UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Between Waikerie and Barmera, South Australia

January 20th 2001

OZ File Sighting Report

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Follow-up on: 1800 Callin Code: 001165 28.01.2001
Date: 28.01.2001
Day: Sunday
Time Reported: 7.40pm
Location: South Australia
Reportee: Douglas O'Reilly
Report given to nearest State Director: Charmaine Ballam
Message :
Please call. Would like to report strange lights over Farmborough?.on 20th of Jan at 3am. Heading East bright object followed car, three witness's .


Date: 20.01.2001
Day: Saturday
Time: 3.00am
Witnesses: Douglas, his son and his daughter-in-law
Description of Object: White Star/Blue Cylinder
Location: Travelling between Waikerie and Bamera [country SA]

Douglas, his son and his daughter-in-law were travelling from Edwardstown, a suburb of Adelaide, up to the Rodeo at Berri.
Due to car trouble they had ended up starting out late for their trip, that is why they were on the road at such an early hour of the morning.

Just passing Waikerie and approx half way to Bamera, Douglas spotted what he originally thought to be a 'falling star'. But then adds, " This was NO normal 'falling star'".
Douglas at the time, was driving approx 80 - 100 km along the road and stated that during the time of the sighting, 2 - 3 mins, the object was always in front of the car.

The sky that night clear with only half a moon and the surrounding countryside was dark, when Douglas spotted the 'falling star'. He noticed that it was dropping too slowly for normal and as it was dropping, it was getting bigger and brighter. The 'star' shaped object just stopped and then changed in colour to a 'beautiful blue', its shape also changed from 'star' shape to a 'cylindrical' shape with blue sparks coming out of the end of it.

Once it had completely stopped moving, Douglas states that all of sudden the whole country side was lit up with a brilliant white light! He and his passengers could clearly see trees, houses and stock in the paddocks! Then as soon as it had completed its colour/shape change, the light went out, it was pitch black again and it just disappeared.

Upon arrival at the Rodeo in Berri, Douglas asked around if anyone else had seen anything on their way there. Some people said "Oh yes, I think we saw a comet" . To which Douglas replied " This was NO comet I saw"!

Douglas also said that during the time of the sighting, he and his son/daughter-in-law where not scared, just amazed at what they had seen.

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Charmaine Ballam
Sth Australian Director - AUFORN [Australian UFO Research Network]


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