UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Kooralbyn Valley, Queensland

December 31st 2000/2001

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Time: Around 10.30pm New Years 2000/2001 ?

Place: Kooralbyn Valley, QLD

Witnesses: L***, J***, S*******, Myself (all cousins)

Saw what we thought were headlights of a vehicle coming up the street, but I realised or thought vaguely they moved left to right. But for some reason did not pay much attention, more interested in seeing fireworks in the valley from top of mountain (up from home, we walked there). Then suddenly all four of us where surrounded in a bright white light, probably for around 15 seconds but felt much longer at the time. I could not see my cousins or hear them. There was complete silence. I said out loud 'what is that?' I put my hand out - to almost try and touch what I could see. There were no answers from my cousins. We were all around 16 years old at the time and the moment it disappeared (like a flash, just vanished) we all just stood looking at each other for a minute and said 'what the?' and we ended up all running home! Flag seeing fire works that was weird!

If I could best describe what I saw it was like opening your eyes up into a bowl of milk (very white, thick, but a little brighter).

Maybe cause we were kids at the time we moved on and forgot about the episode and never really discussed it again. A year later after the sighting my sister passed away in a car accident (call me crazy, but I hope this had nothing to do with it. Some spiritual/religious friends / believers have told me it perhaps came to send protection and love to us or her). Any way recently at an anniversary dinner I met my cousins again after not seeing them for some time and it came up in conversation. Next thing you know I'm on this site emailing you this with the hopes of discovering or finding some understanding of what happened that night.

Anyway I hope I have not freaked you out with my rather bizarre story, if you have any information email me if not that's cool. Oh I should also mention my father has also seen this at a separate time that year, same town, only early in the morning. Best of luck!

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