales

December 9th & 10th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Follow up UFOSWS 1800 Callin Code: 001056 10.12.00 NSW

Date: 10.12.00
Day: Sunday
Time Reported: 10.12am
Location: NSW
Reportee: Arron
Report given to nearest rep: Doug


This report was a result of the AUFORN 1800 number Call in code 001056. The subject witness to the event is known as Aaron K,

Shape: Round like fog lights
Size: Star like but bigger than the brightest star near moon
Objects: 3
Colour: Orange
Sound: ?
Speed: Very slowly
Duration: 3 minutes
Direction: Traveling North -NW towards the South
Witnesses: 2

The witness made the report from his home residence in Albion Park, located South of Wollongong. On Saturday 9th December 2000 at the precise time of 11.25 pm, Aaron was alerted by his mother when she witnessed something unusual. Aaron immediately joined his mother who was standing in the front yard. They were witnesses to three bright orange anomalies high above their residence, traveling from N-NW very slowly towards South at an equal distance (from the Great Dividing Range). The phenomena were described to be round like fog lights and at least 3 times brighter than the brightest star near the moon at the time.

It is worth mentioning that at that particular time the moon was nearly at full phase and the so-called brightest star near the moon at the time was actually the planet Jupiter at a stellar magnitude of 2-3. Therefore the anomalies magnitude would have been roughly between 7-8.

The two eyewitnesses watched the event for approximately 10-15 minutes. Aaron mentioned that he had a pair of binoculars and observed a fourth pulsating object approaching. It was identified as a conventional aircraft judging by its tail and wings. However the aircraft produced no noise, which may have been due to wind direction, or perhaps some form of military aircraft. As it approached, one of the anomalies abruptly disappeared. It¹s fading or sudden loss of luminosity indicated to the witness that the object maneuvered in an upward direction. Shortly after the other two followed the same pattern.

The conventional craft then kept its course however still remaining within the field of view. Moments after the event, one of the objects reappeared. As he kept an eye on it he noticed that the anomaly was "jerking" left to right.

This effect may have been a result of an optical distortion or illusion. This effect is noted when one watches a small bright object in a dark surround, for a delayed period.

As the subject witness recalls, the aircraft still remained at a relatively consistent distance from the object. The anomaly reacted as before and disappeared unlike anything conventional. The aircraft continued its path and headed north.

In the report filed by the witness, he indicated that the anomalies were heading N-NW. In the actual telephone conversation, he indicated a due S-SW direction. This may have been due to disorientation.
Aaron¹s report is equally compared with the Call in code 001052 from Albion Park and a number of other cases Phil and I have investigated.


1800 Callin Code: 001052 9.12.00 NSW

Date: 9.12.00
Day: Saturday
Time Reported: 8.27pm
Location: ? Albion Park NSW
Reportee: No Name
Report given to nearest rep:
Message :
Saw a light fall to the ground while at Albion Park.
End Message

Regards Jan

There is no indication from the witness that this may be hoax. There is nothing for him to gain by producing such misleading information.
Again, his testimony is strengthened by the Call in code 001052, which notably was reported on the same day. Aaron indicated that he lives near a flight path and can differentiate between conventional and non-conventional aircraft's.
He also noted that sailing clouds at times covered the objects, indicating their high altitude.
The only apparent sound noticed during the observation was the surrounding ambient noise. No apparent odor was detected. I will be contacting Albion Park airfield to confirm this case.

Thank you for this report Attila & Phillip of UFOSWS NSW
Keep up the great work.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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