UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Adelaide, South Australia

December 24th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

FOLLOWUP Charmaine Ballam - Sth Aust. Director - AUFORN

1800 Callin Code: 001077 24/12/2000

Date: 24/12/2000
Day: Monday
Time Reported: 11:56pm
Location: Adelaide
Reportee: Martin
Report given to nearest rep: Charmaine
Tel: 08 8260 3717

5 lights seen in the northern sky over Adelaide Metro area

Objects: 5 star like lights
Colour: Red
Sound: Nil
Duration: 10 mins
Direction: travelling North towards One Tree Hill
Witnesses: Martin, his wife and children
Suburb of sighting: Pooraka


Martin and his wife had just arrived home at 10.30pm after doing Xmas shopping.

As he was getting the gifts out of the boot of his car, he heard fireworks going off, so he looked towards where he had heard the sound, to see if he could see them. That is when Martin saw the 5 red star like lights close to the horizon.

He states that 4 of them were making an irregular 'box formation' with the 5th one just offside. He called out to his wife to bring his binoculars. He looked through them and they appeared to be like small bright dots, his wife also had a look and confirmed what he saw.

Whilst his wife was looking through the binoculars he ran inside to ring his sister who lived closed by to bring her video camera over and also to see if she could see anything in the night sky. He also called a few friends who lived close by to see if they saw anything.

During the time of him running backwards and forwards to the phone, to the front yard outside, his wife, who had been looking all that time through the binoculars said that she had seen the 5 star like lights move about in 2 formations as they were slowly moving away.

One of the formations was a ' V ' or triangle shape but laid down on its side and then the next formation they made was like an inverted ' C '.

Martin's wife has drawn the patterns and he asked if I would like a copy of them, to which I replied "YES".

[Note: I am still waiting for them in the post, but I think this could be also due to the fact, that apart from contacting AUFORN re: the UFO Hotline, he had also contacted Colin Norris, and Colin had also requested a copy of the drawings.]

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Charmaine Ballam
Sth Australian Director - Australian UFO Research Network


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