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Five Dock, Sydney, New South Wales

January 25th 2001

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Reporting Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 06:04:56 +0700

Title: Ms.

State: NSW

S_day: 25

S_month: Jan

S_year: 2001

S_Time: 02:10am

S_Duration: 30 minutes

What happened: At approx. 2.10am myself and another family member noticed about 8 bright lights dancing in the sky, not making any particular patern or formation. We disregarded for a few seconds thinking it might be a light show, but then realising the time and then noticing no beam of light projecting this image from the direction of the earth but rather it appearing to be project from beind the clouds. The lights appeared to move around from one point to another, say 10-15kms, in seconds (if that) then stopped and hovered for a few minutes at a time before moving around again. We then noticed a much larger, brighter light from behind some clouds. Suddenly the 8 lights seemed to zoom, some 30kms, into the this light joined by another 20 or more which seemed only visible at 5-10km range around the bigger light and within 2 seconds they scattered from this light and spread out again to dance and hover at 2-3 minutes intervals. This went on for about 1/2 hour and then the lights again zoomed into the larg
We did see a helicopter at one point during this sighting. We noticed that in terms of altitude that these lights must have been atleast 2-3 times as high.

Unusual: There were no sounds and the objects were glowing white.

Location: We were in Five Dock and the lights seemed to dance and hover about what seemed to us to be Five Dock/Drummoyne/Balmain/City and the bigger light appeared to hover highest and above the City.

Weather_conditions: Grey night, white cloud cover.

Physical_stuff: I think that the dancing and hovering lights were perhaps, say as big as a standard house and the bigger light was about 20 times larger. They seemed to travel in seconds, a distance of 10-15kms.


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