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Adelaide Hills, ACT

December 27th 2000

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Strange report from the Adelaide Hills ACT

Date 27th Dec 2000
Time: 4.15 pm

Report By Diane Harrison

Sightee: Richard H ..age 50 ish

Richard lives in the Adelaide Hills.

Comment Richard.
I've just read an newspaper story about the strange sightings in the sky over Batemans Bay & Eden and the spot fires near Canberra.

I don't know if you can help me sort out what happened to me the night of the 27th at 4.15pm I've never rung a UFO hotline before in my life but here goes.

I went out side to to attend to my Car trailer and to fold up my tarp. As I pulled up one corner of the tarp to fold it and I could see it had leave's stuck to it. I was shocked to see that these leaves were orange, I mean the leaves were a brilliant brilliant orange. I looked at my hands and they to were the same colour.

I had a feeling the colour was coming from above in the sky, so I looked up but I couldn't see any object that could cause the leaves and my hands to reflect this colour.

But what I did notice was, there was no cloud movement and the sky and clouds were a really strange colour, nothing was moving, Not a sound, not even the sound of rustling leaves, No birds singing ... Nothing, it was quite and very still for around a minute.

I got scared and went towards the house to get my wife to come out to take a look at the leaves and the sky but when she came out the sky was back to normal and the leaves were green and all sounds had returned.

I can't explain what happened.. I thought for a moment I was on the set of an X-file movie.

Comment: Diane
It sounds like the Oz Factor... very strange indeed. All relevant questions have been asked..


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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