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Logan Village, Queensland, Australia (OZ UFO Ferris Wheel 'Solved')

December 24th 1999

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Remember this ha!! we do what a laugh :>)
So look out for Mr Cameron McGregor of
North Maclean and his light show. ha!


OZ UFO Ferris Wheel 'Solved' 24th.12.1999

First report:
14.08.1999, Location: Logan Village. Bobermien Road, Duration of sighting: 20 minutes, Time: 9.15pm

(Source: 1800 Freecall Australian UFO Research Network Hotline Number)

Observation: 45 degrees to the horizon, Direction: Westerly direction to Jimboomba Township Shape: Ferris wheel, Size: 50 cent piece at arms length, Lights: Colour white, 50 or more Weather: Some cloud mostly clear, Number of witnesses: 6 The UFO was seen by 15 people from all different locations of southern Brisbane. To date we have not been able to identify it.

SOLVED 24th 12 1999
While everyone was wrapping their Christmas presents Rob & I went out to wrap up a mystery after receiving a phone call from Shanna regarding a sighting that was happening right there and then. Some list members may remember the OZ UFO Ferris Wheel that occurred August 14th 1999. The AUFORN UFO Hotline received a call from sharnna to say it was back. Rob & I decided to go and investigate to see if we could solve this mystery once and for all.

The last time it was sighted it stayed around for some 40 minutes so we took a hunch and drove out to the area in hope of catching a glimpse of this elusive UFO and Bingo we found it.

Its always good to solve a UFO mystery especially one that has caused so many sightings. Thanks to Robert Frola's great eyes and my driving we finally found the light source.

It was local resident and business person Mr Cameron McGregor of North Maclean he owned up to being the captin of the Ferris Wheel spaceship. When we told him we had been looking for the light source for quite sometime he gave out a great big belly laugh and said your lucky I was just about to turn it off.

Mr Cameron said the night of 14th August 1999 he and his wife were celebrating her 50th birthday, her present was a laser light show with 2 very big Griven Tracer 4000w which can be visible for up to 20 Kilometers away each has 4000w HMI lamp and you can be use them in all kinds of weather.

Mr Mc Gregor said in future he will drop us a line so we know where he will be. He said he didn't realize how much trouble the lights would cause, he said its a new business "I started only four months ago.

On a couple of occasions the police have come out to ask him to kill the light show due to their Emergency OOO line was being inundated with calls from concerned residents.

Cameron informed us the places in which he had been in the last 4 months.

Ispwich twice: (1) Council party (1) Happy hour at one of the local pubs Toowoomba: Just after the carnival of flowers it was such a clear night the lights were seen by some one at Stradbroke Island.

Carindale: Calamvale: Jimboomba:

Beenleigh: Greenbank: Browns Plans:

Main Event
( 2 by 4000w Griven Tracers will be putting on a show)

Thankyou to CWM Productions Hire Mr McGregor for being such a good sport about it all.
If you would like to hire the Tracers you can call.
Ph/Fax 061 7 32000529 or Mobile 0413 612267

Griven Skyrose 2500w

The popular wider angle multi-beam high power sky projector, available in HMI 1200 or 2500 lamp version. Beam rotation speed, scanning speed and amplitude, strobe and black-out are controllable from on board controls or remotely via 0-10V controller. As with all Griven sky-projectors,fully weatherproofed. Power factor correction on the HMI 2500 version

Griven Tracer 4000w
Our highest power multi-beam sky projector with ten degree beam, visible at up to 20 Km distance, dependent on ambient light and atmospheric conditions. On board or remote(0-10V) control of beam rotation speed,scanning amplitude and scanning speed as well as strobe and black-out. Polyurethane finish and completely weatherproofed. The projector head and mount can be separated from the base unit. A lamp timer is incorporated, as its power factor correction.

Discharge lamp 4000W/SE
Nett weight
Guide to typical throw distance
15-20 Km
Mains power supply
Control signal and number of channels
0-10V 4 CH
Beam Angle
Manual adjustment


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